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Videos Of Revelations
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 23, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, December 22, 2014

Please watch this video on “The Royal Family Dark Secrets” before it is taken off by YouTube or the dark secret services. It is an excellent documentary showing what bloody criminals the British Reptilian Royals are. Nothing new to you but the facts are very well presented and documented. This could be the beginning of broader revelations for the masses. Hence popularize this video:

In addition you can visit this website and watch more videos with revelations about the Orion cabal, also known as Illuminati.

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Trigger to Ascension
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 23, 2014

Master Kuthumi 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 23, 2014

translated by Franz 

To awaken from the dream into reality and to overcome Life in this reality. To attain rulership over space and time, to recognize whose child one is, and to see what is hidden to the human eye until the day of the Light: God’s Glory.

Beloved Ones,

in these days much knowledge is given to you and your consciousness is being consistently expanded. Thereby an extreme awareness of the world and of Life emerges; you become clearer and more conscious and you must recognize that a great part of mankind does not react to the cosmic Light of Love. God’s fields of grace are hesitantly or not at all entered into (by the people), God’s fields of grace remain unused. This includes the awakening of individual human beings, and it is a substantial number, and does not exclude it.

In this transmission the Light is directed to the fact that the discrepancy between the different levels of awareness of human Beings increases.

Inconsistencies of this Time

While the ascending ones expand more and more in the divine Light, the remaining ones lull themselves into a false sense of security, given that the ascension seemingly does not occur. With the increase in awareness of a being, the perception of the divide between the unconscious and conscious ones also increases. While you are purified, redeemed and refined due to the influx of the Light from All-That-Is, and you still are, the majority of human children remains in their old doings, in familiar thinking and become entangled in externally determined emotions and sensations.

Linear Change no longer possible!

It is important to understand why today a “linear change”, meaning a step-wise evolution of mankind on this Mother planet of ascension, is no longer possible. This process would devour further eons and this quota of space-time is no longer available to this earth. The time is truly over and therefore those, who awaken now, will step toward their completion on the newly created planets of schooling of the 4th dimension of All-That-Is.

In order to correctly understand the quality of this time, it is important to understand the inconsistencies of this time.

Immense discharges of dark energy on the one hand and until now unsurpassed light influx for this world. Day after day these realities, whereupon human beings act, drift further apart. And each human being perceives what he has chosen and finds himself in “his” world and in his reality.

While the ascending ones become lighter and more transparent, the remaining ones become more polluted and less transparent for the high Light energies of Creation, because they failed to grow with the continuously increasing vibration.

The decisions have truly been made and yet the exceptions determine the events of time.

Ascension Energy and triggering Moment!

Thereby human beings who were least expected turn toward the Light. These human beings enrich the ascension energy together with the light warriors of the first and last hours. The “ascension energy” is the energy, with the help of which the magnetic pole reversal happens, the worlds separate entirely from each other due to a multitude of follow-on events, and the return of the light warriors is fulfilled.

We stand at the point in space-time, when it only requires the triggering moment and this world will tip over from its present fabric, will be transformed and reborn.

Reborn, just like you, who with longing expect the day of days, you, who have understood the Now, and yet in the space-time are still confronted with the past and the future. This message serves the purpose so that you all understand the further extremes, the “distortions of this time and this society”, and so that you draw the right conclusions, because:

The further the divide between the awakened and the ignorant ones drifts apart, the closer is the day of truth and the day, when God’s Glory is manifested in this world.

Before this world is transformed, the differences between human beings become increasingly apparent. To recognize Light as Light, and darkness as darkness; whereby the awakened ones can well distinguish and recognize Light and darkness, while the unconscious human beings lack the quality to be able to make the right allocations. The divide between human beings continues to increase, until the discrepancy in the world becomes unbridgeable, whereupon the worlds separate and take their new place in this galaxy.

Understand the inconsistencies of time and you have understood the course of the world.

I am the way for this understanding,

I am

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Arcturian Transmission to Earth - Part 1

Dear Illustrious Guests and Beings of Earth,

Welcome to our spontaneous transmission to Earth. For this transmission, we have the honor of having attendants from different dimensions and timelines joining us. We say "beings," as this transmission is coming to you via light codes that persons, animals and plants can absorb into their consciousness to accept a "knowing" of information.

Each of you will receive this information according to your species, form and consciousness. Yes, your earthly plant kingdom is very much alive and eagerly accepts all of our transmission. We will begin our message by telling you a bit about light so that you can more easily translate our light language into the language of your current grounded expression.

Light exists in units called photons. Photons have no density and no charge and travel beyond the confines of "time." Hence, the primary component of light is, in fact, timeless since we speak to you via Light Language. Since your physical form has myriad photons, as well as protons, which also travel beyond the speed of light, you are innately beings of light hidden within an earthen shell.

Therefore, the higher frequencies of your multidimensional consciousness and much of your earthen vessel exist beyond time. Your higher frequencies of "SELF" resonate beyond the hologram of third dimensional Earth. In other words, major components of your physical form are not limited to third dimensional Earth.

Your earthen vessel contains the lower frequencies of your consciousness, as well as the vast quantities of fear-based emotions. These emotions lower your consciousness to the frequency of survival. While in survival mode, your vessel is filled with adrenalin, which further lowers your consciousness into the base reality of fight or flight.

Therefore, we remind our away team that wanting to flee Earth is not consistent with your innate unconditional love, but an anomaly of your fear. Hence, we suggest that you focus your attention, not on fighting the darkness or running away to a better place. Instead, focus on the bliss that flows within the feeling of unconditional love.

Your thoughts come from your brain, but your emotions arise from within your body. Many humans have said that emotions cannot be controlled, which is true while you are experiencing fear-based consciousness. However, once you remember to send unconditional love into every challenge and/or stressful situation, you will become the master of your emotions. As a Master, you can control your emotions because you can control your state of consciousness. 

It is your state of consciousness that determines your choices of perception. When you are in a lower state of consciousness, fear easily permeates your thoughts to create even greater fear. Then you seek the cause of your fear rather than your innate solution of unconditional love.

On the other hand, when you live from your core you become the light of your own Central Sun and your myriad photons make your body a Galaxy of light. Every atom in your body serves as a Sun with myriad planets rotating around it. When you think of yourself in this way, it is not a large leap of faith to realize that you are a being of light.

You do not need to create a lightbody or even flash into a lightbody. Instead, simply embrace the fact that your innate SELF is light, which has become embedded in matter (spirit/light into matter/form) so that you can experience the third dimensional frequency of reality.

You might say, "If I am a Master, why would I need to take on such a low frequency vessel?" There are two answers to this question. First and foremost, you the members of our Away Team, took on a physical body to intimately connect with our dear friend Gaia who is ready to transmute into Her Lightbody.

Second, you took on a form as a rehearsal. Our entire Universe is moving into a higher octave of reality. If you can rehearse for this event by raising the frequency of your personal form, you will better understand and deeply appreciate how difficult it is for an entire planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Local Universe to transmute into a higher octave of light.

Some of our ascending ones still believe that if they try very hard, are immensely good, are vastly patient and extremely patient they will "get" to ascend. Within this belief, ascension becomes a reward for being a "good person." You do not need a reward because you are already ascended.

You did not come to Earth at this time to evolve. Instead, you greatly devolved your SELF so that you could maintain a low enough state of consciousness to inhabit a third dimensional form and go through an extremely long time to grow up. Because of the efforts of those who are NOW adults, many children are able to reveal the expanded talents of their true SELF at a very young age.

These "children" have abilities that adults had to study for decades to master. This is because YOU, the ones who were born in the times of deep darkness and harsh realities, have expanded your consciousness enough to be a living portal of light. As this living portal, your higher consciousness has been able to accept light from the Sun, and even the Central Sun, into your form.

You have then grounded that light into the planet, to share it with Gaia. A photon of light leaves the surface of a sun or star and travels through space to reach your form the instant that the photon left the star and the moment that it connected to your body. NO time has elapsed because the photons travel beyond the limitation of time.

We know that this concept is difficult for your 3D brain to conceive, but that brain is only an illusion in the matrix of the third dimensional reality that you are currently wearing. Your 3D brain cannot conceive of instant travel. Therefore, it creates a scenario in which there is time. In the physical world, it takes "time" to travel across space. Therefore, where you are going is separate from where you started.

It is in this manner that third-dimensional polarities are formed. A major polarity in your physical world is the polarity of good and bad. These "opposites" appear to be polarities because the infinite and timeless "in between" of this spectrum is not perceivable to your third dimensional consciousness.

The core, which is center of the "in-between," resonates to a frequency that is often invisible to your third dimensional perceptions and the lower frequency edges of the spectrum appear to your third dimensional perceptions to be the only reality. Thus, the lower frequency edges of a spectrum of thoughts, emotions, objects and concepts seem to be separate polarities.

As your earthly consciousness continues to expand back into your innate multidimensional consciousness, you will begin to experience more and more of the "in between." In fact, the billions of photons within your earth vessel perceive ALL the in-between. This in-between is perceived as the HERE and NOW.

Via your in-breath and out-breath you are constantly exchanging your photons with every other seemingly separate being on your seemingly third dimensional planet. But, if you are filled with timeless photons, and your body is made of the same elements as your planet, than Earth is also filled with timeless photons.

Therefore, your seemingly third dimensional Earth has a huge element in which its photons are instantly dashing to other frequencies of the light that are constantly permeating the "time" of the time-less NOW. In this manner, your third dimensional reality is deeply influenced by the higher frequency realities that resonate to the "in between" of your perception.

As your consciousness accelerates beyond the third dimensional matrix, you will begin to also release your experience of time. It is then that you will start to remember that time and space is actually aspects of the same third dimensional mechanism. In the higher dimensions of reality, the "time" is always NOW and the "space" is always HERE.

Time only expresses itself sequentially within the lower worlds, and space is only experienced when it takes time to travel across it. Once you are free of the illusion of time, your consciousness is free of the 3D matrix and can expand your conscious perception to include the higher dimensional realities.

This expansion of consciousness assists you to remember that both time and space occur via your consciousness through the mechanisms of inward and outward pulses of matter to antimatter (as in a black hole) and antimatter into matter (as in a white hole). Do you understand how YOU are a portal?

This inward and outward flow overlaps at the point in which space and time meet in the flow of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. Once you have this experience via your fifth dimensional consciousness, even though you are wearing an earth vessel, the limitations of the 3D Matrix will have no meaning to you.

When you consciously experience the constant in-flow and out-flow of time and space moving through your current earth vessel, your consciousness expands to embrace your true Multidimensional SELF.

Life and death then take on the meaning of birth/into body and death/out of body, but the "body" is only one of your many parallel, alternate or higher dimensional bodies. In fact, many of you who are receiving this message are having outflow feelings that you are dying, or that huge elements of your life are completed. At the same time you are having inflow experiences of being reborn in some way.

What is occurring is that the components of your life that are unacceptable or intolerable to the frequency of your higher states of consciousness are on outflow so that they will no longer limit your higher dimensional perceptions. With the outflow/death of these limitations your consciousness expands to accept the inflow/birth of new concepts, perceptions and experiences into your daily l
When your consciousness is focused inward, you can perceive the inflow that you have been allowing into your reality. Then, during your outward focused states of consciousness you can perceive that which you are sending out into your world. In other words, you are not just the recipient of the inflow and outflow. You are also the source.

As the source and core of your galaxy, you can best understand how space and time float in a great cosmic sea. Past, present and future float within this sea as expressions of the NOW that you can accept or reject as your perceptions of reality. Every possibility for every expression of your SELF floats within the HERE and NOW of this Cosmic Sea.

The matter of your form and antimatter of your consciousness interact and intermingle as spirit into matter and matter's return to pure spirit. Within your galaxy are many stars. Some of these stars are ready to blink out of your life, whereas other stars are in the process of birth.

Your consciousness has been attached to a 3D matrix of form for myriad lives. NOW it wishes to expand back into its true housing of a multidimensional lightbody. We conclude our transmission for today so that you can integrate this information into your personal and planetary form.

We will return soon to continue this transmission. We suggest that you allow our words to flow within the cosmic sea of your great Multidimensional SELF.

Until then, we send you unconditional love.

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 21 hours ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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Short Energy Update – December 22, 2014
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 22, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

We have survived the stargate 12.21 one more time. I say this on purpose as I still remember very vividly that after we, the PAT, opened the stargate 12.21.12 and initiated the New Age of Gaia and humanity, I was physically so hard hit that I was about to die. At that time I was the only human nexus to the Source. Carla, whom I knew at that time only from our email correspondence and did not know yet that she was my dual soul, felt this imminent danger telepathically and asked AA Michael and the ascended masters to come and help me in a powerful invocation. She then wrote this to me and I indeed felt much better and slowly recovered. This experience impressed me so much as I did not expect this kind of help from somebody living on the other side of the globe. This experience then facilitated my acceptance of the fact that she is my dual soul. And the rest is history, as they say.

Then in January 2013 the light warriors of the PAT decided to also connect to the Source and alleviate my light work. Although the energetic pressure continued unabated during 2013 and 2014, I can say that now, two years later, everything is much easier, notwithstanding the fact that the current energy waves are objectively of much higher intensity and frequency than in the past and that when they flow through our fields they can be sometimes really devastating and physically depleting.

This relative easiness is due to the fact that we have in the meantime fully transfigured our bodies in the summer of 2013 and since this summer you have been endowed with the new mission to become Logos Gods of Gaia and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. Shared pain is half a pain, as the Germans say and the combined power of the PAT Logos Gods is now beyond anything this planet and even this omniverse has ever experienced.

Nonetheless, yesterday was a veritable hell for me. In the morning I was overwhelmed by a massive tsunami of collective fears and huge anxiety that I had to process. It came from everywhere, even subconsciously from my two daughters with whom I talked on skype in the morning. Then around midday my soul left my body all of a sudden. The bitch has done this several times in the past when the plot was thickening and the unbearable pressure and devastation that overwhelms you after your soul departs the body is indescribable. You feel all of a sudden as if tons of lead are pressing upon your chest and that there is no vital force anymore in your body, as if your blood vessels are empty and collapsing, while you fall into an abysmal darkness. You can barely walk and have no drive to do anything whatsoever. You feel imprisoned in your physical vessel and have the feeling as if this solitary confinement will last for ever.

Fortunately, I know how this feels and that it is of a temporary character. The only positive aspect of my soul’s departure was that the poignant perception of the fears and anxiety from the collective stopped immediately. Probably this was the hidden strategy of my soul – to relieve me from this very negative and depressing experience by retrieving me emotionally from this crumbling holographic reality. I must also add that both Carla and I had a lot of chills in the last several days again, which are always associated with MPR on near-by timelines. Hence this dreadful experience was well founded in what is now happening on parallel timelines and realities in close proximity to this uppermost mother planet in preparation for the final MPR here.

Due to the very compressing energies in preparation for the opening of the portal 12.21 this last week, we both felt completely severed from our HS, so that Carla was unable to connect to the Elohim, although she made several attempts. The only vision she gets is that the electric grid of the old Orion matrix is now rapidly falling apart and that all dark human patterns and vices, such as greed, avarice, gloating, hatred, etc. are breaking apart and flow away from the grid into the abysmal space of All-That-Is. She sees us being on a much higher frequency level, a kind of a safe platform, from where we watch this spectacular cosmic play beneath without having any attachments to it. But most of the people are still fully immersed in this holographic matrix and are now overwhelmed by these negative feelings and behavioral patterns that loom high and dominate their thinking and actions in a very compulsory manner. It is as if we are watching Hades from Olympus.

Yesterday evening, the energy peaked one more time and created a huge vortex around my body, so that I thought that I would ascend. My whole body was vibrating with incredible intensity and bursting into billions of quantum particles. And of course, as is always the case when such energetic bouts from the Source arrive, my third chakra was badly hit and my stomach felt like a glowing furnace. During such episodes I move very quickly through different timelines as the 3rd chakra is responsible for our multidimensional travels and bilocation. The vortex energies were more harmonious than the previous ones associated with the cleansing of collective fears due to MPR on near-by timelines.

After that my soul began to descend again in my body incrementally.

This night I became one more time the “second central sun” and was emanating Source energy the whole night, while radiating huge amounts of heat and sweating like in a sauna, although it was rather cold in the bedroom. I have had such episodes now three or four times and they were always of pivotal character. The first time was when we created Gaia 5 in early December 2013 in Lofer and in preparation for the unification of all past human civilisations, such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Shamballa into the new blueprint of Gaia 5 (for further information read here).

This morning I have the feeling that we have moved through a birthing tunnel and have now emerged on the other side. Today the energies are not so compressing and the clouds this morning at sunrise were pink and orange and gold – it was amazing, as if we had arrived on 5D. Carla had a nap in the morning and dreamed that she held a giant book with a leather cover where all her creations of ascension were shown to her in a final overview. She was accompanied by a young lady who explained the images to her and she might as well have been my twin flame, who is not incarnated or her HS. I was not present in her dream, most probably because I was making coffee in the kitchen.

I myself had a dream this night of celebrating with many people in a garden party among beautiful houses and at the end I was making the barbecue – grilling steaks and the like for the guests. It was 01.00 a.m. in the night, this was the last thing I dreamed of and this hour must be of symbolic character.

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HS Message – The Solstice Fires of Ascension: A Message for the Masters 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 25, 2014

by April Bender, December 25, 2014


Georgi Stankov

After a long period of creative silence (as we also had it this year), April has published a new message from her HS, which I have the pleasure to publish now on my website as to make you aware of her comeback.

April’s HS fully confirms the preeminent role of the new, fully activated and sentient crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet as the primary source of all creation. We are well advised to use this crystalline grid extensively in order to manifest all our visions for the highest good of humanity.

This is now possible after the old electric grid of the Orion matrix has been fully severed from this crystalline grid, so that all old, low frequency emotional, fear-based patterns, thought forms and service-to-self behaviour have no energetic support anymore. They flow, so to say, loose in the infinite space-time of All-That-Is before being recycled by the Source. This is what the Elohim told us in their last message. And this is also the key message in April’s latest channeling of her HS.

Carla and I have personally started to use the new crystalline grid by aligning to it with the help of the five flames from the source as presented in our last decree in order to achieve a peaceful implosion of the current power structures of the Orion elite and their demise to lower catastrophic timelines.

As the current equilibrium between darkness and light on this planet has significantly tilted in favour of the light and the light quotient has reached unprecedented high levels, it is now possible to create the inevitable “resolution through confrontation” – the collapse of the Orion 3D matrix – without the necessity to unleash a devastating new world war, but only through a global crash of the Orion monetary and banking system. “Resolution through confrontation” is another basic term, which April’s HS has introduced some time ago to explain the energetic, dialectical dynamics of the final phase on this uppermost mother planet that will culminate and end up with our ascension and ID shift of part of humanity to the new 4D worlds in the Golden galaxy.


April’s HS Message

The flood gates are open, an explosion of light dances its way in, the unified heartbeat of Prime Creator pulses forth.

Anchored pillars of light ignite and blaze forth colossal fires of shimmering crystalline energy, casting aglow all vessels/portals which have been painstakingly prepared. They now stand awash in brilliant crystalline fires of divine truth and divine potential – simply waiting for thy master’s blueprint (thought/ feeling “impressions”) to give it form, function and purpose.

Living, moving, breathing crystalline codes/glyphs dance upon invisible walls of translucent light within these portals/vessels – sustained they are by its crystalline fire. Invisible to those who see only the material, visible for those with spiritual eyes to see. They are everywhere, every several cubic feet, running from the celestial heavens above, down into the darkest underworlds of earth – illuminating all possibilities, all possible coding/matrix arrangements to the master, so that he/she may select from among these the coding of tomorrow.

Each master must now center, and call forth or decree (and by doing so co-create) that which must be made manifest from this crystalline fire energy that is now made available through each master’s portal/vessel, and exists at every dimensional level (as the bandwidth of crystalline light implies).

You are to mold, fashion and make form from this fire light of creation. You are to hold the image in your mind continuously of that in which you would see made manifest/ form for the greatest good and liberation of All. Hold the idea/ intention/ impression in your mind and then give it a little push to “lock” it in, and repeat. Keep your incubated impression charged by seeing the crystalline fire in your portal/ vessel/ field envelope and nourish this thought form. Soon you will have a nursery of higher dimensional, highly charged thought forms.

Once form, function, and purpose are determined, this crystalline fire energy will then blaze its way across the master/portal/grid network in an effort to magnetize and weave itself together with other like energy/intentions and/or thought impressions. Creating in effect, larger crystalline fires of ascension that will see these crystalline blueprints enacted/sealed. Remember, though you can direct it, this fire, this energy, has a living consciousness all its own. It is a being in and of itself made up of a collection of elemental spirits/ beings of higher order, so not only should you commune with and get to know this divine crystalline fire energy that you’ll be working with, but you should also respect and befriend it.

In contrast, celestial waters of life, light, and intelligent design flow, sparkle, shimmer and shine as they cascade onto earthen shores. Cooling the great ascension fire, bringing balance, harmony and healing as the shadows of darkness/ illusion seemingly grow, contort, dance and play in the background of such luminous fire. And remember, one way or another the shadow MUST be integrated as well as the light, for no fragments can exist without the whole. With water you are also including elements of the collective psyche. Therefore you must know, that the “reconciliation process” is indeed peaking. For many, many worlds at various dimensional levels are indeed seeking reconciliation and resolution through you, the master’s of earth. Tap into these celestial waters when in need of soothing or healing or after any intense crystalline fire work.

(As you are rightly sensing, the world will once again be reborn through the elements of fire and water. Both literally and symbolically.)

*During the last six months, many masters have been reintroduced to their true divine heritage, their soul/ star lineages and ancestors, and countless parallel lives/ incarnations as the soul retrieval process peaked. Now you are asked to go within, connect with them all again, and utilize/ harvest the highest wisdom from each, in order to manifest a new age/aeon of experience. One in which the foundations are based on Truth, Love, Unity, Transparancy, and Wholeness.

For NOW is the time to “impress” en masse, on the new strata of crystalline material now permeating the earth and made fully available to you. For if you do not, others most surely will and humanity has already been down that road. So get busy and have fun with this! Imagine you are a child again and have been gifted a brand new set of play-dough. In your delight of such wondrous raw material, what is it that you will create, mold, or fashion one passionate thought, word, decree, impression, or ritual at a time? And perhaps even through this exercise, you will come to find that group “impressions” are much more effective (Hence our collective decree to crash the banking system, as this is the most peaceful resolution through implosion of the Orion matrix, rather than through a war. Note, George).

There are absolutely no limitations or boundaries in this endeavor so explore, think big, and create! But as always, be responsible. For fire has two dimensions to it, it can birth new life through transformation but it can also destroy. Be wise in your wielding of such creative and destructive inner power for surely you will be called to utilize both, much in the way that you have already applied these elements to your own inner process of growth, but this time, in a much larger and integrated way.

One last thing to consider – your crystalline bodies and Cities of Light are made up of this same raw crystalline material you are now being asked to mold/ fashion/ impress. All the tools and building materials needed are now FULLY available to you, using your highest Will and Wisdom, what is it that you as Creator gods will now create? What are the hearts of your ancestors, both of earth and the stars longing for? What is humanity as a collective longing for? What are you longing for? What does Gaia long for? What does this entire localized area of Creation long for?

What is the highest experience they all, are trying to call forth from within you? Search your heart and your higher wisdom and you will KNOW. Create that. Be as detailed as you are able.

This is your task between now and the spring equinox, when all that you’ve been impressing begins to be made manifest very much in the physical. Your Higher Self and the earthly and celestial orders stand by to assist you. Call on them anytime you need their assistance or support. They are more than eager to add/blend their energy to yours. For this entire endeavor is indeed, alchemy of the highest form.

Be sure to rest or recenter often and to drink plenty of water as you are and will be, moving and interacting with tremendous amounts of highly charged fire/water energy at this time. Keep your self-care toolkit handy, but also be prepared to soar to new heights of joy and adventure not yet experienced. This is the part of the ascension process that can be the most exciting, if that is, you’re able to keep your eyes to the light, and focused on the goal. However, if you waver on issues of faith, empowerment, confidence, etc… you will easily be overcome by the dark shadows dancing and revealing themselves, feel drowned by the rush of incoming celestial water, or short-circuited by the crystalline charge. This is why all the centering, clearing and empowerment work of the last year was of paramount importance along with the overall soul retrieval process. It has all prepared you for Now – this very moment. The stars have now aligned so to speak, to bring you to this most momentous juncture of human history.

Now wield your hard won powers! BE the creator gods you know yourselves to be! Show us what we know you are capable of! Create, create, create!

Until next time…

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