Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Seeding of the Golden Galaxy ::: ▶ Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle September-09-2014 - sharing

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The Seeding of the Golden Galaxy 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 8, 2014

The Elohim
by Carla Thompson, September 8, 2014

Georgi Stankov

Carla received this message from the Elohim two days after we had this remarkable experience in the national park “Burns Bog” on September 4th, about which I reported to you on the next day. I am now happy to present you this message. It describes the extremely complex processes that now take place multidimensionally on many levels and throughout different galaxies in this omniverse. Human words fail to convey this highly dynamic, ever-changing reality of All-That-Is, so that we must put up with simplifications to explain our current experiences as Logos Gods, while we are still trapped in human bodies and rely on a limited, sequentially operating human mind. This should be the epistemological point of departure for you when you read and interpret this message.

I must admit that I did personally experience a deep feeling of satisfaction when Carla first read this message to me as it confirmed everything we perceived intuitively as information from our higher selves when we lifted up together with the group of light warriors of the first and the last hour and now new Logos Gods the new Golden Galaxy to its new place and seeded it for ever on that auspicious day of September the 4th.

This event in Burns Bog was the culmination of a very intensive cleansing, which we all did in the last several weeks in order to achieve the necessary purification of those upper 4D timelines of Gaia that now function as seeds, as focal points, for the creation of the new 4D worlds of the new Golden Galaxy. With this remarkable achievement, our and your mission is completed. It began on July 19th with the initial splitting of the new Galaxy as announced by the 6D fleet to Jahn. Now we have only to wait for our final transfiguration, which will also trigger the ID split, the ascension of this upper mother planet to the new Golden Galaxy and the MPR that will vastly destroy this current hologram.

The Elohim describe the intricate relationships of these complex processes in a very clear, straightforward manner. But as Carla and I agree, there is much more to this and we receive visual pictures and abstract notions of these processes without being able to relay them to you in human language. You must use your own imagination and intuition if you want to learn more about what is currently ongoing in the higher dimensions, precisely, what we are now creating from the fulcrum of our higher selves as Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy.

The most exciting aspect of our Burns Bog experience was the energetic connection we established with the civilization of Shamballa, as this is now confirmed by the Elohim. In the esoteric literature it is also known as the “Brotherhood of Shamballa“. It is a sixth dimensional civilization, or reality (city of light), to which the highly evolved entities of the Hyperboreans belong. They are now moving to the 7th dimension and the final ascension of us and Gaia will complete this process. After that they will work closely with us.

The Brotherhood of Shamballa is part of the spiritual hierarchies of Gaia and humanity and has been explained by Adama to the medium Aurelia Louise Jones in her book “The Seven Sacred Flames” as follows:

“The Masters of Wisdom of the Shamballa Brotherhood concern themselves with the evolution of surface dwellers. Beloved Sanat Kumara holds his seat of authority for this planet at his retreat in the city of Shamballa, an inner city of light.”

It is noteworthy to mention at this place that Sanat Kumara retreated from his function as Logos God of Gaia and humanity at the end of 2012 and delegated this mission to us as the new Logos Gods of Gaia 5 and now Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. There is a clear red thread in all events we have created so far and in which we participate as main protagonists in this our last incarnation as human beings. And now enjoy the Elohim message.


September 7, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Here is a message from the Elohim that I have received yesterday and today after the very energetically dynamic past two weeks.

They have discussed many issues we have been challenged with recently, including the extreme timeline cleansing that many of us have been experiencing, the experiences with magnetic pole reversals on other timelines seen by some of us directly as extreme devastation and to others as extreme weather anomalies, including very heavy hail storms “occurring” during our “sleep” time, only to wake up to dry earth and a warm sunny summer morning.

The cleansing has been completed now, and we find now that we have each had an experience, where we have moved to much higher timelines and pulled those light workers with us, as they have then pulled others with their fields, as the Elohim have described in our experience at Burns Bog two days ago.

Finally, tonight I feel an overwhelming peace and calm in the air, and I feel on top of the world. I am feeling such love for the light warriors around me, and I am naturally sharing these energies with them, energies that warm my heart and exude love and joy beyond anything I have felt before.

With love,

The Seeding of the Golden Galaxy
The Elohim – September 6, 2014

“It is the beginning of the seeding of the New Golden Galaxy!

Many events surround all light warriors at this time.

First, infinite timelines are cleansed [Here, they are referring to your surgical procedure and all medical treatments incurred over the ages, see also this Elohim message, note Carla], as carried out by you and many other light warriors, as you move seamlessly and effortlessly into lower energetic representations [our experiences over the past two weeks, where we have cleansed deep seated patterns of greed, financial exploitation and state interventions into private human lives] and exchange old energies with the new, highly frequencial energies of the New Earth, through pure alchemical reactions. This is a necessary step before all timelines are ready to be separated within the context of the inter-dimensional split.

Secondly, the lifting of the upper, energetically resolved timelines was a very beautiful moment that many light beings were party to [See Energy Report of September the 5th ]. The representatives of the Shamballa civilization held you in a strong telepathic connection to enforce the energetic bond, the linking of their platform from the sixth dimension, to yours here in the upper fourth dimension. As you were pulled up in frequency, you then began to also draw timelines from below you, up into the new expression of the Golden Galaxy.

As you lifted up these timelines, you also lifted light warriors and their corresponding timelines. Each light warrior represents one timeline and each of these timelines is different from any other. Members of humanity, who are not part of the ascending group, are being separated out at this moment, to take their place in timelines of their Soul’s choosing, where further commitment to the evolutionary process arises.

The light warriors of the New Golden Galaxy, who rose up in this magnificent event, hold the purity and perfection of the Christ Consciousness, and it is their destiny to realize full success as the new seeds of the Golden Galaxy.

Beings who fully represent the Christ Consciousness, who have met all conditions and requirements necessary to hold this frequency, and carry it with full responsibility to stand in it’s energy with full conviction and reverence, these are the ones, who have qualified and who have helped you and your dual soul to heave the upper timelines away from this perceived reality and seed, finally, the worlds of the New Golden Galaxy.

Your impression that the civilization of Shamballa was present during this lifting, is absolutely correct. The Hyperboreans are now moving as well to their new station of expansion, the seventh dimension, and they shall work with you and the light warriors who have been designated as bearers of the Christ Consciousness.

As multi-dimensional beings, you all now span many dimensions, where your creationary powers expand multi-fold. Only your limited human awareness confronts this expansion with incredulity and disbelief, but remember, you are not what you appear to be, you are not what you seem to know, and you are, certainly, the Sacred Holders of the Christ Consciousness, the founding energy of All-That-Is.

This is the beginning of a long awaited birth, where these energies are completely anchored into higher dimensions.

You may recall a message given to you once, where you two shall heave the others upward into newly expanding expressions of love, peace and expansive joy (read here and here). Well, this feat is now accomplished. You have lifted the group, the group designated as conveyors of the Golden Christed light energy, the group designated as the full fledged, fully committed and engaged light warriors of the day.

The light warriors, who are a part of this seeding, are fearless, passionate, and demonstrate a commitment and a sincere desire for understanding of the true issues that face humanity, not the surface reflections that shift in a moment’s notice, but those issues that are the root cause of limited understanding of what humanity is, as a reflection of the Source, of God, of All-That-Is.

These issues of which we speak reflect the spiritual experience of the collective. A true spiritual experience is reflected in the depth of self-honesty, self-reflection and a balanced scrutiny without mediocrity. This scrutiny is open, and it hones, continually, a non-judgemental reflection of a balanced comprehension of issues one’s Soul faces.

For those light warriors, who have acted in seeding this new galaxy, we say their personal spiritual work, for the most part, is now complete. They have fought and won the long and hard battle. Their work is done and it is time to enjoy the Now moment. These souls know who they are!

To you we say this, the seeding has begun and we are honoured to see you arrive in the new Galaxy, during your dream state. Very soon the shift shall move you there on many more levels than you now believe are possible.

We love you All and we surround you in our love and peace for all eternity.

We are the Elohim.”

* * * 


* * *

4 Manik, 5 Zip, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! We return with much to say! Your various programs to bring you prosperity are here! Now you need to better understand what is happening to each of you. Fundamentally, your bodies are transforming and being made ready for your final changes which are to transform you into fully conscious Beings of Light. This transformation is taking place in stages, in a way which enables your body to adjust. At times, these adjustments are difficult for you. These so-called ascension symptoms are things that all of you are feeling. You may experience a strange heartbeat or more fatigue than usual after some strenuous exercise. The severity of what you encounter is pre-determined by Heaven through the agendas given your many body guardians. You agreed to these agendas before you were embodied on this Earth plane. Strict instructions were given to our medical teams as to how to report each individual’s vital spiritual, mental, emotional and physical signs. These measurements help us to daily reconfigure your personal crystal light chamber.
   First contact needs to happen in divine time. Until then, our liaisons constantly check those who are so diligently and wonderfully providing the means to change your realm from dark to Light. This process has taken a very long time. It was greatly accelerated by the Anchara Alliance’s sudden turnabout forged by specific decrees from the Anchara continuum. These decrees dovetailed with the ancient prophecies of Archangel Michael for this galaxy. We are now busy merging our fleets and bringing in new members from the star nations formed when the various dark star empires of Anchara dissolved. These new nations deeply desire to obtain Light Bodies and learn how to use them to ascend. One of your future duties is to aid our associates in the Galactic Federation, to teach them these special gifts. Your wisdom and knowledge on these matters is to be especially helpful in permitting these new star nations to learn these skills.
   As we work toward the moment for first contact, we are preparing knowledge for future landing sites and pairing each of our mentors with you. The actual mentoring operation is quite complex and requires your full cooperation. Each of you needs to look inside deeply and graciously release the inner “demons” that you have acquired since birth. Hence, each mentor needs to be allowed to work with you to attack and then release these numerous “demons.” The Anunnaki, once they were given a degree of control over you, began to work upon your fears in order to better manage you. Overall, surface humanity carries with it a legacy of these initial “terror traps” imposed upon you by the Anunnaki, as well as new traps imposed upon you by your ancestors’ intergenerational experiences. These further add to, and make more complex, the initial terrors first conceived by the Anunnaki. All of this and much more are to be transformed and released by our mentors.
   What is immediately ahead for you is prosperity and the rise of new governance. Two months after this happens, disclosure is to occur. We fully expect that this announcement is to lead to ours. At this same moment, we are to see the first lessons from your Ascended Masters. These lessons are set to ready you for the many new and startling facts you need to know. The Anunnaki began their time with you by inventing a highly misleading and manipulative origin story. This was done so they could announce to you that they were creator gods. The Anunnaki were then able to do outrageous things to maintain this control. These stories need to be replaced by Truth. You need to take back your power and freely and righteously correct the horrors of the past. Then you can be free to accept us. We come merely as representatives of your ancestors. We come to gift you with full consciousness and with the opportunity to resume your special position in this galaxy!
   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in peace and joy! Everywhere on this globe our associates are preparing the way for your prosperity, freedom and for the reacquiring of your blessed personal sovereignty. There are three sacred networks set up for these divine purposes. The first is to assure you your prosperity. The second concerns the return to common law and the third is making it possible for new governance to appear. The present financial system, with its illegal payouts to legislators and to the various departments of government, is ideally suited for special interests and a vast abuse of power. This runs counter to what Heaven desires for you. Another ill is the vast misrepresentation of law. This creates a set of moralities that also runs counter to your everyday best interests. Heaven desires to transform all of this and provide a secure environment for all.
   The Creator gave sacred rights to you, and these blessed gifts require a reality which can honor them. This is why our associates forged two of these sacred networks. A fair, common law needs once again to be the way of true justice in your lands. Each individual needs to know that a true legal morality exists. Tied into this is the rise of a vast multilevel house-cleaning of governance. Laws similar to NESARA were initiated to set up the prototype for such actions. Prosperity can be made permanent only if government is truly fair and reasonable for all. This can only happen if these blessings make possible a complete house-cleaning. It is vital to switch governance from war and competitiveness to peaceful orientation and willingness to be cooperative with all. In this environment our lessons can take hold and lead to a truly divine transformation.
   Finally, there is the important matter of funneling funds to you that were either illegally taken in the past or stemmed from a vast acquired stream of abundance. These funds are in excellent hands and are to be distributed to all. The present system of limitations and lack really run counter to what has been decreed for everyone in this reality. You are special children of Heaven and the time comes to liberate you from lack and give you the tools to achieve you dearest dreams. It is time to end the old power structure’s “rat race”, which kept you in a hole, unable to achieve your deepest desires. We Ascended Masters have spent millennia keeping you tied to morality and Heaven. This is now to be expanded in a way that allows you to know about and achieve your true goals. A special time for all has at last arrived! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!
   Today, we continued our weekly message to you. As you can see, important progress is being made that is assuring you your prosperity and your freedom. Stay focused on these goals and watch some wonderful events happen before you! Do this all in Love and in Joy! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

* * *

* * *

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