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25th FEBRUARY 2015

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greeting Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we would like to begin an exploration into a greater understanding of the energy within the universe, within the field that you find yourself in. For it’s very easy for humanity to think about the universe as being outside of itself. It’s out there. It’s somewhere off in the distance, yet there’s this forgetting or this awareness that keeps you separate from this consciousness that you are at one with the universe. Within that we would like to share with you that within All That Is, which is far bigger than the universe, as you would call it, is Completion, is Totality and is Unity. When you understand that within the field of All There Is all is there. It is a unified field, as your scientists would tell you. It means that anything you are experiencing in your dimension that you could say has some level of polarity to it, in that you could say it either “good” or “bad”, which those words automatically bring polarity for if you have “good” the opposite has to be true. If you have happy, the opposite has to be true within a unified field. If you are experiencing lack it means that abundance has to be within this field of unity.

So, in one sense, that which you are seeking that you feel you are missing in your life, what ever it might be, by definition within a unified field the matching part has to be there. It may be missing from your human experience, your human awareness, your vibrational experience in a moment, but just holding the understanding that you are within a unified field and within that all exists. All is there.

So how does it impact your life? First of all, can you see if you just begin to ruminate and ponder this idea that it’s all out there, “Everything that I desire is there, even if my experience doesn’t have it within my immediate field of energy”. Just the idea that it is not lost to you, it’s just not revealed to you yet, allows you to open up your energy field to look for the evidence of that missing part; the opposite, if you will of what you’re experiencing. If that opposite of what you’re experiencing is that which you desire and you know it’s within the unified field that you find yourself in, then you are automatically opening up your energy field to allow that to come in to you.

The reason we say it this way is that if you have an experience that you would prefer not to be experiencing and you would prefer what you would consider the polar opposite of that to be. We’ll give an obvious example: if you’re experiencing great financial lack in your life and you have a great desire for abundance you could look at the lack in your life and say “This is my reality. This is the only thing that’s here. It’s never going to be any different.” Even if you have a lot of evidence to that case, as long as you’re reinforcing the lack, the lack energy stays there! You know this already from your vibratory understandings. Just even opening yourself up to the idea that “If I’m experiencing lack and I’m in a unified field, the opposite has to be true”. The opposite of the abundance of whatever it is that you’re seeking has to be there. If you just hold the space that “Even if I’m not experiencing it, it has to be there” can you see how that in a moment shifts your energy field? It brings in that energy of possibility, which opens up your field to allow for possibility to come in, to allow for that abundance, in this example, to come forward and closer into your life. Perhaps one day you’re not experiencing the same amount of lack, but you’re feeling the possibility of the potential for abundance and you might begin to then see it, slowly but surely, move into your life. As you see it move into your life you begin to focus more on the abundance and the potential for it. It all has come from this idea that you’re in a unified field where you may be experiencing polarity, but polarity does not exist. The half to whatever you’re experiencing, the other half is already there. It has to be there because you are in a field that is unified. It is not fractured. It’s not split. It’s not a dichotomous experience. It’s a unified experience.

What is it that you’re experiencing? Hold the place of the possibility that if you’re in a unified field, the matching part that you desire is out there. Begin to observe how this feels in your energy field and how it might draw your awareness to places that, again going back to the example, where you do see abundance flowing in, in many ways that may expand beyond what your definition of abundance is, but as you begin to focus on it you’re bringing that other half energetically closer into your field so you can experience the other half of that duality that you’ve been experiencing.

Remember the change in your experience begins with a shift in your awareness. Because the shift in your awareness begins to open up your vibratory field to allow new information to come in. Allow your awareness to shift to bring your attention to new energies, which changes your vibration, which can then bring your attention to new energies, which continues to change your vibration. Allow this to be a process and a shift in awareness to the field of unified consciousness.

For those of you who meditate you can begin to bring in the idea of the experience and the expansion into the knowingness of living and breathing and experiencing the totality of the unified experience, instead of the polarity of the unified experience. Just see what happens.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2015 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to www.Soul-Genesis.com clearly displayed as shown below.

Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood


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2nd March 2015.
Channeled by Paul Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings we are the Arcturian’s,

And as you know, we come to you in peace. Much to the misalignment of the information from your governments and the fear mongers on the planet, there are so many of us around you, in support of you all of the time, in a most benevolent way.

Today we wish to share with you some wisdom about connecting to a greater level of information to assist you to move to more ease and grace in your life. For as many of you know and are aware of, the use of meditation allows a quieting of the mind, and in this process it allows you in your awake conscious state to start to listen to the more subtle voices of your Soul, inner guidance, imagination, and the messages that we, your guides, the angelic realm, and sources more subtle than your physical realm, to communicate with you.

It’s much like when you’re in a busy crowd it’s very difficult to listen to someone who’s trying to whisper to you, while if you step into a quiet room you can more clearly hear those whispers. Those whispers were always there; you just were unable to hear them with all the noise that was happening around you. We encourage each and every one of you throughout your day, and if you make it a daily practice in the morning and the evening, to find this quite space with yourself, simply to allow yourself to tune into the more subtle messages that are coming through to you, all day, every day.

And what are the benefits of this you may ask?

Let us explain this in a simple analogy. While you are going through your life there are things that you see, things that you do, that are either in alignment with yourself, or are not in alignment with yourself. For those of you who have learned to tune into your feelings, you very quickly know this, you know the things that excite you, you know the things that make you feel afraid, and you know when you’re speaking with or interacting with someone whether it feels good or doesn’t feel good. Which is simply the level of alignment that you have with that person.

And how does this help you? It helps you because; as you previously conducted your day-to-day activities, you are used to simply dealing with the information that you had at hand from your five senses, and the knowledge that you had accumulated in your mind and your memory. Now!! As you learn to tap into this field of consciousness, this greater resource of information that exists in and around you all day every day, you can start to gain more insight and make decisions and observations from a more illuminated and wiser perspective, specifically for yourself.

We don’t mean this in an egotistical or self righteous manner, what we mean is simply that if you have a place in your life where you need to make some decisions, this could be a juncture in your life where the decisions that you make can lead you down Path A or Path B or even Path C. Now while in the moment you may not have any clear realization of the ramifications of this decision you’re about to make, because that only becomes clear to you in your linear timeframe as you move further down Path A, Path B, or Path C.

However what if you were in a situation where at that juncture you could tune into a level of your inner guidance and inner knowingness, and trust that guidance to give you some level of feeling or intuition as to which Path is the better path for you. A path that is simply more aligned with you and your essence, and that which you wish to experience in this lifetime, and then to add another layer to that, you may be able to tap into a knowingness of what will unfold in the future.

For remember you are living in a reality of linear time, however the higher aspects of your consciousness are not limited to this, your consciousness can, as you may say transcend time, this transcending time allows you in the moment of that juncture in making a decision, to gain insight as to the potentials of the future ramifications of that decision. So now at this point of making a decision, you are suddenly able to make a decision based on a lot more information. This allows you to make a decision that is far wiser; far more aligned with you and who you are and what best serves you.

We encourage you to contemplate this situation for a while. You can in the old ways, simply make a decision based on a limited amount of knowledge and your senses in the moment. It’s like making a scientific decision based on a single book, or as you tap into your inner knowing, your inner feelings, the guidance that you get from your Soul and your higher perspective intelligence and consciousness, this next level is like having 10 books of knowledge. You will make a more illuminated decision, a wiser decision at this point because you have 10 books of knowledge to base that decision on instead of one.

And then as you tap into the field of consciousness around you that allows you at a subtle level to understand for example the future potentials of each decision, suddenly you have 100 books worth of information, so at this juncture you are making your decision based on 100 books of information. Please understand this is simply an analogy, but we share this with you to assist you to connect to and understand that these, as we said earlier, “Whispers” are always there with you, all day every day.

And as you learn to tune into this greater body of information, you are able to make decisions in your life, you are able to observe things in your life, you are able to see and tune into and feel the beauty of all that is that is around you in your creation, and then move and flow through your life with a much greater understanding of what is happening around you, what is happening to you, where you are at in your personal growth for example, and as part of observing and understanding and seeing so much more, your wisdom of what’s happening with you and your reality around you suddenly increases.

The benefits are living a life with more grace and ease, living a life that is more aligned with who you are. Remember many of you spend much of your time in service to others and while this is wonderfully perfect, if one does service to others while depleting yourself there is less of you to give to others, while if you take the time to fill up your tank, fill yourself up with what makes you happy what brings you joy, what gives you an uplifting feeling, as you all know when you walk away from that experience there is so much more of you to give, and you are able to be in service in so many more ways.

This is part of a balance of receiving and giving and we encourage those of you that do a lot of giving to start the day off with nothing but receiving, fill yourself up with the love the joy and the things that uplift you emotionally, energetically, consciously, you are happy, full, radiant, and this allows you to come from a very different perspective and help in a much greater myriad of ways those who come into your path asking for assistance. Whether they are your children, your partner, or simply your coworkers, or clients.

Give this some thought!!

We love you all

We are the Arcturian’s.”

© 2015 Copyright Paul Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to www.Soul-Genesis.com clearly displayed as shown below.

Author: Paul Marwood


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We Are Pillars of Light

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 1, 2015

by Tomasz Roszak and Georgi Stankov, March 1, 2015


Dear Georgi Stankov,

Pillars of light

I want to be full in my existence. Being which provides everything by existence through itself. I’ve had enough madness of this world: lies, killing, wars, corruptions, lack of love and light. Insecurity of existence overwhelms me because of some dark assholes who arrogate for themselves the right of life and death for the rest of the people the world over.

I had a vision wherein I saw myself as a pillar of light from earth to heaven. Each need was satisfied by itself. Everything had its source in itself. It was so beautiful and I was completely detached from this reality. I was in this world, but not of this world. As a pillar of light I sustained heaven. I have been a channel connecting “up with the bottom”. Each human need inside me was dissolved in light, which I was in that moment.

Each creation based on the old rules does not make any sense to me and additionally creates a friction. I am so tired that everything I want to do must be paid for with such work. I’m not complaining but sometimes I want to leave this reality as quick as possible.

I know that we, the PAT and the true warriors of light of the first and last hours, sustain this world as pillars of light and that without us everything would have collapsed long ago. Everything affects everything and we (the warriors of light) can create only from this perspective. There is no possession in our creation, but only existence. We create not for us but for each human, for Mother Earth, for all creation, but nevertheless we still create by ourselves. So, creating for ourselves we create for all creation and we must take the responsibility for all life and we do take this responsibility (Me = 1 = All-That-Is = God). There is no other reality beyond the reality of God within us, where we can create only from a level of unity. The most beautiful for me in this form of creation is the feeling of freedom which I give to my creation. Pure existence of being.

This is just a scrap of what I feel in this final time and what I see in my vision.

Thank you very much for that YOU ARE. You are like a father for us and we are like your children. In my opinion the most beautiful day in each father’s life is the day when a child regains his freedom and awareness of being changed in the consciousness of all existence. Only God that exists is inside of each of us. Beyond us nothing else exists and you still show us and lead us to God within us.

With Love and Light

Tomasz, Poland


Dear Tomasz,

thank you very much for sharing this most beautiful and powerful vision with me and the PAT, as I shall publish it today. It is also so timely as it truly reflects what I, and surely most of the PAT, feel and experience these last days.

In the days when this website was shut down, I was flooded with such powerful source energy that I also felt like a pillar of light. Especially in the night this powerful energetic stream was flowing through my left brain portal and my whole body dissolved into this stream of light and lost entirely its material structure. Of course at the expense of severe, throbbing headaches the whole night and day. This lasted for three days in a row – Feb 23 -25 – and I was actually glad that the website was down as I could not have edited it during this time under such massive energetic bombardment.

You are absolutely right that we are now pillars of light and that we sustain this reality and heave it to higher dimensions. My personal impression is that this is now happening with an incredible speed and that the old holographic model is crumbling in front of our eyes. It is being automatically substituted with the new matrix of light which emerges more visibly each day.

All the wars, calamities and hardships to which this humanity has been subjugated for eons of time is now becoming evident to more and more people and of course this reality is unbearable to us, who have both eyes opened since a very long time. Now the rest of humanity must see it the same way and realize what abominable conditions of life the people have created on this planet. They must now begin to discern that there are not only two options – black and white, the good versus the bad ones – but infinite possibilities to create this world.

The usual long-lived concept of duality is now dissolving in front of our eyes and the current wars and other military and social conflicts are only the visible signs that show the people the true hell they have created for themselves for so long time and that it “ain’t necessarily so”, to quote a famous song from the musical “Porgy and Bess”.

I do not see any further culmination of confrontation and a global war on this uppermost mother planet, as there is no longer enough energetic support for this scenario. We as powerful pillars of light have made this outcome impossible. What I envision instead is a constant pulverization of the old negative patterns of animosity and destruction, which have been the driving motors of humanity for many millennia and now no longer serve their purpose.

We should now decisively turn away from all conflicts of duality that still rage on this planet, in the full knowing that their resolution will not be in the victory of the good ones over the bad ones, Russia over the Empire of Evil, as this battle has already served its purpose – to prevent the establishment of the NWO on this timeline. This is now a done deal and the dark ones will simply vanish from this reality by means of interdimensional splitting.

When the tipping point will come, and I am very confident that it is very near, quite probably this month of equinox, this whole reality will automatically switch on to a new, more light-filled holographic version, that of the new 4D worlds. This will be also the point in time when we shall experience our transfiguration and then we shall begin with our true mission as Logos Gods in these new worlds, although the pillars of light of our multidimensional fields already fulfill this function in this crumbling reality.

With love and light


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