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Dialectics – the Effective Technique That Egos Hate

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 3, 2015

by Alexander X. and Georgi Stankov, April 3, 2015

Writing you for the first time, though I’ve followed this website with keen interest for several years, and reposted many articles, mostly Carla’s channelings.

I’m a master of the Socratic method, have been since my teen years. What Corey writes is true: it is an extremely effective method to ‘expose contradictions in thinking patterns.’ The obvious results of this exposure has also proven true in my own experience, that the person being questioned utilizing the logical dialectic approach with the (supposed) goal of ‘finding the truth’ in the most clear, clean, fact-based and logical method possible, leads almost inevitably to ‘an emotional disturbance caused by this clash of ideas which manifest into sometimes violent/illogical outbursts’!

Fascinating is RIGHT!!

I have found that the persons who MOST quickly explode into irrational babble and radically defensive behavior — REGARDLESS of their level of ‘higher education’, life experience, or professional accolades — are those raised in the United States of Corporate Rule.

Since I myself was born and raised there, and got my science degree there in a prestigious university (where I learned about Socrates and ancient Greek philosophy, and of course the dialectic method of investigation, despite my major focus in the physical sciences), I find it VERY perplexing to observe this shocking correlation. In ADDITION to this state of affairs, the more highly educated the person, and/or the more ‘professional’ in their career, the MORE quickly they lash out in a completely irrational and spiteful manner at me!

Again, this happens despite my absolute commitment to speaking in a soft, calm, respectful tone of voice specifically to AVOID triggering their delicate fearful ego. And it happens even when the person has started it all by asking ME a question, or even for my advice!

As a matter of fact, the more calm and respectful I am, the MORE VIOLENTLY REACTIVE THEY BECOME!

Fortunately I have studied human psychology extensively, specifically the structure and deep psyche of the ego-mind (that aspect of our Consciousness which is limited to, identifies with, and feels responsible to protect and nurture, our physical body). I did A Course In Miracles over 20 years ago, and learned first-hand, through brutal experience with my OWN powerful ego-monkey-mind, WHY this fear-based part of ourselves freaks out so easily. BUT it still surprises me to find that the MORE ‘educated’ (usually meaning ‘dogmatic’ about their own pet theories and beliefs and attitudes about what they perceive as ‘the world’) the person is, the more quickly and violently they react to the exposure of their self-contradictory illusions.

At this late date in this game, the End of the Project/Experiment, it is unfortunate that most human beings still not only do not have a CLUE as to what’s going on — both internally and externally — but still VIOLENTLY resist the exposure of truth (also both internally and externally).

The shattering of one’s belief systems about ‘how the world works’ and one’s ‘world view’ launches the ego right OUT of its nice little psychological comfort zone, and into ‘dangerous’ territory for the human psyche. Hence the radical increases in both suicides and violent outbursts by otherwise ‘civilized’ folks. And this will continue to increase in the next days and weeks. ONLY those willing to face, grapple with, and slay their ‘inner demons’ (unresolved ‘egoo’ issues, ‘shadow side’, etc.), and LET ALL THAT GO FOREVER, will make it. Another way of putting it: Only the INTERNALLY strong will survive….


Dear Alexander,

thank you very much for your very thoughtful disquisition on the application of the dialectical method of discussion and sharing your personal experiences with the irrational reactions of the people exposed to it.

Before I forget, I would like to ask you where have you reposted Carla’s channelings? And I also would like to stress that I wished you would have contributed much earlier to our discussions.

It is important to observe that the dialectical method of discussion does not necessarily lead to the truth or a better truth than before, but only exposes the discrepancies and contradictions in human thinking. This can be done in a dialectical question and answer method as Socrates applies it in Plato’s dialogues or it can be done in a more substantial manner, as I have been doing it for 20 years in the field of physics and science.

In fact the new axiomatics of physics and mathematics which builds the epistemological foundations of the New Theory of the Universal Law encompasses precisely the dialectical method in mathematics and physics as the most abstract and exact categorical systems of scientific knowledge available to humanity so far.

I am very glad to hear that you have a degree in physical sciences and I assume that this academic background enables you to understand the new physical theory of science and know what I am talking about. In volume II on physics I essentially do the same thing as Socrates does with his interlocutors. I depart from the basic ideas in physics which are fundamentally wrong and have precluded the establishment of a unified theory of nature and first reveal their blunders and contradictions before I unite them to a new edifice of science, which is consistent, free of paradoxes and contradictions. In other words, a stringent axiomatics according to the professed formalistic approach in mathematics as first advocated by Hilbert at the Paris conference of mathematics in 1900, which ultimately led to the partial axiomatisation of this discipline.

Of course until Goedel proved in 1931 and then again 1937 with his famous theorems that this method is vicious as long as it is accomplished entirely in the hermeneutic world of mathematics and thus leads to fundamental antimonies (basic paradoxes).

The difference is that, contrary to Socrates, I do not need to lead a strict question and answer path of verbal or written argumentation, but simply to point out the obvious contradictions and blunders all physicists have made and perpetuated for four centuries, since this scientific discipline was first founded by Galileo Galilei.

But of course I have used the dialectical method extensively in my discussions with numerous scientists in the 90s when I still cherished the utopian idea that present-day scientists and researchers are driven by a genuine interest in understanding nature, in knowing “how to put the pieces together”. The moment I grasped that this is an euphemistic assumption and that my effort to educate them is as futile as the one of this journalist to find out the truth in interviews or as you report about your negative personal experience with representatives of corporate America, I gave up the dialectical method. Not because it does not work, but because it is a pure waste of time and energy. It is as if raising the scientists from the dead. History also verifies this conclusion of mine.

Hilbert’s attempt to axiomatize mathematics was the first and only major effort to use the Socratic dialectical method in science as to streamline the fragmentalized thinking of all scientists and it failed badly. The reverse reaction was the total neglect of the ongoing foundational crisis of mathematics and the complete fiasco of conventional science to grasp Nature until I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and published my first book in 1997.

This all is well-known and widely discussed by myself on this website and in my books and should not be a novelty to you, given the fact that you have read my website for several years.

Here, I would like to mention one further typical reaction of agnostic human beings when confronted for the first time with the truth, while simultaneously exposing their basic mental limitations – the complete shock, the state of utter cataleptic immobility, to which these beings regress, which is indicative of the total retrieval of vital force by the soul in such intransigent beings as most scientists are (and they need not belong to corporate America), before a new reset of their minds and emotions can be made by their HS in this cataleptic state.

I have seen this kind of reactions quite a few times, while presenting the discovery of the Universal Law in academic circles and how the first stormy emotional reactions of rejection petrify in utter paralysis when they are challenged by myself in a dialectical manner to reject the theory of the Universal Law and when these critics profoundly fail, much to the enjoyment of the audience.

The ultimate effect is however the same – total rejection of the new Theory and complete disappearance of these refuseniks from the scene. This flight reflex worked so far pretty well in the old Orion matrix, but now we have reached the final phase of irrefutable truth and there are no longer any biotop niches for people addicted to lies and total denial where to hide. They will be confronted with the truth full power beginning this month, no matter how far away they intend to flee from us, and from me personally.

The coming days will be the most exciting ones in the history of this debased humanity. They will bring be biggest drama ever seen since the ancient Greeks invented this art and it will make Sophocles become “ein Kind von Traurigkeit” (a child of chagrin), as the Germans use to say. The upcoming collective drama of derailed human minds will be of cosmic proportions and participating in it as a driving force, as I intend to be, will be a modest compensation for all the pains and suffering I have gone through in the last 20 years in order to bring humanity energetically to this point of no return.

With love and light


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Explaining Dialectics One More Time

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 2, 2015

Corey Sturmer and Georgi Stankov, April 2, 2015

Hi Georgi,

I notice in your writing you often use the word “Dialectical”. I did not know the meaning of this word until reading your site, so I looked it up & learned a little about its etymology and ties to Plato, the Socratic dialogs, logos & verbal debate.

This immediately reminded me of a popular journalist, Jan Helfeld, who I have personally enjoyed watching for many years and who has a notable following on the internet for his sometimes explosive interviews with western media presstitutes & cabal politicians using the “Socratic Method.”

See: Stephanopoulos Clams Up When Questioned on Racism

See: Fmr. Republican Chairman Michael Steele says Taxes are Voluntary

See: MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s Intransigence Exposed by Jan Helfeld

As I learned, the socratic method is an extension of the Greek term “dialectics” and in both cases these forms help expose contradictions in thinking patterns. Fascinating!

I figured this sequence of events could not possibly have been coincidental and then got the message from my HS to write you about it. I hope you’ll watch a couple of Jan’s videos & consider sharing with the rest of the PAT as Jan is very effective at what he does & I have learned a lot from him. I have thought about writing you on this topic before, but never the urge to actually follow through till now for some reason.

As you’ll see in the videos I shared, If the interviewee does not have a consistent or coherent thought, we tend to witness one of two outcomes in response to Jan’s questions… on the one hand; an emotional disturbance caused by this clash of ideas which manifest into sometimes violent/illogical outbursts, or an immediate withdrawal from reality!

See: US Congressman Pete Stark threatens to throw Jan out of a window

Or, a rapid transformation of the interviewee’s opinions because to do anything less is only displaying cognitive dissonance of the most obvious kind.

I felt compelled to share this with you in case you agree Jan is performing a very important service to humanity, in my opinion transmuting a lot of idiocy in some of the Western establishment’s most brainwashed through his surgical application of the socratic method, and exposing it to the collective via the internet.

He’s been at this sometime too. I have always felt that Jan Helfeld was a great light worker, even if he isn’t conscious of the broader mission & he is a solid case study how we are capable of transforming the mental ether with the character of our thoughts.

Classic – Harry Reid says Taxes are Voluntary:

In other news I will be writing you later about the unbelievable equinox I had which just past. It was a complete reconfirmation & leaves me no doubt that this matrix is really finally crumbling in a visceral way.

In light,



Dear Corey,

you have raised a key philosophical question which constitutes the red thread in Western philosophy, beginning with Greek Antiquity. As you correctly point out, the dialectical method of finding the truth through a discussion based on a logical chain of questions goes back to Socrates as presented by Plato in his famous dialogues. I have read most of them and it is indeed very exciting and intriguing to read how Socrates slowly encircles the truth by asking at the beginning more concrete questions and then moving forward to more abstract questions to his interlocutor before he comes to the truth, or what he considers to be the truth.

Socrates actually encircles the truth or the final correct conclusion by eliminating in a rational and logical manner, described as “dialectics”, all false common ideas that have gained popularity in many a human mind. By the way, Socrates was not the inventor of this dialectical method of logical questioning. Aristotle says that it was the pre-Socratic philosopher Zeno of Elea who invented dialectics, of which the dialogues of Plato are the classical examples of the Socratic dialectical method.

But I think that it is still justifiable to define this dialectical method, which is in the core of sophism (The Greek sophists), also as the “Socratic method“, as we know almost nothing, or very little, of the philosophy of Zeno and the Pre-Socrates.

If you have happened to have read Plato’s dialogues, where Socrates plays the main role in the conversation, which always involves many people, some of them his pupils and others being invited guests to attend his discussion meetings, it is breathtaking to follow with what dexterity and ingenuousness Socrates overcomes all the thought hurdles created by compartmentalized human minds in order to bring his interlocutor, his audience and of course the reader safely to the final truth.

I am still wondering whether this is the achievement of Socrates as a real person or of Plato as probably not only the greatest philosopher, but also one of the greatest narrators (fiction writer) of modern humanity, whereas I use this term in distinction to previous civilisations, such as Lemuria and Atlantis, about which we have no detailed knowledge but must assume that they were even more sophisticated in philosophy and dialectics than in Classical Greek Antiquity. Plato himself had intimate knowledge of these cultures and the only scientifically accepted proof of the existence of Atlantis goes back to his writings. This as a side note.

But dialectics, as I understand it, cannot be restricted to the sophistic method of Socrates. Hegel further developed this concept by using the classical Greek concept of thesis and anti-thesis to develop his dialectics. Hegelian dialectics constitutes of three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis. Although this model is often named after Hegel, it goes back to Kant and is widely used in his “Kritik der reinen Vernunft” (Critics of Pure Consciousness). I have discussed Kant’s philosophy in depth in my book on Gnosis “Philosophic Sources“.

Truly popular became the method of dialectics when Marx developed his Marxist dialectics and when this political philosophy became the dominant ideology in the East and almost helped established the NWO prematurely, before humanity was ripe for it. In a certain way the Cold War can be defined as the bellicose dialectics between thesis (old capitalist system) and antithesis (the communist system), which was supposed to be resolved in a synthesis when the Iron Curtain was torn down. That it did not happen, is entirely the negative achievement of the Empire of Evil that believed that its thesis of exceptionalism has won the war and buried the communist antithesis – the dialectical materialism as an overarching ideology of communism.

When I studied electronics and then economics at the Sofia university in Bulgaria in the early 70s, I had an obligatory subject and examinations on the so called “Diamat“, an abbreviation of “dialectical materialism” and had to study all the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin. Needless to say, I knew the stuff better than my professors and used the classical dialectics to actually reject them by showing the obvious discrepancies in their writings and then sophistically asking my professors for a resolution, which they were unable to render. Instead they wanted to get rid of me as not to get involved in ideological troubles and gave me always the best note.

Finally, I use the term “dialectics’ in the broadest possible sense of human cognition in the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. I depart from the nature of energy as a physical reality and prove that the Hegelian idea of dialectics remains the most precise intuitive perception of the nature of energy as space-time, but unable to render a sound scientific explanation for it. Essentially, the way the Hegelian dialectics is defined and being used in philosophy reflects the reciprocal character of space and time that humans perceive as distinct, antithetic entities or variables. The latter merge or create in an invisible manner (due to the limitations of human senses) the synthesis of space-time as a unity, which is actually energy (All-That-Is). I have written a lot about this reciprocity of space and time and its ubiquitous repercussions for human knowledge and gnosis. Therefore, I will not delve here any further into this huge topic.

Now some observations to the interviews you have sent me as links. It will be an exaggeration to sustain that this journalist knows and uses the Socratic method of dialectical, sophistic questioning. And even less so the people he interviews who have never heard of this method, especially the way they react to his questioning. Insofar it is not appropriate to apply this term to these interviews. What they though clearly demonstrate, is what will happen with the overwhelming blind, agnostic majority of humanity this month and later on when their world views are swept away by the energetic tsunami of truth.

This journalist actually demonstrates in a rather primitive form what the press was supposed to be when the democratic state and independent journalism were established almost simultaneously in the 19th century – the fourth power of independent truth in opposition to the legislative, executive and the juridical branches of the state.

At the beginning of modern journalism, this dedication to uncompromising truth was brilliantly embodied by Emil Zola in his famous pamphlet “J’accuse” that helped solve the Dreyfus Affair. For his courage Zola was compelled to emigrate from France and later on was killed in an unresolved accident by the dark powers as they have done with any serious critics in the past.

Since then the free press or independent journalism is in a steady, precipitous decline, especially in the last several decades when all western MSM outlets were collected in the hands of five or seven Reptilian moguls. The same holds true for the Internet, where the CIA-sponsored Google and Facebook fully control this medium and can shut down any critical website if they want so. From fighters for truth, the journalists became “presstitutes“. This is the time we live in now and the good old dialectics has become a foreign word to most people.

I have tried to use the dialectical method extensively in my discussions with readers on this website. In particular at the beginning when I opened this website and many divergent ideas clashed on this platform. Now these opponents have left the scene after they realized how desperately inferior they were in their petty argumentation and the rest, who now regularly read my website, are the light warriors who have already overcome the dialectical antagonism of thesis-antithesis and dwell happily in the harmonic synthesis of the higher realms.

With love and light




Thanks for the amazing elaboration & additional historical context. I really appreciate it.

I will definitely be studying more about this topic & hopefully can apply it accordingly during the short time we have left here. It is a tragedy that Jan’s work beams with a certain authenticity when it stands in comparison to many of his contemporary’s interviews, even if it is primitive, however this is not surprising knowing what we know about the consolidation of media. It does not look altogether that hard to make the liars squirm beneath the weight of their own contradictions… These days you might only have to ask them about the weather to catch them in a lie!

In light,


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The Middle East Mess Heralds the Imminent Collapse of the Orion Matrix This Month

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 3, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, April 2, 2015

The exponentially spreading mess in the Middle East with the explosion of the Yemen crisis illustrates the last throes of the Empire of Evil before its imminent collapse. After more than a decade of sanctions and war-mongering against Iran, the Empire of Evil decided all of a sudden to sign a nuclear deal with Iran as to ease its desperate position in the Middle East.

Read here: The deal with Iran – a major sign of the Empire’s weakness

This will not help, as with each move the Empire of Evil is now weakening its strategic position and is about to lose all advantages it has amassed after WW2 within days. This month will be payday for the USA and the western cabal liars in power as the huge energetic tsunami of truth that now comes from the Source sweeps over this timeline in an unprecedented manner. You can witness it in your personal and family life, in your nearby environment, at the societal and political level. Not a single aspect of human life will be spared from this cleansing and healing effect.

Since 24 hours we have another massive descent of Source energies as I expected it in preparation of the blood moon portal. This morning I did another huge cleansing invocation of negative thought and behaviour patterns of the collective and the results of this alchemical reaction have already reached my reality.

In addition, since ten days all Internet trolls have fully disappeared. Before that I received more than 10 emails a day with the most primitive and despicable curses which only reflected the zombified character of these no longer human beings. Precisely, since we opened the Eclipse-Equinox portal, the Internet trolls are gone. It took me more than a month of regular and focused invocations to let them disappear from my reality. Now the speed of creation has quadrupled in the last few days and what we create may very well manifest within 24 hours. And by this I mean creating Big, on a global level.

Now back to the mess which the Anglo-Zionist Empire of Evil created in the Middle East. When it started with its war against ISIS half a year ago, I promised you that this military adventure will end up badly for the Coalition of Evil.

Read here: Why the USA and the Bomber Obama Will Fail With Their New War in the Middle East

This notwithstanding the fact that the USA is financially and militarily sponsoring its adversaries as to create havoc in the Middle East with the final goal of ousting Assad from power in Syria and thus eliminating the influence of Russia in this region. This tactic has now fully failed and the Empire of Evil has moved itself into a checkmate.

The Yemen crisis has now exposed the lies and duplicity of the US foreign policy and revealed its predatory hegemonic nature. In order to understand what I mean, watch this excellent discussion on RT:

Video: The Yemen template

and read this analysis of the Saker:

In Yemen the “Axis of kindness” shows the true face of the Empire and proves Lenin right

The old matrix is now falling apart on all ends and fringes as it has no support from the new crystalline grid. I am getting that most dark entities and their Reptilian soul fragments were already removed from this uppermost mother planet with the opening of the Eclipse-Equinox portal on March 20th/21st.

Now we are opening the next massive blood moon portal and the rest of them will be interdimensionally split from our timeline and recycled into the Tao of All-That-Is. Today we had a series of MPR and apocalyptic destruction on numerous lower timelines, which we now shed off with great speed, while ascending exponentially to higher and higher frequency levels. The expansion of our reality is incredible nowadays.

In order to understand what will happen this month, you must sharpen your intuitive perception for the rapidly expanding dynamics of the total collapse of the old matrix. It will begin to crumble everywhere at the same time and the overwhelmed cabal will be simply paralyzed by its impotence to respond. This has nothing to do with the ongoing clandestine war between NATO and Russia, but with the full take-over of the destiny of this planet by the Source and us as its human embodiments. What we decide these days, is what will happen worldwide.

My decisions as to how the events will unfold on the ground have been made. Here I will outline them in a succinct form for you as a template to follow if you want to contribute to the acceleration of the collapse of the Orion matrix:

1) The Nazi regime in Kiev will collapse and the Anglo-Zionist Empire will lose its war in Ukraine. This country will return again under the Russian umbrella as some recent events already indicate.

2) The Anglo-Zionist coalition of Evil will lose the war against ISIS as Iraq is about to win the war against this terrorist group on its own and with the massive help of Iran. This will increase the political influence of Iran hugely in the Middle East and will reduce the US strategy in this region to shambles. The sudden signing of the nuclear deal with Iran already indicates this critical strategic victory of Iran over the Empire of Evil.

3) Assad will stay in power and the rebels will lose any relevance. The ultimate goal of the Empire of Evil and its stooge Saudi Arabia to topple down Assad will badly fail and this will end up the attempt of the dark western cabal to use the Middle East as a platform to install the NWO. To this favourable outcome the powerful third Portal of Infinity, which we established in Istanbul and the Middle East several years ago, has hugely contributed.

4) China will arrange itself with Japan and other local Asian powers and will offset the US pivot in the Pacific.

5) The EU will begin to dissolve under the numerous unresolvable problems such as the gargantuan Greek debt that can never be repaid, the insolvency of many European banks (France has already drastically reduced all cash bank transactions in the absence of liquidity, recent bankruptcy of a big Austrian bank that has affected many German banks, etc.), deep recession due to the Russian sanctions and austerity policies in the PIGS states, imminent danger of nuclear holocaust by first-strike attack from Russia in case the USA endangers this superpower without any means of protection or adequate military response on the part of Western Europe, the growing division between West and Eastern Europa with huge centripetal forces away from NATO and EU, etc., etc.

6) I also expect the global financial crash, which I have predicted long time ago, to finally happen in April. It has already happened numerous times on lower D timelines, which we have separated from this uppermost mother planet. Now it is our turn. All lies and deceptions must be revealed this month and the Orion monetary system is the greatest deception of all.

Hence we have entered the most stormy period in the End Time when all plots will converge to one grand “Finale Furioso“.

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Breaking News – The American Civil War in March 2015 →

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Breaking News – The American Civil War in March 2015
by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 3, 2015

Georgi Stankov, April 2, 2015

...The police in the United States killed more people in the month of March of this year than British police has in more than a century since 1900.

The number of fatalities involving the American police is at more than 100 in the past month of March — 111 to be exact — which comes to about three people killed by police each day in the United States.

The irony is that the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing issued a report last month recommending that the police focus on tactics that would “de-escalate” a situation to make it less likely that someone would end up getting shot and killed.

It is an undeniable fact that the rogue US government with its criminal law and enforcement has not only led to more than 2 million deaths as a result of numerous globalist wars of aggression abroad, but also to a rapidly increasing death toll among civilians in its own country. The criminal Obama regime is now leading a veritable civil war against its own people in preparation to install the martial law. This is a desperate last-ditch effort of the ruling cabal to turn around the course of the events. But with each heinous measure the dark ruling cabal in the West now undertakes, it only undermines its own position of power and helps reveal its despicable nature. This is how the dark ones become the architects of their own demise according to the divine law of immediate karma in the new era of immediate creation.

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