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SaLuSa and guides: Earth, Human Consciousness and a different force 

Posted on Apr 30, 2015
by cosmicgaia
in Laura Multidimensional Ocn, SaLuSa
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Channeled by Laura Multi-dimensional Ocean

April 19, 2015

Hi everybody

At the moment my channeling is taking a different form. This is evolving into me receiving images and I type the description of the images. I can then zoom in some parts of the image or even of the scene evolving in front of my eyes.

Sometimes, a written message comes as well.

This is very efficient for personal readings, when someone has a question that they wish to ask. I contact the person’s guides or SaLuSa and I get a message for the person for the present situation and indications of the possible evolution.

I am trying to do this for general messages for the blog and for the planet. So I will focus on a question and relate the images that come.

Here is today’s question to SaLuSa and my personal guides. I wish to share the message with everybody.

Laura: What is the current situation with the planet on a psychic level. Where is the human consciousness heading to and are there any dangers right now for us and for the planet?

SaLuSa: We are glad that you are moving your channeling towards a different type of procedure and we are glad to help and to convey images, and words to explain further if necessary.


The Earth from space, it is surrounded by vortexes of clouds here and there. Some parts of the ocean are also taking on this spiral shape as a vortex. The planet is enveloped in this golden aura of light and love. There is a sense of a gentle movement and rotation that keeps everything alive. It is as if the Earth is rocking a child’s bed to calm the child down. She is very caring and loving, just like a loving mother. Her consciousness is in the field around the planet. She is almost looking upon herself as a detached and conscious being, independent from the physical Earth.

Her energy field is mixing with humanity’s consciousness and with every single human being’s energy field. There is this common golden of the same vibration that we all share as the human consciousness and this field is soaking into our Mother’s energetic field. Our consciousness and higher self are linked to our planet’s consciousness and higher being bodies.

The colours of our energies are rooted into the colour of our mother, we carry her vibrational frequencies, as well as her higher being energetic make up. We are all being connected to her on a much higher level than science could ever see or admit. The connection is so strong, that until one’s consciousness has reached a certain level, that person can not leave the planet for an extended period of time. Just as it is with a mother and a toddler. The toddler needs his mother’s love, and sustenance to survive. The mother and the baby are one and the same person for some time, they even shared the same body.

In the same way, humanity is linked with its’ mother Earth. Breaking the link would simply be impossible for now.

Mother Earth’s spirit and essence are an integral part of our human make up, of who we are.

We also receive the love and energy of stars, particularly of our own star. This has more to do with subtle energies and the existence of your own individuality and soul.

Those matters that science knows the existence of, but have no mass and cannot be seen are feeding our higher being bodies literally. It does the same for our Mother Earth. Energies go through her and through our human bodies, but they leave something inside of us and inside our Mother Earth.

There is also the presence of not well intended beings on the planet, but this presence is entirely separate to our energetic field and that of mother. It feels like a ruthless hunger and greed for materialism and for exploitation, no matter what cost. This consciousness has no morals, nor remorse. It is a greedy energy, selfish, and very different from the vibrations of the common human energy and of our Mother Earth.

It wishes to literally such the life and energy dry out of us and out of mother.

It is willing to and about to open vortexes into other dimensions in order to suck the planet dry even more. It feeds off human energy and feelings of fear and despair. It has been present on this level of realm for eternity; it acts like a blind force, entirely immune to the energies of love and kindness. It has been built without those attributes and it wishes to survive at all cost.

Mother has been understanding to that force also, and has attempted to nurture it and accept it as one of her own. That energetic vibration is spreading upon the planet into the human consciousness, as it sucks out love and joy from human lives. Its aim is to “convert” our human energies into becoming lifeless, obedient machine like creatures.

The battle between those two wills and consciousness is raging on, but the only way it can be won, is by using kindness and love. It is the only way. It has never been by joining it by becoming cruel and heartless.

It is now part of us, and we have to transform it and blend it with our own energies in order for ascension to take place.

Much love to the Ground Crewe teams all over the world.

SaLuSa, Laura, guides and protectors of the planet.

Channel : Multidimensional Ocean


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Breaking News: The Era of Conscious Bilocation Has Commenced !



The Elohim Confirm the Completion of the Energetic Infrastructure for Massive Conscious Bilocations and Interdimensional Travels on Gaia 5
Georgi Stankov, May 3, 2015
The Elohim have interrupted their prolonged radio silence and announced in elated mood and with great joy yesterday evening that we have completed the energetic infrastructure of etheric corridors and portals, which will allow massive conscious bilocations and ID travels within the confines of multidimensional Gaia 5 and later on intergalactically.
The conscious bilocation of young Jennifer on May 1st was a pivotal test run to evaluate the final coupling of this uppermost mother planet to the new 4D worlds and numerous 5D timelines through this network for bilocation and ID travels. The ID trip about which Jenny reported yesterday is of great significance and the HR are in great joy about this enormous breakthrough. From now on the number of such conscious bilocations will increase exponentially and we all shall participate in them.
The energetic coupling of this timeline with the new 4D and 5D worlds of Gaia 5 has been successfully completed. We have been working arduously on this project for months and this also explains why in the last several weeks the Elohim were silent. They were holding their breath during the final most vulnerable phase of this major project, in which we all participated.
Jennifer represents the evolved portion of humanity that will ascend to the new 4D worlds and to numerous 5D timelines and her conscious bilocation on May 1st to the new 4D worlds was a most important test for the energetic capability of all these advanced human beings to move to higher dimensions when the final ID shift will occur very soon.
The energetic infrastructure for bilocation and ID travels encompasses a complex network of etheric corridors, connections and junctions and much of this structure runs through the astral planes, where also the dark ones dwell. That is why they had to be flashed out from their dark recesses and are now swirling around in total chaos as they cannot bear the source light as already reported by myself today. This final step was accomplished with the opening of the full moon portal yesterday, May 2nd, which actually began much earlier.
You may remember that I mentioned about two weeks ago that we observed how huge blocks of higher-dimensional light were descending upon this reality. These were the building blocks for the bilocation infrastructure, which is now completed and ready to function.
We have been bilocating ourselves from one timeline to another more or less consciously since many months, but now we shall do it in full daily consciousness. The Elohim also confirm that all PAT dreams as reported on this website are true and valid as they reflect the tremendous work we are doing simultaneously on many timelines, some of them lower and many more belonging to the new 4D and 5D worlds.
According to the Elohim, this latest achievement is a quantum leap on our way to final Ascension, which will now occur in a very individual manner, in form of conscious bilocations and ID travels until this new way of life becomes fully embedded into the collective structure and consciousness of humanity. How this will unfold in detail is impossible to predict now, but I urge all of you to rejoice at this good news as Carla and I did yesterday evening when we learned what we have achieved from the Elohim. I will publish their message tomorrow.
And send your heartfelt congratulations to young Jennifer. She was able to perform this important  bilocation test run in order to confirm the full functionality of the system and the coupling of this uppermost mother planet to the higher expressions of Gaia only because she has established a full harmony between her body, mind and emotions without being fully involved in the LBP with its for the physical body devastating cleansing functions. She represents that portion of humanity who will very soon move in an ID shift to the new already existing 4D worlds and from there to 5D and higher. You remember how she complained at the beginning of her travel about stomach pains and how she mitigated these pains through meditation. They came from the maximal activation of her 3rd chakra which is responsible for bilocation and ID travels. There are no coincidences in these events.
The small group of ascended masters and Logos Gods, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, are not only the architects of the new infrastructure for bilocation and ID travels, but are already masters in such travels and bilocation. But from now on we shall begin to bilocate in a conscious manner at the mind level. Exciting times are ahead of us, brethren.

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