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Energy Report of the PAT – April 3, 2016 » Stankov's Universal Law Press

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Energy Report of the PAT – April 3, 2016 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 3, 2016

Energies, Dreams and Divine Manifestations in the Aftermath of the ID Shift on March 30

Dear George,

I am also feeling better today (April 1) although my stiff body still tells the tale. The fact that I feel emotional and sad must be from witnessing some kind of devastation.

Infinite gratitude to our body elementals. I can imagine how hard it must be for them to prevent us from going into cardiac arrest or something when that energy blasts through our energy fields. Mine usually shuts my body down and forces me to go lie down and sleep.

But here we are still standing and functioning. I was just thinking how much stronger we have become. As the energies are getting stronger so are we able to withstand so much more and recovery time is much quicker. We are becoming super humans as we grow into our light bodies.

I look forward to Carla’s update


Dear G

Just letting you know last night (March 31) I had many dreams of parallel realities and different versions of world(s) and namely a moment where flashes appeared in the sky above my city and then what seemed like Nuke explosions shock waves in the sky (it was like the explosion where mostly out of sync as I could only see the air pressure moving the clouds in perfect sphere, thou this scene was very brief), after this I heard my family just at the other side of house and for a moment thought of going to them, instead I sat down and began to meditate and clear my mind. I was never afraid.

Many other scenes and events in dreams but this is the major one I believed you’d be interested in, apologies for grammar.

Sincerely Lee

Lieber Georg,

Deine Beschreibung können wir eigentlich sogar bis ins Detail bestätigen! Enorme Existenzängste, sehr starke und fast unerträgliche Kopfschmerzen, den gestrigen schönen Tag hauptsächlich im Liegen verbracht ect.pp. Auch die Zeitangaben dürften umgerechnet in etwa hinkommen. Auch die etwa 2-stündige Energiespitze, wo ich dann das Gefühl hatte, sie würde mich restlos verbrennen. Es betraf zwar wie immer den ganzen Körper ganz enorm (fühlt sich insgesamt eigentlich immer wie ein Ei oder eine Kugel an), aber Schwerpunkt waren Kopf (dachte, er müsste jeden Moment zerspringen oder in Flammen aufgehen) und Solarplexus verbunden mit leichter Übelkeit. Die Schmerzen waren dann aber auch relativ schnell wieder wie weggeblasen. Allerdings hatte ich danach das Gefühl, als wäre ich total überladen. An Schlaf war Anfangs in diesem Zustand, trotz enormer Müdigkeit, nicht zu denken.

Ob es eine globale Katastrophe auf einer nahen Zeitachse war, wissen wir nicht. Ich persönlich gehe davon aus, dass diese Schübe in dieser Dosis jetzt zum “Normalfall” mit noch zusätzlicher Steigerung werden. Exponentiell eben. Wieder maximal belastend für einzelne unter uns, das ist klar, aber trotzdem von meiner Seite absolut begrüßenswert. Es ist ja sogar für notorische Blindgänger langsam unübersehbar, dass die ekelhafte Brühe an allen Ecken und Enden am überkochen ist.

Liebe Grüße
Stefan, Bavaria

Lieber Stefan,

ich danke dir für diesen zutrefflichen Energiebericht, der nichts übrig lasst. Was die Zahl 88 betrifft, Carla erhielt die Vision, dass die beiden Welten als Mutterplaneten nun auseinander gehen und wie eine Sanduhr aussehen, wo der Nexus bald sich trennen wird. Die Sanduhr ist auch eine Acht. Wir sind nun kurz vor dieser Trennung wie die Elohim Carla in einer weiteren Botschaft mitgeteilt haben, die sie noch zu Ende schreiben muss. Die erste Botschaft wird heute publiziert.

Viele liebe Grüße

Hi Georgi,

Yesterday afternoon my body became so weak and my eyes so heavy that I couldn’t stay awake and slept for 2.5 hours, this is very unusual for me, but happens when there is a massive ID split, from my experience.

The time frame was 2 pm for me until 4.30, so around midnight (March 30/31) your time.

Laurie, Vietnam

Hi George,

I am a bit late with the report I guess, but it was so difficult for me these days emotionally, that I couldn’t even get around to write to you. I have been feeling very very low for a week or so, I haven’t been feeling so depressed in a long time. Wednesday evening was the worst – I cried for no apparent reason for some time, just to make myself feel better I guess and in the evening around 10 pm (BG time) I had these heart palpitations accompanied by pain and the never stopping pain in the right side of the body (wrist, elbow, back, ankle). I am so very much disinterest in this reality, I have never felt so hopeless.

On Wednesday also I paid for the new apartment that I might be living in (I am still not sure if I want to live there). I had to give 8500 lv. for 7 quadrat metres (the others are “for free” as we gave a land to a firm to build a block there and we were compensated with 50 qm). I had the feeling that I am participating energetically in sht more major than the act of paying, if I can express myself like that.

This night I had a dream of me going to an airport (which for some reason was underground) and I was meeting some “new” people that I haven’t seen but I was very familiar with them at the same time. They were explaining me that when they see each other we have to pretend to kiss three times on every cheek and I argued that we actually kiss, not just pretend. All in all they were very nice and loving people. I was going to escort those people to somewhere (I had the sense that I am in Germany but at the same time the people who I was meeting were of French origin)

I hope that we are going to have more pleasant last days in this reality as for me it has almost been unbearable.

Sending you and Carla lots of love and light !

Teodora, Bulgaria

Dear Teodora,

thank you for this energy report that validates our experiences and that of the PAT. Let us hope that it will get better in the coming days. Consider this investment for a new apartment as a first step to creating your new reality and forget the financial side.

With love and light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

It is my sincere hope that you are both recovering from this week!

Today is the first day that I have been able to think clearly since Sunday night. I have had the chance now to review reports of the week and feel much better in assurance that we (my husband and I) are not alone in the physical deluge of this week. I have had little sleep for days, and the small sniglets (until last night) were filled with strange dreams of being kidnapped and taken across a portal to a timeline of devastation…no trees, no plants to speak of and the ‘people’ were all disfigured. Certain beings were held hostage to be adapted to the ‘new life’. It was entirely negative. I won’t go in to the details as I prefer to leave them behind. I was able to free myself and another hostage by dissolving the brick wall, where we got in an old jalopy and drove toward the sun, and through a portal to a new earth, filled with plants and animals and a feeling of bliss.

On Tuesday afternoon, about 4 pm eastern time, I finally gave in to the complete physical overwhelm. I had felt a rising sense of anxiety and panic all day, with nausea and headache. Still unable to sleep. Wednesday was lovely outside and I went out to do some planting and such, but was overcome in just a couple of hours with dizziness and extreme fatigue again. I also have had for six months a sort of skin rash/burn that had finally begun to improve. By Wed am, it was as if I had been burned again, and it is just now beginning to cool off. Truly, it looks like radiation burns. Coconut oil and mild ice packs are the only relief.

This morning I was able to take the dogs for a walk and met up with a couple of neighbors. It is an odd thing, as I think one can actually ‘see’ me and the other sort of acknowledges me, but it is like I am not fully present to her. This is becoming a more frequent thing all of the last month. I do not go out in public much any longer…it’s too much like being rubbed with sandpaper, but notice the same effect.

I did want to ask if you are familiar with the Law of One material and the re-listening project where the information regarding the ‘flash of light’ or the ‘pouring down of light’ in the ascension material that was with- held and has just been added to the website. It has come to my attention and I was delighted to find that this channeled material from the early 1980s so happily merges with what we are experiencing.

Honestly, my husband never complains, but last week he had foot pain so severe he could barely stand for two days and yesterday, upon waking, his face and eyes were so swollen that even he sat down and said that he is Done, that he is ready for it. He is of much hardier physical stamina than I, and as I seem to transmute more of the energy than he, it was amazing to see him just sigh out with exhaustion and pain. There is no regret from either of us, but we, like you have been around for a long 3D time and are so ready for the Shift!

Sorry if this has been a bit confusing to follow. It is a marked improvement over any other day this week.

Blessings in the Light,

Dear Tracy,

thank you very much for this very precise energy report that has not left any pain and challenge we go through these days. This is what most of us experience now, although some light warriors were not participating in this latest massive cleansing. Burned skin happens when there is an overcharge of energy and I have had it a few times in the past. It is a sign of extreme form of energetic cleansing at the expense of the individual health as you both have experienced these days. But the work had to be done.

With regard to the nightmares which many of us have these days I will publish today the Elohim message with a very interesting and important recommendation how to detach from these lower dreadful worlds.

I hope the next days will be calmer.

With love and light

Thank you for the wisdom brought forth by Carla! We will begin to implement the advised changes right away. I found the focus on the ascended reality to be a wonderful re-statement of what we are here for and the words of “immediate expression” to bring a sigh of relief and the promise of what we know will be, but the word ‘soon’ does not seem so painful!

Love, light and bliss,

“Soon” actually means that it is happening now and we all feel and know it.


Oh yes. We know it is already done, it is just that word “soon” in relation to the merging of vibrational realities has just been sooo overused. It must be the english language that seems to have no other common usage or actual verb-age to express the concept. We have a joke in the US…everything is ‘soon’ or ‘sooner’ or ‘not soon enough’. We are just silly over the word in its vast un-communicative expression and how it trivializes everything. Must be a U.S. abnormality? I am so into the idea of Immediate Expression. It just brings a sigh.

Blessed light and silly giggles,

Garments of Light

Georgi and Carla,

It is brilliant. I made the invocation around this property today in regards to my auric field. I sense now that we have taken a major leap forward in terms of having the energetic conditions to precisely focus on True Creation. Creation from our hearts without the impediments of the threat of the lower worlds. What a Gift and Revelation! All of the events that began in early March have translated into such a beautiful energetic condition. Thanks for drilling down all along the way to discover the true nature of this massive shift. Well, we can intuit that this is the experience of finally beginning to climb the last levels of this ascension where we will be greeted with love and awe, and we will finally don our glorious and noble garments of light!

With Love.

Dear Jessica,

I am happy to hear that the Elohim invocation how to retract and seal our fields from lower timelines works so well. I must admit that we had not have the time to apply it yet as we were very busy these two days. But we shall begin with it tonight and then twice a day in the morning and evening.

There is a second message from the Elohim in connection with the ID portal on March 30 that indicates that we have entered the final decisive period and have reached a critical threshold to final transfiguration together with Gaia. Of course in terms of energetic levels and not as linear time. Carla is now working on this message.

With love and light


Great! As always I look forward to it!

My current sense and intuition is of course an awareness level that has grown thru this major shift. Being established thru my dreams, waking life, HS insights and Source downloads. And of course, yourself, Carla, and the Pat have funneled and described the entire process so magnificently. Truly divine.

With love,

Dear Georgi and Carla,

Thank you so much for the latest message. I couldn’t stop myself from crying after reading the Elohim’s message from Carla. I felt like the Elohim was directly speaking to me. Hope you both are recovering from the trauma.

Sending you lots of love,

Dear Rosha,

the Elohim told us that this message will reach all light warriors at the emotional level and uplift them. We feel much better since yesterday (March 31) although I have a chronic borderline cc-wave with a headache all the time but do not care about it). The energy spiral is surging all the time now.

With love and light

Absolutely, I am feeling really light as if a huge burden is lifted off of my shoulder. I hope I will have good sleep tonight. Divit also had nightmares that had made our life beyond measurable. Such a comforting message. Thank you again.

Love and light,

I had a dream this afternoon (April 1) in which I was living in a two-story house (higher dimension), and I had left food out on the second floor for some pets. However, I was awakened as I slept in my dream, by the sound of rats (lower dimensional/self-serving entities) eating the pets food. I felt this was a confirmation that though it is noble to want to help others, these entities did not want help, they were just eating me out of house and home. Jesus also warned about casting jewels before swine – those who would not appreciate the gift.

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

Unfortunately this is a classical motif in human life and why it is not a good idea to throw pearls to the swines.


Phoenix transmutation

Hi Georgi,

Wo!! We are all so close to our true home.

Dream 1st April

I was at a massive gathering/party. It was set at an old stone castle?? Set on a beautiful lush hillside. Everyone was having cups of tea, talking in small groups. We were all on the terrace which was open plan flowing back to the lounge-room. I was admiring a lifelike statue (8 feet tall) of the Madonna set in front of a stone column on the terrace. Next thing I saw was a huge tan coloured Phoenix bird come swooping on to the statue, with 5ft wingspan embracing it from the front. Almost instantly the bird vanished. It appeared to have melted into the heart centre of the Madonna (immaculate heart??)- it looked like glistening molten wax. I was so awestruck, I shouted to everyone on the terrace ‘Wow, did you see that!’, while pointing at the statue. The people thought I was nuts – they never saw a thing. End Dream

The transmutation of mother Gaia will be sloughing off the dead cells very soon

Luv Leesa, Australia

Dear Leesa,

this is a highly symbolic and prophetic dream about what will happen with humanity – as a phoenix rising from the ashes it will meld with the immaculate heart of All-That-Is and transfigure. Keep this dream in mind as a guidance.

With love and light

Hello George and Carla,

I knew when you said the other day that Carla was bringing in a new message from the Elohim that there would be something for me specifically in that. And, indeed it was so. I was especially interested in the idea that it is “quite normal” for not all PAT members to be involved in the debilitating clearing/cleansing activities so often described on your site. Many times after reading the accounts of so many who’ve been going through hellish experiences of awesome proportions [ and my friendship with Jerry gave me a first-hand version of the same], I would tend to feel a bit left out [HA], as, except for the ongoing gastric problem, [which only began after I met Jerry??!!] I never had that level of physical experience. Of course, I’ll admit I was glad not to have that to deal with and I felt certain that I was playing my part, it just did not include that level of processing. But it was very gratifying to read Adelina’s message which gave some substance to my impression. I’ve felt for some time that I was mostly in a 6D vibrational focus and her words were such wonderful confirmation of these sometimes vague inner senses of such things.

All this to lead up to my very surprising direction which came in clearly only this afternoon; which is to move this body back to Santa Fe ,New Mexico, where I lived from late 2001 to mid 2010. Why is it so often the case that we get information only on a “need to know” basis? I guess that’s how it is if one is living in the moment; nothing can be known until that new moment arrives, but it can sure be frustrating ! After almost a year to the day of moving to Arizona, and knowing absolutely I was meant to be here, it came that the lovely little house I’d been renting in the Sedona area was not going to continue to be available to me. The owner’s health seemed to require her to move back in herself and I was given notice I’d have to leave by April 1st. I admit to being hopelessly hopeful that ascension would arrive to take me away from all this, but did [finally] accept I must find another place.

To cut this short [ha], nothing, and I mean nothing, showed up that would work, but I could get no answer as to what I was to do. At the last moment I agreed to take a room for a ridiculous price and packed my car on Thurs, March 31st. I got as far as parking in the driveway of this house and then just sat there; I could not make myself get out of the car. Interestingly, no one at the residence saw me and in a moment I knew I simply could not move in there. So, even though I had no where else to go, I turned my car around and drove away. I entertained the thought that, NOW, with all my “personal effects’ packed up and with me, I’d flash out and be gone??!! Oh well, still, I felt a great sense of relief, but could get no specific idea of what to do. I eventually ended up renting a small kitchenette motel room with the idea of giving myself a day or so for something to come in clearly.

All that was shown for the first day was what wasn’t to be done, what wasn’t available or suitable and so on. Very confusing until I guess the moment finally arrived when I was to be allowed to “know”, and the idea I am to go back to New Mexico came in. All just as clearly as it had been given to me to come to Sedona area last year about exactly this time. [OMG< I just remembered it was on April 2nd that I called friends here in Sedona and was offered a place to stay and then called my landlord and gave my months notice !!! How weird is that??!!]

I’ve already talked to a woman who has a charming little furnished casita available in Santa Fe and liked “the sound ” of me so well she has agreed to rent it to me as soon as I get to town, which will be Sunday, April 3rd. I feel re-energized and ready to hit the road [I kept feeling an urge to get in my car and drive away “into the sunset”, or some such, but only now do I know why.

All this is quite interesting, if you like this sort of thing…but, frankly, my dear, I don’t really give a damn…what ever one finds oneself doing, it is still just this timeline dragging along to a conclusion…let it be NOW!!!

With hope for our rapid release,
and love to you both,


Dear Pam,

this is exactly how the HR and our HS are operating – it is frustrating as we are not allowed to have a say with respect to our destiny and it is amazing how certain events unfold to the best of our well-being. This is also how the old matrix is now falling apart. I wish you all the best in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

With love and light

Hello Georgi and Carla!

My sincere thanks for your honest “reporting” and sharing of events! You guys are a couple wizards for sure!!

I just thought I’d add my “yes, we felt the timeline shift” to your list. In fact, since the last full moon just before Easter, our restaurant was shut down by the partner. So, we have NO work, NO money coming in. And, as you know we have four kids and three animal family members. We were personally triggered around these energies. At this point, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing left in our life here. My husband was left reeling from this event. It was a deeply challenging time for him. I managed through it all without any effect on my body, other than feeling tired and anxious. Some weird dreams. It is very difficult to keep morale high here as of late…my teenaged son is feeling depressed, especially. He’s very sensitive and tends to sleep or stay in his room, much of the day. We still manage to create fun and joy in the tiniest of spaces left to us. I can hardly comprehend leaving my house to do anything. My husband is fairly calm now…with one engagement planned for the weekend. A fundraising dinner for our local symphony. Other than that our plate has been SO cleared. I keep thinking how this whole process is so much like childbirth…a contraction that *seems* to threaten the very integrity of my skeleton, the expanding and intense pain AND presence in the midst of the circle of life and death, something so primal…and ONLY presence lives there. Somehow it all resolves itself to present a miracle…”that” baby. I am more than ready to wrap my hands around that “baby”.

We are spending the last of the money we have to get groceries…all other non-critical bills are not being paid. AND, I should mention that Revenue Canada showed up at our door yesterday, a lovely woman actually…to issue warning of legal action against a former company we owned if we didn’t file taxes. I just answered her with acceptance and as much compassion as I could muster given that she must be SO confused by our choice not to file. She actually offered a grace period of a further month, owing to the fact that I said my husband was on the verge of a “nervous breakdown”, seriously. It worked.

Anyhow…we have nothing left up here in PG…and yet I see banners flying, cascading confetti and horns blazing for a victorious finish!!

Love from Prince George, Canada
Natasha Kitchen

Dear Natasha,

I am so terribly sorry to hear that you are hit by such a wave of calamities. It reminds me exactly of what happened to me in 1996 when my private research institute bankrupted, after I discovered the Universal Law, I had a huge debt in the bank, I lost my house in Berlin and on and on. At that time I had no idea how I would survive the next few days with no money to buy food for my then very young children. And guess what?

I am still very much alive and so is my family – after two decades of being in default. My girls are on their own, finishing university and my wife is doing what she always wanted to do – her hobby with horses – although she complains that she does not have enough money. Sell the horses, I wrote to her recently and follow my example of living very modestly. No response.

Everything that happens now is planned in this way and is the quickest way to heaven.

I am sure that there will be a sudden resolution to your current problems. If you all believe in that and do not succumb to fears. Let me know when something has changed for the better, then it can’t get worse than that and the souls never intend to destroy their incarnated personalities but only to teach them a lesson.

Why did the partner shut down the restaurant and is he allowed to do that?

With love and light

Dear Georgi

I just wanted to write a personal energy report for you again. I can very well understand why you have not answered to my recent e-mails, and I get the feeling that you not contributing to my e-mails is very useful and I must start to more clearly keep on connecting to my HS and the Source and become my own master fully and start to manifest my True, authentic self in this reality and start to act as guided by the HS/Source (as I see, these both are the same thing).

After all true master does not need any other mentors or teachers as HS and clear Source connection is the best and most reliable source of information for how the entity should act and behave in order to accomplish his personal unique mission. No external teacher or mentor cannot know or tell how and what an individual should do, behave and act. Only entity him/herself can gain and understand what is in his/herself personal Soul Contract.
So I will keep on raising my vibration and act as guided by the HS. And to detach further from this crumbling reality.

I am currently at holistic rehabilitation center in Finland, in the middle of the woods, and this place really has great, high vibes and an opportunity to connect to the Nature and the NOW. And also all the “alternative” or more precisely, true healing methods, including reiki, massage and Gym, Sauna/Swimming pool helps me to drop the density of my body field. I must keep on practising to ground and connect with the Gaia and leave all unnecessary behavior patterns a side and keep on re-programming myself.

I just want to thank you for all of your efforts and guidance for all of us, the PAT and humankind. I really honor your work and I am grateful for your extremely important work and guidance for all of us. I will again start to re-read all the important articles written by you and keep on doing more, in-depth research on your theory of Universal law. I still have much to learn, especially as I have been “off the track” for some while and had periods of doubt and uncertainty and helplessness, but I think I am again on the PATh and will keep on doing my best to educate myself further and to gain more clear understanding about the ascension scenario, my personal and also collective.

It’s now time to do rapid changes in my personal life and get fully committed to accomplish my personal mission. I will now start do a comprehensive inventory on my personal life and look forward to participate in PAT discussions later in spring.

I wish you and Carla all the best. Keep up the good work!

With love, light and respect!
Janne, Finland

Dear Janne,

you have grasped the essence of mastery and the meaning of our existence on earth. Everybody is only responsible for himself before he can become responsible for other people. From what I know about you in the last five years, you were not always responsible for yourself and in the few moments when you felt better, you wanted to take the whole responsibility for humanity. As you know better than myself, it did not work well.

Now you are in a very good place and I am happy to hear that. You should now begin to strengthen you personality, mind, spirit and body, and when the necessary stability is reached, you may make new plans for your future.

Enjoy now your sojourn in this reha centre.

With love and light

Weekend Geomagnetic Storm

Just fyi, if you have not seen it yet…

Mike, Florida

Space Weather News for April 2, 2016

WEEKEND GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on April 2nd as Earth enters a fast-moving stream of solar wind. The stream is filled with “negative polarity” magnetic fields. Such fields can easily link to Earth’s own magnetic field, opening a crack in our planet’s defenses against solar wind. This is why NOAA forecasters offer good odds of continued magnetic storming–a 60% chance on April 2nd followed by a 55% chance on April 3rd. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras this weekend. Visit for more information.


Dear Mike,

it is interesting that the colours of the sky are very similar to the one I see in my room when I retract and seal my expanded fields as recommended by the Elohim.

With love and light

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