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Entering the New World

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 26, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, March 25, 2015

Since we opened the Eclipse-Equinox portal this weekend, we have entered a new world. I feel it and you must also feel it as some of you have written to me. But it is impossible to relay this knowing to other people who still dwell in their old reality. However life is becoming for them increasingly hard to cope with.

The whole energetic structure of our reality has changed from within and has become malleable from without. This new energetic quality could manifest as immediate creation at all levels or simply as the disappearance of unpleasant contemporaries from our life, such as the Internet trolls on this website.

After I finally decided to write my article on the catastrophic financial and mental situation in Canada “Why Canada is Bankrupt” as to vent my negative impressions from one year observations on this slumbering nation, the Canadians begin to awaken and revolt, much to my own surprise and inner satisfaction.

One year cleansing on my part of this second biggest in territory country seems to bring abundant harvest. Only two days after I published my article thousands rallied across Canada against new anti-terror law under the slogan ‘Freedom in jeopardy’. Coincidence? Hardly.

Today thousands of Canadian students took to the streets in Montreal to protest against sweeping education cuts.and austerity measures in one of the biggest anti-capitalist rallies in this country.

When you watch the video below observe that there are only red banners and slogans to be seen.

Although these young students do not know even remotely what communism is, these symbols of the past have come to haunt the criminal dark ruling cabal in this country that has voted in recent months in a most clandestine manner one law after the other that restrict basic human rights of this once free and proud nation.

The Canadian police used tear gas and reportedly fired rubber bullets and sound bombs at hundreds of students after the authorities declared the march illegal from the beginning, saying that protest organizers failed to provide local authorities with their itinerary, which is required by the new insidious bylaw P-6. which declares illegal any rally of more than 8 people.

This means that all students gathering in front of a school after the end of their lessons could be arrested by the Canadian police.

But this time it will not be so easy for the ruling cabal of Harper-clones to suppress this rapidly growing popular unrest. And don’t expect to hear about this in the MSM.


The march began at Emlie Gamelin Park around 9 p.m. local time and then proceeded along downtown streets.

The police surrounded the park as demonstrators chanted slogans. Things heated up when protesters began throwing projectiles on the street, including traffic cones. Clashes were triggered as police tried to enclose a small group of protesters.

The Revolutionary Student Movement organized the Tuesday’s evening march. The group has claimed it is “an association of young Communists and revolutionary anti-capitalists.” Thousands of students have been boycotting classes to protest against provincial government austerity measures, including new tuition hikes and university cuts. Student groups promise to continue their demonstrations, rallying people for Spring 2015 marches. And this is juts the beginning – the Canadian youth is awakening after years of massive unemployment and fake austerity due to gargantuan national debt caused by the criminal government of Harper and Orion Co.

These are the facts on the ground. In one comment on my latest article in “Before Its News” a Canadian, inspired by these demonstrations, is instructing his meek and coward American neighbours in the South as follows:
MAR 24, 2015, 7:33 PM-2Reply


I am Canadian, but I meant that you should speak for yourself in regards to you doing nothing but sitting at your computer. Many people are taking action, speaking out, trying to enlighten people.
Many people are taking action.
Your turn!

I mean, a lot is shifting nowadays and this makes me very optimistic and happy about the imminent bright future of this uppermost mother planet. It is one thing to read channeled messages as to how much this earth has changed, as the latest manuscript of survival below sustains, quite a different thing to experience it real time.

The atmosphere is crackling with a new revolutionary mood. It feels very much like before the Iron Curtain fell in 1989 and huge demonstrations swept over Eastern Europe. Now the Hot Spring of Change has reached the West. Even the “bieder” (philistine) and beaten German citizens begin to awaken as once in the 60s and 70s when I was a student in Heidelberg.

Watch this Bloomberg video on the huge demonstrations in Frankfurt against the austerity policy of the German government and the ECB in Frankfurt:

Frankfurt Flares as Anti-Austerity Protest Rages Against ECB

Bottom line – humanity is beginning to awaken as they enter the new world, even though most of the people may not know it. But what they know is that they want change and that they want to be finally free. People are fed up with the lies of the ruling cabal. This is the new energetic quality that now permeates this new world and the minds of the people. It has started and there is no power that can stop this avalanche of freedom and truth.


A short update on the energies -Manuscript of Survival

Aisha North, March 24, 2015

As you have perhaps already noticed, this ongoing redistribution of the energetic masses is not about to subside anytime soon. For this is not something temporary, this is a permanent shift away from the old and into the very new spheres, the ones that are far more lofty than what you have experienced so far. And so, this shift will make the very ground beneath your feet appear as impermanent as everything else, and rightly so, for this is not about changing merely the appearance of something, but a transformation that goes all the way to the core.

For this is a dramatic shift that is under way in your entire energetic environment, and that is something that is far more profound than anything you can see from an outward perspective. And as such, it will be as if the very ground upon which you walk will feel less secure because your physical vehicle has yet to fine tune itself to these new ground currents that are being reinstated on your planet. And these are currents that covers it all, not just on the surface, but all the way to the very core of your inhabited sphere.

For this planet you live upon has now changed her frequency in such a way, it will affect all. And the ones that will notice this the most, will be those that will fall into tune with it most easily and those who fall furthest from this new frequency. In other words, this shift will be hugely beneficial to all those who have chosen to align themselves with the new energetic landscape around them by electing to take in these new frequencies from the very beginning. For all of you heeded the preliminary calls that came, and as such, you all stand poised to ride the highest crest of the wave that will be arriving on your shores in a very short time from now. While for those who chose to literally turn a deaf ear to the call to awaken from the slumber, the dissonance that will be engendered because of the discrepancy between their base frequency and the one that your planet is vibrating to now will be a powerful on indeed.

So once again we say expect the unexpected to arise, and know that the unexpected comes in all shapes and forms, and in every single nuance of the bandwidth of energies that currently prevail on this little sphere of yours. For now, as the frequency is being changed from the ground up so to speak, the number of different frequencies may seem to be interfering with each other in such a way, it can be difficult to keep a steady outlook on it all. So know when to seek shelter from the storm, and know when to stand fast, and know that at all times, you will find that slow and steady rhythm that will show you the true beat to follow whenever you take the time to go within.

For that is where the true north will be found at all times when this wildly fluctuating array of frequencies you may be exposed to at any given time will seem to blow you off course. For as long as you stay tethered to that inner course, you will never lose your bearings, and you will never lose your momentum either. For there will be instances in the time ahead when you will all at one stage or the other feel as if you are merely threading water without any form of forward propulsion whatsoever. But know that this is not the case, it is merely an understandable outcome of this overlapping of frequential layers.

So stay focused and stay calm, and know that you are fully connected to this very new frequency at all times. And know that any confusion and disruption that may arise in your personal field is merely a temporary one, caused by the swells of the old frequencies dying out around you. So heed the call from that new beat, and you will find your feet and indeed the entirety of your being not just picking up more speed, but also picking out a very new way forwards. For these incoming winds will fill your sails up so that you will be lifted aloft out of the still churning waters that others will try their hardest to stay afloat in.

But also know that if you venture to try to hold out against these new prevailing winds, your journey will be one fraught with some unnecessary challenges indeed, for this will be more than trying to go against the wind. For by now, you have all been elevated to a level of energetic vibration that is so finely balanced, any voluntary downsizing to the denser vibrations will be like putting a spanner in the finely tuned workings of a clock. So do what you are here to do; allow the incoming flood of light to lift you ever higher, and then, you will succeed in what your true task here on this planet really is, elevating ALL by elevating yourself as swiftly as possible by renouncing on any ideas of holding on to the old. For only a total surrender of the old will help you to fulfill this task, and so, we ask you all to stay focused on the horizon that awaits you, not on the remnants of the old that is already fading away in your wake.

For know this: you can go out into the world carrying with you this very new vibration, and no matter where you go, you will find a reciprocal energetic boost coming your way from the Earth herself at all times. That is, as long as you do not insist on trying to step your own energy down to match the one that others may be carrying with them. For you are not here to be a chameleon, one who changes his or her energetic appearance the better to blend in amongst the masses. No, you are here to stand out clear and bright within the full powers of your light. Yes, this will attract attention, and yes, you might find that somewhat intimidating at first, but still, this is why you are here. So stand tall and stand clear of the old ideas of diminishing yourself to make others feel better about their own stature, for even if the idea may seem tempting, any actions defined by such ideas will not benefit you nor anyone else. Rather, it will be detrimental to all.

So once again we say know that your light is of the highest importance, and now, you have for the very first time a new energetic environment that will support you at every single step of the way, and as such, you no longer need to lack of anything at all on your continued journey. But know also that this energetic support will only act as a boost if you continue to keep your own energetic tune true and do not try to tamper with it in any way. For then, you will also begin to feel the dissonance between you and this new and prevailing tune that your planet has begun to hum to. So if you at any time feel at odds with anything, the advice will once again be to go within. Then, you will know if it is merely a superficial reaction to all of the colliding energetic movement that is going on, or if it is a deeper reaction to any decision to try to step down from your new elevated stature. For the difference is indeed loud and clear, and even if you will all feel more than a little flummoxed by these conflicting movements from time to time, you will have no problem in separating between the reaction and the causes at any given time, for by now, you are all well tuned to your own inner voice.

So listen well, and this new phase of the journey will be a less strenuous one than if you choose to disregard the inner calling and step across the lines that have been set up as a guidance to you and to everyone else who have the task of being the forerunners in this process. For you are the ones who will need it most at this time, for you are the ones who must keep a clear eye on the proceedings, and the only way to do that, is to ignore the outer confusion and seek the inner guidance at any time any disruption seems to arise. That way, you will all be sure to navigate these by now more than choppy waters, and that way, you will all find more than ample reasons to rejoice. For then, you will all feel the increased momentum these incoming waves will give you, and you will all feel how you are being supported in every single step you take so that every single decision you make will be a divinely inspired one. For then, it is your inner knowing who will set the course, and so, you will all do what is yours to do; you will choose what will benefit the most, not just for a short time, but in the long run, and then, it will all come about as it has been planned for eternity.

So allow that inner light to light your way, and know that you will be going in the right direction at all times when you do just that. For when you heed that inner calling, every step will be the right step, even when it takes you in a very surprising direction. For surprises will arise for all, but if you listen well, they do not hold any surprises at all, for then, you will just know what to do, for it will all come naturally. After all, that is your gift to All, the ability to go where no man has gone before, and to do so with an inner knowing that defies any attempts at being waylaid.

So go forth fully knowing that you already know who you are and what to do, and know that you have even more support at your disposal at any given time now, should it be so needed. But even so, you will all find it all within you. For you are already complete, and now, you will complete what it is you came here to do, and you will do it in a way that will defy any speculation. For you have already proven your prowess, and you have already proven your steadfastness, and now, you will begin upon the lap of honour, the last part of this monumental task of rectifying what has been wrong, and of lighting what has been dimmed down for such a long time. And for that, no words are enough, but still, we offer you this on behalf of All of creation; thank you.

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Energy Report of the PAT – March 26, 2015 →

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Crimea, the Way Back Home – Full Russian Documentary with English Subtitles

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 25, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, March 25, 2015

Finally the famous Russian documentary on Crimea that was aired on previous Sunday, one day before Putin appeared again after he spent ten days in the headquarters of the Russian Army to prepare his country for a nuclear war against the USA and Great Britain and prevent their nuclear first-strike attack, is available with English subtitles. I have been eagerly waiting for it to come since I saw it in Russian language more than a week ago.

Andrey Kondrashov’s documentary on the return of Crimea to Russia, was aired in Russia on March 15, exactly one year after the Crimeans took to the polls to vote for returning to their Motherland and leaving wretched Ukraine behind. The Western powers – led, as ever, by the US and UK – were determined to portray this momentous historic event as an imperial land-grab by Russia in order to rectify their support for the subsequent bloody war of Nazi Kiev against the breakaway provinces with Russian population in Southeastern Ukraine that rejected this criminal putsch regime. It is important to know that these Ukrainian provinces voted with 90% for Yanukovich in the last free democratic elections in this country and could not accept the Nazi putsch instigated and financed by the USA and EU (mainly Germany), as I have reported on many occasions.

Although the Russian government was surprised as to how quickly the elected Ukrainian President Yanukovich was ousted from power in a bloody Nazi coup d’etat, “brokered” by the USA as Obama admitted in a CNN interview recently, only one day after he signed an international agreement to refrain from power and delegate it to other parties in peaceful democratic elections in the course of 2014, Putin made swift and crucial decisions, first to save the life of the legitimate Ukrainian president and then to save Crimea from the Nazi thugs in Kiev. When President Yanukovich fled Kiev on February 22nd 2014, President Putin set in motion a series of responses that constituted the most serious and successful challenge to the hegemonic aspirations of the Empire of Evil in Europe and Asia. This was the pivotal point in time when the plan of the dark ruling cabal in the West to establish the NWO was ultimately shattered.

It is fair to say that the PAT surrounded around this website was the driving divine force behind all these events that brought about victory to the Russians in Ukraine and in the Federation and deprived the dark elite of their last-minute chance to preserve their power, as Erick Premiere also acknowledges in his letter to me today, while making me aware of the publication of this Russian documentary with English subtitles:

“Greetings Georgi,

As Logos Gods I attach a video that documents everything you have shared concerning global events as if you were the actual director.

One feature of the video is the following that you recently documented:

“How the Russian military placed the brand new Coastal Defence System ‘Bastion-P’ at locations along Crimea’s southern coast. Once activated, the approaching USS Donald Cook Destroyer turned around at full-speed before Russian military jets chased the American warship south.

Watch now this video which confirms all our assessments and discussions made on the Ukrainian crisis and know that you are the legitimate and divine architects of these key events in the End Time scenario of Ascension:


And here are the major points discussed in this video:
How Russia saved President Yanukovich of Ukraine
How Crimeans returning from revolution in Kiev tasted the rage of the Right sector ‘Maidan orcs’
How members of the Berkut police force escaped to Crimea and helped set up people’s militias to defend the peninsula, not least by preventing Kiev military jets from landing at Sevastopol’s airport
How these civilian militias defended against an organized takeover of the Crimean Parliament in Sevastopol
How most Crimean Tatars sided with the ethnic Russian population, despite efforts by the coup organizers to generate an ethnic split between them
How the militias came together to blockade repeated efforts by the ‘Maidan orcs’ (Right sector fascists) to enter the peninsula – by road, train and air
How the Crimean Referendum was enacted following near unanimous support from the people’s representatives in the Crimean Parliament
How Berkut forces were joined by Kuban Cossacks from across the Black Sea region, including veterans of Russia’s Afghan War, to defend Crimea from efforts by the new regime to send in weapons and explosives
How, having prevented Kiev from deploying ‘Maidan orcs’ via air, rail and road, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet blockaded the Ukrainian navy from leaving its home port
How the Russian military placed the brand new Coastal Defence System ‘Bastion-P’ at locations along Crimea’s southern coast. Once activated, the approaching USS Donald Cook Destroyer turned around at full-speed before Russian military jets chased the American warship south
How the ‘Night Wolves’ biker gang joined in the defence of Crimea in Yalta by kidnapping Ukrainian General Mikhail Koval and uncovering weapons caches left by the Ukies prior to the coup
How the Crimean citizen militias and Russian soldiers stationed in Sevastopol peacefully neutralized 20,000 Ukrainian forces stationed on the peninsula, many of whom then defected to Russia

and much more.


Yesterday we published my article on Obama’s crime to detonate a nuke in Charleston, South Carolina exactly at noontime (12.00 am EST) in Before Its News:

Until now, in less than 24 hours, more than 12 000 people have already read this article. It may probably break the previous record set by my article “How to Put the Pieces Together” from February 6, 2015 with more than 24,700 visits so far:

This is the kind of openings we need now to reach the masses and prepare them for the coming big changes. My impression is that we are carried on angels’ wings and anything we do to promote the idea of ascension through revelation is coming to fruition. Make use of this momentum and create your own dream. And please do not forget to visit interesting ads. This website needs your energetic support now more than ever. Thank you!

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Follow the Trail Of Revelations 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 24, 2015

How the Truth About the Monster Obama Who Ordered Nuclear Attack on the USA on October 8, 2013 as False Flag to Start WW3 Is Revealed Now

by Georgi Stankov, March 24, 2015

I have published in the course of the last several years many revelations about the insidious crimes of the ruling western cabal on humanity. Even though some of these stories got lost in the smoke and mirrors propaganda of the MSM presstitutes, all these crimes have not been forgotten. As everything that happens on this planet, they are fully stored in the Akasha Chronics and can be revived when the proper time arrives. We are now the most powerful Creator Gods and we can revive such stories with our mere focusing on these events and they immediately re-surface at the most appropriate moment. And this moment is in the Now.

On October 14, 2013, I published a comprehensive article (see below) proving how Obama ordered the detonation of one or more nukes in the Atlantic Ocean near Charleston, South Carolina to destroy his country, which is actually not his as he is not an American citizen, and trigger WW3. These nukes were stolen before that from Dyess Air Force base in Texas and transferred illegally to Charleston, South Carolina.

This revelation was first reported by and was indirectly confirmed by the war-monger US Senator Lindsay Graham, who further warned South Carolinians about the threat of a “terrorist nuclear attack” on the same day that warned that high level military intel revealed to them that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas air force base under an “off the record” black ops transfer. How could this senator know about this fact in advance if he would not have been part of this conspiracy? It is as if announcing the demolition of the WTC building seven during the 9/11 false flag attack by a BBC reporter, while it still stands intact on the TV screen behind her (read here).

This happened at a time when the USA lost the war in Syria due to the peaceful intervention of Russia that convinced Assad to get rid of his chemical weapons of mass destruction. At the same time the US government was shutdown after it reached the legal national debt ceiling.

Now we are in the same situation. Only last week both GB and the USA tried to unleash a nuclear first-strike attack on Russia as to trigger a devastating WW3, but this attempt was discovered by the Russian secret services in due time and Putin warned these two countries during the time of his disappearance that his country is ready to strike back and annihilate Great Britain and destroy vast portions of the USA as reported by myself in a series of articles last week.

Only today the Kremlin warned Denmark that if it joins Nato’s missile defence shield, its navy will be a legitimate target for a Russian nuclear attack. This all happens at a time when it is revealed that three Russian submarines checkmate the US aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt’ on its way to the Baltic Sea, where it was supposed to participate in the unprecedented massive war-games of NATO against Russia.

Just on time, the old crimes come to haunt the US politicians. On March 14, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum joined Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and a whole nest of hawks for the South Carolina National Security Action Summit. Here he was confronted by a brave woman with Obama’s attempt in October 2013 to detonate a nuke in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, which was prevented by four courageous US officers, who were fired two weeks before this attempted, but failed detonation.

Watch this video from minute 17.50:

This fact is now revealed by the Zionist Bloomberg mouthpiece that uses it as the sole argument to discredit this revelation of Obama’s capital crime as mere conspiracy theory. The fact though that Bloomberg is publishing this incident is remarkable in itself, as it shows how desperate the dark ones now are. However, the Bloomberg presstitutes forget that infowars had reported much earlier that these nukes were stolen from a military Texas base and transported to Charleston, South Carolina, where these four brave officers took all possible precautions to prevent their detonation and thus saved the American people from a nuclear disaster. The credit for the subsequent failed attempt to detonate these nukes can be entirely given to the brave intervention of these leading officers and patriots.

At that time we asked the Elohim for more clarity on this accident and received the information that such a nuclear explosion did take place on a lower 12th timeline and that it also triggered a MPR as my article below reveals.

I have decided to publish first my article from October 14th, 2013 and then the latest article of Bloomberg on Obama’s crime to illustrate how the trail of revelations follows its indomitable path and comes to a glorious conclusion when the time is ripe for it. However, one needs a lot of patience and confidence in the divine providence in the meantime. As a Bulgarian saying states ” God’s mills grind slowly, but thoroughly”.

We are now on the cusp of huge revelations. They all will be based on past stories, which we shall revive in the next days. It is a known fact that Obama was scheduled to be ousted from power long time ago. That this had not happened on this uppermost mother planet so far is entirely due to the fact that any other solution would have been worse and because the rivaling fractions could not agree as to who would replace him and what would happen if the American people decided to revolt.

But now all these considerations do not matter any more, as there is no linear time left for further replacement of politicians. Instead there will be an utter implosion of the whole Orion matrix. All the ruling cabal will simply disappear from this timeline after they are ousted from power.

Therefore, be prepared for big surprises, which always root in past crimes, known as this one, or unknown as many others. But it is most likely that the revelations will begin with already revealed crimes – by ourselves and other critical journalists – and only then much more information will follow. The revealed crimes of the dark ones are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, but big enough to sink the Orion Titanic.

And please read very carefully all the links and references in the following articles as to grasp the full picture of this enormous revelation.


The Monster Obama Orders Nuclear Attack on the USA on October 8 as False Flag to Start WW3

by Georgi Stankov, October 14, 2013

The Time of Immediate Creation and Miracles Has Commenced

First the good news! As I wrote in my article “My Vision of the Coming MPR and the End Time Drama” we have now entered the time of immediate, direct knowledge what is happening on the earth as we have now ascended to the 5th dimension and thus eliminated the veil of forgetfulness that blocked our access to the Akashic chronic for this planet and All-That-Is. Most of this knowledge must be still processed at the subconscious level, but many vital informations surge at the conscious mind-level during dreamtime or as daily consciousness.

This is an extremely important fact to consider as we have also entered the time of direct creation from the fulcrum of our HS. All positive and loving ideas that we cherish have the potential to materialize almost immediately. I am now very successfully experimenting with this new acquired ability in my daily life that will exponentially increase in all PAT members before our final transfiguration and ascension take place.

In particular I am now solving all daily problems of my family, daughters, wife etc. by simply asking for help from the legions of angels and then rationally explaining the reasons for this help and the solution of their problems is coming within 24-48 hours. This includes finding of a new apartment under most difficult conditions and almost a helpless situation for one daughter in Vienna, an offer for a better paid contract for the other daughter at her university in Munich as a part-time job that she wished to do, but did not really expected, etc., etc. I am now not doing anything for this 3D reality, i.e. I have retrieved my energy fully from it, and paradoxically I am now more successful in shaping my reality according to my imagination and desires within this crumbling old matrix than ever before. The reason for this is that I now operate exclusively from the 6th dimension and block any direct interactions with this reality that may interfere with my pure creationary activities.

This new creative approach to life has had some significant and most spectacular repercussions that most certainly determined the destiny of mankind in these recent days, as I will explain below. Hence this publication is an urgent plea to all of you to begin fully recognize your infinite potential and power as Creator-Gods, as the new Elohim and Earth Keepers – Now, not after ascension – and to start experimenting with these new acquired creationary abilities.

Finally, let me stress the fact that I never wish anything for myself these days as my only desire to ascend as soon as possible is very old. It has not only been expressed infinite times by myself, but I have probably contributed to this outcome more than any other living human being on this planet. This as a matter of fact and not a human boasting.

However I have always known beyond any doubt, and acted accordingly, that we have come here to help humanity and Gaia to ascend and that our ascension depends exclusively on the overall preparedness of the people for this event and that I must stay on the ground to the very last minute as the captain of the Planetary Ascension Team. Hence a full awareness of the real facts – a pronounced cosmic common sense – is the first most important prerequisite for true creation, free of any false, unrealistic expectations. Only in this way can one avoid disappointments when the desired creation does not materialize. Creation is the only reality in All-That-Is – there is nothing else, but creation – it is the most simple and most intricate process at the same time.

In this same context each one of you must know and observe that the human ego-mind cannot create anything as it is part of this illusion – it creates this illusion in the first place. Only when we begin to create from the fulcrum of our HS, can we become successful creators. This would say that we must very attentively listen to the inner voice of the soul and then translate and implement these impulses without any reservations or ego-interferences into actions in this reality. This is not an easy way to gestalt one’s life as it runs counter to all current collective beliefs I have trained this ability very intensively for the last 20 years as a conscious creator and much earlier as a unconscious creator.

What I want to relay with this disquisition is that each one of you must establish a unique method how to implement the formless impulses of his /her soul spirit into palpable and feasible 3D, 4D, and very soon, 5D-forms and events. I, myself, now operate most of the time from the 6th dimension of pure creation and refinement, from where I have recently significantly contributed to the favourable destiny of this mankind on this timeline above the 12th level of the 4D earth that was devastated and destroyed by the MPR on October 11th in order to hinder Obama and his dark masters to unleash a nuclear war.

This event was anticipated by Joe in his dream, which he shared with me and I found it to be so important, that I decided to share it with you on October 11th. Later on the Elohim explicitly confirmed in their message to Carla that the occurrence of the MPR on the 12th 4D level on October 11th, which I had already anticipated and announced to you was unleashed by the Source in order to contain a nuclear strike that was ordered by the monster Obama. The background of this capital crime has also manifested on our higher timelines above the 12th 4D earth, as I shall explain below. That is why we now know all these details.

We know from our transcendental sources and HS, and Jahn’s sources have been particularly adamant to warn us in these last months (as can be read on our website), that the dark cabal are preparing a devastating nuclear or other (e.g. HAARP) strike on humanity as to decimate it before ascension. That this has not happened so far on these timelines, on which we now live, is solely the result of our successful containment of the dark forces in the astral planes during our epic battle at the equinox portal and also afterwards. We, as the future Elohim and current light warriors of the first and last hours are doing so much on all levels and dimensions that even a quick glimpse into this intricate creation will paralyse our minds in utter awe.

We are now already living in a simultaneous, multidimensional reality, even though we still perceive our reality in a linear, sequential fashion as if we still experience the same old world. And this, notwithstanding our knowledge that twelve 4D earths have already been created and destroyed since June 8, 2013, that is to say, one whole earth has been created by us and destroyed by a MPR each 10 days in the average. This is a lot of action on such a small planet, to say the least.

Below, I would like to elucidate my personal conscious contribution to avert Obama’s nuclear strike on the 12th level of 4D and also on these timelines, in which we now dwell and wait for our final ascension. I will substantiate my presentation with facts published on our website and also by other sources. This story is really mind-boggling.

How It All Began

On September 3, Anthony Gucciardi and Alex Jones reported on a number of disturbing red flags that have continued to give further evidence to the high level military intelligence source that initially exposed the transfer of the off-the-record nuclear warheads from Dyess Air Force base to South Carolina. This most disturbing fact was completely neglected by the MSM that ultimately failed to even investigate this incident. This is what website reported on 3 September:

““A high level source inside the military has now confirmed to us that Dyess Air Force base is actively moving nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States in a secret transfer that has no paper trail.

According to the high level military source, who has a strong record of continually being proven correct in deep military activity, the Dyess Air Force Commander authorized unknown parties to transfer the nuclear warheads to an unknown location that has been reported to be South Carolina, where the warheads will then be picked up and potentially utilized.”

Many other reports of the alternative media on an impending “event” engineered by the Obama regime to cause chaos in the United States appeared in the following days. It was generally expected by myself and other insiders that, after Obama and the dark US cabal failed to instrumentalize the Syrian conflict to unleash a global war, they will seek another more devilish opportunity to begin with WW3, even if it will cause the death of millions of American citizens.

This heinous intention became crystal clear as only hours after received this information, Senator Lindsay Graham was reported in mainstream news publications as warning of a nuclear attack in South Carolina if America does not initiate war with Syria. Alex Jones concluded three days later: “Ultimately, we may be sitting on some of the most profound (and dangerous) intelligence that we have ever come across.”

I was following this story very closely and knew from my HS that it is very significant as it may lead to a nuclear war after the attempt of Obama to start a global war by exploiting the Syrian crisis had badly failed. In favour of this conclusion speaks the absolute irrational connection which the war monger senator Lindsay Graham made between a potential nuclear attack on South Carolina and the necessity to start a war against Syria at a time when diplomacy prevailed in this conflict and Assad agreed to eliminate his chemical weapons of mass destruction. In other words, this criminal senator simply blackmailed the American nation in a Mafia-like style: “Either you agree to start a war with Syria or we will detonate a nuke over your heads. WW3 must come either ways”

Now this is not particularly new to all of you, as we all expected such a war and were very relieved when it could be averted due to the highly successful diplomatic incentive of Putin and Russia.

Now all of a sudden last week, starting on Monday, October 7th, I became so angry with Obama and his criminal administration for no apparent reason that I immediately knew that this monster is planning something dreadful against humanity. I am very experienced in such strong emotional impulses that my HS always sends me in urgent situations to let me know that I must be prepared to act (respond) suddenly one way or another.

This is how I made all my decrees on behalf of the PAT in the past in due time and under great pressure and thus changed the course of the ascension process with huge implications for Gaia and humanity. In such a situation I simply act as an instrument of the Source and there is no possibility for me to behave in a different way or simply skip my obligations and not respond to the orders of my HS. And in this situation I always have the firm conviction and inner knowing that what I am doing is right and necessary. This is how I operate all the time by responding to my HS in a kind of Pavlov’s reflex and retrospectively I have always been proven to be correct. I never judge the decisions of my HS or postpone them because of fears or other petty considerations.

This also holds true for this last episode when I was all of sudden urged to investigate the sexual life of Obama’s family and to shed more light on their personal criminal background in Chicago. There were many threads to follow and I was lost at the beginning. But in such a situation I am always very confident that my HS will furnish the right information at the just moment. This is exactly what happened this time.

At first I published my conclusion that Michelle Obama is a male, who has undergone a transsexual operation at the age of 17-18 and is thus a tranny on October 9 in an article with the auspicious title “The End Game“. Still being somewhat sceptical, I decided to be on the safe side and wrapped this information in a letter to Debra as to temper the explosive nature of this news:

“Yesterday (October 7th), for instance, I had the inkling that Michelle Obama is a transsexual and was born as Michell Obama, a male. He changed his gender at the age of 18. Then I checked a number of videos and publications /bios and this seems to be rather probable, as there is a lot of uncertainty and awkward facts or gaps about her life and that of her children.”

I could then substantiate this conclusion by checking numerous parameters and facts in her biography, personal behaviour on videos and of course by analysing her physical appearance with the sharp clinical eye of a physician, which always renders the most reliable information in such cases. Above all, I received the unequivocal confirmation from my HS that my conclusion that Michelle Obama is a tranny is absolutely true.

This is how I discovered the Universal Law and unified all sciences into a General Theory of Human Science by deciphering all the numerous blunders in these flawed categorical systems of knowledge step by step. This was the most exciting scientific thriller on this planet that lasted for 5 years, until it was completed to my full satisfaction and that of the Source, from which I directly received all my inspirations and detailed information. This is how I achieved this greatest breakthrough in theoretical science and human thinking that ultimately offset the old compartmentalization of the 3D human mind. The new theory of the Universal Law will fully unfold on the 5D beginning this fall.

But my HS did not leave me in peace and I knew that this is a urgent affair and I must close the circle, no matter what. As it happens in such situations, I received an impulse from an external source that helped me expand my research on Obama’s criminal behaviour. A member of the PAT wrote to me as a comment on my first publication that the fact that Michelle Obama is a tranny is spot on and explains Obama’s behaviour who is known to be homosexual and have visited notorious gay baths in Chicago. I must admit that I did not know this fact and asked him for references and links. He could not provide them to me, so that I had to make my own research, as has always been the case with all my discoveries.

During the whole last week I stayed in a very intensive telepathic contact with Obama, whose soul I am coaching consciously since 6 years, before I gave up my supervision on this dark entity 4 years ago when he ultimately sold his soul to the devil (the demons) and I realized that there was no chance to save him anymore. But I am still closely observing this person and have published many revealing articles on him as to counterbalance the naive appreciation of the stupid New Agers of this most dark and criminal soul on this planet. At times I felt last week as if I am physically present in his secret bunker at the West side (another bi-location?), where he now hides, and sensed very strongly his anguish to be killed. I knew immediately that something very big is in the making.

This inner knowing and the ongoing urging of my HS prompted me to write two further articles on Obama’s crimes, in particular in conjunction with the execution of his young lover on the doorsteps of the Senate in front of the whole nation,

The New Earth of Truth: American Sodom and Gomorrah on October 9, and

My Vision of the Coming MPR and the End Time Drama on October 11.

which completed the picture of the present-day “American Sodom and Gomorrah” – of the human scum that has ruled this toxic planet for eons of time and is now showing its ugly visage before it will be defeated on this timeline(s) and disappear for ever on a lower timeline. There, only dark entities will dwell and they will kill each other till they fully eradicate themselves, so that their souls could be dissolved by the Source into the cosmic subconscious, as Asama Mahatari informed us in his latest message “Ascension Will Become Easier“.

Now please observe that my activities associated with Obama and his family began on October 7th and ended on October 11th, when I knew that the MPR has happened on the 12th level of 4D earth. This is exactly the time period in which Obama made his decision to detonate a nuclear bomb on American territory and kill millions of American citizens as to blame Syrian or other Moslem terrorists for this heinous act and start a devastating global war against humanity. This intention was known to our higher sources and we were warned on many occasions. Babaji, for instance, warned us at that time that when the dark ones are talking peace and diplomacy in the Syrian conflict, they are most intensively preparing for a war.

On October 11, website reported that “two of the top nuclear commanders within the United States have now been terminated following the exclusive high level military leak report by Alex Jones and myself (Gucciardi) regarding the secret and unsigned nuclear weapons transfer from Dyess Air Force base to South Carolina. Disturbingly, the high level suspensions from top generals within the military establishment are not the only red flags to follow the leaked report.”

As it eventually came out, two more commanders were also suspended by Obama and this information was deliberately leaked by the governmental mass media AP. However, until now the MSM fear to discuss this issue, which they “fear as much as the devil the incense” (a German saying). Why?

Here is what actually happened last week as deliberately leaked by official Russian sources, which now wage a very successful medial war against the USA:

“President Barack Obama, while in a rage, ousted four of the United States top ranking military officers after they refused to detonate a nuclear device “in/near” Charleston, South Carolina this past week and, instead, exploded it off the Atlantic Coast.

According to this report, Strategic Missile Forces Command (SMF) notified both President Putin and the General Staff this past Tuesday (8 October) that at 01:58:11 GMT/UTC an atomic device was exploded in the seabed off the US Atlantic Ocean, barely 1,000 km (620 miles) from Charleston, causing a 4.5 magnitude earthquake measurement that SMF experts equate to being a 1-kiloton yield, which is equal to the power of 1,000 tons of TNT.

This report notes that SMF experts are able to differentiate an earthquake from an atomic blast in that in the former the ground starts shaking slowly as plates slide against each other, and then the seismic activity slow picks up as the ground really starts to move. In an atomic explosion scenario, however, the initial blast is extremely powerful, and the subsequent shaking of the ground grows progressively less severe as was the case with the 8 October blast.

The particular atomic device used, this report continues, was a B61-11 Nuclear Bomb Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapon, otherwise known as a “mini nuke” which was deployed by the Clinton administration in the post-Cold-War era, but had been rejected for deployment by Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Bush.

The B61-11 can penetrate and detonate below the earth’s surface, creating a massive shock wave capable of destroying underground targets. In tests the bomb penetrates only 20 feet into dry earth, even when dropped from altitudes above 40,000 feet. But even this shallow penetration before detonation allows a much higher proportion of the explosion to transfer into ground shock relative to a surface burst.

Critical to note, this report says, are that many warnings to this atomic blast were given prior to October 8 …”

I checked this information with my HS and got a 100% confirmation, also in the light of our previous information from the Elohim that such an attack was also attempted on the 12th level of 4D earth and failed due to the deluge of the MPR. It is a principal decision of the Source (Prime Creator) that the dark ones will not be allowed to trigger a nuclear strike on the earth in the End Times, as this will contaminate numerous dimensions in All-That-Is. as confirmed by the Elohim one more time in their latest message.

“This event occurs to contain choices made by those in positions of power, where abuse of this power leads to great irreversible damage to the fabric of the time-space continuum.

The nuclear event must always be contained so as not to flow through to other precious levels of Creation, and hence remain untouched.”

This is an old information that circulates in esoteric circles since the early 60s and then again widely discussed in the 80s and 90s when the nuclear danger from the Cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union with no control on its nuclear weapons were still very much present in the minds of the people and caused a lot of reasonable fears.

By the way, please observe the independent verification of the occurrence of a

Moderate earthquake – Off East Coast Of United States on October 8, 2013

by the best independent earthquake reporting site in the world.

The official Russian report then continues on this story as follows:

“In the aftermath of the Obama regimes failed false flag nuclear attack on Charleston, GRU analysts in this report say, was the President’s unprecedented ousting of Americans top two military nuclear commanders, US Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and US Air Force Major General Michael Carey, and two of the US Marines top officers, Major General Charles M. Gurganus and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant.

Admiral Giardina and General Carey, this report says, were ousted by Obama due to their being the officers responsible for leaking the information about this impending nuclear attack on Charleston to Generals Gurganus and Sturdevant, who in turn began leaking this information to various global intelligence sources, including and France’s highly respected

While Admiral Giardina and General Carey were the first to note Obama’s transferring of nuclear weapons to Charleston outside of the normal chain of command, GRU experts say in this report, Generals Gurganus and Sturdevant were tasked with leading US Marine troops from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to begin the implementation of martial law after this false flag attack had taken place.

Equally important to note, this report continues, is that a further warning of this Obama regime false flag attack on Charleston was given this past August by South Dakota Senator Sheldon R. Songstad who warned of the unprecedented actions being taken in FEMA Region III (which includes Washington D.C.) in preparation for it, and included:

“Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st;

$11 million in antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC;

FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Region III by October 1st;

FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water to be delivered to region III by October 1st;

FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals to be delivered to Austin by October 1st;

2800 MRAPs must be delivered to DHS by October 1st”

US Senator Lindsay Graham further warned South Carolinians about the threat of a “terrorist nuclear attack” on the same day that warned that high level military intel revealed to them that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas air force base under an “off the record” black ops transfer.

While the predictable US propaganda media organs loyal to Obama have reported that these military officers firings were due to incompetence, gambling issues, and (maybe) alcoholism, this GRU report notes that these “pathetic excuses” are to beyond belief to give credence to as these four distinguished officers were “beyond reproach” and held the highest security clearances anyone could hold in the United States.

Even though this report doesn’t speculate on what Obama’s next move will be after his failure to nuke Charleston, it does grimly note that the former Presidential candidate and US Congressman Ron Paul has added his voice this week to those warning the American people of an impending state of martial law and economic collapse being engineered around them.”

As I already said, I checked today this information with my HS and not only received a resounding confirmation, but was also strongly urged to write down this report and to publish it today. Hence I urge on my part all my readers to disseminate it on the Internet as to become available to many more readers. The Americans should know now about the greatest danger for this nation that emanates from this darkest entity in the White House.

Here I have presented the naked facts as they have evolved over the last month or so on this timeline, in the omni-earth and in the higher realms. I know for certain that I was fully involved in the prevention of this nuclear attack on the American people, not only at the level of my HS, being the only human nexus to the Source, but also as a conscious creator at the 6th dimension. Especially the previous night I fought a huge battle with the dark ones and experienced another massive cc-wave. In addition to this I raised as a humble human being from the deepest Bavarian pampa my weak voice on the Internet, but also my powerful spiritual intent (the lightsabre of a true warrior) and thus helped save the ascending portion of humanity from annihilation last week by the darkest entity of this planet – the mass murderer Obama, the winner of the Nobel prize for peace. What a rotten place this planet really is!

I have presented here this case study as we are not yet out of the woods. I will publish later on a new message from Asama Mahatari who urges us to say a resounding “NO” to any dark entity we envisage in our vicinity or detect as such, no matter where he hides at present. This is what I did my way with the means of investigative journalism last week. But there are infinite ways to say “No” to these dark entities and their peaking atrocities in these last days before we can ascend. The epic battle still rages and the peak of manifested dark nastiness is still to come on this timeline(s) before we can ascend. Make no mistake about this.


Whoa, If True: Obama’s Secret Plan to Nuke Charleston, South Carolina

The “false flag” conspiracy theory baffled Rick Santorum.

Bloomberg, March 18, 2015

This is the initial installment of “Whoa, If True,” an occasional look at the conspiracy theories that migrate from the wilds of the Internet to the well-covered tundra of presidential campaigns.

On March 14, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum joined Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and a whole nest of hawks for the South Carolina National Security Action Summit. It did not make much news. The AP’s story on the summit consisted of 98 words, explaining that the summit was happening—and nothing else.

Luckily, the human panopticons of People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch were monitoring the summit, and noticed a strange, 150-second rant/question directed at Rick Santorum, who struggled to hide his confusion. The meat of the question:

Why is the Congress rolling over and letting this communist dictator destroy my country? Y’all know what he is, and I know what he is. I want him out of the White House. He’s not a citizen. He could have been removed a long time ago. Larry Klayman’s got the judge to say that the executive amnesty is illegal. Everything he does is illegal. He’s trying to destroy the United States. The Congress knows this. What kind of games is the Congress of the United States playing with the citizens of the United States? Y’all need to work for us, not the lobbyists that pay your salaries. Get on board, let’s stop all of this, let’s save America. What’s going to stop — Senator Santorum, where do we go from here? Ted told me I’ve got to wait until the next election. I don’t the country will be around for the next election.Obama tried to blow up a nuke in Charleston a few months ago, and the three admirals and generals — he’s totally destroyed our military, he’s fired all the generals and all the admirals who said they wouldn’t fire on the American people.

(Watch video here)

Santorum pivoted quickly to criticize the president’s executive order on immigration—”as you mentioned, the word tyrant comes to mind”—but today, after Buzzfeed noticed the video, Twitter wags wondered what that “nuke in Charleston” was all about.

That’s easy. In September 2013, the conspiracy news site InfoWars published an “exclusive” story, citing “a high level source inside the military,” about the transfer of nuclear warheads to the East Coast. The story was shared nearly 25,000 times on Facebook, aided by a video introduction by Alex Jones and by a follow-up that quoted South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s worry that a military build-up would lead to nuclear weapons moving through the port of Charleston. “This ultimately reeks of yet another false flag being orchestrated by the United States government in order to send us into war,” Jones wrote in a follow-up.

In October 2013, the European Union Times—a “news” site that combines real stories with rumors — cited a “Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today” to report that a nuclear weapon had been detonated off of Charleston’s harbor, as proven by an Oct. 8 earthquake that happened hundreds of miles from the coast. This, according to the website, was a botched “false flag” attack, which was carried out, strangely, in the middle of the government shutdown. On Reddit, discussion swirled that the “false flag” attack led to the dismissal of US Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, US Air Force Major General Michael Carey, Major General Charles M. Gurganus and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant.

The appearance of those names in the story recalled the scam in Paper Moon, in which the names of the recently deceased were used by a salesman to sell Bibles to the surviving family members. Giardina was sacked, but this was later found to be related to a poker-rigging scheme that had been uncovered by the Navy’s Inspector General. Carey was removed from his job after an investigation into a drunken bender that took him around Moscow; though Carey remains a special assistant to the commander of Air Force Space Command. Gurganus and Sturdevant were forced into retirement in September 2013, after a yearlong investigation into a Taliban attack on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Both men were removed, in other words, before the alleged “false flag” attack—and neither had anything to do with nuclear security.

And it goes without saying that the “false flag” attack, according to an alleged Russian intel report as translated by a fringe site, happened fifteen months ago, hundreds of miles from America’s coastline. Santorum’s questioner swore that it had happened “a few months ago” and “in Charleston.” If the potential 2016 candidate was wondering if he missed a major news event, he shouldn’t. He didn’t.

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No Nuclear Holocaust for the PAT

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 23, 2015

Jerry R James, March 23, 2015


Your latest article brought back some long, almost forgotten memories of 1962. I was a small boy in elementary school in a rural area in the southern United States. A very unlikely place for any nuclear attack. Nevertheless the threat was taken seriously. We practiced drills at school where we dived under our desks on cue from the teacher. I wondered even then how a small desk could save us, but it really was all the protection that we had. We all believed then in the goodness of America and its quest to make a better world for all.

How did we get from there to here in fifty years. The attitude of young people is almost unrecognizable from ours at that time. I have nieces and nephews who have no opinion of the government at all. Good or bad. It is almost like having an attitude about the weather. Nothing can be done, so why bother.

I agree with you in the late 60s and early 70s we, who had only ten years before worn coon skin caps to commemorate the victory of Davy Crokett over the “evil” Mexicans, now protested in mass the injustices of civil rights and all wars. We were waking up and fast. All our literature, music, TV and movies portrayed a belief that we could actually make a change. I believe however that we were naïve as to the evil powers that we faced. It was not only evil corrupt governments and corporations but off world entities, who had disguised themselves as gods, arch angels etc who really pulled the strings. They were afraid and rightfully so. They devised a plan to keep themselves in power and us enslaved and it worked marvelously beyond their wildest expectations.

Because a few flags (JFK assassination, sinking of Titanic) etc. had worked so well in the past why not treat the world to these events on a regular accelerated basis. And also introduce the drug, pornographic and prostitution industries on an unprepared public. They would use gun rights, women’s rights, the civil rights movement, new age movement, radical and evangelical religions and many more as powerful fronts for their own agenda. They used truths like racial injustices and twisted in a way to destroy the black community with drugs and gang violence. “Masters” who had previously only been channeled by a select few like Edgar Casey and Jane Roberts were prolific. Everyone began channeling half-truths and many women became goddesses who hated men and the power they had exerted over them. Again half -truths were used to further the fall of family life.

Technology was given by off world entities to be introduced to further their agenda by inducing hypnotic trances especially in the youth. No longer were jobs created for comfort or efficiency or to make life easier but only to develop mindless tech games and social media devices. Neighbors and real community were completely ignored for the sake of meaningless facebook friends. Instead of technology solving our problems, it created more and the people with jobs worked even longer hours and those without them (many who could not play the new game) were left to rot. The dark leaders and their off world handlers had done their job very well.

But what happened to those few, who were still rebels and warriors at heart and their younger brothers and sisters. They did what all resistance forces do and what all conquering forces underestimate. They went underground. This time they did not boldly demonstrate. They knew that the only weapon they had, was their ability to raise their vibration and fight the dark in other dimensions and this is what we have been doing for forty years. Most noticeably the last fifteen.

Now, at the end of our battle, the dark is still resistant but is running out of options. Their weapons of mind control, CERN, remote viewing into the future has been eliminated or significantly reduced. All stopped by the PAT and its acceptance of greater light emitted by the great Central Sun. Have you felt tired this week? Maybe for many weeks? We are successfully stopping the dark agenda and artificial matrix. The dark who refuse to change are going to the pit because there is no other place for them. There will be no nuclear holocaust. At least not on any world on which the PAT resides.

Read also: Message from Montague Keen on Sunday 22 March 2015. The Secret Covenant of the dark entities for humanity
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