Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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Monday, April 21, 2014

▶ Semjase Pleiades - SMALL CRAFT - "VICAMA" Sharing ... :::

Semjase Pleiades: New words to an old friend, temporal Speaking
Semjase Pleiades

Channeled by Maryann Rada

February 18, 2014

Greetings to all from which is in service with the League of
light beside asket and others will come to know. I am
one who has long been in communication with many people on your planet
and whose role has long been to intercede in the operation of its
social structure at each moment of awakening a broader sense of what the
truth it's about their origins and meaning within the broader context of a
divinely ordered cosmos.

I love the interaction with the mind of their planet, and I love his
people, with all my heart. Semjase I am, and I am coming to you now as one
who speaks to the heart of all humanity in a time of transformation
on a planetary scale. Please listen to what I have to say with grace and
patience, I know that many of you have been hearing a lot of
different sources saying a lot of different things about the way that things
are moving in the world.

My intent of course, is to bring some clarity to those who read my
words, and to impart the knowledge that you are in fact part of a
greater cosmic family, and greater cosmic intelligence sources
the very essence of life itself, we call OM. In that love
that animates all beings, I stand before you now with these words.

upon a time, there were beings traveling in time through a section
of the fabric of space, he met a land incipient and decanted
a great purpose in his plan to temporarily restore the fabric
of galactic history for their own purposes. These beings were astute in
their act of subversion, and early history of the Earth became twisted to
serve his plan.

was not in the power of any star civilizations who had a
part in establishing the currents of life primordial planet to
engage directly with these pirates traveling back in time, because to
do so would have irreparable effects on their own timestreams, and this
is something that they kept the deviation unsubsidized.

Rather, the solution to interference was resolved that for allow
temporal distortion of travelers and stay in the
background as a support to the eventual readjustment planetarium
history with the original course, being stuck at a later point in
the spectrum of time-space occupied land.

This is the point in which we are now picking the story, because in
his view, this is the point in history where timestreams
converge and the annulment of the time stream I rogue and not allow
to drive some aspects of the trip.

They are becoming timekeepers and masters of their own destiny,
now is the time when you are able to decide to take back the
power that had been taken away from you, to put it back in your hands
as a collective same guiding for greater common good,
leaving no one, and that is getting set up again from the
time the divergent time stream entered the scene long, long

This is a slight deviation from the typical story you can hear, and
such After a little, tiny change in the angle of approach that
are normally in the consideration of the concept of self and
collective consciousness. Do not lose yourself as a person in
any of the options, not subjugate yourself greater common
good that sweeps over the individual will in alignment with the harmonious
human being at full bloom.

You do not take a step toward moving back in the future that is
ahead of you as a potential, although there may be in the back of his
mind an idea of losing the brilliance of individuality that
have nurtured all your life, and now. Nothing is lost in the
transition from a temporary power of government to another, other than the
weight of oppression forcing bend their will and creativity
to suit the aims and wishes of others. Worth losing such a
charge, do you agree?

ie not a free for all ensues in which the weak and unconscious
are made ​​to look to others to create a world that may or may not be to your
liking. But it is to say it's free for all to participate and to
move the process of creating within the group consciousness that arises
from the healthy individuals, whole, broken in holy harmony on
one conscious planetary body of their state of being and support of life.

If this is what is meant by the collective consciousness, is not a
more dynamic level of what many of you have considered such a thing be?
can not get into the fairy tale of tales science fiction when
considering the reality of what faces now, all that pales in
comparison to the real world within the galactic society that is
getting more insistently for the day. He tugged at his
conscience now, we have realized, despite the ups and downs that have
been dragging their emotional body, more or less across the roll
motion mountain global integration.

If you experience sadness, anger, frustration, doubt, despair,
or any other end of dark feelings, know that the experience is
temporary and that they are moving through it with the world on his back. You are
stronger than you think, and to confront the gap as being
in service to the higher resolution of the evolution of mankind, does a great
service to a planet in the pain that comes on the recognition of their own wounds
and their own strengths to overcome them.

Totality is attainable for you and the most human organism
of which it is part. As it takes shape, be gentle with yourself
and patient and supportive of each other. Let your joy become the
frequency of the baseline, while the movement toward wholeness happens.

Allow the peace that comes from having a greater release love, and
the love that comes from self-forgiveness and healing of old
memories will lead to greater alignment with each other. This is our
wish for you all the process of becoming is so peaceful and full of grace-as can be, for all and for all.

Semjase This is the League of Light, in service to the planetary
consciousness and the being of all humanity, who speaks through the
good will of someone who has heard my voice as a friend many times in many
lives. Trust these words as you have confidence that others place in
light of his vision of those in service to the same loving crew, and
lo, I am with you, as a friend and sister. In peace, be well,
and know that the changes you have longed are really moving through
the array into a new world

* * *

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