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Sharing.:::.Message From Asun, Ascended Master, on October 30, 2014 .:::.The Creation of Nation States and Constitution to Deter You From Your Core Truth ::: Processing the Dark Fallout After the Activation of the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates by the PAT

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Message From Asun, Ascended Master, on October 30, 2014 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 2, 2014

Carla Thompson, November 2, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Here is a message that I received from Ascended Master Asun, the morning after our visit to the Radiant Rose Academy. Some of the information is personal, and I have removed it.

With love,


Hello! I AM Asun! I extend to you a warm welcome to our beloved group of ascended masters in the making! Your energy was pure and brilliant to many there. You left quite an impression within the group! [ Asun is laughing ]

Your role was to create a Trinity, a Trinity Union, with myself and Akasha. The purpose of the Trinity Union was to fulfil your destiny to provide your divine template, to ours, in a combined effort, for the purpose of flooding those ascending souls who have been deemed to be ready for the next level of integration and service.

You recall my message to say that next year, these souls will be ready to move into hands-on healing and fuller manifestation of their dreams? Well, they required your presence, your template, to receive these gifts of the Godhead.

You are now recalling the message that anyone who looks twice their biological age simply holds a chaotic energy field and a non-acceptance of self-perfection and self sovereignty. This confirms that some Beings in your life also reflect this chaos, the chaos from an unsettled mind and a broken heart. Do we recommend these energies to anyone? Of course not! We, as Creator Beings must surround ourselves with peaceful energies, and from these peaceful energies, clarity of thought ensues. But for clarity within the heart One must do the inner work; One must reveal the layers of the onion that represent one hurt, or another. Each hurt must be healed and released, for there is no ascension without a whole heart, a healed heart!

Those who have experienced pain at an early stage of life, particularly in this life, must now move to clear each moment of suffering, in a moment to moment removal through intention to heal and release every single layer of suffering, and there are many layers to suffering in some hearts!

So welcome here! Akasha also welcomes you here! We send you the greatest blessings of Love you have ever received! We wish you a wonderful day, blessed heart! We will meet again very soon!

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The Creation of Nation States and Constitution to Deter You From Your Core Truth
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 4, 2014

Laurie Stearns, November 4, 2014

The system and formation of nation states (all countries) and governments rule practically every area of peoples’ lives. They literally, through the media along with all government imposed activities on people at bureaucratic levels – whatever they are – be they borders and passports, tax systems, insurance of all kinds, law enforcement agencies etc., are meant to impose themselves on the peoples purity of thought, literally freedom of thought, and supercede it to replace that purity of thought, which is the Creators thought and freedom flowing through you, with their own restrictions enforced upon you through your own inability to discern this.

With all of these constitutions, laws, rights, which apparently ‘protect’ your freedoms, while insidiously taking away your ‘true’ freedom of thought process and replacing it with theirs, by way of all law enforcement and education (so called), as well as, fake religions to replace your real connection and purity of thought / INTELLECTUAL thought based heart thinking, which is your connection to GOD and ALL THAT IS, you have a complete system that enforces itself through the non-discernment of the people, who are contributing to it and living in it.

Anyone who wants to bring back any constitution in any country is misguided. Because, all of these ‘constitutions’ were first put into place to make you believe that your freedom might / or could be in jeopardy. All the while, it was replacing your true freedom of thought process to a 2 dimensional piece of paper (originally) that could be manipulated.

This is how the Orion / Draconions have been using energy to manipulate the masses of people into believing their agendas:
By first turning all freedoms given by the source into 2 dimensional pieces of paper to create a false system of law tethered to these pieces of paper – because they have been written down and apparently they are vulnerable.
By taking these pieces of paper and the words written on them and using them against the people if they didn’t follow these ‘laws’ written on the paper.

The constitutions of the world are nothing more than pieces of paper, which have morphed into whole thought processes that control large, vast swathes of land and the people living on them thinking that they need these pieces of paper with these ideas to be free. ‘TRUE FREEDOM’ is in your ability to recognize this sheer utter folly and nonsense that has been controlling your entire being on this planet. It is true that what we think we create, depending on where we place our energy and how we are conned into believing something that isn’t true. Subconsciously, we’ve been handing our power over to others who have no moral or ethical standards, and vast amounts of people are seemingly OK with this.

And this is why nation states are phony entities and any glorification of them in any way shape or form is retarded thinking. The original people of North America – which was called Turtle Island by them – knew this when they were invaded by the Europeans and were herded onto reservations and all the land was taken from them. They never ‘owned’ land, it was a completely foreign concept and they knew that ‘owning’ it was an absurd idea, along with creating these nation states.

Nation states often, literally control every aspect of people by manipulating their thought process to try to take away the ability to connect to source GOD at the core of your being – which is purity of thought. Because when you do this and discover what that means, you start to see through the manipulations, contrived fear agendas and you are not so easily influenced by the propaganda, because you aren’t giving your energy to these things anymore. It is not in the best interest of the contrived agendas for this to happen. Because the realization that you don’t need the constitutions, the monetary systems and the fake laws which keep you in order – so that you aren’t thinking about your true nature and ability to discern and understand all of this – liberates you from this system and the true nature of who you are and starts to manifest inside you more and more. This system would like you to believe that just being yourself and living your highest potential is unattainable and unacceptable. Many people accept this lie and live accordingly.

The only reason the truth is radical is because people have been conditioned to live in mediocrity and seem perfectly content to live that way and ‘Live lives of quiet desperation.’ as T. S. Elliot said. This desperation has to do with getting back to your core source and soul and out of this mind controlled matrix. That is why there are vast amounts of substance abuse on every level imaginable. (We have talked about this many times on this website.)

This is also how they have infected the Light Workers with these ideas of restoring the constitution to its original intention and honouring this idea of the so-called freedoms contained therein. Plus, fake funds and money coming from some non-existent St. Germain fund (NESARA). It is solely to keep people enmeshed in this system and thought process. Because without it, they are toast.

Let’s face it, they could only come up with the ‘idea’ of a ‘constitution’ to protect those freedoms by realising that the connection to your GOD SELF was a threat to them. And thereby turning it into something they could manipulate and morph into a whole system based on laws to control this aspect of you, to get you to obey their system instead.

However, they can’t get rid of your ability to connect to the Source, so they needed to find ways to contrive and manipulate this ability to force you into obeying their fake system; that of which they’ve been doing for thousands of years through the Pavlov’s dog conditioning system. Haven’t you had enough of it?

They need and depend on your energy to keep their game going and how they get it and use it is very telling, because they depend on your complete ignorance to perpetrate this system / game. They need and depend on complete fear – conscious or unconscious – to control the masses, so they don’t start looking out of their imposed box way of thinking; i.e.; nation state obedience, scarcity / lack (of money) and tools to keep you tethered to their system through many other beauracratic means.

Many people would argue that you need some system in place to keep order in society – especially from all the nut cases out there. This is simply NOT true, and is another part of this system to con you into believing that you couldn’t have any order in society without the current system or some modification of it; through constitutions and revaluation of currencies etc… The nut cases are – by and large – fabricated stories by the controlled media to keep society at the controlled and controllable level. Many – if not all – of the incidences are created by the secret services to create havoc at the societal level. So, you no doubt know; create the problem, then, offer the solution that people will ask for, just so they can be ‘safe’.

The natural order of the soul is cooperation and creativity of the highest order. When we have this connection to our souls and All That Is, we automatically have order, cooperation and creativity. We become aware of the higher order of this vast Universe, which has the most amazing order, WITHOUT constitutions and silly fear mongering laws. Certainly without any money.

The PTW know all too well that the constitutions are merely their creation and that they are literally meaningless. Give the people freedoms they already have and pretend they are vulnerable by other ‘less free’ nation states who would want to take them away, when you are creating the havoc, and then tell the people they need to be ‘protected’. And then on top of that, create money markets and pretend economies and insert the idea of lack and scarcity, and that pretty much puts the icing on the cake to create any scenario you want to keep people enslaved to a system.

What’s more is that spirituality; that deep connection to your soul and god has been made to look like airy fairy, silly goofy stuff. But, just in case the masses find they need this, they can look to the created fake religions with angry gods and feel bad about being born in sin on this amazing planet that has been exploited by the PTW, for their own unsavory uses. You can also feel bad for being alive on this planet and for taking up space and using resources that YOU are depleting – ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is a big lie. The entire solar system is getting warmer, not just planet earth. Yes, this whole idea of energy being depleted and you using too much is utter crap, and is another ploy to keep you feeling scarcity – lack and insignificant. Energy is free and from the source, and there is plenty of it.

You can also go and buy books and search internet sites on the ‘New Age’ – which will tell you so many conflicting things you will be baffled – As you well should be. But, if you realise that, that deep connection to your inner-self is your God core, you will also realise that this is where you will find your true connection, which will help you realise many, many things about this false society that you live in. And this will be all you need to find all of your answers; it will lead you and help you with whatever you need because of the innate intelligence that is part and parcel of this connection.

You will also have to let go of all the imposed fear that has been hoisted on you by this false society. All of the education, religion, constitutions, money systems, fake science and a medical system that wants to destroy your body and your true connection to your God self.

Do you need a straight-jacket, are you out of control? Will you go and create havoc now without these institutions of mind control and deceit? How do you feel?

The connection to your true core is the only thing that will guide you. And that is why you are being led away from it. The ascension of humanity is THE next step of evolution for humans, not some new technology. But you don’t get any free rides – You have to do the work of letting go of all of the crap you’ve been led to believe. Read: ‘The New Gnosis’ on this website by Georgi (free download), it can answer a lot of questions for you.

Think about it.


Dear Georgi,

I wrote this piece on nation states and how they control humanities connection to Source. I realise, as you’ve stated, that this is a huge topic. This is a modest contribution to that. Needless to say it isn’t written for the PAT, but for others who would come to this website in search of answers. If there are any problems with it, please let me know. If it is publishable, then I would be happy for it to be so.

On another note, I had a huge headache on 30th October (time difference between here and Vancouver) in the afternoon and felt completely wiped out by the energy coming in through my crown chakra. This lasted the whole weekend with the energy streaming in at night and even during the day. It seems to be ongoing, even today Tuesday, especially at night and throughout and early in the morning.

Kind regards,



Energy Update – November 4, 2014

Dear Laurie,

first of all, I fully concur that the greatest ascension shift of all time as I experienced it on Oct 29/30 continues unabated since then, with another peak this night. I guess this is a very powerful upward spiral that is preparing the opening of the portal 11.11, which must be huge. Whether this will be sufficient for us to ascend, remains to be seen, but it is becoming obvious now that the last phase of ascension is in full sway and nothing can stop it anymore.

By the way, this is the topic also of Jahn’s light reading from this weekend with Elijah in German. I hope that he will soon publish the English translation.

The national state is a key topic and I am very glad that you have addressed this issue one more time. I will publish your essay today.

Only two days ago we listened to the latest message from Usa,as a channeller of the Radiant Rose Academy. It dealt with how an obscure group of K17 – ascended masters are protecting the Canadian state from terrorists with respect to the recent incident in Ottawa and how they want to preserve this state, reiterating the whole bullshit we know from other dark sources that circulate on the Internet. Can you imagine this?

Then I wrote a letter to some members of this academy and told them that this channeller and source is infested by dark forces and channels dark information. I will send you the response separately. This shows how blind these people are, because they have not cleared their minds with respect to basic 3d aspects of life, and in particular with respect to the national state, in which they live and what they could expect from it as sovereign beings and creator gods, namely nothing else but naked enslavement, and why we do not need this form of organisation in the higher realms. If one would have cleared his mind on this issue and then have listened to this channeling about ascended masters preserving the rotten national state of Canada, ruled by the clone Harper-Sharper, in other words, if they would have applied this criterion of truth, they would have immediately discerned that it is a dark source.

Hence this topic is of huge relevance and actuality now more than ever.

Thank you for this contribution.

With love and light


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Energy Update of the PAT – November 5, 2014
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 5, 2014

Processing the Dark Fallout and Chaotic Energies After the Activation of the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates by the PAT

November 4 -5, 2014

Hi Georgi,

I just got done reading your energy update and I concur with it. This part right here,

“Today, I feel, to use Carla’s private term, fully “disco(m)bobulated”, which means that my coordination barely functions, so that I drop all objects and spill any glass or cup I have in my hands, my mind can barely concentrate and a very unpleasant inner agitation has a grip on my body. I can barely cope with this 3d reality at the most elementary level and so does Carla. From what I get, this holds true also for most PAT members”, I especially resonate with!”

I very much so have this inner agitation and it increases whenever I have to relay any information to humans in public or over the phone…it just feels like I have to leap over oceans to even get basic things done. The lack of intelligence and critical thinking among the majority of humans is still staggering to me. Today, I was extremely tired. After my boyfriend and I had lunch, we decided to take a nap at my apartment and immediately both of us fell into a very deep sleep. We only meant to sleep for an hour but suddenly about 3 hours had past. Then my boyfriend went to sit up on the bed suddenly, realizing he had some important work he was neglecting, and he was so “out of it” that he fell back on the bed and immediately began to snore. I did not wake him back up because I could feel that his soul needed to be elsewhere for that time.

Then this evening, I am just feeling mildly irritated and bored with things here. I was thinking what I might do tonight after I went for a 3.5 mile run, since I do not watch television or really have any social life outside of my dog and my boyfriend. But, there is really nothing I want to do on this planet other than eat, go for walks or runs, have sex, or sleep. That’s pretty much the only activities I do other than working as minimally as possible to get by.

I wanted to ask you a question about the LBP because I have not been having my regular period at all. In fact, I skipped it altogether in July, had it again in August, skipped it in September, and had only 2 days of very light flow in October. Is it possible that females will cease to have periods once in our Light Bodies? I am not pregnant (I have checked several times). Well, that is all I have for now. I just continue to feel the heaviness of being here, while having periods of time of extreme lightness and joy. It seems to just be swinging back and forth drastically.

But at least I am now having some wonderful sex and sleeping really well so I am thankful for both of those things. Oh, and regarding the message about nation states and such, I have always cringed when people say things like, “we need to get back to our constitution!” LOL. Complete morons. The problem definitely isn’t that we’ve veered away from any Constitution but from our connection to Source.

Love, Kari

Dear Kari,

thank you very much for your lucid comments on the current energetic situation. I am glad that you can enjoy life and the simple basic pleasures it still offers. I am also trying to do the same things in addition to editing this website.

Now to your question. I can very well envision that in our light bodies we will be free of the current physiological cycles and in particular of the female menstruation as this function will become obsolete as there will be no pregnancies any more in the 5D. Hence I do believe that the LBP massively affects the physical body in this respect and stops the regular period. But this happens also with many other women who are not in the LBP as you know, so that it is difficult to make a distinction here, but I am fairly sure that in your case it is LBP-related.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I do hope the people from this academy read some information on the website and start to put some things together – they seem pretty misguided, but this is nothing new to us. However, it still astounds that people cannot see this stuff. Another synchronicity with the essay. I actually wrote it in my journal as part of a therapy session for myself, and then thought I could write it out as an essay and send to you. I did not know that Jahn had done a light reading on this, as don’t understand German (although my mother spoke the language a bit, as her parents came from Germany, and after living in Southern Russia and getting free farmland, they then immigrated to Southern Alberta and got free farmland there, after WW I, I think, not sure about the date).

Yes, Harper has to be a clone puppet, and the Canadian people stay ever more somnambulists.

One does hold out some hope that people will start to see some things, but I have no vested interest in it. I used to try and educate some people, very modestly, due to the fact that I didn’t feel like dealing with their name calling and complete denial – Nothing has changed, or very little.

We live our lives in such strange ways the PAT, but I suppose it’s the only way we can.

On another note, I wanted to tell you this some time ago, that I was pleased to read in the Jahn’s book on Telos, that all people who are ascending are taking some plants and animals with them. Jahn had actually done a channelling where he describes a bear in his bed.

I think I told you at one point that I had seen a gold sphere beside my bed upon waking in the night, well, what I didn’t mention, was that there was a BIG leopard that I saw and felt physically jumping onto my bed that night as well – Which scared me, initially.

So, this leopard, which I’ve known about before – who is actually a jaguar – is a one of my guides, and has been for a long time. But I dismissed this for about 3 years and thought it was only my imagination. It wasn’t, it is and it has been trying to get my attention again for a long time. It actually took me to the inner earth on many occasions to show me the tunnel systems and also to meet with people there.

It has been a guide of mine for different lives and made itself known to me after doing a journey many years ago while dealing with some rather difficult personal issues. So, I do think that I will be ascending these animals with me.

Hope you and Carla have some sunshine in Vancouver. The weather here has been sunnier and drier, and then it rains and gets cold – as cold as it can for this time of year; 23c – 28c. I don’t mind, as I hate the intense humidity here – autumn is drier, thankfully so.


Dear Laurie,

it is very interesting that your grandparents came from Germany and became farmers in Alberta, as Carla’s grandparents were also Germans and came from Bessarabia (Siebenbuergern) to Canada before WW1 because they were peaceful people and anticipated the coming world war. They also received land in Alberta and became farmers. I am also speaking German from time to time with Carla and with her mother, who used to speak this language as a child in the family before WW2 started and the Germans were treated with contempt in Canada as the enemy, thus neglecting the fact that most of them fled from Europe because of all these wars and were pacifists and against the Nazi German State. Nationalism is the worst form of collective hatred and a source of infinite new wars. So much about synchronicities in these days.

It is very interesting that you write that a leopard is your spiritual guide. I remember that Jahn’s sources said an year ago that we are in the ascension phase of the tiger and that these cat animals represent the character and the mental make-up of the light warrior and the ascended master.

With respect to the mentality of the second wave of ascending candidates, which more or less represent the large group of the present-day light workers, they all display the same features driven by unprocessed fears to radically reject all old Orion thought patterns which they have embraced in their angst to leave the comfort zone of their petty lives and jump into the Unknown of the LBP and full ascension. Of course one can argue that this is their specific path of evolution to ascend first to the new 4D worlds without fully entering the LBP and then to begin slowly ascending to higher levels under much more favourable conditions as the Elohim confirmed to us.

But this is a very narrow and treacherous path, because at the current critical junction they must release a lot of old stuff as to qualify for these upper 4D worlds and not descend to lower catastrophic timelines and have a prolonged period of terrible experiences before they learn their lessons and move to higher 4D worlds.

I think that these people fully underestimate this danger as they are not aware of the laws of multi-dimensionality that determine the final destination of the incarnated soul fragments and because they tend to an unduly euphemistic presentation of the current 3D reality and its peaceful transition into the light. In other words, there is no effort on their part to analyse in a sovereign intellectual manner their current reality and lives and make the bold and right choices.

Carla told me that Usa from the Radiant Rose Academy who was channelled byAsun on that night essentially told these people that they should use their divine mind to develop their creationary potential as gods, in which they now do not believe. Carla personally felt that the energies of Asun were in fact my masculine energies, which is not at all surprising as at that time I was retrieved to the HR and activated together with the PAT the ascension of this group to this uppermost mother planet from many lower timelines.

I think that, with the global integration of many light workers belonging to the second wave of ascension in the last week, the PAT has decisively accelerated the speed of separation of the worlds and the ascension of Gaia to the new Galaxy. But it also shows how intricate these energetic processes are and how much effort must be exerted on our part against all kinds of resistances coming from this light workers community before we can finally ascend and no longer be the babysitters of these still deeply slumbering people.

With love and light

Dear George,

Although I am a bit late, I wish you a very happy birthday! I remember how each year in the approach of it, you wrote that you do not wish to experience it and hope to ascend before then. Good to take a holiday and get some enjoyment out of this day instead.

These last few days, and especially today, I see more and more how the “default logic” of this reality is removed and changed. This I see in various aspects in the personal life. Perpetual patterns and loops that have occurred in my personal life and that I’ve observed, which seemed to have no solution in the past, because it was not the time for it yet, are suddenly changing. This process has reached a depth and scope not reached before. It is very hard to make this clear with real examples as it is the sum of so many things.

There has always been a same old same old about this life here, no matter how many steps we took in the ascension process, this always stuck. In every little thing, an aftertaste, predictability of life. The kind of things that happen in my life and the kind of things that don’t, all known to me, each time just repeated in superficially different form. Like different games of chess, but each game still has the same rules and thus the same kind of limitations.

This has always been the consequence of the lower dimensions, a hurdle that could not be overcome, because it was necessary to stay somehow connected to that reality. And this foundation became weaker, but compared to what is happening now, these previous changes were just minor nudges. Everything is just so different from say, last week. The people I meet, common things, but also things people generally don’t take notice of. Many of the smallest and seemingly insignificant details, when I notice them they seem so incompatible with the 3d matrix, they orientate to something else. The reality that is now separating from the lower dimensions, it’s core no longer touches the core of these lower dimensions, but they just intersect on the edges.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

thank you very much for this keen and precise analysis of the subtle changes that happen on the surface and remain unnoticed by most people, but already herald the sweeping changes that will soon sweep away this old matrix. Of course it needs a lot of clairvoyance and clairsentience, and first and foremost a total lack of any fears that expands human consciousness to register this tectonic shifts before the cracks appear on the surface.


Dear Georgi,

Due to the immensely chaotic energetics of this time, I will not elaborate on my present, no less chaotic experiences in daytime, however there is something I want to share with you, which may be connected somehow to the recent work regarding second wave ascension candidates. After our latest email exchange on September 24, I’ve been doing some brainstorming as to how we could build more pathways of least resistance, as this is still the way the energies from the Source penetrate this transitory reality with it’s countless overlays. I knew that any such accomplishment can only be done on a level deeper/higher than our daily consciousness, as trying to impact people on the level of the egotistic mind is like trying to penetrate a multi-layered firewall system, as we’ve been experiencing this millions of times in this life. In other words, their mind is more like a path of total resistance.

If I remember correctly, the following event occurred on the same September evening during a walk, when energies were storming through me, as they do practically 24/7. All of a sudden, despite the immense energetic pressure, my mind suddenly became unusually clear, and from a higher level, a message came through me. It was not directed to me, but in a way I functioned as a transmitter for this message, although I have no experience in channelling in linguistic form at all. It was more of an attempt to contact other souls in a telepathic fashion. The core of the message said that all light warriors and spiritual seekers on this timeline/overlay are to be directed to the PAT website, as well as that of Jahn Kassl. To my assessment of the energetics of that time, I must have been present on a lower timeline for cleansing duties. If I remember correctly, the message came through in English, however I repeated in in Hungarian too afterwards.

This might actually be connected to a preliminary energy work paving the way to events, such as your recent visit to the Radiant Rose Academy. My question to you at this point is whether you have observed a rise in the number of visitors to your website from the end of September up to this time? This could confirm once more that we function as energetic pathways/bridges between worlds/overlays of various densities, and that the attempt to weave more souls into the web of light is a successful one.

Another synchronicity I have observed, is that during the summer and early autumn, I saw many times the poster of a cult-like spiritual hub in Hungary, called the “Lectorium Rosicrucianum” (The spiritual school of the golden rose cross). / Upon checking their material on the internet I had to realize that on an intellectual level, they offer close to nothing to their followers, it is more like a confused collection, a melting pot of various spiritual ideas, offering no clarity to the reader. It is as gloomy as the New Age overseas, but they seem to build more on projecting some aura of luring mysticism and eeriness.

Thank you for your attention.


Dear Zoltan,

I fully agree with your assessment of the current psycho-mental situation regarding the second wave of ascension candidates which the PAT now activated for the LBP. What you have experienced during your walk was what I regularly do since many years, namely to enter in an expanded awareness a very intensive dialogue with numerous soul groups at the level of the HS and to do global inter-counselling with respect to their fears and problems on the ground that keep them stuck in the old Orion patterns.

This is the most effective form of education and transformation of these incarnated souls from the fulcrum of our HS as Logos gods. I have written about this phenomenon in the past, but it is altogether not well understood and truly appreciated in the New Age. Even the PAT needs more inner work to understand the effectiveness and the scope of this method of education of less evolved souls, as this will be exactly our main light work after ascension.

We now already do exactly what you suggest, namely not to enter in a direct dialogue at the ego-mind level with these people as the mental and emotional resistances of these second wave of light workers are so huge that it is impossible to lead any meaningful conversation with them, as the latest email exchange with members of the Radiant Rose Academy showed. This holds true for all other similar, more or less cult-groups such as the Rosicrucians, which I have discussed in the past on several occasions.

Because of this the number of the visitors of our website has steadily, but only modestly increased in the last month or so, but it is still below the numbers of visitors before I closed the website for six months end of last year. I do not observe any huge surge in interest among the New Agers and I honestly do not expect it before something big happens. After that the number of visitors will skyrocket and this point in time is irrevocably coming closer and closer.

With love and light

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Processing the Dark Fallout After the Activation of the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates by the PAT
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 5, 2014

by Georgi Stankov and Catherine Mill, November 4, 2014

Georgi Stankov

As a follow-up to Laurie’s excellent essay on the national state as the chief instrument of the Orion /Reptilian PTW to enslave humanity in the current End Times and why this knowledge should be a basic principle of truth in evaluating the content of any channelled messages from the HR, I am publishing the following email exchange that processes one more time the dark fallout from the incredible alchemical action of the PAT to heave the second wave of ascension candidates from all timeline to this uppermost mother planet and to activate them for the LBP.

This major step in human evolution was accomplished by all true members of the PAT, the so called “light warriors of the first and the last hours” on November 22, 2011 when I, as the captain of the PAT and human nexus to the Source, transmitted these codes and energies from the Central sun and opened your 4th heart chakra and your left brain portal that connected you to the 8th through to the 12th chakra and thus to the Source. The final connection to the Source happened then in January 2012 after we opened the major stargates 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. This energetic work is carefully documented in real time on this website.

I am giving you this background now as to appreciate the huge work the PAT has done in the last several days and why it is not done yet. In a separate short energy update I will explain why we are in the midst of our cleansing and ascension activities in preparation for the next major portal on 11.11.


November 3 – 4, 2014

Dear George,

What a coincidence. I sent your link to my friend in Canada – Toby. He then told me how he met Carla in person on the night. We know it is not a coincidence. Me flying over thinking of you and Carla and Toby meeting Carla in person. We know it is San Germaine of course and the Elohim.


Word of the Day:

“Courage In Women Is often Mistaken For Insanity‏”
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Dear Catherine,

Thank you very much for this information. Below I am sending you an email Carla and I forwarded to Dolly from this academy. Toby must know her. My impression is that this woman will not forward it to this group for ego reasons. However this information is of great importance to this group if they have a chance to awaken and ascend. Hence please sent this email with the links to Toby with my request to distribute this information personally among the other participants of this course.

Tell him also that we listened to some of the channelings of Usa, the channeller in this Academy and they are very dark tainted, The participants of this academy are highly endangered as they have no corrective to tell them what is the truth. The message they heard from Asun when Carla and I were there was however pure as our energies were present in the gathering and we opened them for the LBP.

Toby can contact me or Carla if he needs more information.

Here is Carla’s email: ….

Thank you for your effort.


Our Visit to the Radiant Rose Academy on October 29, 2014, Energetic Background

Dear Carla,

as discussed, please find the links to the four publications on our website covering the above mentioned event, which should be forwarded to Dolly and the people from this academy for thorough scrutiny and intensive elaboration.

There is no doubt that Akasha and Asun had arranged this meeting in order for us to help them demonstrate to the participants of this ascension course how a true ascended master looks like and how his energies feel to other ascension candidates.

But this was only the superficial effect, as the people present there must have registered our energies only at the subconscious level. The most remarkable effect was that we used this encounter to unleash our usual alchemical reaction as Elohim and Logos Gods to activate the second wave of ascended masters, where the members of this academy served as a representative sample, as I received this information from my HS during this alchemical reaction in the lobby, while waiting for you, and which the Elohim then confirmed in their message to you the next day.

The first ascension wave consists of the light warriors of the first and the last hour of the PAT (planetary ascension team), whose leaders we both are, and I personally as the captain of the PAT and editor of the PAT website (This information is for Dolly and the others from this academy as a background).

I personally estimate the number of the second wave to be in the millions worldwide, but many of them may not make it, unless they make a radical U-turn and discard all useless human habits in a most radical manner. This was the main topic which I discussed with the souls of these people, while waiting for you in the lobby in a very powerful inter-counselling, as I told you that evening.

My HS told me that they must now overcome the last most difficult hindrance on their way to entering the LBP (light body process), which the PAT achieved three years ago and some of these light warriors of the first and the last hour even much earlier, and accept fully their divine essence as powerful creator gods, while leaving back all emotional and mental past beliefs and prejudices that hinder them to display this divine potential.

From what I gathered from your description of the ascension course, this must have been the tenor of the lecture of Asun. You mentioned that you sensed his energies to be very similar to mine. This is not at all surprising as at that time my field as nexus to the Source was fully opened and enormous energy intensities flowed through my body and field. These energies must have been utilized by Asun to stir the participants of this course, which he could not have generated on his own as an excarnate. He obviously needed my support and energetic field, which he then harnessed for his pedagogic effort to convince these people to recognize their creationary potential.

This is my additional contribution to the energy report, which I immediately prepared and published on the next day. And here are the links to these publications on our visit to the Radiant Rose Academy on October 29, 2014:





Finally, I would recommend these people to carefully read my latest comprehensive critical overview on the fallacies of the New Age movement, where I discuss the most common deficiencies of the light workers that hinder them to enter the LBP and transfigure, as we did last year.

That is all for the moment. This is our unique and unconditional offer, but it is up to these people to take it or reject it. In the second case, I see little chances for them to ascend to the upper 4D worlds, we have already created as Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. I think that this should be made clear to these ascension candidates. This is also the pronounced intention of Akasha and Asun, as the latter told you in a personal message that is not part of these publications.


Word of the Day:

“Discreteness is an Orion invention for hiding the truth.
Full transparency is basic spiritual principle of all existence on 5D and higher dimensions.”

Thank you so much Georgi,

I know exactly what you mean and no matter what I said to Toby over the years. So pleased that you confirm my feelings. I had mentioned all this to another friend in Texas who knows Toby..

I usually wait until the truth comes to light for these people, but feel I must act now on this one. Between you and I its a money making racket too (the Radiant Rose Acandemy)!

I will send him your e mail and see how he takes it from you and Carla.

Love to Carla too.

Love and Joy Always

Dear Catherine.

Thank you very much for this information. Except some minor inconsistencies that Akasha and Asun Ascended in the 90s, the ONLY thing that I see that very much contradict the rest of the information is the sentence where he says that the channelings “are very dark tainted”.

Considering everything else that is said, it just does not make any sense to me. And if that is correct, I just can’t get enough of that kind of darkness.

I LOVE it!

The rest is very inspiring and encouraging. Was Georgi physically present, and if so is he a partner or husband of Carla? I thought he lives in Germany?I wonder if Carla is coming back to more of the classes or perhaps attending the conclave? She is a very nice lady and it would be great to have her in the “Rose Garden”, perhaps as a teacher too.

Now that I have her email I can always ask her myself as it was very nice to chat with her and she probably remembers me.To work at that level she is of course guided as to how and where to serve. I will definitely send an email to her and thank her very much for her service to all of us “Roses”.

Of the 25,000 that lived in Delphi 37,000 – 25,000 years ago only about 6000 have made contact with the Academy. Usa and Excalibur are not “channelers” but Messengers, having been prepared in several life times for their Missions.I have a picture taken by someone on the advice of the Pleiadians in the area of Palestine that shows Jesus, his uncle Joseph of Arimathea and Usa/Peter the disciple of Jesus and Excalibur/James,Jesus younger brother. The Pleidians opened the akashic record as the picture was taken – an AMAZING picture.

In other words, Usa and Excalibur have known each other, probably many times in past life times they seem to get along beautifully and also live together. Excalibur was Saint Gertmain’s brother when he incarnated as Francis Bacon an d wrote “Shakespear”. He came to earth 70,000 years ago, studied humanity ( the insanity of humanity ) for 60,000 years and his report is “Shakespear”. It is not possible to really understand his writings without the knowledge of the I AM PRESENCE. Excalibur must have set a record regarding spiritual progress, as he found the Academy only about 6 years ago.

Usa and Excalibur are both super great guys.

Cheers and Blessings,
Toby, Member of the Radiant Rose Academy

Dear Catherine,

the messages we heard from Usa so far were indeed very dark, but I do not claim that there are some that are not. The ones we heard were as dark as the messages from Kathryn May and she gave up channeling after I exposed her recently. This is a fact.

For me it is irrelevant if a channeller can deliver clear messages from time to time as long as he is tainted and delivers also dark messages and is not capable of discerning this fact. If Toby “cannot get enough of such darkness” then there is no hope for this group. Let us face the fact that Asun and Akasha asked us to come to this academy and help the people there that are stuck in their development precisely because they think the way Toby thinks and thus cannot enter the LBP.

I know better than anybody else how difficult it is to overcome this hurdle as I opened most of the PAT members for the LBP in 2011 and it is the only group that will ascend to 5D and higher dimensions and have undergone a transfiguration into light body last year. I have heard so much of this kind of cheap argumentation, which is only a manifestation of deep seated fears to jump into the abyss and have faith in the HS, that I am not impressed at all by Toby’s arguments. My clinical eye tells me that these people will not ascend to the highest 4D worlds if they continue carrying their blunders as the group around the Cosmic Awareness did, when I demolish their credibility and foundation by showing irrevocably what a dark source it is. Since then this group has almost vanished from the scene and even the recent rare messages from Berlinghof only confirms my “in faustus” diagnosis.

All the other stuff, who was what and did what in past incarnations is so naive and “human” that it does even make me laugh.

The story that Asun and Akasha were incarnates was the actual misunderstanding and reason for Carla and myself to visit this “academy” (which is more like a cult club). If we were not pushed by our HS with this false information, we would not have visited this academy and there would not have been this huge global alchemical reaction to heave all these second wave of ascended candidates to this uppermost mother planet. This is what our HS do from time to time as they know how we shall react to the naked truth. Hence they hide it for a moment as to push us to do things we normally will refuse to do in better knowledge. This happens with all incarnates but very few are so discernible as to realize this well-intended “mis”-guidance of our HS. One must be a real ascended master to discuss openly such issues.

Toby has not properly read my energy update, where I explicitly write that I waited in the lobby at that time and saw how the indoor pool on the 5th floor crashed and buried underneath the whole building of Holiday Inn on a lower timeline before we moved this group to a higher timeline. None of them of course noticed this massive transition as their left brain portal is still closed and they are incapable of experiencing such intensive energies from the Source as the PAT can do in the meantime.

This should suffice as additional information and we honestly do not intend to deal with these people in the future if they continue to be so stubborn, but we already anticipated this reaction on their part,,which is nothing new to us.

You can forward this letter to Toby if you want.


Dear Georgi.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for your efforts with this group. I simply watched it over the past year or so.

I have learned that like any cult, its members just go deeper into it, if I speak truth, so now I leave them all to learn in their own time.

Love and Joy to you and Carla.

Dear Catherine,

this is what we will also do.


Dear George.

It’s all we can do really.

As to Kathryn May. I am so glad she has stopped channeling. I spoke to her a few times and went on conference call once over a year ago. Then I knew it was all ego and no real healing being done. I exited immediately, said it to the others and asked them to say nothing and that she would flush herself out in the end.

Another one is Veronica Keen. I have been in her home and seen the dark entities – I called them hoppers at the time, but now see them in Lord of the Rings as Gollam.

Love and Peace to you and Carla.

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