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by Selacia

Equinox was intense energetically, and while some calming winds are circulating to take the edge off, we're about to head into a Lunar Eclipse Saturday at the Full Moon. Here are a few suggested preparations you can put in place now for a smoother ride.

Foresight and being conscious in real time are keys to finding your balance over the coming week. Foresight includes having awareness of big-picture themes and energies that are impacting you and others. Being conscious in real time translates into being awake and present to yourself, your surroundings, and other people.


Remember that challenging planetary Grand Cross we experienced last April? A series of other energy events since then - including the recent Uranus-Pluto lineup and Equinox during a total Solar Eclipse with a New Moon - are even more potent catalysts of revolutionary changes.

Nobody is exempt, and you wouldn't want it any other way, for our world needs the massive overhaul now underway. We are alive now for nothing short of a miracle transformation, shifting our fear-based planet into one of love.

Humanity in fact hit a fork in the road years ago, though only a small percentage of the population noticed. As you know, we cannot continue living on our small planet as we are and have an inhabitable world for future generations.

What's different now besides our being closer to a final tipping point? The fork in the road is now much more visible. It's like we're standing at the crossroads, lights flashing and we must take notice. More people like us are responding from their hearts - taking constructive peaceful actions and becoming the divine changemakers they were born to be.

Tips for Navigating Eclipse Energies

Here are some suggestions for making the most of this week's beneficial energies and remedying challenges.

FIRST: The good news about Saturday's Full Moon Eclipse is how it can illuminate what you need to see. This includes creative insights you have needed to get back on track and solutions for challenging relationship dilemmas. You may even connect the dots between your love for someone and a soul agreement you made in another life. Some insights like these in fact may have started percolating during the Equinox Eclipse - perhaps they didn't register yet in your conscious awareness and this week things become crystal clear!

SECOND: If you have been on a healing journey to address a physical condition, this week's energies may help shift something big. You could be intuitively guided to do DNA healing work, and something you've been working to resolve could change at a cellular level.

THIRD: Self-assessment, so important in an ongoing way to know needed course corrections, may get a push from this week's energies. Consider, even without waiting for the push, what you want and need to change in your personal self-expression and self-care. Perhaps you could benefit from reassessing self-identity, too, inquiring within to know how much of your sense of self is authentic and what you unknowingly took on from your upbringing and role models. Do this self-assessment with kindness for optimal benefit.

FOURTH: Don't be surprised if you are even more sensitive than usual this week. Most likely, you are naturally more sensitive than many around you. That's not a bad thing. It means you are more aware. The key is managing your sensitivity to avoid reaction. Regularly during the week ask for spirit's higher view of things. Tip: spirit works on a need to know basis. Get into the habit of inquiring within. Your question put out to the universe is a message that you want to know something. Trust that if you need to know something and you ask, an appropriate answer is on its way.

FIFTH: Throughout the world, this is a time of beginnings and endings. Cycles like we have now tend to put the spotlight on the unworkable things that need to end and the new directions more in alignment with where things are headed. This is for the planet and everyone around you. It is also very personal. Factor this into the equation over the next several days. Use insights you receive to make beneficial changes in your life.

Take a few moments now and consider the gratitude you have for being alive in these pivotal moments. This week apply that feeling of gratitude, along with kindness, as you respond to people and events. This will raise your frequency and take you out of the mundane long enough to experience the love that is naturally there.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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Selacia 2015 Predictions


Selacia’s 2015 Predictions

- Year to Challenge the Status Quo -

by Selacia

With the Earth still sitting at a precipice, hovering like a giant ball between the old and new, it may appear as though nothing is changing in a substantial way. Don’t let these outer appearances fool you! Indeed, plenty is changing and happening here on this planet.

Yes, we are still at a tipping point. That precipice remains a real threat in 2015. We must take notice and act while there is time to change the planet’s destiny.

Humanity needs to come together with a shared vision and act with a new consciousness. Given our long history of aggression and wars, this indeed is a tall order, but this is what we were born in these times to facilitate.

We are no lightweights – we are divine changemakers!

You may already think of yourself as a divine changemaker. That role in fact years ago may have made so much sense that you have been applying your energies to needed inner transformation and to actions in your outer world. Example: as you healed on an inner level, you applied your increased light-filled consciousness to everyday situations involving relationships and work.

Consider inviting your Higher Self to be with you as you read further. Ask for spirit’s view of what the words here mean for you on a personal level. Chances are, over time you may find you resonate with different parts of this article. Idea: place a copy of this 2015 predictions article somewhere handy so you can refer to it again over the coming months.

Encoded at a DNA Level

Remember: we are encoded at a DNA level to be at the forefront of Earth’s massive shifting. We have had lifetimes of preparation to be here now. It was no accident, then, that we were born when we were – so we could stand out front and lead the way. Our groundwork is much vaster than we can possibly imagine. It is fueled in a quantum way by our eternal connection to spirit.

To serve in the highest way at this juncture, our souls incarnated here on Earth in physical form. The idea is to bring spirit into this physicality – our bodies and our expression – actively engaged with the world. That is how we grow spiritually and it’s also how we become powerful agents of positive change.

Consider right now how much growth and change you already have experienced personally. If you are really honest with yourself, it’s probably more than you achieved in most of your previous lifetimes. Earlier historical cycles simply didn’t have that much going on compared to now.

What is Changing

Let’s consider some examples of what indeed is changing in our world. Inequitable power structures and true reasons why we historically have waged war are being seen and seriously questioned by a growing number of aware and educated people across the world. Because of the accelerated awakening under way across the planet, light is now shining on countless issues and imbalances. Much that was hidden is coming out of the closet for all to see!

To be sure, seeing what needs fixing and actually fixing it are two separate things. Example: you notice after getting dressed in the dark that your socks don’t match. If you are still at home when you discover this, you find the matching sock and fix the mismatch. It was easy to fix this very simplistic problem.

For more complex things – especially those involving other people and a myriad of circumstances beyond your control – a radical shift in view and a higher consciousness response are required. Don’t let complexity deter you from engaging actively in situations in need of remedies. The world needs your light and heart-centered approaches – trust this.

The 2012 Effect

As you ponder humanity’s progress to date – looking at what has actually happened and how much has changed – get out your quantum glasses to see the big picture. Linear thinking won’t show you what’s truly going on – it’s too attached to dates like 2012 and other markers when so many people mistakenly bought into the fantasy that our world could shift overnight.

Things are shifting and the changes have been unfolding for a very long time. However, remedying all of humanity’s dysfunctions in place for thousands of years is indeed a process. When we apply linear yardsticks to what is possible, we set ourselves up for a big disappointment.

If you are among those feeling disappointed after humanity failed to have a mass ascension in 2012, it’s time to let that go and move on. Disappointment, after all, is only reducing your frequency and preventing you from fully participating in the most amazing consciousness shift ever undertaken on Earth. It is happening and you are a key puzzle piece in the outcome.

Fate of Earth in Our Hands

Each of us has a role to play in what happens next. The fate of Earth is in our hands. The year 2015 is a time when this truth will be more evident than ever before. It is a time when we are being called to take a much more active role in Earth’s future. At this crucial stage, we cannot afford to sit on the sidelines, waiting for authority figures to discover and fix everything that’s wrong.

Background on Power Structures

Since so much of what needs to shift relates to misuse of power, it’s helpful to understand the background. Power structures – and the conventional institutions established to implement things – were set up long ago based on linear models. They were never functional in an egalitarian way. The models had a hierarchy favoring those at the top.

Consider that in past lifetimes you experienced both sides of this polar opposite equation! Sometimes you might have been a wealthy land owner or ruler. Other times, you might have been a peasant or slave – not allowed to own property or have a say in what happened.

Acknowledge that you probably had a part to play in setting up and administering power mongering systems. Seeing that you helped to create both sides of our current dilemma can help you to be more compassionate and loving as you do your part in remedying things. When you take responsibility for your energies over time like this, you can move beyond blaming the “bad guys” now in charge.

To really change anything, we must see the totality of what needs changing. We must see things from all angles, all perspectives, factoring in the whole and the historical background. It’s not enough to simply elect new leaders who can easily become enmeshed in the status quo of an existing protocol. Voting is important, in the various ways we can vote our ideals, but voting alone without other actions reduces the power we truly have. Similarly, it’s not enough to simply pray for solutions, either, although of course prayers can help. Our energies and actions in the world must be in alignment with our prayers and intentions.

We cannot overhaul a dysfunctional linear world with a linear approach. That’s like putting a small Band-Aid on a huge wound. We must think bigger and outside the box of convention – nothing short of quantum will do!

We are naturally inventive and curious. We can apply those qualities to create and participate in brand-new ways of coexisting on our small planet. Look around – examples like crowd-sourced business models are popping up regularly. Watch for other new models too.

Allow the successes of others out there breaking the mold to inspire you to take risks. Refuse to settle for the status quo simply because you don’t know what else to do and it seems bigger than you.

Impact of 2015 Energies

The energies of 2015 – including planetary lineups and other factors – will catalyze even deeper levels of questioning and greater unrest than we have seen to date. Uncertainty and chaos will continue. These disruptive energies will sit side-by-side with a growing public clamoring for more peaceful and simpler times.

In addition, most people will be feeling an incessant urge to restructure the foundation of their lives. You may feel it even if you have recently made big changes. Why? There could be a symbolic crack in your foundation – some area of your life where you need to get more serious and responsible.

The importance of self-mastery in relationships will remain a dominant theme. Indeed, how you relate to yourself and others will play a key role in how you experience life and how fast you advance spiritually. Tip: keep relationships on your radar and as difficulties arise, do the inner and outer work to keep things in balance.

Another continuing and important theme for 2015: the need to master your use of will and inner fire. Since fire is required to fuel your rebirth, become familiar with how it operates in your life. Finding your balance before acting on your fire will remain one of your essential tasks.

Depending on how those cosmic energies line up with you personally, this year can feel like the push you have needed to step fully into your empowerment and boldly step into unknown territories.

Challenging the Status Quo

In order to effectively meet the energies of 2015, you will need to challenge the status quo on a regular basis. What does this mean?

First, it means challenging your own status quo, questioning how you are used to operating in all kinds of situations. What you will discover is that much of your personal status quo is habitual and hasn’t been questioned for a very long time. Begin an ongoing questioning process now.

Second, it means putting a magnifying glass on the status quo within your relationships and key life activities such as your work. Remember: just because you’ve always done something a certain way, this doesn’t mean it’s the optimal way! Relationships in particular can become troubled when two people come together and aren’t clear in their communications about what they want and what their boundaries are.

Third, it involves questioning more of what you see in the outer world. Many things are not as they appear! Ask the deeper questions other people aren’t yet asking. Refuse to go with the pack of public opinion on things – you want to find your own truth.

Only by questioning convention, becoming informed, and understanding how things operate can you begin to clarify what role you can play in changing what’s not working. That role in 2015 must be more than ideas and complaining about injustices. Your light-filled presence and heart-centered actions are needed. Trust that you will be guided over the coming months to discover what this means for you personally. Know that you indeed have what it takes to not only sustain your forward movement but to thrive in love and joy.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of “Earth’s Pivotal Years,” healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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How the Equity Markets Will Crash – Chart-Technical Analysis 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 13, 2014

Georgi Stankov, November 13, 2014

I prepared this chart-technical analysis on the major equity indices and how they will crash in the coming days for Brad Barber, who made a donation today with the following comment: “Best use of money I know of. Thank you!” and for all those like him, who are interested in the technical details regarding the coming crash of the Orion monetary system that will trigger the collapse of the old matrix and will lead to our Ascension and the MPR, as also confirmed today in Jahn’s latest message.

As I have already written on a few occasions, I follow the equity charts and the world economy very closely since the early 90s and have predicted all recessions and the depression in 2008 earlier than all well-known experts. At the same time, I have developed a chart-technical analysis based on my theory of the Universal Law that has been proven to be the most reliable prognostic tool, I have seen so far, and I know quite a few.

Now we are in a unique situation, which demands the immediate selling of all equity portfolios as long as the market is still liquid.

Let me explain: As you know, all equity markets are currently rigged. The physical investors have, by and large, left the stock exchanges since 2008 and the share prices are since then manipulated by coordinated, rigged electronic trading done by a few US and other Western big banks and funds. Until they crash them in a controlled manner as the Twin towers. And we are exactly at this point in time now.

All major indices, such as DJ and Nasdaq, have reached an all-time high, while gold has reached an all-time low for the last five years. Thus gold behaves reciprocal to all major equity indices, which is a clear indicator for the true value of these equities – namely none.

We have now a triple peak in DJ, Nasdaq and in all other major indices, such as FTSE, Nikkei and DAX in the last 4-5 months, since the beginning of this summer, with an extreme sharp 3rd peak in the last two weeks of October. This alone is the most clear proof for massive speculation of the big banks, before they cash and leave, and crash the markets, as the world economy, and in the particular the US, Canadian and EU economies, are in a terrible shape and this peak is not justified by any sound economic data from the real producing industry. It is a very short and highly explosive equity bubble, created by rigged electronic trading on a large scale by a few big banks and funds.

Now, there is a golden rule that has always proven true in the past. If you have a triple peak in the equity charts and if this peak is an all-time high, as is the case now, it will turn south all of a sudden and will nose dive very quickly. There has never been observed four peaks in all-time highs in equity charts. Each triad as an all-time high ends up with a crash and a prolonged bear market.

And this is what will happen between now and the end of this year.

The bear market that was supposed to come in October – and it did come, but was postponed by this latest short-term, rigged rally for a couple of weeks in the second half of October (since October 16th) – will now come Big, and definitely by the end of this year.

Here are the major indices from Wall Street Journal as illustration to this chart-technical analysis:

Dow Jones (6 months):

And here is a long-term chart of Dow Jones since 1988, which shows the self-similarity of this chart over a longer period of time, compared to a shorter period of six months:

Dow Jones (All):

All past three peaks on Dec 31, 1999, Sept 28th, 2007 and now on Nov 12th, 2014, when a plateau has already been reached and the downward spiral can commence any moment from now on, are almost identical in their behaviour as the short-term peaks since Juli 16th this summer when the first all-time peak for this year was reached.

The two all-time highs in 1999 and 2007 were followed by the biggest and most prolonged recession, respectively depression since the Great Depression that began in 1930 and lasted till the late 30s. The recession after reaching the first all-time high lasted from Jan 2000 till end of 2003 and also affected 2004. The biggest depression after the Great Depression began in early 2007 and not in October 2008, when the Wall Street investment banking was wiped out from the map, as some short-sighted experts claim. It started with the subprime mortgage crisis, when one of the greatest financial scams of all time became visible to the general public (I personally knew it since the beginning of 2003).

The third and last all-time high at this present moment will lead very soon to a total collapse of the Orion financial system, most probably after I have published this chart-technical analysis as a Logos God who has a significant say when the financial crash will commence. This time however there will be no recovery whatsoever, no matter how painful. It will lead straight to the full collapse of the old matrix and the coming of the MPR. This is one way how to predict the future behaviour of the equity markets by using a chart technical analysis of their history in the intimate knowledge of their similar behaviour at different linear time scales.

Now everything I have said about Dow Jones holds true for all other major indices as they behave according to the principle of self-similarity, which is the most obvious proof that these markets are highly rigged and carefully manipulated by a few major, insidious Orion players. Below are further major equity market indices, where you can observe this principle of rigged self-similarity:



This index is the only one that has not reached its all-time high, as it was twice as high in the 80s as is now, before it crashed significantly in the 90s after the real estate bubble in Japan burst and the economy of this country has never really recovered since then. Japan is in stagflation since the early 90s, which is the worst possible condition for a sound economic growth.

But this fact is irrelevant for my analysis, as we are talking here predominantly about North American and European shares. We can easily assume that the Nikkei index will follow slavishly these indices as it has done in the past because Japan is not in the position to generate its own economic impulses and to decouple from the coming Big Crash, as this may be the case with Russia and China that have already become self-sufficient and independent of the rigged Western monetary system controlled by the Orion/Reptilian central banks such as FED and ECB. This is one very positive consequence of the Ukrainian crisis according to the current ascension dialectics: “The evil that always creates something good”


The fact that the gold price behaves reciprocally to all major equity indices is the most reliable proof that the markets are currently rigged and highly speculative and will turn south any moment from now on.

Hence we have now the best moment ever – a huge gracious gift of heaven, if you want to name it this way – in the history of the equity markets since the Great Depression when all equities should be sold to 100% and keep the money cash at home when the markets crash and the banks will close. And they will crash with a 100% certainty till Christmas.

This is my honest and professional advise to all those, who will not ascend with us and have decided to experience the calamities of the coming Big Events, before they can move to a higher 4D timeline. For the light warriors of the first and the last hours this whole scenario is only of “academic” interest as future Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. But of course after our ascension we shall know much more than here discussed.

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