Thursday, February 18, 2016

Knocking at Heaven’s Door

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Knocking at Heaven’s Door 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 14, 2016

Pamela Ennis, February 14, 2016

Dear George and Carla,

Actually, words fail at this point. Every time I start a sentence with “I feel so—-” the next word doesn’t seem to come because this is such a never before experienced thing, the vocabulary just isn’t there to express it. But I can at least tell something of my experience, which is conveying to me what cannot be expressed in words. Things like a sudden flash of a beautiful image crossing the mind, or merely a feeling without definition that results in laughter and an inner joy. Often it feels like a joining with friends who’d been forgotten,and always it brings a smile and sense of completeness. Hardly something to dismiss as insignificant.. I conclude that this and other such experiences are, as Jerry put it to me recently, the “knocking at heaven’s door” sort of thing that must herald immanent arrival in the upper dimensions. I know I can barely function in any worldly activity [going to the grocery takes all my focus and must be done in a short time and I quickly return to my quiet space].

It is interesting that my current abode [about 20 minutes south of Sedona], is due to be returned to the landlady onApril 1st, yet I feel not the slightest sense that I must take any action toward finding someplace else. Surely, I am not meant to pack up and move again [so many times over the past 8 years !!!], for I usually get quite clearly if I’m to begin looking, and there is absolutely no energy on that idea at all. I felt when I moved in that this would be the place from which my ascension would take place, and everything certainly seems to indicate that it will be so.

There is a song which seems a fitting one for our last days on this earth called “Famous Last Words”, by Tears for Fears, which I’d love to send the link from Youtube but my little Chrome laptop doesn’t let me do that [bummer], It is a professional video from a concert in Santa Barbara back in 1990 [I think], and if you scroll down in the comments someone has written out the lyrics which are quite fitting and might not be clear in the video. To me it is a “last day on earth” poem, with allusions to flood and fire [“after the wash, before the fire”], and the passion of the song with the musical arrangement…not to mention Roland’s incredible voice…is worth a listen. I enjoy the idea of “when the saints go marching in” being US>>>>yea rah !!!!




Tears for Fears – Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words – Lyrics

After the wash
Before the fire
I will decay
Melt in your arms

As the day hits the night
We will sit by candlelight
We will laugh, we will sing
When the saints go marching in

A for a heart
B for a brain
Insects and grass
Are all that remain

When the light from above
Burns a hole straight through our love
We will laugh, we will sing
When the saints go marching in
And we will carry war, no more

All our love and all our of pain
Will be but a tune
The sun and the moon
The wind and the rain

Hand in hand we’ll do and die
Listening to the band that made us cry
We’ll have nothing to lose, we’ll have nothing to gain
Just to stay this real life situation for one last refrain

As the day hits the night
We will sit by candlelight
We will laugh, we will sing
When the saints go marching in
And we will carry war, no more

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