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Feminine Energy in a Pant Suit - Energy Report of the PAT

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Feminine Energy in a Pant Suit 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 22, 2016

Laurie Stearns, January 22, 2016

I must confess that I have never understood nor identified with the ‘feminist’ revolution and its turning women into pant-suit wearing, brief case toting versions of men with female genitalia, nor the so-called goddess of this cult, Gloria Steinem. An acquaintance once told me that I had her (Gloria) and the rest of the women of this era to thank for all of the many freedoms I experience in this world as a woman – She said this with a straight face and was quite serious. I couldn’t go there with her, I just told her this was not so, but this meant to her that I was ungrateful for all the hard work these women did. This same woman argued with me that the History (of the world) wasn’t contrived and that I must have gone to a really bad school to believe that. I know, these are quite funny statements, I had to stop myself from laughing at her too. Believe me, anything that can be contrived, is and has been. The energetic balance of the masculine and feminine are no exception to this.

For many women, being equal means how much more of an asshole they can be than the men with whom they label and accuse of being the very embodiment of this word. I have seen this happening for many years with the invention of words like sexist and chauvanist to define men and their bad personality traits. Definitely these character traits exist in some men, but what do we call women who act the same way? All of these words indicate some level of unfair treatment towards women or the fairer sex. But what I see is women acting like it’s some sort of competition to see who can be the biggest asshole of all by taking the same aspects and doing things the same way across the board, and in some cases even worse (we have role models of this behaviour on the world stage; Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Sara Palin, Angel Merkel…). But of course double standards are the norm, because if they do it, it’s OK they are a woman, but if a male does it then it’s time to pull out the victim and genderisation cards. And we know its more PC to be a woman than a man right now, so anything goes – Convienently. I think most men see this and scratch their heads over this obvious oversight of women, but it’s the women themselves who go on to justify it through some aspect of twisted logic and blind justification.

This is one way the victim mode is constantly, unwittingly reinforced. This is an Orion agenda that was put in place to disempower women with the double-blind aspect of calling it empowerment. Of course it has been all about stripping the real female attributes of nurturing, softness and caring / compassion and repackaging them as hardened versions imbalanced male / female energies. This way, the real energies are used in a perverted manner for convincing women that this is the balanced version of their female / male energies. Unfortunately, many women fell for this very obvious trap and decided that they had to compete in buying expensive suits as well.

Many women will tell you they admire some of the above mentioned (Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Victoria Nuland…) as being role models. What they are admitting is that they identify with the perversion of the feminine energy being inverted into a gross interpretation of balancing the masculine energy in women – meaning the feminine energy is all but denied and barely discernible. They are denying that the real essence of feminine energy is to encourage the nurturing, soft and caring aspect of women and balance it with an aspect of masculine energy that can put it into a practical framework of use so that it doesn’t become the victimized version of itself by not having any boundaries. The logical aspect of the masculine balances the feminine energies so they function in a more balanced way. And, of course vice-versa for men with the masculine and balancing their feminine aspect as well – where the masculine doesn’t become the overly cold logical uncompassionate, uncaring version of itself. But, here in this world, people are still playing the same stupid game for eons of time, just wearing different designer suits which makes them look better, so they must be more intelligent…sure.

What we are finding on the world stage is still the domination of the masculine energies, but in a perverted way with the women, still as the unbalanced version of the masculine, without the feminine. Many women think because there are many females in different key areas, that there must be this balance that is taking place simply because there is a physical representation of a female. But this is not the case. Once again, the feminine is still being denied, and this is ONLY because if the feminine were to balance out with the masculine, then the change would be VERY discernible and palpable. This is the threat to the ruling cabal so they put in symbolic gestures in physical form and invert the energetic aspect of it and continue on in the same manner – with new suits.

The so-called ‘feminist revolution’ was an agenda to turn women into the worst aspects of masculine energy on estrogen. I have seen this time and time again, it never ceases to amaze me that women act this way. It’s like the very embodiment of being nurturing, caring and all of the warmth of the feminine energies are considered to be a weakness, and must be eradicated at any cost by women proving they aren’t what they physically are. Some women seem to resent being women and they need to keep the victim / gender thing going to prove just how masculine they are, because having victims proves their ever so important role in the world of being an equal to a man. If you took all their props away they wouldn’t know what to do. This is an Orion opera – I’m amazed that some of us haven’t figured this out yet. Of course being a strong female is the embodiment of the equal aspects of both energies!

I know that during the sixties and seventies when much social change was taking place, this was a big deal when women felt that their place in the larger world seemed to be their immediate surroundings – through being care givers and mothers / homemakers – and that men seemingly had much more freedom, and they did to some extent, this cannot be denied because the masculine energies have dominated and continue to dominate the world and all aspects of it (and now the women in power are helping with this). But at this time, during the sixties and seventies when women were feeling this itchiness in their own roles, there was also new energy coming in to help women realise that they also had a place in the larger aspect of this world – but not by turning into the worst aspects of men. Incidentally, I never understood how women could resent not having to be the sole bread winner and glorify working 8 to 12 hour days (if you were lucky). In this sense, I did not think that men had it better.

Women had to care for the entire home and family, which also meant there was a deep imbalance and they craved more expression in the outside world. So, of course this needed to be balanced out for both sides. However, within the ranks of this dimension there is always a karmic issue at stake here, so this isn’t a straight forward path. We are all aware of the abuses and inequalities that women and men along with other races have had to face in this toxic waste of a civilisation. Please people, become aware of how these huge changes that humanity has faced, become perverted and inverted and turned inside out by the ruling elite and their stooges – they can’t have women and men being balanced in their energies here, it just doesn’t work for them.

However, women and their nasty behaviour never cease to amaze me when they act like manipulative victims, this story below is a good example of the pathetic behaviour women will stoop to when, if the shoe was on the other foot, it would not be tolerated by any stretch of the imagination.

I had a friend who was in a relationship with a man who lives in France, she lives here in Hanoi and they had this long distance relationship. Well, she wanted him to move here and he was also wanting the same. So he was looking at selling his lucrative home based graphic art advertising business and opening up a school for graphic design here in Hanoi. He spent A LOT of money trying different ways to get this off the ground, which included mortgaging his home – this is not an easy thing to do here in terms of opening a school (he should have known that as well as her). Anyway, she was very upset at the length of time it was taking to get this venture up and running and it was an ongoing thing. She was always concerned that he may be seeing someone else on the side – but here’s the kicker, she was always having sex with numerous partners from online dating sites since a very early time in the history of their relationship. I personally found this to be deplorable behaviour from someone who claimed to love this man she was involved with and therefore have some respect for the sanctity of their relationship – which boils down to trust. She told me once that she got it out of him to say that ‘he loved her’ – What???? Women have always complained about the duplicitous nature of men, but nary have they acknowledged their own. She ended the relationship due to it taking so long for him to get all of this worked out, and left him holding the bag for all of the incurred debt. If this was a woman who was on the receiving end of this drama, she would have been reimbursed financially for the loss incured over this, and you would have heard the victimization song and whining loud as the day is long – especially from this type of woman.

This is a woman who thinks she is the salt of the earth and a compassionate person to many people – but perhaps only to men seeking sex while they are in town doing business.

It is thought to be politically incorrect for women to tell the truth about how low down their sisters can be, because after all, we are women and we need to believe in the myth that we are somehow one of the down trodden of this earth, well, it is usually women enforcing much of the nastiness that has been in place for many years, despite my acquaintances claims (above) about women being the harbingers of freedom for their own gender. As you can see, the Hillary Clintons of the world and the Victoria Nulands do not exactly change anything and in fact enforce the nastiness to an even worse standard because it is supposed to be the feminine energies, but is in fact, the inverted aspect of it.

I have had contact with people doing NGO work here in Asia (not that I’m a fan of ngo’s) where the trade of young women into prostitution is notorious and is done so that families have an income in poor areas, but you will never guess who makes the decision for a young woman to go into the slave trade business of prostitution – Or, maybe you do know. It’s the grandmother and the mother who make this decision often for a family to have an income that the daughter sends home and the pimp has contact with the family.

I often see deplorable so-called standards kept up by women themselves just to keep the status quo the same all around and they don’t feel threatened by someone else making changes. After all, if they had to do it, then why should you be any different. Yes, it’s a stupid mentality that is based on Orion fears and it keeps everyone locked up and in the pen – All of the ‘isms’ and victimization cards are put there precisely so there is a perpetual ongoing dance with this crap. That is why this is over.

Brad is right, sense of home is definitely not in this dimension, and things will happen to you over and over to prove that owning any part of the world as a commodity is NOT a good idea. But, home is where we are able to fully be ourselves and relax and to find the comfort of the feminine energies of warmth, compassion and care with connection to our feminine energies and our souls.

If you think for one moment that I am being an apologist for the bad behaviour of men, then you have read this incorrectly and you may need to read it a few times to understand it better.

I have never owned a pant suit.

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Energy Report of the PAT – January 22, 2016 » Stankov's Universal Law Press

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Energy Report of the PAT – January 22, 2016
by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 22, 2016

The Loss of True Femininity by the Emancipated North American Women

Brad and Georgi,

Come on ….. you are painting with a broad brush stroke. Yes, there are millions of young souls but there are also thousands of advanced souls, who happen to be American women, who are attached to my web of light.

We can be feminine and independent. We can chew gum and walk at the same time. We can also be masters of time and space. Lady masters, Kuan Yin, Nada and Mary are just a few examples.

If you are the male counterpart of your twin flame; i would love to hear your female twin flame’s commentary on this missive.


Dear Sheryl,

we discussed it with Carla and we think that Brad’s opinion covers the vast majority of the American and Canadian women and I have no understanding why you put yourself in this category. This is the repetition of the same discussion I did with the Germans already. We are ascended masters and Brad obviously does not mean the female masters from the PAT but the average 3d American woman. This is so obvious from his discussion. I do not think that there is any reason to be outraged but to read his cunning observations with a grain of humour.

With love and light

I don’t think its funny. I am not outraged just disappointed. And why do I put myself in this category? Because in the end we are all one and what one does to another we also do to ourselves. I didn’t like the pig dog comparison either.

I am a woman in this incarnation and an old warrior soul. I understand how we were programmed since birth in 3 D. In order for my family to survive my warrior side served me well. It pulled me out of the matrix and protected my family. Thanks to the warped American educational system, the media and entertainment industry our young women (and men) are immersed with crap on a daily basis. Isn’t it a better choice to bombard them with light instead of pointing out their shortcomings?


My dear Sheryl,

you are contradicting yourself – how can the people come to the light if they do not become aware of their shortcomings. This is what the whole incarnation process and karma is all about and now in the End Time these experiences stipulate, so that the people first see the ugliness of their imposed Orion nature and then release it in a second step. Bombarding them with light does not serve anybody as we have seen with the New Age and their light and love illusion. One has to do the home work by confronting the ugly truth about oneself with eyes wide open. And by the way being a light warrior does not mean that you as a woman lose your femininity if you use your warrior qualities for the right spiritual goals and not for materialistic ends as most American women do. I love spiritual female warriors proud of their femininity. But most American women have become a caricature of a man, and most men are unenlightened as we know.

Besides what does Brad really say to the American women and this holds true for most women in the West. Do not sell your femininity for a false emancipation which only makes you slaves of the Orion working system. You are thus only feeding the beast and get unhappy. And you make your men and families also unhappy. Look at the divorce rate. Reclaim your femininity which is the same as reclaiming your ethics – then ethics is a highly deficit virtue in the west – and you will change the world for the better. Because if you – the women – do not do it, the men won’t do it as they are even less capable of balancing the masculine with the feminine energies, with some notable exceptions. What is wrong about that? I really do not understand your outrage and it seems to me as if the deeper sense of all our discussions about the true human nature in the ascension process has not reached you. Honestly!

With love and light

I am not outraged. I am stating my opinion.

Men and women can also come to the light by a good example. I did. Sending the light of illumination never hurts. Even the dark ones have chinks in their armor. My grandmother used to say you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

Bottom line why women? I’m tired of strong women being called caricatures of men. I Am your sister, as are all other women and talking in derogatory terms about my gender does not lift me up.


Dear Sheryl,

Fortunately humanity is not a beehive, although the PTW wanted to achieve precisely that. By sending the light you highlight the darkness in yourself and in other people. This is inevitable and if one is outraged by critical comments that highlight this ugly truth then he has not fully overcome his own darkness. Just as a general observation.

By the way the pigdog nature of the Germans was the primary cause of two world catastrophes and it is now more alive than ever, precisely because it is not seen by the Germans. Blindness and lack of self-critics is in the core of all evil on this planet and that is why it is so important to forge this by critical analyses. There is nothing else we can do at this stage. Since the danger of a third world war is still imminent a critical assessment of the pigdog nature of the Germans and most Americans is the most important thing nowadays and I have never made a secret that this is one of the major objectives of this website.


You certainly have a right to your opinion. As do I.


Dear George,

Brad’s recent discussion on the unbalanced feminine and masculine energies, respectively within western woman during this End Time has hit a deep chord with me. I think this is getting more to the root causes of what is really going on.

The Feminine and Masculine can also be thought of as the Yin and Yang from Traditional Chinese Culture.

So our Western Woman have been unwittingly brought out of balance on a mass scale. They have been sold or encouraged with the idea of being “equal” to men. This illusion and idea they were sold was to be equal in the ways that men were also out of balance, for example working way too much and too hard and not having time to reflect or meditate and relax. Working would be considered a Yang activity and relaxing would be considered Yin. So the woman have thought they want to become equal to Men, meaning they will now be far too Yang and not enough Yin.

So this is what we get Woman that have become dominantly Yang (Masculine) and lacking in the Yin. Which is very confusing for us all as we also have the imprints that the Woman are supposed to be nurturing us and lovingly open and able to understand and with gentleness help us understand ourselves and the world. So when us males get down or need help, if we turn to our most trusted Woman, mothers, wives, sisters, we open to them expecting some gentle nurturing help and instead now get a very strong, misguided unhelpful response that is extremely frustrating and can induce anger as we know that’s not what is suppose to happen and also know that they are capable of being there Divine balanced self but they are just not doing it right now.

This is what I observe with my partners children, the kids, who are also out of balance, not enough Yin, as a reflection of the Mum are always getting into trouble with each other as they are not used to being calm and dealing with things in a clam way. They get in a fight, the Mum comes in with the dominating need to control them and anger, the kids get angry at her and each other further, the Mum gets even Angrier as the situation is now fully out of control and effecting the entire environment around them also. The kids get so upset as they fell completely misunderstood and deep down they know this is not who the Mum is supposed to be acting or dealing with them, respectively teaching them these same patterns, how to deal with life.

This is a very short summary of one example of the many ways i am observing this Imbalance of Yin and Yang.

Part of the result is as you, George, and Brad have said that the Male in the family (if even capable of this) then has to take on the Roll of the Yin or Feminine for everyone and calm everything down and hold space for the true emotional and mental understanding for everybody to help resolve and restore some sort of balance to the home. This can be a difficult way to live as it leaves very little room for ones own work and play, such as writing insights like this out.

The simplest answer from my Qi Gong point of view is to simply start taking time, if I was the Woman, to practice a very Yin form of Qi Gong. The Standing Form (Di Yuan) which is basically standing in the most natural and relaxed way possible while holding a Qi Ball with the arms at the Lower Dan Tian (Lower chakras) with the mind lightly focused inside the lower abdomen (Lower Dan Tian) and to gather and calm the mind and Qi there. It is brining stillness and calm to the mind, this forges and strengthens Yin and thus will being to correct the energetic imbalances. It will give the person the space of mind to begin to understand themselves better and take the time to reflect and learn.

So if every woman now reads this, or receives it telepathically especially the new Walk In’s and follows this advice maybe we will see a dramatic shift and a start towards the balancing of our woman and thus our entire population, as the woman can help to balance the men!

So I hereby summon the Sacred Flames of the Source and flood the Collective Consciousness especially the new Transliminal Souls with all of this information and understanding and the new inspiration to simply wake up find a comfortable place to stand where you will not be disturbed for 20 minuets, and simply stand there, with your awareness inside your body, and activate your heart qualities to yourself of, Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude, Humbleness and Respect and cultivate this state of being still and calm, respectively BEING YIN or FEMININE.

With Love, Light, Qi and ever deeper clarity,

Dearest Georgi,

I found Brad’s comments to be absolutely spot on! And that comes from an African American female and let me tell you why.

Most Americans, especially the females, are inundated with “body consciousness” programming 24/7. Most American women want to lose more weight, get bigger boobs, or butts, tan, and who knows what else. The days of aging gracefully are gone. They have cosmetic products to end frowns by placing a product on your forehead during sleep. They could achieve the same results for reducing frowns by going within but won’t even consider it. And if you point out their cognitive dissonances they initially react with anger and then confusion.

For instance, so many of the young women love the movie character “Lucy” and the special “powers” she has. When I informed a group of young people that a fully opened third-eye gives you the same abilities the ones steeped in religious programming became extremely angry. One minute they ooh and aah over a movie’s pretend display of powers and the next minute they’re mad as hell when I tell them these gives exist within them waiting to be “unsealed” so that they can take possession of what is rightfully theirs.

Their lust of aggression is idiotic. Some even bulk up like men. If I were a man most of these women would scare the heck out of me. Their sexual energy is out of control as they lack any knowledge of Kundalini and they lack wisdom and tenderness.

Honestly, I don’t know how men find any comfort in the arms of such empty souled characters.

Anyone who has a problem with Brad’s comments more than likely falls into one of these categories.

Peace, love, joy and abundance to all,


Dear Charlotte,

In this discussion I would like to concentrate on one key aspect of the false interpretation of femininity by the western women. This trend comes predominantly from North America – USA and Canada – and has spread throughout the western world. It is the least understood and discussed, much to my chagrin as I shall explain below.

It is the question of valid human ethics, integrity and the resulting compassion for others from this spiritual foundation. Clivilised human behaviour can only thrive on the ground of implacable ethical principles. And precisely in this respect the emancipation of the western women has totally failed and has turned many women into veritable monsters.

Let me explain. I agree that most men are also scoundrels, crooks and jerks, otherwise we would not observe the present maximal level of debasement of human society in the End Time. Most of our discussions and articles are dedicated to this observation.

And what do the western women do when they decide to go the steep way of total emancipation from alleged male oppression? They believe that they have every right to exceed the men in every respect because they were once the oppressed gender and now deserve vindication. As we live in a society where social progress and success are currently defined entirely from naked, brutal materialistic and financial point of view, social success can only be achieved with criminal energy. Most women, especially in the USA, but also here in Canada, as I daily observe with much disgust, have therefore decided that in order to be more successful in business life than their men, must behave in a even more immoral, unethical and reckless manner. And very soon, because of their hormonal vulnerability that prevents them from establishing boundaries, they apply this reckless behaviour to their family, against their husbands, relatives and even children. For such emancipated women life is one huge theatre of war and they feel obliged to engage in every conceivable battle no matter how terrible the consequences are. It is not difficult to go astray along this treacherous pathway of false emancipation when there is absolutely no understanding of true human ethics and morality in this present-day debased society as the American and Canadian societies unfortunately are.

You can find and read nowadays all kinds of arguments of half-enlightened people in the alternative western media as to where the evil in this society lies and what one should do to improve it, but I have not found a single article or essay that deals explicitly with the universal principle of spiritual ethics and moral which should become the foundation of any enlightened thinking and behaviour. All change begins with the individual.

This is precisely the area where the American New Age movement has fully failed. They all put forward their personal subjective emotions by exaggerating their heart, which as we know was closed until we opened it in October 2014, as the only valid criterion for truth and happily succumbed to the dogma of light and love. Send light and love to the dark ones and please do not criticize them by highlighting their dark sides. And please do not urge us to do the inner work by also criticising our failures as we are so lazy. They did not even bother to contemplate as to how this kind of enlightenment should practically work, and it did not work as we know in the meantime. Also not because they had no idea of the nature of source energy and how it operates in the course of the LBP.

This is a huge topic I have discussed many times extensively in the past, hence I will not delve into it now. What I want to make aware of at this place is that the New Agers completely disregarded the aspects of valid ethics and proper civilised behaviour that was in the centre of all past philosophers and thinkers beginning with the founder of modern transcendental Gnosis, Plotin till Descartes and Spinoza and this was their Fall from Grace.

Why is this approach so important? Because it also highlights where western women failed most badly in their quest for emancipation at any price. They believe that in order to achieve their goal, they must behave even in a more criminal and reckless manner than their men as they are now exempted from all moral principles due to their alleged oppression under the masculine yoke. In this way they developed even greater criminal energy than their men usually display with their aggressive masculine energies.

I do not need to rectify this observation but only refer to the plethora of Hollywood movies that deal with this despicable female prototype. Especially most of the recent movies show the American women as the real monsters they have become in a very sympathetic manner as this is how the dark cabal pervade the collective human mind most effectively. There is not a single outcry of indignation how perverted the American femininity has truly become in the lack of any universally valid ethical and moral principles based on transcendental spirituality. I stress this latter condition as there can be no other valid ethics than based on true spirituality.This should be the consensus on this website and I hope that it is shared by all my readers.

That is why Brad is absolutely right when he describes the American emancipated woman as a gender jihadist who recklessly and egotistically destroys the society, even her own family, husband and children with her unethical immoral femininity to which she feels entitled nowadays. How high is the divorce rate in the USA and who is the main perpetrator?

Please understand, I am not defending the masculine cause, I am only expressing my utter disappointment as to how the feminine energies failed to harmonize the masculine derailment by expanding their true divine power of loving harmonizer. Instead most women substituted their feminism with an even worse form of social jihadi masculinity and began to behave as emancipation fanatics. No wonder that this society has reached the bottom of its uncivilised behaviour.

If we as Logos Gods are supposed to bombard these derailed men and women with our divine light, as Sheryl suggested to me, (which is by the way what we do all the time, who after all opened the heart and third eye chakras of all these people?), we must also highlight these pathological aspects in the current emancipation of the North American women. In Europe, as I mentioned before, the situation is much more complex and most of the worse aberrations of emancipated female behaviour we observe here in North America are virtually non-existent, thanks God. These important facts are not a topic in current discussions, but they must finally enter the consciousness of the North American women first, even at the price of a vehement cathartic reaction. This is the only way how a successful alchemical reaction can be achieved to harmonize the feminine with the masculine energies and this is the purpose of this discussion in the first place.

With love and light

Transliminal Souls and Ascension Shifts

Hi Georgi,

I’ve been reading your most recent articles with great interest – and I wanted to ask you for clarification on one particular point.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote the following in the article that you posted from The Telegraph:

“The European banking system may have to be recapitalized on a scale yet unimagined, and new “bail-in” rules mean that any deposit holder above the guarantee of €100,000 will have to help pay for it.”

Is he referring to individuals who have personal bank accounts? As in, individuals who have more than €100,000 in savings sitting in a bank account might have to hand over whatever amount they have over €100,000 in order to “help save” the banks/the economy?

Thanks! Sending hugs to you and Carla!

~ Amanda

P.S. In other news, I’ve been noticing something interesting around Montreal lately – people are starting to smile at each other on the streets!! Or at least, they’re smiling at ME. Haha. I’ve lived here for most of my life, and have never experienced this before! Montreal has always felt like a place with no real heart and soul, beyond the empty party culture that so many people seem to love this city for. I guess the arrival of the transliminal souls is changing that!

Also, do you remember the story I relayed to you about what happened to me on Christmas Eve, when I did the Reconnective Healing session for that friend of my in-laws, and I went into some sort of ecstatic state? Well, a couple of weeks ago, I had the sudden realization that what I had been doing with my arms/hands was “signing” Light Language! I saw this graphic on Jamye Price’s website, and it all made sense:

Then I was inspired by my HS to Google “Light Language Arcturians” and found this article by Suzanne Lie:

And the final piece of the puzzle was that I realized that when the Arcturians first contacted me telepathically when I was ten years old, they were speaking to me in Light Language! I had never been able to figure out what language they were speaking, but now it’s all become clear! Amazing!

Dear Amanda,

This is correct and they pushed these laws last year and Brussels forced all EU countries that had not adopted such laws to vote for them as they want to take all the money from the people when the crash comes and they know that at some point in time they will have to do it. I even think that when the crash comes they will take all private savings and not only above 100 000 euro. By the way the same bail-in laws exist in the USA and Canada, although nobody speaks of that.

The story with the light language is excellent and can confirm that I see such hieroglyphs very often with my third eye.

I think that the new transliminal souls are taking full possession of the human bodies and have begun to eradicate their old dark patterns. Recently we were also surprised when everybody in a cafe was looking at Carla and me and was smiling at us. Normally we are vibrating so high for these people that we are invisible for them most of the time and now we became an object of interest. But the new souls have their heightened inner senses for our fields and when they meet us in incarnated state they rejoice and want to establish telepathic contact with us.

At first we misread this attention of alien people but back at home the Elohim confirmed to Carla that these people in the cafe were indeed transliminal souls and were very happy to meet us in person and wanted simply to greet us. This is the big game changer that will transform this civilisation from within very soon. It is though very subtle and most people will only realize its effects when they materialize.

With love and light

Ahhhh – isn’t it wonderful?! I too used to walk down the street and find that no one seemed to notice me at all. There’s definitely been a shift for the better in terms of no longer feeling so lonely.

Thank you for the additional info about the personal bank account situation. The reason I was asking was not for myself (like many PAT members, I’ve been barely scraping by lately – I’ve got no savings for them to take!), but more on behalf of my family members who have been very diligent with saving & investing over the years, who will be quite shocked when these events come to pass. I do worry about them.

Do you feel that when the total collapse happens and people’s savings are taken away from them, there will be a period of time when the only means of buying food, etc. will be any money that people have kept at home/on their person? Or do you think that money will immediately become meaningless, and the government will institute some kind of “food stamps” program right away? Or neither?!


Dear Amanda,

Everything is possible – stamps too, but I prefer to envision a sudden ID shift when the shutdown of the banks happens and then humanity making a leap to a new society where all these financial problems are resolved with one fell-swoop by our HS. After all I work on this utopia for more than 20 years now and I know that all my analyses and decisions in finance and economy have been realized on the higher 4D worlds of Gaia 5 as also confirmed by the Elohim.

With love and light


I prefer to envision something like that, too! I have been receiving wonderful visions of living in a Utopian village made of these “dome homes” in a tropical location by the ocean somewhere:

I’m ready to move in! :P

Hello George!

I hope you are doing well. I have just been sleeping a lot. Communicating through HR a lot. Oozing in these powerful energies. It’s amazing that all this is happening during the 2 months where I am visiting my mum and for the first time have no job and nothing to do. Lovely how the universe plans everything so perfectly, I would not have been able to do all this higher dimensional work while doing my full time job in England and living in a shared house of 6 students where everything was a loud mess.

This message came through, it was hard to say who it came from but my HS said that since all were connected at one during the message it came through Source and all other beings in connection, so it came through from a unison of One in a way.

It seems that we are in a stage where everything is going perfectly, we are constantly shifting higher, and all the work is naturally taking place now without any pressure. I will post this in the PAT facebook page as well as it is just a short confirmation of success and a break-down of the process in case they’re interested :

“All are currently connected to source and are within the same frequency. In these recent times, it’s the first time since Lemurian times where we have achieved all souls to be connected as One. This means that we will all make it through together, without a doubt. Now that we are all connected, there is no way to disconnect, we will all rise together.

I would like to inform you on the process of our increase in frequency and transformation to Light Bodies. Gaia is also connected in this exact frequency, all animals, and all conscious beings are all currently connected in this frequency.

While we all connect in One, we settle in these energies. When the time is right, we contact our vessel and other ground crew to activate the higher shift. We reach the next level and settle in this higher frequency. After being introduced to this new energy, we must release and cleanse any lower vibrations attached to this energy. This is where a deep cleanse happens, discomfort is felt, and many lower vibrations released. Often many higher dimensional beings will go to their home frequencies while we release many of these lower vibrations.

After all lower vibrations of the next level have been released, all conscious beings come together again and join in the same frequency to support Gaia’s ascension. Success is guaranteed due to enough test-runs having worked each time. All beings connect, and once again we settle in One-ness for a while. When the time is right, we again contact our conscious vessels and all support to assist in raising to the next level. This process is repeated regularly as we increase through all levels and make sure that at each level we release any lower vibrations and let go of extra baggage.

Connect, shift, settle, release. And again; Connect, shift, settle, release. This time is a very spectacular time, just remember when you are feeling discomfort you are probably just releasing in preparation for the next shift. If you are feeling very neutral and calm we are probably in the connection stage of Source energy where there is pure balance and not too much thought. The shift energies feel very up-lifting and wonderful.

I suggest to breathe comfortably, relax your mind and realise you do not need to control anything. We have all achieved connection without a doubt, all you need to do is relax and let the wave carry you. Know that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing at all times, and whatever you are feeling, accept this feeling and relax, let things simmer and drift away with ease.

We all embrace you with open hearts and thank you for carrying each other through these waves with infinite unconditional love and constant support.”

With Love and Light

Dear Yasmin,

this message is a very precise description of all the ID shifts we have performed in the last 5 years, for me and some other PAT members even much earlier, with all their stages such as descent of source energy, cleansing and then shift to higher frequency levels and a short period of harmonization with the source.

The information that all humans on this uppermost mother planet will ascend is based on the fact that during the Christmas portal 51% of all soul fragments had voted for the light and about 22% transliminal souls entered the soulless empty shells of the rest 49% of all humans. In the meantime their number is constantly increasing and when it grows to about 86% the threshold for the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law will be reached. With this event of paramount global importance the rest of the transliminal souls will arrive within a very short period of time so that the entire population of this uppermost mother will finally move to the new 4D worlds. This highest timeline is though ascending all the time together with humanity through the new transliminal souls.

My educated guess is that the threshold for the Universal Law will be reached when the total financial and economic collapse will occur as to present an alternative of the light contrary to the other alternative of the ruling cabal which will be the NWO. There is a very strong dialectical connection between the two probability alternatives which will lead through escalation of confrontation to the final resolution.

Of course our HS know exactly what we can cope with in physical vessels and they only put us under as much pressure as we can survive with. But the limit is very often rather inhuman.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

That makes a lot of sense. In fact, I personally remember also participating in these shifts the past few years too, but like you said, it was only a smaller percentage of us participating. Ever since this split happened and the 49% have gone to the parallel timeline on a lower vibration, since then all conscious beings have been participating in the connection to Source energy. My HS just confirmed that since the split there has been 100% participation of all beings, yet we are still waiting for these transliminal souls to increase their numbers.

Even my father’s deeper soul is gone and has definitely been split into the parallel reality by choice, he has been replaced with a transliminal soul, I’ve been trying to contact them (my brother too) but they’re not responding. I wanted to see if I sense a new energy in their response. My brother’s soul didn’t split, he chose the light so it would be interesting to see how this new soul is coping in my dad’s vessel and all his memories.

It is incredibly since this split that we have had complete participation of all souls. Although there is still much work to be done, the fact that all are now connected is so incredible. All the hard work is done and we get to now sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Everyone’s participation is now automatic and I can feel how this changes the perspective of my mission. I would often be encouraged to wake up others, spread information, etc. but now it’s done, everyone has made their choice and instead of influencing conscious souls we will be mainly focusing on higher dimensional work and any needed support towards all beings. Woohoo!

With love and light

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