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Center Planet of Ascension ::: From Knowledge to Certitude ::: sharing

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Center Planet of Ascension
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 27, 2014


channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 20, 2014

published on September 27, 2014 in

translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov

I was not able to publish this pivotal message from Jahn, channellend by Seth on August 20th, because during this time I was on my way back to Vancouver, Canada after my surgery in Munich and it took me a couple of days to recover from it, after Carla removed the clips and the drain. I deplored this fact as this message gives you an excellent explanation of the actual energetic function of this upper mother planet and why it takes so long for it to undergo a MPR and an ID shift in order to finally ascend, respectively to shed off its lower timelines, and move to the new Galaxy.

Now I am happy to publish this message simultaneously with Jahn on his website. It is a key stone that completes the complex mosaic of the current ascension process that runs simultaneously on numerous levels and defies our limited human perceptions. But this does not preclude our endeavour to try and present a coherent picture of what is currently happening on infinite energetic levels, as these processes will very soon materialize in this 3D reality and will obliterate it for ever. This affords the utmost clarity of thinking from everyone of us in these days, if we want to be conscious and sovereign creators of this reality and of many new worlds that will emerge on the surface with our ascension.



Why can the dark conditions on this level of experience stay for such a long time? Because this level of experience is the center and at the same time forms the end of the ascension chain; all in the Now and yet at different times on the space-time level, as long as a human Being maintains his awareness on this level.

Beloved Ones,


Living consciousness of Creation, omnipresent and always a loyal and devoted servant for human Beings. The deep darkness in this world will be overcome, whereby layer after layer of it is taken down and whereby the divine Light captures layer after layer. The spiritual Light penetrates every condition and captures all unresolved conditions in the world, as the time has come for it. The sluggish energies stay the longest in those earth holograms, which form the center of all ascending organisms in All-That-Is.

It is like that, because all transformation steps on all transforming planets are guided by the “center planet of ascension”, only from where this uplifting of all additional worlds becomes possible. The significance of the ascension work of human Beings cannot be assessed and regarded high enough, because, while things on other levels already turn toward the Light and the Beings turn toward the Light, the dark ones on the center planet of ascension hold against it to the bitter end.

Critical Mass

Thereby a critical mass of incredible explosive power is built and the discharges sweep everything away, what could be seen, touched, experienced and lived in this world so far. Your level of experience will be redeemed in one go, after all holograms of the different worlds have already been redeemed.

This world is the beginning of the transformation, yet it is not at the beginning of the transmutation, instead at the end of all processes, which you human Beings have so far successfully breathed into Life.

How great is your service for this world, how great is your service for this mankind?

Now you can fathom it out, Because to endure until the end means: To give precedence into the Light to all living organisms of this galaxy, on all levels of their Being, regardless if they also attain it, and to supply energy for it and to hold it, from the “center planet of transformation”.

Transformation in Completion

The transformation is being fulfilled. More and more levels find their place in All-That-Is, their new place in Creation. This process is rapid, so that one can say to you: The waiting without end ends now and will be banned into the realm of illusion. With your multidimensional overview you can understand and capture this moment, this divine hour of truth; the purely human levels of consciousness and conditioning only let you sense a soft notion, yet not a deeper insight.

You are called the light warriors of the first and last hours, and this is correct in a proverbial sense and it is correct in the sense of a higher reality of who you are: Gods, who in pure Love heal worlds and at the end of all healings consider themselves.

Essence of your Love

The essence of your Love cannot flow greater and more powerful; and it flows incessantly to human Beings and to billions of worlds in this galaxy. Star after star enters into a new circle of Life. The guardians of these processes, with an essential part of their consciousness, are located on the planet that is still mostly shielded from these processes – the earth. More and more frequently the reality of this transformation flashes through. And you, who see, know the signs of time and you know how to interpret them, and only to the blind ones the visible remains hidden and the taste of a new time remains alien.

The dark conditions stay, as it seems. Actually they are already being redeemed, layer after layer, until everything is revealed. The time of revelation is the time of truth and it has also captured this world.

I complete this message with the words: Redemption occurs on all levels. Light penetrates darkness and a great bang ends the depressing silence – and at the end of this process this world uplifts; the center planet of the existing and the new galaxy uplifts into God’s infinite Creation. Whereby the ascension process of this galaxy is completed and whereby the new galaxy is fulfilled with the breath of the enlightened ones.

In deep love to all my siblings, who are the Light for the earth and incessantly provide new hope for human Beings, bring them new knowledge and open inexhaustible fields of healing,


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Why the USA and the Bomber Obama Will Fail With Their New War in the Middle East

by Georgi Stankov, September 26, 2014
There are two major conflicts that determine the outcome of this planet and mankind in the End Times, on the eve of our Ascension, the MPR and the ID shift of Gaia – Ukraine and the Middle East. While the Ukrainian conflict has been by and large won by the Prorussian insurgents and the West already knows that it has lost its war against Russia, the Middle East conflict is much more complex and dangerous.
While it seems that at present the USA has gained the upper hand and has started bombing Iraq and Syria, two sovereign countries, in a total breach with all international laws, but with little opposition on the part of its adversary Russia, the chances are that Obama will fail in an even more spectacular manner than his predecessor Bush did in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also in Syria and in any other country, which the USA has invaded or bombed since WW2.. You do not need to be a great prophet or a political expert to predict the American fiasco in the Middle East.
I could bring forward many excellent arguments from a conventional point of view, why the Peace Nobel Prize Winner, the Bomber Obama, has absolutely no chance to win his war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and that all facts on the ground speak that the USA will lose this war even more dreadfully than the Vietnam war. The following article below does this instead of me in a very lucid and educated manner.
At this place, I will simply reiterate what I have already said in my previous article of today – Obama and the USA will lose their war in the Middle East because we, the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy, have decided so. The war machine of the Empire of Evil must come to a halt in the End Time.
The defeat of the USA in Ukraine and the Middle East will pave the way for the final demise of the ruling dark elite in the West and will trigger the new era of revelations and enlightenment. This process will start, while this matrix will begin to crumble, and will continue under more favourable conditions in the new 4D worlds after the ID shift, and after the current Orion matrix has disappeared in the deluge of the MPR.
The defeat of the USA war machine in Iraq and Syria will happen much quicker than many expect. The article below explains why.
For me personally, the main reason why the Empire of Evil will be defeated is that it has no army at all. Since more than ten years the best hidden secret is the recruitment numbers of US soldiers. The American nation is tired of leading wars the world over and the Americans no longer want to die for a criminal government that only wants to enslave its own citizens at home.
If now Obama says, in a seeming conflict with his commanders, that there will be no boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, this is not a sign of his “peaceful” nature, as he has no characteristics at all – he is an empty, soulless duplicate (or most probably already a clone) and a marionette of the hidden dark US government. Rather it is true that the USA has no army to enforce its foreign policy of world hegemony.
The more evident this fact becomes, the louder the war-mongering yelling of Obama and Co. This is what happened in the Ukraine conflict before the USA and EU lost their war against Russia, and this same outcome will inevitably be repeated in the current Middle East war against the CIA-sponsored ISIS. Because such is the divine plan for this planet in the End Time and because such are the facts on the ground. And because this is our will.
The Russians know this and they patiently wait for the American fiasco in Syria and Iraq. For this reason they are not at all upset about this lawless American aggression, although they have condemned it in strong diplomatic terms. In fact, the USA has just made the greatest gift to Putin with their decision to bomb ISIS.  This military involvement will bind all American forces and attention in a hopeless war and Russia will easily materialize its final victory in Ukraine – the toppling of the current Nazi Junta in Kiev and the proclamation of a new independent Novorussian republic from Donetsk to Moldavia. In case the MPR will not come first, which is most likely.
I am only giving you here the most probable political and military developments in the coming days and weeks. All this will happen as suddenly and as rapidly as the Fall of the Iron Curtain 25 years ago and will throw the West in a state of total shock that will trigger in its turn the collapse of the old Orion matrix. This will be the most likely scenario, which you should expect in the coming days.
We live indeed in the most exciting and auspicious time in the history of mankind and you should not miss any bit of this grandiose show, only because you do not believe in such an outcome and have put blinders on your eyes, as was the case with all so called “experts”, politicians and journalists when the Iron Wall fell all of a sudden and they were caught off guard. The condiment of this show is to anticipate the next act and still be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the unfolding drama.
Coalition of the Clueless
by Sharmine Narwani, September 25, 2014
This US-engineered Coalition is in for some surprises. With few common goals, it has thrust itself into battle against the most determined players in the region and beyond.
The airwaves are still heaving with spin two days after US airstrikes against Syria.
Undoubtedly the attacks were timed to occur on the eve of the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations, so ‘Coalition’ partners could cluster behind the decision to bomb a sovereign state, uninvited.
The irony, of course, is that they are doing so at the UN – the global political body that pledges to uphold international law, peace and stability, and the sanctity of the nation-state unit.
The goal this week will be to keep the ‘momentum’ on a ‘narrative’ until it sinks in.
On day one, heads of state from Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, the UK and France were paraded onto the podium to drum in the urgency of American strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Jabhat al-Nusra and other militant groups inside Syria.
Every American official – past and present – in the White House rolodex was hooked up to a microphone to deliver canned sound bites and drive home those ‘messages.’ In between, video-game-quality footage of US strikes hitting their targets was aired on the hour; clips of sleek fighter jets refueling midair and the lone Arab female fighter pilot were dropped calculatingly into social media networks.
69th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York, September 24, 2014 (Reuters / Mike Segar)
69th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York, September 24, 2014 (Reuters / Mike Segar)
The global crew of journalists that descends annually on the UN for this star-studded political event, enthused over US President Barak Obama’s ability to forge a coalition that included five Arab Sunni states – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain and the UAE.
Few mentioned that these partners are a mere fig leaf for Obama, providing his Syria campaign with Arab and Muslim legitimacy where he otherwise would have none. Not that any of these five monarchies enjoy ‘legitimacy’ in their own kingdoms – kings and emirs aren’t elected after all – and two of these Wahhabi states are directly responsible for the growth and proliferation of the Wahhabi-style extremism targeted by US missiles.
Even fewer spent time dissecting the legality of US attacks on Syria or on details of the US ‘mission’ – as in, “what next?”
But with a mission this crippled at the outset, it didn’t take long for an alternative view to peek through the thick media fog.
On the ground in Syria, dead civilians – some of them children killed by US bombs – muddied the perfect script. Confused Syrian rebels – many who had called for foreign intervention to help crush the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – demanded to know how these airstrikes were meant to help them.
Sunni Arabs would be radicalized by these strikes, they warned, as ideologically sympathetic citizens of the Arab coalition states took to their information channels and swore revenge for airstrikes against ISIL and al-Nusra.
The Syrian government, for the most part, remained mute – whether to save face or because they could ‘smell’ the gains coming. Contrary to Washington’s prevailing narrative, privately the story was that the US had informed the Assad government of both the timing and targets of the attacks in advance.
Residents inspect a damaged site after what activists say were four air strikes by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Douma, eastern al-Ghouta, near Damascus September 24, 2014. (Reuters/Bassam Khabieh)
Residents inspect a damaged site after what activists say were four air strikes by forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Douma, eastern al-Ghouta, near Damascus September 24, 2014. (Reuters/Bassam Khabieh)
Sources say that the US even provided ‘guarantees’ that no Syrian military or government interests would be targeted. A Reuters exclusive claiming that the US went so far as to provide assurances to Iran, suggests this version is closer to the truth. When US airstrikes against Syria were on the table a year ago, the various parties went through a similar game of footsies. Last September, the Americans backed off – allegedly because of communications from their adversaries that even a single US missile would trigger a warfront against Israel. This time, Washington needed to know that scenario was not going to be activated, and this week they offered the necessary guarantees to ensure it.
Although the Russians and Iranians have publicly lashed out at the illegality of US strikes, they do not seem too worried. Both know – like the Syrian government – that these air attacks could be a net gain for their ‘Axis.’
Firstly, the United States is now doing some useful heavy-lifting for Assad, at no real cost to him. The Syrian armed forces have spent little time on the ISIL threat because their focus has traditionally been on protecting their interests in Aleppo, Damascus, Homs, Hama – and the countryside in these areas – as well as towns and cities around the Lebanese and Jordanian borders. That changed when ISIL staged successful attacks on Mosul and created new geopolitical urgency for Assad’s allies – which triggered some major Syrian strikes against ISIL targets.
But to continue along this path, the Syrians would have to divert energy and resources from key battles, and so the American strikes have provided a convenient solution for the time being.
Secondly, the Syrians have spent three years unsuccessfully pushing their narrative that the terrorism threat they face internally is going to become a regional and global problem. The US campaign is a Godsend in this respect – Obama has managed to get the whole world singing from the same hymn sheet in just two months, including, and this is important, the three states – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey – most instrumental in financing, weaponizing and assisting ISIL and other extremist militias inside Syria.
Syria, Iran, Russia, Hezbollah and a host of like-minded emerging powers are pleased about this new laser focus on jihadi terror and for the accompanying resource shift to address the problem.
Thirdly, the US has now been placed in the hot seat and will be expected to match words with action. For three years, Washington has overlooked and even encouraged illegal and dangerous behaviors from its regional Sunni allies – all in service of defeating Assad. With all eyes on America and expectations that Obama will fail in his War on Terror just like his predecessors, the US is going to have to pull some impressive tricks from its sleeves.
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad. (Reuters/Handout)
Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. (Reuters/Handout)
Ideally, these would include the shutting down of key border crossings (Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon); punishing financiers of terror and inhibiting the flow of funds and assistance from Washington’s regional allies; cutting off key revenue streams; tightening immigration policies to stem the flow of foreign fighters; disrupting communications networks of targeted terrorist groups; broader intelligence sharing with all regional players; and empowering existing armies and allied militias inside the ‘chaos zone’ to lead and execute ground operations.
Thus far, there are signs that some of these things are already happening, with possibly more to come.
Now for the fun part. The Syrians, Iranians and Russians do not fundamentally trust Washington or its intentions. The suspicion is that the US is on another one of its regime-change missions, displaying its usual rogue-state behavior by violating the territorial integrity of a sovereign state under false pretenses, and that it will shortly revert to targeting the Syrian government.
While they can see clear gains from the current level of US intervention – as distasteful as they find it – they are watching carefully as events unfold.
If there is the slightest deviation from the ‘guarantees’ provided by the US, this trio has plenty of room to maneuver. Iran, for one, has dallied with the Americans in both Iraq and Afghanistan and they know how to cause some pain where it counts. The Russians, for that matter, have many playgrounds in which to thwart US ambitions – most urgently in Ukraine and in Afghanistan, from which the US hopes to withdraw billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment by the end of 2014.
All understand that Washington has just assumed a risky public posture and that many, many things can go wrong. The Sunni Arab fig leaf can disappear in a nano-second if domestic pressures mount or revenge attacks take place internally. Information could leak about continued assistance to terrorist militias from one or more of its coalition partners – a huge embarrassment for Washington and its wobbly Coalition. ISIL will almost certainly act against coalition partner soft-targets, like carrying out further kidnappings and executions. Continued airstrikes will almost definitely result in a growing civilian casualty count, turning those ‘hearts and minds’ to stone. Syrian rebels could swiftly turn against the US intervention and radicalize further. Massive displacement caused by airstrikes could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis.And as in all other past US military War-on-Terror adventures, terrorism could thrive and proliferate in quantum leaps.
As Moscow-based political analyst Vladimir Frolov noted to the Washington Post: “The United States has underestimated the complexity of the situation before, so let’s just wait until they run into problems.”
Militant Islamist fighters travel in a vehicle as they take part in a military parade along the streets of Syria's northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. (Reuters/Striker)
Militant Islamist fighters travel in a vehicle as they take part in a military parade along the streets of Syria’s northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. (Reuters/Striker)
The idea that US military engagement could continue for the long-term is unlikely given the myriad things that can go wrong fast. Obama is going to be reluctant to have his last two years in office defined by the hazardous Syrian conflict – after all, he was to be the president who extracted America from unessential wars.
But the most compelling reason that this Coalition will not pass the first hurdle is that its key members have entirely different ambitions and strategic targets.
Over a decade ago, these US-engineered coalitions were wealthier, less-burdened and shared common goals. Today, many of the coalition members face domestic economic and political uncertainties – and several states are directly responsible for giving rise to ISIL. How can the Coalition fight ISIL and support it, all at once?
What’s missing is a formula, a strategy, a unified worldview that can be equally as determined as the ideological adversary it faces.
Down the road, we will discover that the only coalition able and willing to fight extremism does indeed come from inside the region, but importantly, from within the conflict zone itself: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. For starters, they are utterly vested in the outcome of their efforts – and would lead with political solutions alongside military ones. Those elusive boots-on-the-ground that everyone is seeking? They live it. Pit that group against Obama’s Coalition-of-the-Clueless any day and you know which side would win handily.
The question is, can this Coalition stomach a solution it is working so hard to avoid? Will it partner with vital regional players that were foes only a few months ago? It is doubtful. That would require a worldview shift that Washington is still too irrational to embrace.
Sharmine Narwani is a commentator and analyst of Middle East geopolitics.

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From Knowledge to 


by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 29, 


Healing through God’s Grace


channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 14, 2014

first published on September 29, 2014 in

translated by Franz

I say to You

From knowledge to sureness in the correctness of all events, the correctness of all things, the correctness of all Life.


Today, we direct the Light of Heaven to where it is needed, so that the path from knowledge to the inner confidence can be fulfilled. Many human Beings still have certain reservations what the events of the changes is concerned and the change itself. Insecurity and a deeply troubling doubt spread out and destroy the strength, which is necessary in order to pursue one’s own and the planetary ascension.

In many light warriors, despite the immense knowledge about the contexts and the course of this time, the sureness that the ascension is now, that the change is now, that the end of time is happening, is still not or not deeply enough anchored. Is it really as such like the prophets of this time proclaim and does ascension also apply to me? Really?

At the end of the day incertitude very often gains the upper hand and now it is necessary to eliminate this condition, like dandruff needs to be removed, in order to bring forth the evenly skin underneath it.

I say to you: The only truth and reality of this time is the end of its existence! I say to you: The only truth and reality of this NOW-time on earth is the ascension of this world and the ascension of this galaxy. I say to you:The only truth and reality of this time is the transformation of all Life. Human Beings transform themselves into Gods and human Beings remain prisoners of time. I say to you: The only truth and reality of this NOW-time on earth is the arrival of the light warriors in the Light and the staying behind of many human children in light-starved space-time.

And I say to you: The transformation is now, the uplifting is now, and it is now necessary to step out of the illusion that all of this is only a dream! Therefore, we will now attend to this still existing illusion, so that out of the path of knowledge and confidence a path of the all-eternal confidence in God develops.

Reasons for Doubt

What stokes the incertitude, the doubts? It is the outer influences of the electromagnetic energy fields and the effective manipulations, which reach you despite the fundamental knowledge, which you possess about the ascension, and thereby create the doubts in you.

Redemption of Doubt

I ask you now to look inside. Accept the doubt there, where it arises, there, where it encounters you, and let it go. Look at it very carefully and know precisely what you are redeeming in you right now. Do not think, instead allow that thoughts arise in you and images appear, which are connected with this issue. Let the doubt come and again let it go, yet be completely aware that this one must be recognized, accepted and removed, before you are capable to serve as an unflinching light tower of this time.

Always access, as you are undetermined on the inside and insecure, the method of inner contemplation and allow what appears to you. Accept everything, because the greatest blockages only appear, once you are willing to let them go also, then when they feel accepted by you.

Ask us Masters or the Archangels for assistance, and we are with you, before you even finished thinking about your request or have finished pronouncing it. Ask for the redemption, the severance of all energetic structures related to these inner images of incertitude, the doubts and false assumptions. Using this method remove the blockages and you will greet the new day already in this and not until in the other world.


After you have liberated yourself from the actual doubts, it is necessary to seed confidence, to bring forth a new seed, meaning to recognize and accept the only truth of your Being on this level of time. There is only one reason, which has brought together all light warriors of the first and last hours to this earth in this NOW-time and whereby all are connected with each other: The planetary and individual ascension into the Light! (This statement is particularly true for the PAT members, who aligned around this website in 2011 when the final, most critical phase of the ascension process began. Go one more time to the first publications and feel the excitement and owe of the PAT members when they discovered this website in various miraculous ways and knew with an inner confidence that that they have come home. Note, George)

Anchoring of Your Reality

Now it is necessary to deeply anchor this truth. This occurs due to two processes:

1.) Devotion to your own divine assignments.

2.) Devotion to God.

Fully accept your own assignments and link all events of this time with your specific assignments. What do I have to fulfill in the here and now? In the answer to this eternal and only question lies the happiness of every human Being. As soon as this question has been answered, confidence sets in and all knowledge steps back in humility and turn the broad field for enlightenment over to certitude.

Preoccupy yourself with this existential question until you have attained absolute clarity in this area, because to be in ignorance about it means not to know the world, which once again attracts alien energy fields and whereby you are open also for that, which damages your life. Ask for this insight and trust that it will be given to you; yet never let go of the aim for it. Thereby dedicate yourself, like in everything, totally to God.

But what is meant by devotion to God and how can it be attained?

Devotion to God

Devotion means the constant link to God, means that any providence in life is accepted as a welcome gift from God and means to bring forth every thought, each word and every deed out of this fulfillment. Devotion means neither blind submission nor letting fall oneself in ignorance of the height of the fall! Devotion means to fully consciously decide for a life in God, with God and through God; means to know the height of the fall and to jump without any instance of hesitation.

Capable for true devotion is the one, who has attained knowledge and has anchored certitude. Who, out of this inner link to the Source of all sources, develops certainty, when a human being awakens; immovable and clear, radiant and not to be overlooked, such a being is a true miracle work of kindness and the Light. And this “miracle in a human Being” is coming alive based on this awareness.

Method of Purification

Now proceed as follows:

1) Look at your doubts, accept them and let go of them.

2) Ask for knowledge of your unique divine assignments. Never give up and be willing to do anything for this insight, because before a human Being is able to fulfill his assignments, he must have obtained the quality of persistence and endurance. Meaning: The manner of the search determines how the seeker manages what he has found.

3) Devote to God in full awareness of the significance of this decision. Let yourself fall, sink into His Grace. After this step, everything ceases to exist – except God! Then it is easy to accept life as it is. Then it is easy to recognize the many turns of life as a hint from God to recognize and interpret it correctly. Then it is easy to understand that a human Being is not complete solely through knowledge, because a human Being is complete based on inner certitude in the correctness of all things, even if the knowledge in some areas is lacking.

Meditate about it, follow the instructions given here, do as I ask you; and you will never again fight with doubts, because they were removed based on your will and in our presence. Whoever is sure, is no slave of knowledge, instead knowledge serves him. Whoever is aware of self, lives in the certainty of all Life, in the omnipresent reality, which is: The All-That-Is reality in God. Meditate about it and heal yourself in God’s Grace. Do it now, because until tomorrow your unrecognized doubts of today will have vanished, in order to meet you again the day after tomorrow and put you into unrest. Break through this cycle and you will find redemption still today – now.

I am

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A Remarkable Statement on Extraterrestrial Life ::: THE HATHORS~~THE PHOTON BELT UPDATE ::: sharing

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A Remarkable Statement on Extraterrestrial Life 
Posted by Steve Beckow on September 27, 2014 


Get your tickets here, folks, for a free ride to the Pleiades!

Submitted to OpEdNews for publication – with appropriate changes!

I was just reading an article that Genele sent me, which talked about the “remarkable statements” that people like Paul Hellyer, Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta have been making. (1)

They’ve been saying that extraterrestrials – or galactics, as we call them – are here and that they have been visiting us for some time.

We lightworkers have been making “remarkable statements” like that for some time now. But I realized that if we want to have our remarkable statements heard, it isn’t enough to make them at one time and be done with it. They have to be made over and over again.

So here’s a certifiably remarkable statement.

Yes, extraterrestrial life exists. Yes, it’s here and has been for some time.

We don’t call them “extraterrestrials” here. We call them our star brothers and sisters.

They’re here around the Earth in millions of cloaked ships. They exist, not only on other planets in other star systems such as the the Pleiades, Sirius, and Andromeda, but on different and higher dimensions than us (which is how they become invisible).

They follow the universal laws like the Law of Freewill so they don’t interfere with us much. One of the reasons they came here was to ask us not to interfere with them. When we set off nuclear weapons in space, we cause death and destruction in their worlds on other dimensions.

They put a stop to the explosion of all nuclear weapons in space and any nuclear weapons exploded on Earth with hostile intentions. Have you noticed there haven’t been any lately, despite all the threats (and some attempts to launch them)?

At least not since suitcase-sized nuclear bombs (as well as thermite) were used to bring down the World Trade Center. I wonder who had access to that Earthly technology?

They’ve mitigated manmade pandemics, manmade tsunamis, manmade hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and wildfires (think HAARP). Just go on Youtube and look at the spaceships passing through the Icelandic eruption cloud. Or ask yourself how a meteorite about to hit Russia could have fragmented at the last moment and notice the spaceship passing through it.

But they can only go so far in interfering with our freewill. If we want to kill ourselves, to rape and pillage ourselves, they’re obliged by the law of the universe to stand back, more or less, and allow us to do it.

Much of our technology came from them. How do you think the computer sprang up in such a short time? The silicon chip at the heart of it was back-engineered from the downed Roswell spacecraft – by Hughes Aircraft, a company I worked for. All kinds of things have extraterrestrial origins: teflon, kevlar, velcro, fibreoptics, anti-gravity technology, you name it.

They worship the same God as we – how could it be otherwise since there is only One? But they actually worship, and serve, and know that God, whereas most of us simply mouth the words.

They’re human like us. The human template, it turns out, is actually common throughout the universe. This universe, that is. There are other universes.

If you really want to know the whole story, they peopled the Earth. We’re their great, great, great, great grandchildren. They’re our ancestors.

They’ve sent us world religious leaders like Krishna. Where do you think a blue-hued person comes from if not from Sirius? And, yes, I’m serious.

It isn’t them we should be afraid of. It’s us. They’ve come, in a manner of speaking, to save us from ourselves.

If they hadn’t, a fact which most people don’t know about, we’d have been dead from a nuclear World War III. Forces on this planet were planning it and it’s only through galactic intervention that you and I are eating our Wheaties today and watching football on TV.

Have you not heard of the destruction of the deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) in 2011?

That’s where the planners of World War III were to go to to last out the nuclear winter they would have caused. Now they have to stay on the planet’s surface, like the rest of us “useless eaters” (their words), and enjoy their handiwork.

Yes, there have been abductions. The U.S. Government since Eisenhower has been working with one galactic race that we know of, a lower-dimensional set who did not honor the Law of Freewill.

They were allowed to abduct people and extract genetic material for their dying and sterile race and return them. In return, they supplied the U.S. Government with technology to be distributed to the people.

It was never distriubuted and those species are gone. The benevolent species, our benefactors, sent them packing. Have you heard of an abduction recently?

The white hats who remain are our protectors and they’re bringing about a shift in our consciousness which anyone can feel if they take stock of their spiritual and emotional state right now.

We have a glorious future ahead of us, in concert with our star family. And I think that’s about the most remarkable statement I can make in the course of this remarkable statement.

For more on this subject, see this area of the Golden Age of Gaia website: “Disclosure” at


(1) Arjun Walla, “NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact,” Collective Evolution, Sept. 25, 2014, at

Posted by Steve Beckow on September 27, 2014

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Greetings everyone, before I begin the channeling I would like to tell you once again of very exciting news, that we have indeed entered a photon belt. On September 22nd the following image was posted by NASA.

The image above shows the plane of the Milky Way with x-rays indicated in blue and gamma rays indicated in purple. Read more at:
At the same time I have received an e-mail from a beautiful Light worker Luis Nunez who wrote to me saying “For some reason the thought crossed my mind yesterday, to search and see if there was a live stream of earth on real time going on at around 8:30 central European time. I found a stream from the international space station being broadcasted on Ustream and I took a couple of pictures that I’d like to share with you….People may say it’s a coincidence, but to me it was a beautiful moment…” 


I have been watching the sky everyday and although my camera refuses to take a proper picture, the sky has been purple everyday at sunrise and sunset following earths entrance into the Purple Photon Belt.
After I posted this on FB I have received an overwhelming response from so many sharing what they experienced on that day and continue to experience. So as you can see we truly have, entered this beautiful corridor of light, and are riding the wave towards pure bliss assisted by all the phenomenal energies coming our way. All you need to do to experience them is to be open to these energies.
I want to remind you that our planet has JUST entered the photon belt, which means that we are going to be experiencing a rise in consciousness in stages, NOT overnight as many of you are requesting. Because once again, the reason is simple, our bodies must adjust to the new frequencies. It is the same as saying that you want to lose the extra weight that took you years and years to put on overnight! I understand your anticipation but I ask you to please be patient and gentle on yourself as you truly do need to give your mind and body to catch up to what your advanced soul is ready for.
So having shared this with all of you here is a recent channeling from our beloved Hathors who continue to walk with us to our full awakening. Please note that this is VERY LONG channeling, but offers many insights into what we are all going through and what is yet to come, giving us a glimpse of our individual and collective future. Enjoy. 

I have not formally spoken to St. Germain prior to receiving this tool, and found myself flabbergasted when he came to me early in the morning as I was awakening from sleep. I saw him clearly and he pointed to this tool and explained to me in detail how to use it! And as soon as I took it into my hands and closed my eyes, I felt my crown chakra vibrating surprisingly much and felt myself surrounded by so much Violet that I felt myself actually becoming it! Then complete, peace and serenity filled my body and uncontrollable joy! This frequency operates on opening up our 8th chakra and crown chakra, the chakras of divinity and connects us with the divine. In doing so, it purifies our whole body, removes blockages, releases the past and transmutes all that stands in the way of total recognition and understanding of self. Click here to learn more about it :
Dearly beloved children of light and dearly beloved children of love, dearly beloved children of the moon, the sun and the stars,
As you continue your journey through the photonic belt of your creator selves. As you continue your journey on Mother Ship Earth. The consciousness of your creator selves is merging the consciousness of those dwelling therein and raising the vibratory impulses of the planet, assisting it from within and sending the signal of light to without.
As the energy that you generate, fully and completely from within the heart codices of your DNA structure are sending a signal to the cosmic getaways, measuring the level of intensity, measuring the level of the structural components of your DNA and adjusting the flow of energy to earth in unison, in response to your generated field of energetic proportions.
For once again through the sacred heart space of your creator selves, you are spinning an energy field into existence, allowing it to become a force shield if you will , and a generator of energies, and collector of energies which are plummeting to the planet at the given moment in time.
For the portals that are being opened by you, the portals that are bridging the gap between the present reality of your selves and the reality that you wish to merge with, are once again generated by your very own hearts. And hence, we repeat that the activation of your internal grids is the most important step that you to take toward oneness and unity.
For only through the clearance of your own heart space, through the activation of your own heart’s DNA, and clearing out that which no longer belongs, will you be able to become that which initially you have come here to be. You will be able to take on your respective roles and assist those whom you have come here to assist.
And so, let us then explain to you in your human language for you to understand that which is occurring presently on your planet. Many of you have begun to feel the tremendous shifts taking place within your own realities. Many of you are seeing that which we have promised you that you will experience. As you are presently moving through the photon corridor of creator, and you are merging two distinct fields into one whole, two distinct fields of two distinct realities are becoming evidently more clear, separating the “good” from the “bad” and simultaneously merging it into oneness, merging it into one whole, in order to move past the paradigm of yesteryear and move into the new paradigm, the new reality of your being, the new reality of understanding and incorporating both polarities into one inevitable infinite whole.
For through the incarnation of the vehicle which you see unfold before you, through the vehicle of your creator selves you are bringing forth the necessary changes into your beings, you are bringing forth all that you are, allowing these energies to work with the encodings within the structural components of your DNA codices and bring forth the new programming with which you have been infused before being incarnated on planet earth. Bringing with you the wisdom of the ages, the technological understanding of the world that is yet to come, the emotional frequency of the unconditional love of the eternal OM.
For many of you who have awakened have not fully understood the reason for your being, for many of you are walking in the shadows of your ego selves, for many of you this phase is about to end, and new unison, a new reality to take hold of your beings.
For the reality that you are about to encompass, the reality that you are about to spin into the world in which you dwell, shall shake you to the core of your being. For all that you have believed to be of difficulty shall begin to come to you with ease, for all that you believed not to exists, shall present itself to you fully and completely.
For you shall begin serendipitously meeting those with whom you are to collaborate on various objectives set forth by your own higher consciousness, your own higher creator selves. Meeting with absolute “strangers” shall turn into magnanimous life changing events for many of you. For indeed the time has come to merge the powers of your creator selves, to merge the powers of that which you are, in order to utilize the UNITED energies in building a new foundation on planet earth.
For indeed phase one has come to completion, for indeed phase two has commenced, and as such, the new vocations, new understanding, new encounters, new realities, new experiences, are unfolding rapidly for many of you, many of you who are allowing such synchronicities to enter your psyche, many of you who are ready to take on your active roles in the game of life!
Many of you shall and will and have felt the disconnectedness from your vessels, from your very selves, as you have moved through the vortex of the full moon of yesteryear. Many have indeed shed much of their old paradigms, and allowed the energies to cleanse them and prepare them for what’s to come. Many have finally tapped into the understanding of their DNA structure, many have allowed and as they proceeded to allow, as they welcomed such experiences into their lives, many have indeed experienced oneness, many have indeed experienced their godlike selves, for indeed you are gods, for indeed is so.
And so and thus, comes a moment in time, when you are to take action, action of your respective roles, listening carefully as you are being guided to maneuver the seeming darkness of your world, for the chaos that you are experiencing is simply a recalibration of energies, for the two worlds of your divine selves are merging into one complete whole into one complete understanding of life, into one compete understanding of reality.
The reality which your human selves, have not dwelled in prior, the reality in which you shall find and are finding yourselves in, is the reality that is here to stay, the reality of love, the reality of light, the reality of unconditional co creation of eternal bliss, joy and health. Bliss joy and health of your very vehicle, joy bliss and understanding of your very soul. For you are the ones that have come to illuminate the path for those who have come before you, for you are the ones that have come to enlighten the path of your very own selves, for you are the ones that have come to enlighten the path for those that shall come after you, for you are the ones that have returned and indeed you are the ones that have never left. For you are GODS, GODS of your creator selves, gods of al that you see before you. And as such, you are to take active roles in the co creation of everything that you wish to manifest into your reality.
Many upon many ways of being shall be revealed to you in the days to come, much of the information that you are eagerly awaiting shall be brought into your psyche by your own higher selves. Much of this information is already readily available for your taking, much of said information shall magically manifest from within the space codes of your heart.
For you are the ones that shall go deep within and extract such information from your higher selves, for you must fully understand your present reality in order to comprehend your mission here on earth.
And so, we leave you with a new message of understanding, allow that which you are to shine through, doubt yourself not for you already know all that there is, allow yourself to REMEMBER that which you have come here to be, allow, and BE, in the NOW moment of time, allow and utilize the energies as they are unleashed into your world to assist you.
We the Hathors, the forefathers of your vehicles creation that you call the human bodies, are standing before you, once again in line with you energies, once again, with open arms and open heart ready to assist you, ready to guide you, ready to be guided by YOU, standing by your side, as you plunge ahead and lead humanity out of the veil of forgetfulness and onto the magic road leading them to their true magnificent selves.
WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.
P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :
~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Energy Update of the PAT :::▶ Breaking News! Hiding the truth the first picture of Mars Indian satellite - Think Big Because You Are Creator Gods

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Think Big Because You Are Creator Gods

by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 26, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, September 26, 2014

I have always followed on this website a clear-cut pedagogical and educational line of argumentation: You are powerful Creator Gods, you are the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Galaxy. In the past I have always stressed that you are the Planetary Ascension Team and you, only you, are responsible for the successful ascension of Gaia and humanity. For a long time this undertaking does not seem to be very promising. But we have turned the tide precisely because most of us believe in our unlimited creationary potential. Now we have ascended not only Gaia but also a whole new galaxy.

I have shown you on many occasions how we can influence this reality in a much more powerful way than all politicians and hidden ruling cabal in the capitals of this world. We not only create numerous new worlds and timelines, but also very effectively gestalt this reality.

Last year, at the height of the Syrian conflict, I assured you that you can resolve it, only if you are actively engaged in your thoughts and emotions in bringing about a peaceful solution. And it happened the way we wished it. Go back to the articles, which I published in the summer of 2013 on the Syrian conflict, and you will find a seamless chronicle of our victory over the dark cabal in Washington, London, Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

This year, I was very much engaged in the Ukrainian conflict that soon expanded to a brutal and very bloody civil war. But with our energetic help from the fulcrum of our higher selves as the new Logos Gods, we managed to turn the tide, so that the Novorussian patriots, who fought for the cause of the light, won a resounding victory over the dark NATO forces of the West that supported the evil Nazi regime in Kiev.

My credo has always been: Think Big and Create Big.

All my visions presented on this website, including the last one regarding the creation of a global healing centre in Lofer, Austria for the new 4D worlds, are such indomitable creations based on my firm belief that there are no limits to our energetic potential as Logos Gods. The only person that can hinder you to be what you truly are, and have always been, is you by resorting to past human beliefs and misguided advises that you must be modest and reject your very nature as powerful creator Gods.

This is the major reason why the New Age movement so badly failed – because they are all cowards. A coward is not someone, who is afraid to take a risk, but one who is afraid of his own light, as Sananda recently stated. Because when you are a beacon of light, there is nothing that can harm you and hence there is no need to be a coward as most New Agers happened to be. They believed that “hiding their light under the bushel” (Jesus) is an esoteric virtue that will qualify them for the new Heaven. Nothing is further from the truth.

For this reason, I have decided to publish the latest manuscript of survival, about which I have normally very “mixed” feelings, to stay diplomatic. But this last missive validates with every word my life strategy as a teacher and educator of humanity – Think Big and Create Big.

Anything else is a betrayal of your soul essence and humanity. If you do not think big, how could you be able to open new pathways to the light that the others, less brave humans, will follow. If you fail as a wayshower, the entire humanity will fail. It is as simple as that and yet so difficult to realize on this planet, as the events confirm again and again.

If you decide that the Bomber Obama will fail with its new war in Iraq and Syria, it will be so. Just as we decided that he and the West will fail in Ukraine and it already happened. There is now a fragile, but very promising peace there that was entirely achieved by Russsia and Putin, and without the participation of the USA and the West in the Minsk negotiations. While this cretin Obama still declares Putin an aggressor and a new Hitler, the latter single-handedly brought about a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine and he will be also the man, who will bring about the demise of the current Nazi-Putch Junta in Kiev because the economic crisis in this country cannot be resolved and the West has given up on this country after it lost it to Russia.

While Obama’s words at the UN General Assembly are smoke and mirrors, it is Russia supported by us and the forces of light that determine the events on the ground. Also in Syria where Putin supports Assad. Because it is not part of the current plot of the light that the dark ones in the West will be victorious in the End Time. And we are the ones who write this plot – me, you and many other light warriors, who may have no knowledge of this website but think the same way.

That is why we are still here and have not transfigured yet, although we have already ascended last year. Because without us there will be no light on this upper mother planet and not a single soul can be saved, Please, do not forget that. It has never been about us, but about humanity. You know how to come out of this hell, they do not know and need to be shown the way by us.

Show it by Thinking Big, by exerting your divine creationary power now, while still in a human body. Use the gold-violet flame daily to create a coherent standing wave around you and manifest anything for the highest good of All-That-Is and this enslaved humanity. And it will be so.


The manuscript of survival – part 425

This message will perhaps shake up a few of those old misconceptions that still survive even in some of the enlightened circles. You see, this has very much to do about the very nature of things, and when we say that we are actually referring to the state that makes everything come about or rather come into existence in a way that enables you to perceive them. For existence and the definition of it is indeed a very convoluted subject, as what seems to exist to a human, is merely the tiniest tip of the proverbial iceberg compared to what really is out here. You see, or rather, you cannot see so much of what truly IS, and even with the most sophisticated of your equipment, you have only started to scratch the surface of Creation. Or perhaps we should say you have only seen one tiny layer of that huge and complex structure. And so, mankind go around with some very set notions in their minds of what IS and what is indeed possible, and so you continue to see everything from an extremely narrow perspective.

We know that this will make many of you nod your heads in agreement, after all, you are the ones who have persistently been seeking outside of these narrow confines for a very long time now. Yet, you have still not managed to come very far from that somewhat humble beginnings you started your quest from. And no, this is not said in order to rile you in any way, or for us to try to imply any kind of superiority over you. Far from it, this is simply intended as a reminder that you still have so much to search for on this quest for answers. And yes, this may frustrate you to no end, for what you can sense if you truly prick up your senses is a field so vast, it makes it almost unbearably irritating at times not to be able to see it more clearly. And so, you may kick out in despair or you may simply pull back your feelers and content yourself with exploring the field you have already crossed before. But by doing that, you are actually allowing yourself to narrow down your own field of potential in a very tangible way. You see, you are the only one who can go where no man has gone before, and if you resist letting that tantalizing whiff of knowledge lead you on, you will only serve to slow down not only yourself but all of mankind.

Again, this is not any form of criticism, rather it is an important reminder for you all to continue to push through those boundaries you still have when it comes to your own abilities to seek perfection. And when we say perfection, we do not mean that in any superficial way, rather, it is to remind you all of your own greatness. For you already are all of those things you cannot even begin to believe is true, but still, you have yet to truly own that greatness, to take it fully into your possession once again. For this cannot be done by anyone else but you, and in doing that, you will help to open the door for everyone else that might find the courage to enter that same hall that you have so boldly stepped into. You see, someone has to take that first step, but up until now, so many of you have hesitated at that very doorstep, and for one reason or the other, you have chosen to step back in the hope that someone else may take the lead. But now it is our task to remind each and every one of you of your own responsibility in this whole operation. For as we have told you again and again, what you do, you do for all, so too in this.

In other words, the more you choose to hold yourself back, the more you will actually serve to slow down the process for all those following in your footsteps. Remember, you are the wayshowers in every sense of the word, for you act as the vanguard for a whole host of others, and so, whenever you think yourself unable to complete another step on this journey, you slow down and so do all those behind you. For you are indeed trailblazers in the right sense of the word, and that is why you are here, to find a way to overcome your own inhibitions. For you can already fly, but for all of your lives you have done nothing more than run at top speed at the most. You see, you are so much freer than you still seem to think, and for many of you, the old idea of disbelief in your own abilities is still anchoring you very firmly in that old way of thinking and acting. And so, look upon this as a kind of shaking of the tree, an impetus to give yourself that extra push you need to push yourself off that branch you have been clinging so tenaciously to for such a long time now.

For you are more than ready to fly dear ones, but like a timid fledgling, you sit there waiting for the right opportunity to do so. Well, that window of opportunity has been standing wide open for quite some time now, the sky is clear and the wind is indeed favourable, so why not make a firm decision to cast off once and for all? You see, you will not crash nor fail, for your wings have been constructed to carry a far heavier weight than yourself. For you will be bringing so much more with you into the air when you finally dare to soar, for when you lift off, all of humanity will feel themselves being pulled along in your wake. So once again we say do not make yourself smaller than you truly are, and stop stopping yourself by questioning your own inherent qualities. For you are all shining examples of souls that know no limits at all – in every sense of the word, but still, you have an ability to override that truth with some carefully chosen words of discouragement whenever the opportunity to truly shine your light arises.

This does not mean that you are merely shadows of yourselves, hiding in the corners at all times, far from it. For you have lifted yourselves and this world a far cry from that old and dreadful state you used to linger in, and with every step you take, you continue to spread that inner light of yours far across the land. But still, there is something within you that continues to keep your light just that much dimmer than it truly is, and now the time has come for you all to adjust your wattage if we may use such an expression. You see, you do not lack anything at all, except perhaps the courage to truly shine as brightly as you actually can. So now, we do hope you will all remember to take some time to look at your own light in the light of this truth, and we venture to guess that what you see if you truly acknowledge your inner greatness, will be a far cry from the meager supply of light that actually reaches the outside. Not that it is far too small to have an effect, but it is simply a small taste of what you have to offer yourself in the way of enlightenment. And when you dare to offer your own inner light freely to yourself, then you will also automatically begin to share that immense powerhouse with the rest of mankind, with the rest of this world, and with the rest of Creation. And remember, it is sorely needed, for this planet has been left to survive on the merest scraps of light for far too long now. But now, thanks to your ability to once more connect to Source, there is no more lack of resources on this planet, as long as you all allow yourselves to truly shine at your very brightest.

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Energy Update of the PAT – September 28, 2014 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 28, 2014

Exoperiencing the Final Phase Prior to Ascension

September 27, 2014

Dear Georgi,

The Light Reading (Friday) is over, and I must say: Those, who awaken now or are already well on their path, have attained a new quality. Yesterday I could clearly perceive in the audience that those human Beings, who are ready for ascension, have firmly anchored their energies; that they have stopped to lament and are diligently working on their issues on a daily basis. This is an absolutely new quality, which was noticeable yesterday, which also showed itself in the fact that human Beings meet me with high regard, yet have stopped “idolizing”, as if by a call from All-That-Is: ALL human Beings, who are involved, simultaneously.

This lightens my work enormously, because I like nothing less than to be perceived as transfigured or as somehow carried away. Respect, high regard and recognition, this is what I value, yet not a false admiration. This happened suddenly and human Beings indeed seem to have taken very large steps, foremost those, who prepare themselves for the last journey.

The topic of the Light Reading was very multifaceted and absolutely actual. As soon as possible I will send you further messages regarding the Reading.

What I also noticed that these human Beings lose their fear – simply gone! This creates a completely different vibration. Indeed much has happened with the ascending ones. If now the last doubts still disappear and the NOW is being experienced as a universal NOW-time, then the next step, and from my viewpoint a decisive step, has been taken in the direction of home.

In total I perceive the actual development as such that the dark ones already visibly see their hopes dashed.

Even among journalists there is an awakening, which one of the participants told me very convincingly. I myself see that parts of society, these human Beings naturally “awaken”, yet they are still far removed from a spiritual awakening. Being awake is not equal to awakening.

Yet indeed it is also true, on the level of society there are indications that now the dark ones are irreversibly grabbed by their throat; and that more and more human Beings also recognize and see this. Naturally compared to all of mankind the number of awakened ones is still very small, yet it occurs nonetheless; in a more modest manner as desired or expected by us, yet it does happen.

It is a very exciting time quality, and I see clearly that the next pillar of the old world (I believe that it was also said in the message of yesterday) has been torn from its anchoring and is crashing to the ground.

Regarding the New-Age movement, I have to say that their slumber is enormous. Nowhere is there a message, which illuminates these topics. Therefore yesterday I was also more than urged (in my personal message to the audience) to talk about the madness, the kind of harm, which the esoteric world does to the “indigo” children (actually to the crystalline children, note George). These are “spiritually important children”, who with all their abilities are left to themselves. Never had these Beings the opportunity to arrive on earth, to establish roots, so that they are anchored and can strongly apply their abilities for the benefit of all. Parents logged out, because these children had divine abilities attributed to them, which far surpassed the ones of the parents. Nobody told these parents that it is them, who have to accompany these children through the first years of their lives!

Otherwise they lose their footing and never set roots in this world. And this is exactly what happened, uprooted crystalline children wherever I look; drugs, sex, consumption, spiritual deserts of these highly gifted children. Here a role reversal was fatefully propagated: children “educate” parents and not parents educating children! Crazy world and a crazy time. And nothing is written about this in the esoteric literature (except on this website since 2012, note George). Silence. I believe that this responsibility of the half-enlightened ones weighs heavier, because they skip the opportunity to experience the whole truth, only to sell modest insights as great accomplishments to the still dumber ones.

The pollution of the New-Age scene for me is nearly across the board. Individual light towers stick out – and it is those, who uplift the ascension to the next phase.

We still have much to do, I see it like that, the game is still not over, yet with each day we come closer to what we expect: Our new home in God.

With these impressions of the last hours and with the first message, which was read as part of the Light Reading,

I send you Love

translated by Franz

Dear Jahn,

I am very grateful to you for this precise analysis of the current quality of time. My experience with my readers are exactly the same. A few days ago I talked to Carla about it. The people who read my website and write me letters are very enlightened, knowing exactly what’s going on, there is a remarkable consistency in the assessment of the global situation and what is coming next and they do not deal anymore with trifles as was very often the case in the past….

With love

After ascension and Canadian society

September 28, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your lucid comments on Canadian society, I have known this for a very long time. Engaging these people is next to impossible, due to the fact that they are willing minions of the Orion slave system and vehemently defend it. Actually, what I sense on a sub-conscious level is that their existential fears are so huge that they cannot enter into a dialogue with themselves to understand this fact or why they have them in the first place. But, this is the Orion conditioning process which depends on one thing: fear, to keep everyone in their respective places. Just this summer I experienced being shouted at by more than one family member with regards to suggesting that the Western Mass News Media was feeding them crap and that they might want to take a look at other sources as per the take on Putin. How can people who claim to be intelligent betray their intellectual process this way?

But here you have it. The very thing that these people point their collective fingers at in so-called repressed societies in other countries of the world is exactly what they are experiencing in their own society, but are too blind to see it. The chant that other societies do not have freedom of the press and are fed BS by their government and leaders, well, at least during the cold war and before the fall of the Berlin wall, the citizens of these countries KNEW they were repressed. But, here in the democratic Western world (apparently the pinnacle of Western civilization – in Canada) the citizens know not that they are experiencing the very thing they smugly point their fingers at in other so-called less democratic countries in the world. Yes, Canada is deceptive at first glance, if one does not look beyond the surface of the pristine landscape, and one does not have to look very far – the arrogance of this very unripe young souled population is very trying.

As per my vision as to what I will be doing after ascension. I have always been fascinated by the repressed and hidden histories of Mankind and the Earth. I would very much like to set up a centre where humanity has access to this information. I know that there is a library in the Inner Earth where the Agarthans’ reside at Porthologo and would like to work in conjunction with them in bringing this information to the surface, so that humanity has some place they can come to find some answers that will help them understand their true history. The Smithsonian institute and the Vatican have been criminally involved in hiding this information from Humanity long enough. They know very well that what they hide from humanity would change all thought process as to just about everything in this false society.

I have been out for the count for the last 3 days unable to barely move after that last ID split – probably processing a lot of fear and grief in this society.


Dear Laurie,

The Canadians are so fearful because they know even in their daily life how precarious their economic order is. They are indebted up to the ears, to quote a German saying and live from paycheck to paycheck. The unemployment is very high, especially among young people, at least what I see here in the Vancouver area, as there are no reliable statistics. The inflation is huge compared to German standards and there are no production sites to be seen anywhere that would suggest that this is a sound economy. In the whole area of Vancouver I have not seen any production factory so far, but only tertiary service industries and transport. This is a population of more than 5 million, as much as a small EU country.

I do not know where the Canadians generate their income from, except from printing money out of thin air. A typical sign of this creeping inflation is that in the stores you do not get one cent as return any more as they do not have these coins. I remember the last time I saw this phenomenon was in Bulgaria in the 90s when the inflation skyrocketed 1000% and they had to introduce a money reform cutting three nulls in all banknotes.

This suppressed knowing creates all kind of perverted Pavlov’s fear reflexes in the Canadians and that is why they drop their superficial kindness immediately and become very nasty, as soon as one tries to awaken them as you have done with your relatives. I am a good and careful observer and see that all Canadians live under huge inner emotional and mental tensions due to unresolved issues and are like a caldron under huge pressure that can explode any moment. Their talk is very hectic, especially the women as if they have never had a good sex and joy during their whole life and the men are for the most part “red necks”, to use a local term.

Only yesterday, I read a main article with huge title letters ” The New World Order comes” in the Globe and Mail (Toronto). At first I thought that the revelations have begun. But to my shock it was the other way round – the author was praying that Obama will finally take the leadership with his bombing of Iraq and Syria and will show the world who is the real hegemon. In many ways the Canadians are even greater vassals than the Americans themselves to the dark Washington government, because they live in the illusion that they are independent and democratic.

Before I had my surgery, I visited a passport office near-by because Carla had to renew her passport. I was shocked to find in a civil office a fully armed policeman keeping the door like a Cerberus. At this moment I was cleansing many dark patterns in North America that daily enslave this population and got very angry at this sight. I started talking openly to Carla about my impression that all civil institutions of this country are militarized and this is the most evident sign of their creeping enslavement and that nowhere in Europe you will find an armed policeman, or guard in a public civil institution and how this fact alone underlines how enslaved the Canadians are and how blind they are to this fact.

There were several Canadians sitting beside me and must have listened to my objections. They looked at me with great anger, if not contempt, and then left their places. Just one example that speaks volumes. When I told this story to a very enlightened Canadian, he had to admit that he had never seen the Canadian society from this point of view, but that I must be right. This person often visits Europe and knew what I was talking about. Not that Europe is much better than Canada, but certain things are not allowed there, because of their past bad history.

And that is why your decision to dedicate to the education of the people about their hidden past in the new 4D worlds is the first and most important prerequisite to help them truly evolve. Unless they know how they have been dumbed down so profoundly in the past, they will have no access to their future evolution.

With love and light

UN building is built on an abattoir

Just reading your words. My feeling exactly. As for the UN – well I remember studying the energy of that place many moons ago and learning it is built on an old abattoir site – so you know the fear and death energy is in the energy field of that place.

Love and Joy.

Hello Georgi,

On Sept 16. 2014, I have sent you this link related to using mini-nuke on 911.

This recent link is related to nuclear only:

9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress:

The USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UK have each been proven to be directly involved with the execution and coverup of this crime against humanity.

Marcel Gravel, Montreal


Dear Marcel,

I started listening to this interview and read the minutes, but I must say that I do not resonate much with these people. Let us see if it is true that Russia has decided to publish compromising information on 9/11 and other US crimes. This is not at all impossible, but as far as I know the Russians, highly unlikely. This is however my personal opinion and I will be the happiest person if I am wrong in this estimate.


Hello Georgi,

My name is Bill. I am a lightworker that has kept up with your blog since 2010. I ran across this message today from Judith Kusel. I don’t comprehend it fully but I thought I would pass it on in case you missed it since I believe it relates to the PAT. Anyway, I appreciate all of the work you have done, as well as the work of entire PAT.



Dear Bill,

thank you for sending me this message which is very good and describes precisely the current energetic processes at the soul level and at the monad level.

One minor remark – I opened my website in 2011, but it is good to know that you are from the very beginning with us.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Recently I read this channeling in which AA Michael is giving us his Shield for a.o. protection. I found it very helpful, so perhaps you like to use it as well or publish it.

I asked permission to send it to you, so here it is.

With love,

New post on Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

Archangel Michael’s Shield
Reblogged from Blue Dragon Journal:


Dear Nel,

this is a good message on how to invoke the violet and the blue flames, which I personally always use with great success. Carla has just received a message on the same topic, which I hope to publish very soon. Thank you for making me aware of this channeling.

With love and light

Dear George,

The Saker seems pretty astute in this analysis. What do you think?

With love and light,

Dear Robert,

this is a very astute analysis of the Saker, but it is meant as an argument against the Russian faction that considers that Putin is doing too little to confront the West. From a Western point of view, he is doing too much by preventing the acquisition of Ukraine by NATO.

Indeed Putin cannot do much more, as Russia is not powerful enough to engage actively in another conflict, such as Syria. But Putin does the only right thing – he awaits patiently as he knows that Obama and the USA will fail colossally in this new war. The whole political mixture in the Middle East is that of total failure. I may write an article on this,

Besides one should not forget that the Russians had enough time since last summer to supply Assad with new very modern weapons that have not been used in the Middle East so far, including new surface-to-air rockets and laser cannons. In case Obama tries to oust Assad after bombing the terrorists as to appease his paymaster, the Saudis, who push him to do so, then he will experience his Armageddon. when Assad will gun down some of the US bombers with Russian weapons in self-defense.

According to my current forecast, this development may be the most likely event to trigger the MPR, as after that only a nuclear WW3 is possible, but it should be prevented by all means. This assessment in advance, as I intend to elaborate on it in the coming days when I see more clearly what is happening in the Middle Est. But the Saker’s analysis is very good as usual and a must-read for any politically awakened person.


Hello Dr. Stankov:

It has been awhile since I’ve emailed, but I’m wishing and hoping that you are recovering nicely, and it does seem that you are.

I wanted to give you a short update on the energies that I’ve been experiencing over the past couple of months. The energies within my body feel as if a 747 jet is trying desperately to lift off (from within my physical body). The actual sensation feels as if I’m been pulled upwards without this physical body. This has been ongoing for the past few months or so. Perhaps this happens when one moves from one auric field to another or jumping from one timeline to another.

I would like to share a couple of odd occurrences, which has happened recently. About a week ago, I was sitting up in bed watching the “boob tube” (television); suddenly, the entire room started spinning, or at least, that was what I thought initially. I steeled myself and realized, the room was not spinning at all, but I seemed to be bouncing back and forth from place to place. In effect, it was I who was moving around from location to location. I cannot consciously say where I was bouncing to because I cannot remember the locations, but it was a very odd experience! This experience felt differently than when the energies are running through my body, and feeling as if the 747 is desperately trying to lift off without the physical aspect of me.

2nd odd occurrence. I recently took a trip to Los Angeles California (one week ago) and was at the O’Hare Airport with my daughter and her family. This was a trip which I used my credit card to pay for so everything was booked at the same time and under the same name. When we arrived at the airport (O’Hare), instead of checking in at the airport counter, you can go directly to the computer(s) and check in, and print your ticket(s), which we did. I did not pay any particular attention to my ticket. When we got into the line where airport personnel checks your ticket, and directs you to get in line to go thru security and the scans, etc. I was told that I did not have to go thru any scans nor take off my shoes. I only had to lay my luggage on the airport (do-hickey) not sure what it is called, but the luggage rolls on down, and I guess it is a lite scan of sorts. After this, I walked on down and took my luggage off the scan and waited outside the security area for the others, of my family, who had to go thru the entire procedure; shoes off, full body scan, luggage scan, and luggage search. They kept asking, why I did not have to go thru that, for which, I did not have an answer. Afterwards, I looked at my ticket, and for some reason, it has “Premier Access” on it. This seems to be a supreme service that is offered by the airport, (thru obtaining a premier Chase credit card or American Express Supreme credit card, to which I have neither, and have never applied for either card.

I cannot explain it, except to say, maybe, on that particular day, perhaps “Prime Creator” did not want me to go thru the full body scans because of the intensity of the energies going through me, or maybe, it was just a “fluke” (co-incidence) which is what I told my daughter and her family. Anyway, Dr. Stankov, it was just a little odd, and I thought I’d share it, otherwise I’m doing well. Just before the trip, a day or two before, I had negative entities pestering me at night; I had to use my light saber again, and also purified my apartment with White Sage, and they left afterwards. About a week before the trip, I had recurring dreams of intense violence! Could not understand why. Anyway, just wanted to touch base.

Wishing you well with great continued recovery!! God bless you and all the light-workers of “Mother Earth.”

Shirley A. Garmon

Dear Shirley,

thank you very much for your good wishes – I am indeed recovering very well, although my leg is still swollen, but this does not disturb me much.

Indeed, I can confirm these turbo-energies which are no longer human. Also the numerous bilocations within the apartment and elsewhere. Carla and I are most of the time in Lofer, in the city of light and the healing temple, as this was confirmed by the Elohim yesterday. I hope to publish this message very soon.

Your experience at the airport O’Hare, that was set on fire only two days ago, is indeed not of this world and shows how this reality can be effectively manipulated from the higher realms for our benefit whenever this is necessary.

Your sensations of intense violence are coming from the lower timelines that are now being destroyed with a rapid speed by the MPR and their overlays are being deposited on this upper mother planet, before the final culmination of aggression reaches this timeline as well. Then the MPR must come and we shall ascend before that.

The Middle East conflict will be the most likely event to provide this peak in aggression that would lead to a nuclear WW3 if it will not be prevented by the MPR, which is what will happen. That is why I am watching this conflict very carefully now.

With love and light

September 26, 2014

Hello Dr. Stankov,

This morning I read the energy update for September 24th and about the healing center in Lofer, Austria September 25th. As I’m reading I’m having thoughts of traveling to this center, then you mention it is already an established resort and again I am thinking to travel to this place. I recall my dream of last night and pause reading the update, to journal my dream:

Small boy comes to my room. I let him become tired and carry him to his bed. The boy is sleeping there, I think when I place the boy that is in my arms onto the bed, he will assimilate into the boy already there. As if I have his energy body or ? but he remains separate, and there are two boys. Traveling on a road there are animals; it feels very much like a Zoo but animals aren’t caged and don’t fit the land scape, which is also foreign.
I am at a healing center and wait my turn. I lay on a table to prepare for a healing. The healing starts but quickly ends, unfinished. The man/healer is overcome with a sense of knowing. Tells me 8 years he has waited for me. I am unaware that I posses some information he is easily able to discern. I am overcome with a sense of belonging and unconditional love for this person.
Back at home I’m assaulted when someone is cutting branches from a tree. I am screaming for them to stop. (and awakened my husband, as I often do talking in my sleep :). Then, I see tents on the hillside and people entering private areas. I prepare a camper/van by gathering personal items and begin to pack the vehicle. Refusing to be trespassed, knowing the path I am going, and that it is my destiny.

Now, I have finished the article. You asked if others have any visions. I’m sending you validation, “Yes!” I am visioning these same things both dreaming and in conscious awake times.

I want to tell you, I have anxiety surrounding my soul advancement. The challenges I’ve immersed myself in for the past 5 years, the overbearing Orion aspect of current times. I have learned who I am and have educated myself to the facts and have my eyes opened (eyelids off actually) to the insidious bankers and their plot to enslave mankind, for this I’m grateful. However, it does little to mitigate the worry that I have not given enough effort on my soul to arrive on ascension.

This latest article has given me freedom to explore eventual ascension and for this I am relieved. I may be wrong, but can honestly admit the distraction has overwhelmed me. Therefore, knowing the healing is available for those who may be candidates yet still have imbalances, blockages or ? that mire their ability, I am most grateful. If I am to remain here in my work, then so be it and I’m very much looking forward to heal others, guide them or teach them of the nature of sovereignty. I believe I am already attending this temple. I am encouraged and looking forward to physically arriving in and matching the energy of, the healing center in Lofer and then beyond, into the expanse of creation!

This has helped me to shift upward. I can even see better!
In service and in enlightenment,

Jodie Moskios- Pacific Northwest

Dear Jodie,

thank you so much for sharing your dream vision with me and also your thoughts on the healing centre in Lofer. While it is most probably fully functional in 5D and 6D, it stills has to be made operational in 4D. There is much more to this, but I do not feel like publishing it yet, as it is still very much provisional and we do not know how it will evolve. But the whole project is much more real and advanced than anything we observe here (This was confirmed yesterday by the Elohim who channelled a long message to Carla that is not finished yet, note, George).

I think that your worries are unfounded. As long as you keep the line that you know that this reality is illusory and is coming to an end, you can be involved in daily 3D matters. This is what Carla and I also have to do here as to survive somehow.

I do not think that this temple will be necessary for you as you will ascend to 5D or higher. It will be for all those people, who will ascend to the new 4D worlds and will have no idea what has happened at the beginning. Of course many of you may work in this temple as ascended masters and heal the many guests that will visit it .This is how I see it.

With love and light

Dear George,

In the latest energy update you wrote that Carla has now taken full responsibility of the Violet flame. The past month especially, I’ve learned increasingly how to use the Violet-Golden flame, how to balance it accordingly and like in the energy update “in order to be able to create a constant, coherent standing gold-violet wave” (in my fields). In fact the way I do this also extends of other systems of two, for example it can be used at the same time to unify the heart and mind and strengthen this connection so one can truly “think with the heart”, not in the deranged new age way where people believe they must disregard the mind.

I intend to write another essay on this topic when I get back home tomorrow.

Yesterday I experienced multidimensionally that I now have the responsibility of the Golden flame and the energy of this Golden has become more distinct from the Violet. Still they are very much unified but the Violet is very much like a flame, and while the Golden also has flame like properties, there is a “sparkyness” to it like lightning. As lightning strikes very accurately and intensely the spot it “likes” the most, the Golden energy strikes also very accurately and intensely the dark pattern than must be transmuted, or patterns and energies that must be created. Due to the symbiotic unified nature of these energies both the Violet and Gold have these properties, but I can feel what comes originally from where.

It is no longer like the Violet Golden flame is something to be invoked, but more like I am the invocation itself, that it is part of me on such a level far deeper than before.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

thank you very much for sharing your personal experiences with the Gold and Violet flame. If you go back and re-read the Elohim message from June 26 on my website when they first announced the arrival of the violet-gold energies from the Source, they indeed specified that the Gold flame (spectrum) is the Gold Christed light from the source, a more refined and higher frequency energy than the usual white Christed light. These energies have never been experienced before on this planet. The violet flame is thus intermingled with gold sparks, which one can see with the third eye.

The creation of a coherent, standing violet-gold wave affords daily invocation of at least half an hour – better 3/4 to one hour. This is what St. Germain told Carla to do.

I am looking forward to reading your new essay.

With love and light

September 25, 2014

Hi Georgi,

An energy update from NY.

22 September morning meditation I found myself transported to a different dimension, possibly observing a portal, a black background, that was fragmented and cracked, the cracks were caused by continuous explosions of bright white light. I opened my eyes to find I was in my home, immediately closed them and was transported right back to the same dimension where the light explosions were occurring cracking the black background. There was no further information received during the meditation.

23 September morning meditation appeared from the left a strange looking dark creature when to my amusement (as it was trying to intimidate me) a second head on the creature peered from the side, I was looking at a two headed creature, large feet with claws, giant body, tail. I asked what are you and the words sent to me were The Beast. Interesting as I tried to replace the words with dragon and no I was told The Beast. It roared at me, threatening me, came towards me, but when I put my hand out to touch it, it sank away and then disappeared.

24 September my sons dream: a militarized evacuation of NY. He said our community and all of NY was under attack by the enemy. The strange thing he said was there was no definitive enemy, but the streets were full of the American armies and tanks removing people from their homes. He said it was the beginning of summer and they moved us to the golden fields. I asked where this was and he said where the land is all flat for miles and looks gold in the sun. He then said I think Montana (flat grasslands) as winter set in and we were all living in tents. We were refugees in a camp and it was so cold, not enough supplies, the living conditions were horrible, we were freezing to death. He said it was approximately a 5 month time frame in his dream (beginning of summer to winter). He said that he was so upset by the wretched conditions he could not take it anymore and forced himself to awaken. He said we were made to evacuate from NY (all of NY) as we were told that the eastern seaboard was under attack, for an unnamed enemy.

I continued to follow Jahn while you were offline, but I would like to mention the comfort I have now that you are back online, and to say thank you to you and all of the PAT for your sacrifices and dedication.


Dear Kelly,

thank you very much for your energy update from NY. Both your visions and that of your son in particular are very realistic, more real than the current illusory reality. And indeed such evacuations of NY do take place on lower 4D timelines before the MPR. Hence your son has experienced this on another lower timeline. We are now moving very fast between these timelines as to cleanse them, so that the light quotient for ascension can be reached.

I am happy to hear that you like the posts on our website.

With love and light

Hello Stankov!

i just want to say that I fully support what you said in this last article that you wrote on the subject. It is really like that.. why the need to be so cryptic, isnt it? This cobra guy and others.. just giving disinfo to all those lightworkers that dare to support this person not with intelligence but with blind faith.. and that is the worst mistake.. one always has to see if one resonates with it.. and know that the higher realms would never use 3d tactics to defeat the dark..

I keep reading your posts day after day, as its the only moment of clarity that I find in my daily life.. there is no one that i know even close to what we talk here.., so in this website and with your sense of humor I feel like home and I really appreciate that you are like a big brother to me with all that you teach.

Many thanks Stankov! May us see this through the end/beginning!

PS: I saw in a notice about the MPR happenning earlier than expected.. still they are talking in thousands of years.. but still.. it’s interesting that they said that.. don’t you think?.

And a big hug for you and Carla!.

Ariel Mansur

Dear Ariel,

thank you very much for your comments on my last article on Cobra and I am happy to hear that you share my opinion on this issue, which is so evident that I wonder why any enlightened person may see it in a different way.

With love and light

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