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▶ BREAKING: 9/11 Explosives Company Finally Identified! - YouTube 

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▶ Face of Satan Has Arrived In USA-the Most Traumatic, Gut Wrenching Report-It's Just About To Happen! - YouTube 

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Energy Update of the PAT – 

October 8, 2014

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 8, 


The State of Humanity at the Full

 Moon Eclipse Portal

October 8, 2014

I doubt there are many people that understand, like you do, the operation of the financial markets. Everyone works for money, but no one can explain where it comes from or how it works. The level of mental illness just involved in that statement is beyond legendary. I still watch all the financial markets just to entertain myself and I like to watch where the fraud is putting its energy on a moment to moment basis. Every single aspect of the markets has now reached the perfect point where it’s all a paradox and can’t go any direction without massive failure. I thought you may enjoy this comment that Ron Rosen made in an interview about the gold market.

Rosen: “I don’t believe they can smash the long-term bullish trend in the gold market shown on the chart above. And if they do, the system that we live under will be totally destroyed and they will be taking over like a dictatorship. They may be able to push the price around from time to time but they cannot entirely destroy the forces of the free market, and that line in the chart above shows you where the free market lives.

And we are going to hit that trendline in a matter of a few dollars. We are not that far from it now. That is the line on the chart that says, ‘Free Market.’ They may try to attack that line but if they succeed in breaking it then we are all screwed. And if it can’t be done we will know. And if it can’t be done then they are screwed. That’s Mother Nature’s line. That’s Natural Law. That’s out Creator saying, ‘You aren’t going beyond here, and if you do then you are destroying yourself and you will pay a hell of a price.’ ”

The zombie hoard doesn’t respond unless it gets rewarded and the paper fraud has smashed anything remotely light based for two straight years. Everything “real” has been taken to the woodshed. It has made it impossible to even teach anyone anything here in the US because everyone has a two second attention span and their focus is on what their computer tells them. Red and green lights control the populace and they think it’s acceptable. I watched George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead this weekend and I think it’s one of the greatest pieces of work as a commentary on the state of the “young soul” planet and how government, military, science, and civil humans each try to relate to a ravenous zombie mob. The point when the scientist put the book in his trained zombie Bob’s hands was so legendary.

The synchronicity of watching that movie and you writing what have this week are just so beautiful to continually watch take place. Life’s been nothing but painful magic for almost four years now.

I, like you, was asked to get in and understand the financial markets to show me what was really going on. Like I tell everyone I know, there’s nothing left.

Thank you for keeping me company with your posts. I thought what Daniel wrote was amazing and I have been passing a lot of your work and information now on to a few that are rapidly awakening around me. I may be in a severe state of pain at all times, but this place is funny. Painfully funny.

I just needed to write something. Thanks again.

With Love and Light
Brad Barber

Dear Bred,

thank you very much for your lucid observations and comments on the current madness of humanity in finance and elsewhere, which is the most clear sign that we have reached the end of the rope. Especially this last moon eclipse portal was huge and it has swirled a lot of dust and dross that is still in the air and clouds the clear view. But it is is emerging behind the dust cloud and it is a new, pristine world, where all these follies are erased for ever, I can assure you as I see it already. We now only need to wait until the dust settles.


Dear Georgi,

At about 6:15 AM, when the eclipse had barely started,Rochester received excessive solar waves which knocked out power in parts of the city, which are still knocked out at 8:10 AM, and will take at least 3 hrs to get back to normal (traffic signals, etc.). The eclipse was black, not ‘solar red’ as advertised by the MSM. These solar waves have intensified vibrations of security and non-interference for Logos Gods. Power structures have been advanced with no interruption of Gold-Violet shields. We feel very calmed and in control in this area of upstate New York.

In Love and Light,

Dear Henry,

we just experienced a massive dark attack at home that knocked us down for a moment. It was a real very malevolent poltergeist. First it caused a fire in the kitchen and the whole apartment was in smoke, then when I tried to open the ceiling window, the mechanism blocked and I knew it was the poltergeist that did it. We did our invocation and AA Michael came immediately and fought a huge battle above our heads and threw all dark entities out of this universe.

Half an hour ago there was a phone call and Carla answered it. We are expecting a nurse to take the halter-monitor back for 24 hours ECG of Carla’s mother that was installed yesterday to check her heart failure. Then a weird almost dying voice said on the phone ” Georgi, let me in”. Carla was flabbergasted and close the phone. It rang again, but this time no voice came in. Now the nurse came and she told Carla that the electronic opener of the front door that is activated by our phone blocks and she could not enter. I checked it myself and there is indeed no phone connection. So the poltergeist must have impaired it too.

What we get is that with the full moon eclipse there has been a huge separation and destruction of energetic structures and all those dark entities that have been harboured there so far are thrown out of the grid and the new energetic structure. I myself was the whole night on very lower timelines and experienced war, bombing from airplanes, murder and savage tribes at the dogs planet. Maybe I have taken some of these dark entities with me when I returned here.

Auspiciously, yesterday Carla chose an AA Michael card from the set, which are always up to the point. The card said: “Shield yourself”.

So you know what is happening now and must be very careful in the coming days. By the way we had a dense fog in the night, which is unusual for this time of the year here in Vancouver and could not see the moon eclipse.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I fully concur with your recent postings, ESPecially the one with Daniel and Corey’s astute utterings.

I think it’s no accident that tonight on TV on the eve of this powerful full moon, the film called “The Network” form 1976 (my birth year) was aired, which exposes brilliantly 38 years ago, exactly what the situation in the world is now. It’s a crying shame, a tragedy that the wisdom of this truth telling has not been realized 38 years later:

here’s a link to part of the film, one of the best parts of it, in which it explains clearly how “the world is a business”:

here’s a clip from the same film about how the “humanoid” race of lately only knows the reality of “the tube” (colloquial for the TV)

I’ve seen the realities recently of the mental health system and why the human race at least in this country (US) is 25% medicated. it’s an unbelievable tragedy and just today I was lamenting to Leo how the whole human race is so disappointing i have no desire to step my toe into any part of it.

the only solution is a new human race which you have outlined in your recent posting.

in love and light,

Dear Sarah,

thank you very much for your lucid and valuable comments on the actual topics we discuss on the website. They are now so evident that nobody can simply neglect them. The whole human dross is now coming to the fore and must be perceived for what it is by all the people. Without this confrontation with the dire reality on this planet, there will be no awakening and no evolution.

I have seen the film “Network” and I agree that it brings forward a very strong message, even though it was brushed aside by most people at that time

With love and light

Hey Georgi,

Well, here I am, sitting finally getting around to this as we are in the very hours of the eclipse, I believe 6:25 to 7:24 was the exact time. I didn’t really plan it this way so it’s just funny how it all works out. As usual, great work to you, Jahn, Daniel (don’t know how to do the correct spelling), Corey, Elna and all the many others, I really enjoyed One and Two.

Anyhow, to the point, I can confirm that the energies have been pretty intense. Many dark attacks (esp. Sat Oct 4). We just got back from Washington DC for the annual elephant March to fight extinction and end the bloody ivory trade. The event has gained much traction since I touched base with you about it last year. My wife’s group is Elephant’s DC, National Geograpic covered the event if you want to read more about it

It felt like a good thing to do in a dark place. I know this stuff is usually full of pomp, and better left to young souls but it was nice to get out there and use the old light saber. Plus, the Elephants really are in a pretty bad situation with the poaching and all.

I have had a lot going on lately as I ended up getting back in the car business, as such my down time to pursue real topics of interest has been compromised, yet again, to the almighty dollar. So as you can imagine, I was more than happy to hear the good news regarding our evolution etc.

I won’t make this long winded as I have to get ready for work, but keep up the good work, and everyone else too.

I found a site that has the old article/newspaper Manning was collaborating back in the 1800’s. It has some really interesting stuff and the name of the publication was Mind and Matter

I know you are good at getting to the bottom of things and thought you may enjoy some of these reads. Also, I read what you wrote about the Christ events and different timelines/ dimensions and it resonated with me. Thanks for clearing that up!

All The Best with Love and LIght,
Jon Roberts

Dear Jon,

happy to hear from you and to know that you are surviving these hard days somehow. We just had a massive dark attack at home by a real poltergeist and we just got rid of it. AA Michael was also here and threw them out of this universe.

I checked the links but I could not read the facsimiles of the Mind and Matter journal as I have bad eyes (astigmatism).

This full moon eclipse was very powerful indeed and now all dark entities that have been hiding are pulverized and flow in the space-time. One should shield himself very often these days until the dust has settled.


Well written article on VT

Dear George,

You may have seen this already. There is not much new to PAT, it does compile a brief history of how we came to be where we are now. If the sleep walking Americans could turn off their TV and read it with an investigative mind, perhaps they could wake to some truth. I was not aware of new Snowden documents with names of Congress taking bribes and names of 9/11 perpetrators, being suppressed.

On a side note, for the past three days I keep hearing the phrase, Pax Romana. Having taken Latin, I knew it meant Roman peace. Also aware that Augustus had a hard time selling to people that peace is the absence of war. The people believed it was only after all opponents had been beaten down and lost the ability to resist. Seems like the timelines of humanity have not progressed since. Hence the necessity for a New Human. Still not sure why this phrase is constantly in my head.

Hope you enjoy the article, I check out Veterans Today quite often as I have a brain washed son in the Marines.


Dear Jennifer,

thank you very much for this article in the Veterans Today, which very well sums up the major sinister developments that have led us to the current situation. Pax Romana may mean that the current Pax American I have written on several occasions is the new version of Pax Romana and we all know how it ended – with the fall of the Roman Empire. It took several centuries at that time and it will be only a several days this time for Pax Americana to crumble. but the historic correlation is more than obvious.



I just went to your page and found you had just addressed this issue. Thank you for being so vigilant on all time lines and above!


Greetings George,

I feel a deep empathy for young Daniel and the personal experience he describes. I almost sent something off to you after Part II of Sananda’s words about it being time to let go of all “peevishness”, etc. regarding the delays. It really pissed me off! But, as is often the case, after I acknowledge these feelings and allow them expression they do seem to dissipate and I find myself in a more peaceful place. It is up and down/in and out, as this rolls on toward the final resolution we so long for. I am fully aware that many inner understandings, and conscious ones as well, would not have been possible without this extended “time” at this level, and I can believe that there really was no way for the HR’s to have for seen the fall-off of so many over the recent past. However, I am with Daniel that a significant sense of joy is now in order. And there are days where sometimes very sharp and new visions of what I can only describe as being from a much higher realm are given me and I focus on that like a mantra of a sort, and that is mostly successful in bringing me a fuller sense of peace.

The other thing I want to say is about the future role as I “see it” for myself. This has been difficult for me to come to any certainty about, as I’ve never felt the sort of connection/resonance with these new levels of 4D or even 5D worlds that you and seemingly most of the PAT express. It really began to make sense for me after reading a message from the 6D Fleet about them guiding those who “don’t find their home on Agartha or the 5D worlds” to their homes beyond space and time. This relates also, I think, to the fact that often the “instructions” given in messages from Jahn’s sources just don’t seem to speak to me, for it is my impression that so much of this kind of info is meant for the more newly awakened, and covers issues that are long ago understood and internalized for me. So, suffice it to say, although I always look seriously at all the messages given, I have had to learn to trust my inner voice in all matters, and for this ability I am so very grateful. There is no doubt in my mind that having found your website [only a year ago!] was the final tool I needed in order to come to my own certainty. I still don’t know absolutely what I will be doing after ascension, but I know it will be joy-filled, creative and in the beautiful connection with my cosmic brother hood. And ,yes, it does help to put this in words.

Thank you so much.

Love, Pam
time and space.

Dear Pam,

I am glad that you confirm the necessity of creating a new human race based on the irreparable debasement of the old humanity with all its negative side effects.

I also agree that most messages given to Jahn address the still undecided light warriors who must be daily convinced that ascension will come and that it is happening now. This whole persuasion would not have been necessary if these people physically experience all the energies that flow through our bodies and fields and know beyond any doubt that these are the waves of ascension. Any verbal persuasion is of much less effective, diluted energy and cannot have the same impact and certainty as for instance a powerful ascension test run. It is one thing to speak of sexual orgasm, quite a different thing to experience it personally. This applies in particular for all ascension virgins.

With love and light


The New Human

Just had to add to my earlier message my strong feeling of the truth of the need for a new “transgalactic human species” that you are speaking of and Daniel is also getting his own sense about. Wow! Now this is something I can relate to in a big way; so obvious that way too much is weighted against the “normal” [interfered with] human. I have an earlier orientation to Rudolf Steiner/the Ageless Wisdom, etc. which referred to spiritual evolution as a monumental process taking many, many incarnations. The recognition that there was a need for such an intervening step by the HR’ very interesting. The new human could be worth knowing….

Over and out,


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Galactic Federation of Light Udate – October 7, 2014

Posted on Oct 8, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Galactic Federation, Sheldan Nidle
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GFL Fleet

Channeled by Sheldan Nidle

6 Men, 13 Tzotz, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We arrive! Our earthly associates continue to make progress to prepare for the dispersal of funds. These funds are to be given only to encourage a global prosperity as well as the end to poverty and all want in this reality. It is agreed by us and our various associates that the old ways of hoarding money and denying the masses their due can no longer be tolerated. Those in the various elements of the dark cabal are to be divested of their ill-gotten wealth. Further, governance, long the realm of these scalawags, needs a complete house cleaning. Those who serve in government have long been beholden to these fiscal rascals. Hence, a broad coalition between them made banks and investment houses largely exempt from the degree of full retribution they truly deserved. This is to change now, as new rules for financial discourse are to end this illegitimate behavior. Arrests are to punctuate this and set the stage for a fresh way of conducting these affairs. This is to usher in a new age of transparency, fairness and worldwide prosperity. This is just the beginning for what is planned!

You require some heavenly and galactic wisdom about your reality and your distant origins as a people. In this regard, we, and your Ascended Masters, are to offer some sound advice and truths about the nature of this realm and limited consciousness. The dark, prior to the end of Atlantis, carefully watched colonies throughout the Atlantean empire. These colonies were eventually meant to serve as the source of slaves. These slaves were to be the basis for the Atlanteans and their allies to drastically change this empire’s societies. This concept was fought by those who understood the special “deal” Heaven had given Atlantis at the time of the destruction of Mu (ancient Lemuria). This conflict was to lead to the destruction of Atlantis some 13,000 years ago. At that time, the Anunnaki emerged as the dark successors to this lost empire. Initially, the Anunnaki filled your ancestors with a great stream of mistruths. The purpose was to forge a mythology to control the survivors of this catastrophe.

The story of your ancient societies is a tale of a growing dichotomy between the technology available to the minions and that given to the masses. A secret science gradually grew up which permitted the Anunnaki’s minions to perform what at first seemed to your ancestors to be magic. The minions were as well taught a vast arcane history, which showed why they were the rulers and how best to stay in power. This relationship between the minions and the Anunnaki lasted until the decree of Anchara was announced in 1994. At that time, the Anunnaki deserted their minions and asked them to surrender to the Light. The minions refused and began a global conflict to determine which faction was now to rule. The dark’s continued quest to retain its power was not checked until we made a number of special agreements with our various Earth allies. They wished to have only our support and to finish off the dark themselves. This last stage began in earnest in late 2006.

Since that time, we have used our offices to ensure their success. The Agarthans committed even more of their personnel to live in your world and advise these special allies on the best strategies to favor. In addition, we obtained data vital for their several strategies. This data, along with our added personnel, greatly aided these brave and courageous souls in their endeavors. Our purpose was to help them in order to see NESARA proclaimed. The new governance was to recognize us and finally end a most malicious cover-up that has prevented us from engaging in a more overt policy of support. We have instead monitored your world and done what was available to us. Our liaisons have been ferrying between these friendly groups for decades. We intend to take a more active role since new heavenly decrees now infer this. Heaven implored us to interfere in a most positive way and ensure that the forces of the Light succeed. Thus, this is the time when the dark is to fade ungraciously from the scene.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with more good news! The various allies from our secret sacred societies, as well as the various Ancient Families, are in the process of transferring monies to a number of distribution trust accounts. Those special groups are to pay out your global prosperity programs and foreign exchange accounts. The dark cabal has long used its positions of authority to prevent these payouts from happening. Agreements and the threat of force by the Ancient Families, as well as by us, finally liberated these accounts from their heinous grasp. Blessed be the ways of Heaven and the power of the Light! These funds are to be ready once a number of final steps are completed. Expect shortly to hear announcements on this very subject. We rejoice and prepare for a number of wondrous blessings for humanity. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

In other news, those in charge of bringing down the old reality are ready to start a series of legal moves, to lead to the rise of the new GESARA governance. We bless these actions, as they are the final steps that are to lead to your freedom and to the true declaration of your individual sovereignty. As the old powers fade, the Light is to emerge triumphant. Be prepared, dear hearts, for some amazing events. Remember this time of your year is to celebrate the end of tyranny and the return of those abilities that were lost during the time of Atlantis. The coming great white month in ancient times was when Atlantis reached its conclusion by overstepping its power. The Light showed that agreements made with Heaven are to be obeyed in joy and in the Light of divine service. The days of darkness are over! The time of the divine Light is indeed here!

We bless these times and prepare, dear ones, for our coming lessons. These are to teach you about the spiritual essence within you and its effects on consciousness. As you rise in Spirit, you gain in consciousness. The spiritual and physical realms here are to merge and forge a new blessed reality. The task we are assigned is to watch over you and give you aid and comfort within the bounds of your individual life contracts. We do this in joy and administer you as is righteously given to us by Heaven. All the Beings of this realm are greatly loved and appreciated by Heaven. In Heaven’s Light, all works in joy to alleviate pain, remove sorrow and seek sustenance for everyone. This moment is thus a sacred one as the tide turns against the dark. The time for this reality’s salvation is at hand! In praise, we gladly state: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued our messages. Be in joy and prepare yourselves for the final steps of this part of your journey. Magnificent events are happening. We are close to the landings. Let these final steps be indeed true and swift. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

* * *

* * *

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