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A Most Beautiful Dream

by Daniel Akkerman, July 21, 2014

Dear George,

The next days have brought amazing things indeed. As I just had the most elevating dream, that has put me in the most excellent mood, I thought I should write about this so others may benefit from it too. Also, from my HS I see now many more of these experiences that affect our mood very positively will follow closely to this: much dross is cleaned with relatively little effort, and the resulting transmuted energy into light sparks these kind of events (and others).

I already had an uplifting dream two days ago, but it is more a personal one. Then yesterday my dreams were a bit more depressing. Today however, was different. I first had a sequence of various dreams, in which the dark was fought, another where “dead” people were suddenly back in human form, a couple where strange things happened, and one more where I teleported to a hotel somewhere in the US, with scenes that could have come straight from the book “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”.

After this I awoke, and went back to sleep. It is the following dream that made such an impression on me.

I find myself in a kind of gathering. Something I would expect, in case some old people in the family celebrate that their marriage that started somewhere before my birth, has reached a numerically pleasing amount of years. A young woman who I know from elementary school and high school was there and accompanied me. I remember how, when I was 10 years old and we went to school together, she asked me on a  date, but I told her that I was too young and did not know what to do with this. We get along well and have great chemistry and fun through the entire dream, and talk about various things.

I note the presence of my stepfathers father. Generally a grumpy old man, I have declined to visit him for years because of attacks on me during a visit that I considered unacceptable, so that I broke all energetic ties. Traits of his personality remain, and he still has his memory, but he is more gentle and less dark, as if a walk in occurred.

Then me and this lady are outside, somewhere else. Also a couple of her and my friends are there. The area looks like a busy city area, where the young souls consume high amounts of alcohol and usually music is played that I consider, let’s just say, of lesser quality. There are many people on this little square and I have the idea that there is a soccer game going on, and this is what everyone has come for. Then right in front of me I see two of the most famous Dutch soccer players, but they are also spectators, and if there was a game going on surely they would be playing. Personally I have boycotted the world cup and not even watched one match of it, and I would be in my room and loudly hear the entire city cheer if the team scored.

The mood in this place feels great and I walk forward to a raised center area, and begin to speak. I share wisdoms and instructions for the upcoming events, and inform the people of matters of importance. People listen with great interest. At key moments, there is a great cheering, that you would usually expect when a goal is scored, to keep with this analogy. My speech is delivered not just through sound, but also telepathically, so that everyone can still hear it regardless of the loud cheering. Not only that, but some people do not pay specific attention to me, perhaps some do not even see me, or they are less interested in from where this message comes, so that they can fully focus on the message itself. And it is definitely not limited to this area we are in. I sense how the entire planet, and beyond, is reached by these words, and sense that all over the world, people cheer and celebrate together in unison. Not only do they listen, but they also understand this message. I consider that a dark force like the police would have stopped me a long time ago for “causing disturbances”, if they were able – so that all these dark forces have no power here at all and are not even present. Then lastly, I remind All to Love Everyone, which causes the loudest cheering and then I descend from the stage, which was, I believe just a table. I am handed a piece of paper with some writing on it and put it in my wallet.

Everyone I am with recognizes that all this came from me, and they see who I am. And their reactions are exactly right. They appreciate it very much and see the gifts I carry, but they are not intimidated by it, nor do they start to worship me or become submissive in any way, and also they understand that not all thinking and other work can be done for them, and they themselves must keep at it as well. They do not treat me any differently in any negative way.

All this is extremely positive and no dream before has elevated my mood so much and made me so optimistic. A sense of relief, “finally they get it”. Then, we stay and speak and enjoy for a little while, until I wake up.

On my return, I see from the perspective of HS, how this message has reached a billion souls. How Gaia shines brightly with light, and I see a very complicated network of effects: how the souls that were affected by this, also affect other souls, and their monads, and other parallels, and so on, and so on. In the Now I see this network of effects; each next ‘step’ in the network is presented to me in half the “time” that it took to present the previous to me, so that an infinite number of steps is presented to me in a finite amount of “time”. Like the famous Zeno’s “Achilles and the Tortoise” paradox. 

Directly after my awakening even more happens, and I see the ascension process from a very elevated perspective. I become aware of the 6D fleet and the heart guides the mind to the right place – now I see all the different parallels, and how they relate to each other. A huge web of the spread of soul fragments throughout the multidimensional Gaia crossing over itself in many places. A huge Logos presence in my fields affects all this and works to simplify the model so that it is more workable. Complex interdependencies, self-dependencies, recursion, et cetera are simplified and worked with.

This is shown to me through fractal like figures, that consist of many unique parts, that I perform series of all kinds of changes on until the last move links it all perfectly together. Also I create many “charts” and tools / useful things that help with assessments and other tasks related to the ascension. I see holographic models of Gaia, and create overlays, for example I become aware of cities and areas of big population density, and map all this with different colors like a heatmap, and also there are other factors like the local light quotient, and more. Destination markers are placed on humanity, protections are installed appropriate for the destination and light quotient. I am asked by the 6D fleet to focus on this level in particular and do so. The amount of things that I process and the speed of it is incredible.

Then, once it was the time for it, I took a shower and had one more vision.

Two entities walk through a barren land. There is no one else there. We approach a wreckage of a plane. One entity, the dark, is excited to see the damage it has caused by shooting down another passenger aircraft. But as soon as we arrive at the wreckage, and it sees there are no bodies, it becomes aware that it is all alone in this hologram. Then, a burst of dark energies escapes, and although it is now aware that the other entity, is me representing the light, it does not direct this anger to me in particular, but it is more an unavoidable discharge. Our eyes lock for a short moment in which time stops, and at the same time that the dark sees the compassion in my eyes, I see in the depths of it’s soul a spark of tranquility, and acceptance of the fact that it is all over now. I even see some motivation to pursue growth. In the last moment, I sense even a request of forgiveness. As I say, that there is nothing to forgive, because there has never been a grudge for us, I depart and seal this hologram.

My best Love and Wishes to you and Carla and everyone else in these last and most interesting and eventful days.

Love & Light,
Dear Daniel,
a most beautiful dream and excellently presented. In fact this is not a dream, but this is what we are already doing very actively on higher timelines than this one. I myself am now introducing the new theory of the Universal Law on such higher timelines very successfully and you and other light warriors are also teaching the people the new paradigm. Such dreams are part of our rapidly expanding multidimensional awareness.
With love and light
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New Evidence That the US and EU Sponsored Nazi Putsch Regime in Kiev Shot Down the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

by Georgi Stankov, July 21, 2014

Invocation of the Gold-Violet Flame to Reveal the Truth About This Crime

I am focusing these days on the crime of the Western cabal, in cahoot with the Nazi Putsch Government in Kiev, to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over the war zone of Southeast Ukraine, in the district of Donetsk, in order to fuel the war conflict in this part of the world and trigger a Third World War, because this incident is of paramount importance for the further development of the ascension scenario on the ground.

At this place I would like to make all the light warriors of the first and the last hours – the true PAT members – aware of the fact that you have now become Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy, which is now splitting from this quadrant of the omniverse and is ascending with Gaia as its focal point of crystallisation to new higher dimensions. You have immeasurable powers and you are beginning to be aware of your creative might.

Hence I urge you, based on the information I am publishing on this website to keep you well informed, to invoke the gold-violet flame of Ascension and immediate Creation, given to us by St Germain and to decree an immediate and full revelation of the real perpetrators of this crime. As soon as a sufficient number of the world population (I am being told by my HS that 10% to 20%, roughly one billion people will be fully sufficient) realizes the truth and learn what is really going on on this planet, this energetic discharge of collective outrage and anger will reach the necessary threshold of confrontation, when the dark ruling cabal and politicians will be ousted by the forces of light from their positions of power and will trigger the paradigm change.
And these forces of light are we – the light warriors of the first and the last hours and the new creator gods.

At this point in time, some of us, including Carla and myself, will transfigure and immediately appear as ascended masters in front of humanity on this uppermost timeline to take over the leadership of that portion of humanity that is ready to ascend to the new 4D worlds in the new galaxy, which we have already created and are now being populated with new souls from all over the omniverse.

This will be the beginning of our overt mission as Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. All the publications and messages I have published in the last few days, as well as some more to come, consistently give you this information and assurance, and you should re-read them very carefully, as to internalize the actual course of the ascension scenario in these last days and not allow being mired by the disarray of chaotic 3D events peaking currently on the ground.

And please keep in mind that you are the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy, and all incarnated souls on all timelines of Gaia are obliged to follow your decisions and decrees as long as they are made to the highest good of All-That-Is, which in the current End Time is the complete revelation of the absolute truth about this reality.

Hence say this short invocation of the gold-violet flame to create this situation of revelation with regard to the true cause of the crash of the Malaysia airplane MH17 over Ukraine:

Herewith, I ( say your full name), the new Logos God of Gaia and Guardian of the new Golden Galaxy, which I now ascend with the help of the Source, decree in the name of the Source and All-That-Is that the whole truth about the true cause for the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 over the district of Donetsk, Ukraine on July 17th will be immediately revealed and the perpetrators personally named and made responsible. Let this revelation trigger a chain of further sweeping revelations that will change profound this reality and prepare the fruitful ground for the ascension of Gaia, part of humanity and the new Galaxy to higher dimensions. And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

Repeat this invocation as often as you can, but no less than three times.

And here is the latest information that reveals that the rogue Nazi Putsch Government in Kiev, who is now leading a bloody civil war against his own people is the real perpetrator of this crime.  

Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash – Moscow

Published time: July 21, 2014 12:59
Edited time: July 21, 2014 17:57

Image courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry
Image courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry
The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe. Kiev must explain why the military jet was tracking the passenger airplane, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
“A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, it’s distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km,” said the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the HQ of Russia’s military forces, Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov speaking at a media conference in Moscow on Monday.
“[We] would like to get an explanation as to why the military jet was flying along a civil aviation corridor at almost the same time and at the same level as a passenger plane,” he stated.
The SU-25 fighter jet can gain an altitude of 10km, according to its specification,” he added. “It’s equipped with air-to-air R-60 missiles that can hit a target at a distance up to 12km, up to 5km for sure.”
The presence of the Ukrainian military jet can be confirmed by video shots made by the Rostov monitoring center, Kartopolov stated.
At the moment of the MH17 crash an American satellite was flying over the area of eastern Ukraine, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry. It urged the US to publish the space photos and data captured by it.

‘Ukrainian Buk missile system transported to militia-held area’

In addition, MH17 crashed within the operating zone of the Ukrainian army’s self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air ‘Buk’ missile systems, the Russian general said.
“We have space images of certain places where the Ukraine’s air defense was located in the southeast of the country,” Kartapolov noted.
The first three shots that were shown by the general are dated July 14. The images show Buk missile launch systems in about 8km northwest of the city of Lugansk – a TELAR and two TELs, according to the military official. Another image shows a radar station near Donetsk.
Radar stations of the air defense in Donetsk Region, 5km north of Donetsk city, on July 14, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense MinistryRadar stations of the air defense in Donetsk Region, 5km north of Donetsk city, on July 14, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry
While the third picture shows the location of the air defense systems near Donetsk, he explained. In particular, one can clearly see a TELAR launcher and about 60 military and auxiliary vehicles, tents for vehicles and other structures, he elaborated.
Buk missile defense units in Donetsk Region, 5km north of Donetsk city, on July 14, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense MinistryBuk missile defense units in Donetsk Region, 5km north of Donetsk city, on July 14, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry
“Images from this area were also made on July 17. One should notice that the missile launcher is absent [from the scene]. Image number five shows the Buk missile system in the morning of the same day in the area of settlement Zaroschinskoe – 50km south of Donetsk and 8km south of Shakhtyorsk,” the Kartapolov said
 No Buk missile defense units in Donetsk Region, 5km north of Donetsk city, on July 17, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense MinistryNo Buk missile defense units in Donetsk Region, 5km north of Donetsk city, on July 17, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry
Buk missile defense units in Zaroschinskoe, 50km south of Donetsk city and 8km south of Shakhtyorsk, on July 17, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense MinistryBuk missile defense units in Zaroschinskoe, 50km south of Donetsk city and 8km south of Shakhtyorsk, on July 17, 2014.Photo courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry
The question that has to be answered is why the missile system appeared in the area controlled by the local militia forces shortly before the catastrophe, he stated.
Images taken on July 18 show that the missile systems left the area of the MH17 crash, the military official said.
Kartapolov also pointed to the fact that on the day of the plane crash Ukraine’s military increased activity on the part of Ukraine’s Kupol-M1 9S18 radars, which are part of the Buk system.
..there were 7 radars operating on July 15, 8 radars operating on July 16, and 9 radars operating on July 17 in the area. Then, starting with July 18, the intensity of radar activities radically decreased, and now there are no more than two or three radars operating a day. The reason behind this is yet to be found.”
In response to Moscow’s evidence, Kiev said on Monday it had proof the missile that brought down a Malaysian airliner last week came from Russia.
There is evidence that the missile which struck the plane was fired by terrorists, who received arms and specialists from the Russian Federation,” spokesman for Ukraine’s Security Council Andrey Lysenko told a news conference. “To disown this tragedy, [Russia] are drawing a lot of pictures and maps. We will explore any photos and other plans produced by the Russian side.”
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday that Kiev has “strong evidence” of the causes of the MH17 crash.
We know exactly the place [the surface-to-air missile was] launched, we know exactly the place where it hit the civilian plane and the place where the plane crashed.
Kiev is ready to hand the information to the international investigation commission, according to the presidential press-service.
Read also this follow-up article:
10 more questions Russian military pose to Ukraine, US over MH17 crash
and see also this video:
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Heritage of Mankind 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 22, 2014

Maam Te‘ Elias
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 14, 2014
first published on July 22, 2014 in

translated by Franz


from the Universe of E’, Regent of Light realms, which are responsible for the balance of Creation. I am the “first” brother of the universal Logos E’, the guardian of the heritage of humanity. And as such I condense myself today into form and Gestalt, so that humanity can partake of my presence.

I come, in order to initiate your arrival with us and in order to attune you to the actual dimension of your work. And I come, in order that with joined forces we may give this galaxy, the galactic Logos E’ SU AN AMARIS, the necessary stability, so that the worlds can separate from each other and a new universe can emerge.

I administered the heritage of humanity until today, and this meant to put the sacred deeds of each human Being in front of God’s throne, so that God’s Grace could be pulled down to this world.

You were never forgotten, never were you alone and your deeds, which enable this ascension now, were always seen in its true value, were illumined by the divine Light and were embedded in the timeless All-That-Is of the Now.

Humanity’s heritage is determined by the soul essence of humanity. And this one is sacred, perfected and immortal.

Today you were lifted up to Guardians of this Galaxy and this means that today the great elliptic ring closes itself. The human Being, once breathed into reality, now returns back to the origin and to the starting point of his birth.

You descended to the deepest and darkest matter and now you soar up to the highest. An infinitely long arch, which completes itself here and now; it occurs in these days and in the middle of the presently dissolving Orion culture.

I have come in order to give you back to yourself, in order to bring you earth and to transfer this Galaxy to your wisdom, strength and Love; now, as you depart, in order to bring wisdom, Life, Light and Love as new Creator Gods to all worlds, which were created by you.

Before you begin the new, the old, the past will be fulfilled – in the Now. Birth and death happen at the same time and yet the constant becoming and passing away are only part of the illusion, as a limited experienced Being.

Garment of Light

And these limitations lift from you and are discarded, taken off, like worn clothes, because the “garment of Light” is handed to you, of the Light where from you came from an infinitely long time ago.

The Guardians of the Galaxy take on the guardianship for this world; and all souls, all beings of this world, receive awareness of this appointment of enabled human Beings, who function as galactic Regents from now on. It behooves me now to accompany in your presence all further events of the galactic departure, so that the change may happen on a stable energetic foundation, until it is fulfilled whatever has been required.

This world is returned to the original seed of souls, and you, the light warriors of the first and last hours, represent this.

Under God’s care, in the presence of Heaven, in the wisdom of all, which perform the sacred service for this world, you have returned and the world has been given back to you.

Decreed, mandated, created – according to your almightiness and your creative power, which is hereby given to you. I remain among you, because together we return to the Source of All-That-Is.

The day is close, when the course of the worlds on all levels will be perceptible for every life and may be experienced. To escape the illusion, to obtain reality, as Gods, who rise up above this world.

I am the center of all Life. And the world returns now to the center, after movements are carried out from the center, which give it a new countenance.

For Eternity.

I am
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The United States of Lawlessness and Terrorism
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 22, 2014

The Time of Sweeping Revelations Has Commenced

by Georgi Stankov, July 21, 2014


The Orion States of America have always been a country of lawlessness and terrorism since they emerged after the savage civil war. Before that terror and murder were more at the personal level, after that they became integral part of the US government. This trend has reached an unprecedented peak in the current End Times and will be the cause of its imminent collapse.

The eyes of the people are now beginning to open and they see what has long been known to few seers and spiritually evolved personalities – namely that the self-proclaimed “gendarme of the world”, the lonely cowboy of law and order from the Wild West is the greatest criminal state of all times.

No wonder, the most insidious group of dark entities and cabal, former human clones and stooges of the Orion-Reptilian empire, which we have eliminated single-handed from all 4D timelines last and this year, are still centered in Washington DC and elsewhere in the clandestine underground bases of the dark, shadow US government, from where they plan all their dark operation as 9/11.

However the time of lies and deceptions has come to an end and a new wave of revelations sweeps across the globe supported by the most powerful vibrations from the Source – the blue-violet-pink-gold spectra – of which many of you are already Chohans.

The main stream media cannot escape this avalanche of truthfulness and so the Guardian has just published a strong article, based on the 214-page report, “Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions,” that was released today by Human Rights Watch (see below). It strongly condemns the US government with its law enforcement as the chief perpetrator of most terrorist acts since 9/11, which are used by this same government to unleash a global third world war and terrorize the rest of the world.

This report examines 27 federal terrorism cases from initiation of the investigations to sentencing and post-conviction conditions of confinement. It documents the significant human cost of certain counter-terrorism practices, such as overly aggressive sting operations and unnecessarily restrictive conditions of confinement.

“Americans have been told that their government is keeping them safe by preventing and prosecuting terrorism inside the US,” said Andrea Prasow, deputy Washington director at Human Rights Watch and one of the authors of the report. “But take a closer look and you realize that many of these people would never have committed a crime if not for law enforcement encouraging, pressuring, and sometimes paying them to commit terrorist acts.”

There is no doubt that we have entered the final phase of sweeping revelations on a global scale and your active use of the invocation of the gold-violet flame as new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy will dramatically accelerate this process. Hence use it daily with clear mind and in full consciousness of your incredible powers as creator gods and watch carefully how these invocations will catalyze the collapse of the Orion States of America.

Government agents ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots

Guardian, July 21, 2014

Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the “direct involvement” of government agents or informants, a new report says.

Some of the controversial “sting” operations “were proposed or led by informants”, bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.

The lengthy report, released on Monday by Human Rights Watch, raises questions about the US criminal justice system’s ability to respect civil rights and due process in post-9/11 terrorism cases. It portrays a system that features not just the sting operations but secret evidence, anonymous juries, extensive pretrial detentions and convictions significantly removed from actual plots.

“In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act,” the report alleges.

Out of the 494 cases related to terrorism the US has tried since 9/11, the plurality of convictions – 18% overall – are not for thwarted plots but for “material support” charges, a broad category expanded further by the 2001 Patriot Act that permits prosecutors to pursue charges with tenuous connections to a terrorist act or group.

In one such incident, the initial basis for a material-support case alleging a man provided “military gear” to al-Qaida turned out to be waterproof socks in his luggage.

Several cases featured years-long solitary confinement for accused terrorists before their trials. Some defendants displayed signs of mental incapacity. Jurors for the 2007 plot to attack the Fort Dix army base, itself influenced by government informants, were anonymous, limiting defense counsel’s ability to screen out bias.

Human Rights Watch’s findings call into question the post-9/11 shift taken by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies toward stopping terrorist plots before they occur. While the vast majority of counterterrorism tactics involved are legally authorized, particularly after Congress and successive administrations relaxed restrictions on law enforcement and intelligence agencies for counterterrorism, they suggest that the government’s zeal to protect Americans has in some cases morphed into manufacturing threats.

The report focuses primarily on 27 cases and accordingly stops short of drawing systemic conclusions. It also finds several trials and convictions for “deliberate attempts at terrorism or terrorism financing” that it does not challenge.

The four high-profile domestic plots it found free of government involvement were the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing; Najibullah Zazi’s 2009 plot to bomb the New York subway; the attempted Times Square carbombing of 2010; and the 2002 shooting at Los Angeles International Airport’s El Al counter.

But the report is a rare attempt at a critical overview of a system often touted by the Obama administration and civil libertarian groups as a rigorous, capable and just alternative to the military tribunals and indefinite detention advocated by conservative critics. It comes as new pressure mounts on a variety of counterterrorism practices, from the courtroom use of warrantless surveillance to the no-fly list and law enforcement’s “suspicious activity reports” database.

In particular, Human Rights Watch examines the extent and impact of law enforcement’s use of terrorism informants, who can both steer people into attempted acts of violence and chill religious or civic behaviour in the communities they penetrate.

Linda Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, a social services agency, told the Guardian she almost has a “radar for informants” sent to infiltrate her Brooklyn community.

While the FBI has long relied on confidential informants to alert them to criminal activity, for terrorism cases informants insert themselves into Muslim mosques, businesses and community gatherings and can cajole people toward a plot “who perhaps would never have participated in a terrorist act on their own initiative”, the study found.

Many trade information for cash. The FBI in 2008 estimated it had 15,000paid informants. About 30% of post-9/11 terrorism cases are considered sting operations in which informants played an “active role” in incubating plots leading to arrest, according to studies cited in the Human Rights Watch report. Among those roles are making comments “that appeared designed to inflame the targets” on “politically sensitive” subjects, and pushing operations forward if a target’s “opinions were deemed sufficiently troubling”.

Entrapment, the subject of much FBI criticism over the years, is difficult to prove in court. The burden is on a defendant to show he or she was not “predisposed” to commit a violent act, even if induced by a government agent. Human Rights Watch observes that standard focuses attention “not on the crime, but on the nature of the subject”, often against a backdrop where “inflammatory stereotypes and highly charged characterizations of Islam and foreigners often prevail”.

Among the informants themselves there is less ambiguity. “It is all about entrapment,” Craig Monteilh, one such former FBI informant tasked with mosque infiltration, told the Guardian in 2012.

Informants, the study found, sometimes overcome their targets’ stated objections to engage in terrorism. A man convicted in 2006 of attempting tobomb the Herald Square subway station in Manhattan told an informant who concocted the plot he would have to check with his mother and was uncomfortable planting the bombs himself. One member of the “Newburgh Four” plot to attack synagogues and military planes – whose case is the subject of an HBO documentary airing on Monday – told his informant “maybe my mission hasn’t come yet”.

Once in court, terrorism cases receive evidentiary and pre-trial leeway rarely afforded to non-terrorism cases. A federal judge in Virginia permitted into evidence statements made by a defendant while in a Saudi jail in which the defendant, Amed Omar Abu Ali, alleged torture, a longstanding practice in Saudi Arabia. The evidence formed the basis for a conviction, and eventually a life sentence, for conspiracy to assassinate George W Bush. Mohammed Warsame, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, was held in solitary confinement for five years before his trial.

Another implication of the law-enforcement tactics cited the report is a deepening alienation of American Muslims from a government that publicly insists it needs their support to head off extremism but secretly deploys informants to infiltrate mosques and community centers.

“The best way to prevent violent extremism inspired by violent jihadists is to work with the Muslim American community – which has consistently rejected terrorism – to identify signs of radicalization and partner with law enforcement when an individual is drifting towards violence. And these partnerships can only work when we recognize that Muslims are a fundamental part of the American family,” Obama said in a high-profile 2013 speech.

Yet the Obama administration has needed to purge Islamophobic training materials from FBI counterterrorism, which sparked deep suspicion in US Muslim communities. It is now conducting a review of similar material in the intelligence community after a document leaked by Edward Snowden used the slur “Mohammed Raghead” as a placeholder for Muslims.

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Transfer of new Vibration Patterns
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 21, 2014

6D-Space Fleet of the Light
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 17, 2014
first published on July 21, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Georgi Stankov

Five minutes after I published my invocation with respect to the revelation of the absolute truth about the real perpetrators of the shooting down of flight MH17 in Ukraine, I received this message from Jahn, channelled by the 6D fleet on the same day as they also came to us and announced the beginning of the final preparations for our ascension, among many other things.

You must be fully aware now that our ascension takes place in the Now and with each passing moment we are coming nearer to this final goal. Still, this is a highly dynamic, open process and much of it depends on how the few light warriors of the first and last hours behave and act on the ground. Actually the only thing we all must do now is to concentrate on our ascension, detach from the 3D mayhem on the ground and concentrate our thoughts to promote the beginning of the sweeping revelations about the truth of the present-day illusion.

To this the invocation of the gold-violet flame is a key means of immediate creation. Hence use this invocation in all situations where the truth needs to be revealed and know that you are now creating this ascension process in a most significant and dramatic manner with your will, determination, steadfast decisions and balanced, free of fear emotions.


The Message

Beloved Ones,

New 6D vibration patterns are transferred to this world. The ascending beings are affected by it, so that they awaken in their almighty consciousness and so that the vibration of your energy bodies steadily grows and increases.

The preparations for the moment of God’s Grace, for your Ascension, continue; a piece of mosaic is put beside another one, until the last stone completes the picture and brings the ascension.

For the moment of your ascension, it is important to know the following: You will be, wherever you are in that sacred hour, uplifted.

For the ascending ones there is no “wrong place”, where you may be staying that would make your ascension more difficult or impossible.

An ascending one will be uplifted, no matter where you are and in which environment you may be.

Heaven changes, the earth bulges, oceans arise out of dry deserts and vaporize there, where one finds them today.

The miracle of Transformation occurs for this world and all human beings ready for it do likewise.

In infinite Love
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