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Sharing - The Global War Is Coming Soon and so Does Our Ascension - There Is No Way The System Can Be Saved!

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The Global War Is Coming Soon and so Does Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 27, 2015

by Henry Bizon and Georgi Stankov, June 27, 2015


Georgi Stankov

“All roads lead to Rome”, as we say in Europe, and so do all actions of the ruling western dark cabal lead to a devastating global war. This is their last futile option to preserve their dwindling power. Any major event can trigger a global war – the Grexit, the killing of the Greek government by the dark secret services in the West (see discussion below), a credit crunch and a cash crash leading to the shutdown of all banks in the West, the secession of Texas from the Union, the establishment of martial law in the USA, a war between China and the Empire of Evil, an escalation of the NATO war in Ukraine against Russia, etc.

The instability of the Orion matrix has reached an unprecedented peak at present and the expected heat waves (more 40 Degree Celsius here in Canada), accompanied with unseen drought in California and in some more US states (read here) build the perfect mixture for a global nervous breakdown. Not to mention the energy tsunami-waves coming from the Source with their relentless power that smashes even the most closed and evil energetic structures of the mental and emotional bodies of the incarnated human personalities on this timeline.

As I have said on many occasions, all major conflicts in human history have commenced in the summer and have unfolded their devastating effects in the fall. The impending final conflict of this humanity on this uppermost mother planet will also follow this same itinerary in the End Time.

Only that this time divine intervention will preclude the unleashing of a global nuclear war. This will be our ascension, the occurrence of major natural catastrophes that will destroy vast portions of the infrastructure of the Empire of Evil and its NATO stooges in Europe or even a coup d’etat in Washington and elsewhere. When the pressure becomes unbearable for the ruling cabal and their numerous rivaling factions, anything is possible and should be taken into consideration.

Humanity is now in a paradoxical situation. While the Russians and the Chinese know very well that a war with the Empire of Evil is unavoidable, given the mad decision of its ruling cabal to start such a war at any price as to prolong the agony of the crumbling Empire, the masses in the West are kept completely in the dark about the intention of their ruling elite. The Russian and the Chinese government are very sincere with their people and ask them to prepare for a war, as they are obviously not the perpetrators of this war and have nothing to hide. The Western ruling cabal is the actual perpetrator of this war and they have to keep the masses in Europe and North America in ignorance about their insidious intentions.

The reason for this is that even the few published polls recently show that the vast majority of the people in the NATO countries disprove the war-mongering policy of this alliance against Russia and China and disagree to help other NATO countries in case of a local war. This explains the desperation and the hectic preparations for war of Obama & Crime Co in the western capitals, as they know that with each day the opposition of the masses against their policy of war is exponentially growing. The democracy deficits in the West erode the civil society there more effectively that any rational policy of Russia and China to preserve the world peace and their sovereignty against the hegemonic aggression of the “Empire of Chaos” (Pepe Escobar).

Below, you will find my discussion with Henry from UK on the latest political and financial developments with some very interesting references that confirm our unanimous conclusion: humanity is on the cusp of a global nuclear war, which will not take place, as the opposite dialectical alternative will happen before that – our ascension to New Lemuria and the final ID shift of this timeline to the new 4D worlds in the new Golden galaxy. This is a done deal and the only unknown variable is the point in linear time when this will occur. It is a very dynamic and fluent affair now and you all must very attentively watch the actual developments as they can stipulate any moment from now on.


Dear Georgi,

I hope that you and Carla are both feeling well today. I saw this article just now and felt the impulse to share it with you.

It immediately reminded me of the fate of a large contingent of the Polish government in the 2010 air crash over Smolensk, Russia. Since we seem to be at a possible 11th hour and 59th minute in the Greek default scenario – maybe as soon as Monday of next week – the villains in Washington will no doubt be scrambling for options and hence panicked into playing their final card. I read someplace that one strategy of the EU negotiations has been to make the new Greek government lose popularity among its supporters and collapse so as to force regime change in Greece resulting in a more compliant government, which would bend to EU demands. If Alexis Tsipras stands his ground between now and Monday, the criminal elite may decide they have no other course of action than to dispose of Syriza by an “act of (their satanic) god”.

Paul Craig Roberts makes a good case for describing Greece as being in a pivotal position to dismantle the West’s goal of starting WW3. He states the risk to the Greek ministers in very strong terms and believes that they must be fully aware of the bigger picture or even had the “writing on the wall” spelled out to them. It would be good if immediately following a Grexit, some new “Black Swan” event took the spotlight off Greece. Maybe something as simple as China and Russia disclosing the volume of their gold reserves, to knock the stool from under the phony dollar, which would give the western powers a different kind of headache. Perhaps Greece, Russia and China have some larger strategy worked out?

Nevertheless, if Paul Craig Roberts’ analysis has identified a genuine risk to the Greek negotiators, do you think that a PAT resolution, mandating the safety of the Greek government would be prudent at this time?

With Love and Light,

Henry Bizon


Dear Henry,

this is a probable scenario how the Greek drama may unfold and Paul Craig is correct in pointing out the danger of the Greek government being killed by the western cabal. The same thing happened with Lech Kaczynski as Polish president and his whole government when their airplane crashed in Russia and the West blamed Putin and Russia. After that the new Polish governments mutated to stooges of the USA. Poland is very important in splitting Russia from EU and creating havoc in the Eastern front, and so does Greece.

In addition to these hot spots, there is also another topic that may cause civil war in the USA – the decision of Texas to bring back its gold and to become financially independent from the Fed and the Obama regime. Here is the latest on this topic:

And here is what may happen very soon if Texas decides to secede from the Union.

While the conclusions of this report may not be true as my HS tells me, all the references given there are brand new and show the final preparation for a global war by the dark western cabal. Hence we will have a very hot summer where any major event will trigger a massive avalanche of other collateral events and this will destroy the matrix within days.

Now the US cabal in Washington is in a state of total desperation as I sense it since long time and under terrible pressure to do anything as to preserve power as they see that nothing they do has any effect. They can no longer impose their will on other people as nobody follows them anymore. This desperation emanates so much fear that everybody sees it and knows how weak the US ruling cabal now is. Check this discussion at CrossTalk for confirmation:

Putting the pieces together, I am getting that an attempt for a global war is imminent and it may as well happen between the USA and China as all MSM in China now officially talk about the inevitability of such war and even the Russian press is d’accord with this view. Only in the West the people are kept in the dark, but some begin to awaken to the imminent danger.

As we know that such a war will not be allowed on this timeline, we must reckon with our imminent ascension when such a bellicose and futile attempt is made to prevent it. Natural catastrophes will also impede such a dark action. There are many possibilities.

Yesterday evening I prevented such an attempt through a very powerful alchemical reaction, but I do not know exactly what. And my dreams this night tell me that we did something very important. The situation is stipulating now.

With love and light

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How the Globalists Push the NWO Against the Dialectics of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 27, 2015

Georgi Stankov, June 27, 2015

In the Wonderland of mass illusion nothing is so as it seems. Not even the collapse we expect. This is what the article below tells us from a conventional, but enlightened point of view. The main argument of the author is that there is no such thing as policy to prevent contagion. This policy is applied by the dark ruling cabal to create the greatest possible havoc and demolish the current economic, financial and political structures in order to put the masses under utmost pressure and collective fear and create the optimal conditions for the establishment of the One World Order, also known as the NWO.

The latest events in the Greek debt crisis reveal this strategy beyond any doubt. The Troika had no intention to present a favourable deal to the Syriza government but to pillage the Greek tourism by forcing them to double the VAT tax that already devastated the economy of this failed country when it was first raised several years ago. As Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reports with disgust about this heinous proposal of the Orion Troika predators, for the Greek to accept this dictate would have meant the quietus of their economy.

This analysis is based on leaked documents that reveal for the first time the deliberate destructive policy of the dark banksters and criminal politicians in the West. With the unexpected decision of the Greek government to hold a referendum on July 5th on this proposal of the Troika naked panic has gripped the reptilian politicians in Brussels and the western capitals at the perspective of the EU losing 350 billion € with one fell swoop when Greece will exit the Euro. Then this is sure now.

This strategy of deliberate destruction has though one cardinal deficiency: Before the ruling cabal will be able to perform this “controlled’ demolition of the current international order, they will be buried under the rubble of the crumbling Orion matrix. This is the dialectical nature of the dissipation of this 3D illusion. All-That-Is is always much bigger than any plans of humans and mice that always go awry. Before the ruling cabal will be able to destroy the EU and the Empire of Evil in order to install the NWO, they will go under in the Apocalypses of the ID shift and our Ascension.

Why? Because to succeed the western dark cabal had to destroy first Russia and China. And they poorly failed. Russia emerged stronger from the Ukraine conflict and so will China from its US conflict in the South See. The two countries have established a new Eurasian Union that offsets all the plans of the dark cabal to install the One World Order. By demolishing the EU and North America, the West is only committing a hara-kiri and the political power goes irreversibly to the new emerging powers. And then we have the PAT, the beacons of light and Logos Gods, who determine the outcome of this final mortal battle as I wrote in my latest article.

This is a strange couple, but it takes two to tango. In order for us to ascend, our destiny is closely coupled to the demise of the dark ruling cabal. Our fates are inextricably linked but with opposite results. This is the dialectics of ascension in the purest form – the negation of the negation (of the dark cabal that negates life) by the light warriors of the first and the last hour leads to Being of the new reality as Gaia 5 (New Lemuria).

This dialectical principle is defined by Hegel as Aufhebung (sublation or overcoming). We need the downfall of the dark cabal which will be associated with a huge release of dark energies in order to fuel the Supernova of our ascension and the final manifestation of New Lemuria.

In reality, the Hegelian dialectics is a cumbersome pre-scientific notion of the Laws of Creation and Destruction, also known as the Laws of constructive and destructive interference. The out-of-phase superposition of two wave systems leads to the destruction of both. As energy cannot be destroyed but only its form, every total destruction of forms leads to a creative vacuum, out of which myriad of new forms and realities can emerge. This is an all-encompassing concept of creation that needs a lot of contemplation to be fully comprehended.

None of this abstract philosophical disquisition can be found in the following article, but we do not expect this either, as philosophy has left this humanity long time ago, as I have shown in my five books on Gnosis. The current philosophical vacuum in the End Time is though pregnant with a new renaissance of true philosophical thinking, to which the new humanity must first evolve – the transcendental philosophy of the Universal Law.


The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ‘Contagion’

by Brandon Smith,, June 24, 2015

In order to understand what is really going on around the globe in terms of the collapsing economy, we must set aside false mainstream versions of reality. When it comes to the EU and its current fiscal turmoil, it is very important to, in some respects, ignore Greece entirely. That’s right; forget about all the supposed drama surrounding Greek debt obligations. Will they find a way to pay creditors? Will they default? Will they make a deal with Russia and the BRICS? Will there be last-minute concessions to save the system? It doesn’t matter. It’s all a soap opera, an elaborate Kabuki theater run by international financiers and globalists.

It is most important to remember the fundamentals. Greece will default on its debts. Period. There is no way around it. Maybe Greece makes a deal today, maybe it makes a deal tomorrow; but eventually, the country’s ability to stretch out its resources in order to meet its exponential liabilities will end. It is inevitable, and no last-minute “deal” is going to change the math at the core of it all.

Why are so many economists so worried about a little country like Greece? It’s all due to a great lie: a dishonest narrative being perpetuated by the establishment that if Greece falls, defaults or leaves the EU, this could trigger a domino effect of other nations hitting a debt wall and following suit. The lie embedded in this narrative is the claim that Greece will cause a “contagion” through the act of default. Let’s be clear – there is no contagion. Multiple countries within the EU have developed their own debt problems in spite of Greece over the past couple of decades, not because of Greece. Each of these countries, from Italy, to Spain, to Portugal, etc. has its OWN sovereign debt disasters to deal with caused by its own fiscal irresponsibility. The only legitimate reason for a so-called contagion is the fact that these countries have been forced into socialist interdependency through the EU structure.

Never forget this: The EU is in trouble not because of Greece, but because of forced supranational interdependency. The EU by all rights should not exist, nor should any centralized supranational single currency system.

I would also point out that globalist institutions like the International Monetary Fund are highly motivated to initiate disaster in the EU, despite some people’s assumptions that the EU is some kind of representative model of globalization. It’s not. If this were the case, then the IMF would not be stiffing Greece on debt aid while continuing to help Ukraine despite Ukraine’s similar inability to pay.

Why would the globalists want a partial breakup of the EU? What would they gain from such an event? That’s easy; they gain crisis, chaos and an opportunity to present a false dialectic.

Europe is not at all representative of what globalists really want in terms of economic and political structure, no matter what many people assume. It is a, rather, a kind of facsimile; a half measure. When Europe hits the bottom of the financial abyss and the bewildered public begins asking what the hell happened, the elites will be there with an immediate explanation. They will claim that it was not the EU’s interdependency that was the problem. Instead, they will assert that the EU was actually not centralized ENOUGH. They will claim that in order for a supranational economy and currency to work, we must also have supranational governance. In other words, the system failed because it needs to be stabilized by global government.

The Fabian socialists will argue that it was the barbaric and outdated institution of national sovereignty that caused the full-spectrum crisis. They will completely gloss over the negative effects of an interdependent economic system and the fact that a lack of redundancy leaves cultures simpering and impotent. We’re all one big human village after all, so we should accept the idea that we all succeed or fail together. Free markets and individual innovation apparently have nothing to do with a thriving economic structure. What we really need is a hive mind amalgamation that turns us all into easily replaceable parts in a massive rumbling lawnmower that chews up our heritage, history and principles for the sake of some arbitrary greater good and the promise of alchemical floating cities in the sky where no one has to work anymore.

The fall of the EU is a means to an end for globalists. There is almost no nation or institution they will not sacrifice if that sacrifice can be exploited to further their goal of total global political and economic dominance. They don’t just want a completely centralized system; they want all of us to BEG them to put that system in place. They want the masses to think it was all our idea. This is the most pervasive and effective form of slavery, when the slaves are manipulated into demanding their own enslavement. When the slaves are fooled into believing their enslavement is something to be proud of — a badge of honor in service of the collective, if you will.

The fall of the U.S. will be no different in this regard. We do not necessarily have a supranational structure like the EU. So our narrative for collapse will be slightly different, and the engineered lesson we are meant to learn will be carefully crafted.

You see, Americans are meant to play the role of the spoiled imperialists who are finally getting what we deserve, an economic punch in our tender parts. We are the new Rome, bread and circuses and all. And when the U.S. comes crashing down like Europe, the Fabians will be there yet again to admonish the greed inherent in national sovereignty and the destructive aspirations of power that must be squelched by a more evenhanded global political system. I don’t really know how many people out there realize this, but we are meant to play the bad guys in the global theater being put on by the elites. Americans are the villains, the rest of the world plays the role of innocent victim, and globalist centers like the IMF and the BIS are meant to play the heroes, coming to the rescue of humanity when all appears lost.

Our debt generation by far outmatches that of the whole of EU nations combined, a fact I outlined in Part 3 of my series One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes. Unlike Greece, though, the U.S. has the direct option to print fiat at will in order to prolong punishment for our massive debt spending. However, as we have seen with recent market reactions to the very notion of an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve in September, such an event will trigger extensive outflows from stock markets and herald the end of the “new normal.” Again, why would the banksters do this? Why not keep interest rates at a constant near zero? It is not as if there is any public pressure to raise rates; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Why is the Fed ignoring the hundreds of signals showing that the U.S. is in a recession and pushing ahead with discussion of interest rate hikes despite what one might logically conclude would be in the Fed’s best interest?

The Fed knows that the only things propping up American markets are free money and blind faith by the public that banks and government will act to stop any pain or economic suffering, should such a potential for crisis arise. When the free money is gone and that faith disappears, then we will have an epic catastrophe on our hands. The globalists within the Fed know this, and they want this – at least , they want a controlled version of this. The elites NEED the fall of the current U.S. system exactly because this will make way for the rise of what they often term the “great economic reset.” This reset is the next stage in the plan for total global economic centralization.

This is not about contagion. There is no such thing. It is an excuse, a scapegoat designed to distract from the real problem. This is about a concerted effort over the past several decades by internationalists to maneuver Western cultures into a position of vulnerability. When people are weak and frightened, they become malleable. Social changes you would have never thought possible today become very possible tomorrow in the midst of a crisis. I believe we are now seeing the onset of the next great crisis, and the fundamentals of economy support my view. When the entire European system hangs by the thread of Greek debt and the entire U.S. system hangs by the thread of near zero interest rates and blind market faith, something is about to shatter. There is no going back from such a condition. There is only the path forward, and the path forward is not pleasant or comfortable and it cannot be ignored.

We cannot forget that crisis is in itself a distraction as well. Whatever pain we do feel tomorrow, or the next day, or the next decade, remember who it was that caused it all: the international banks and their globalist political counterparts. No matter what happens, never be willing to accept a centralized system. No matter how reasonable or rational it might sound amid the terror of fiscal uncertainty, never give the beast what it wants. Refuse to conform to the dialectic. This is the only chance we have left to get back to true prosperity. Once we cross the line into the realm of worldwide institutionalized interdependency, we will never know prosperity or freedom again.

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More on the Collapse of the Orion Matrix and the Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 28, 2015

A Letter to the Editor

by Henry Bizon , June 28, 2015

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your further publication on our recent topic of discussion and for sharing your expanded insights on this unending global financial crisis, explored from the perspective of the ‘significant’ or else ‘irrelevant’ role of the economic fate of Greece, in conjunction with the opinions of Brandon Smith.

Thank you also for inviting my comments. I will preface my reply by stating the obvious; that I have nothing like the prolific capacity for spontaneous intellectual discourse that you routinely demonstrate in your dialogue with readers, so my response will – of necessity – be penned pedantically and painstakingly revised until I feel that it might just contribute some small degree of value to the discussion. All whilst keeping in mind that a prompt exchange of ideas is required before the thread of this topic is overtaken by whatever developments lie just around the corner of our imminent destiny.

Brandon Smith’s article strikes me as a useful starting point for reviewing the intended end-goals of the globalists via the IMF as their “national-sovereignty-weapon-of-mass-destruction” aimed clandestinely at the USA and EU. Your preface to this article develops his main premise very convincingly and to this I would not be able to add very much.

I would, however, take a different point of view on one of his assertions; namely where he states that:

“The lie embedded in this narrative is the claim that Greece will cause a “contagion” through the act of default. Let’s be clear – there is no contagion. Multiple countries within the EU have developed their own debt problems in spite of Greece over the past couple of decades, not because of Greece.”

And again further on in the article:

“This is not about contagion.

There is no such thing. It is an excuse, a scapegoat designed to distract from the real problem.

This is about a concerted effort over the past several decades by internationalists to manoeuvre Western cultures into a position of vulnerability.”

First of all, so as not to fall foul of semantics, I did a quick search for a conventional and financially literate meaning for the term ‘contagion’ with regard to an economic discourse.

I found this definition at

“A situation in which a faltering economy in one country causes otherwise healthy economies in other countries to have problems.”

This definition suggests that ‘contagion’ is a one way street.

Why should it apply, specifically, to when only healthy economies become infected?

Surely contagion can also create consequences between countries with unhealthy economies?

Therefore, the fact that, “Multiple countries within the EU have developed their own debt problems … not because of Greece”, does not, in itself, make the potential for contagion between these countries implausible. It then becomes a question of which domino falls first and whether this domino brings down the one next to it, which left to itself would have remained standing for a bit longer. Which means that viewing Greece as the catalyst for EU collapse should not be so easily dismissed.

In support of this, I have found a passage on the KWN website from an interview with Egon von Greyerz:

The relevant passage reads as follows:

“Greece Is The Model For A Catastrophe That Is About To Engulf The World.
So it’s not just Greece that is required to continually increase its debt in order to remain afloat. Most countries, particularly in the West, have the same problem.

Greece is just a "model" of the catastrophe that is about to engulf the world.

But central banks, governments and Nobel Prize winners refuse to recognize the problem. They know that if they allow Greece to fail today, it will be Spain and Italy next, and then Portugal, France and eventually the entire financial system.

What we have to remember, Eric, is that a Greek default would not just lead to 320 billion euros disappearing from the system because the lending banks and institutions are all levered up to 50-times that amount. But even if we only take a figure of 20-times leverage, it would mean that over 6 trillion euros would disappear out of the system.

But the carnage wouldn’t stop there. A lot of the world’s $1.25 quadrillion of derivatives would be directly affected by a Greek default. This would have a dramatic impact on interest rates, credit risks and volatility in the system. We would see disastrous losses in the global derivatives market.

There Is No Way The System Can Be Saved!

Whether the unravelling of the world’s financial system starts now or in the autumn, there is no way the system can be saved. Governments are not going to create $200 trillion out of thin air, plus potentially more than one quadrillion dollars for the derivatives.”

So in his explanation, Egon von Greyerz agrees with Brandon Smith that most countries in the West share Greece’s economic disease but he also gives a clear account of one possible route, which contagion might take in the event of a Greek default. Further to this, it is generally understood that the Deutsche Bundesbank has the greatest exposure of all to a Greek default through its colossal derivatives holdings. We also know that the IMF is pursuing its objective for Greece to continue with her full austerity programme because the lion’s share of Greece’s bailout money goes straight to its creditors, the European private banks, which now need to maintain this perennial lifeline from all subjugated nations indefinitely.

One thing we cannot know for sure is how easily, at this stage of the game, these globalists can override the “legitimate” (oxymoron) modus operandi of international financial interdependence and force/ manipulate the EU and USA to remain economically afloat regardless of a Greek default.

Just how far can they go with their money printing, zero to negative interest rates and eventually bail-ins so as to make the rest of the EU immune to the consequences of failure in any one state?

How strong/weak are the globalists today and how much/little control do they still have?

We do know, however, that they are heading in only one direction and that is towards the proverbial train-wreck.

There was, I believe, no need for Brandon Smith to discount contagion in order to make his otherwise extremely valid point about the globalists’ plans and goal, through the IMF in this case, to foment chaos as a means to introduce the long term agenda of a NWO.

The Freemasonry and Illuminati mantra of “Ordo ab Chao” (Order out of Chaos) has been widely revealed and quoted in the exposure of these secret societies and their heinous schemes.

To draw any new conclusion about this topic of global financial collapse, I have to reflect on my earliest insights and awakening to the Orion monetary scam from several years ago. At that time I mistakenly believed – my earliest (mis)understanding of this topic – that a collapse of the global economy meant the immediate defeat and arrest of the Cabal and the start of a Golden Age.

I can probably trace this idea to some new age website or other, when I was still putting the pieces together.

I naively, around that time, would proclaim that an economic collapse was imminent and desirable – something for which I failed to arouse much enthusiasm.

Sounds familiar?

Even the credit crunch of 2008 promised to lead to this new golden society until I came to understand it as a Hegelian dialectic strategy or David Icke’s Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario, for enslaving humanity – and success for the cabal.

I remember that we subsequently discussed the partial banking collapse of 2008 in terms of it being thwarted by the Higher Realms to derail the PTB at a time when the masses would have easily succumbed to the cabal’s debt slavery chains disguised as their “rescue” plan.

Gradually, I have come to anticipate the unfolding of ascension as a function of all end-game factors, and my reasoning departs from how ascension might have looked in the event of a total or wholesale global awakening.

I’m inclined to think that under such optimal conditions, ascension would be rapid, immediate and effortless (compared with our current experiences).

At the very least, cleansing duties would have been spread more thinly and archontic defeat or surrender achieved with far fewer battles and no sweat. The cabal would have been little more than the proverbial fly on the back of a united seven-billion-strong elephant. No opportunity for starting a nuclear war or possibility of a financial collapse on any timeline. Nobody to spread chemtrails. No need for a rude awakening for the masses, hence no MPR or major geo-physical upheavals on any parallel Earths. No need for any returning Ascended Masters to instruct and assist the stragglers.

Instead of this we have had incalculable delays from two or three primary sources. Firstly, the ascension work falling onto the shoulders of a small (tiny) minority. Secondly, the obstacles and resistance against all Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour from the archons and cabal. Finally, from the Higher Realms, repeated postponements to accommodate a greater awakening among the masses, with only modest success.

The sum total of these delays will have telescoped the remaining ascension process into a very tight timeframe, in which events will stipulate rapidly, irrespective of what comes first or what comes second. Therefore, in all probability, an analysis of cause and effect encompassing financial collapse, global war, MPR etc., becomes more redundant as well as futile the longer we wait and the more compressed the remaining timescale gets.

It may all happen so quickly that even reporting on events chronologically as they happen will not be possible and a point will be reached when so much chaos ensues that “Ordo ab Chao” will be a distant dream for the cabal… by which time the Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour will be toasting their health with some fine New 5D Lemurian champagne.

Somewhere into all of this will fit the Greek fiasco!

With Love and Light,

Henry Bizon


Dear Henry,

excellent comments and I fully concur with you. I will publish them as a letter to the editor today. I personally understand the insincerity of the policy of contagion of the dark ruling cabal as admonished by Brandon Smith in the said article as an introduction into his thesis on the NWO and not so much as a matter of fact. He argues that there can be no prevention of contagion when all countries are already infected with the Greek disease and have amassed huge state debt and that this is only a camouflage, mirrors and smoke, behind which the effort to establish the NWO is hidden.

From a pure epidemiological point of a view, he has a point to make, but of course, as you say, the containment of contagion was expressed policy of the ruling cabal as long as they were not sure of the success of their effort to establish the NWO, while driven by the fear that any premature controlled demolition of the current financial and political structures may backfire at them.

What the dark cabal do not get in their systemic blindness is that no matter what they do in the End Time, it is a foregone conclusion that they will fail and that any attempt to install the NWO will always backfire at them and bury them under the rubble they are preparing for humanity. Hence the topic on the prevention of contagion is just a trigger for a broader discussion on the overarching dialectics of ascension, and a most timely one, as the final events have begun to unfold.

With love and light


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Friday, June 26, 2015

sharing.:::.3-The Function of the Pituitary Gland and the Pineal Gland in the Transmutation of the Physical Body during the LBP

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The Function of the Pituitary Gland and the Pineal Gland in the Transmutation of the Physical Body during the LBP

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 23, 2015

by Susanne Lie, June 23, 2015


Georgi Stankov

Below is an excellent message on the function of the pituitary and pineal gland in the transfiguration of the physical body and human consciousness during the LBP from the Arcturians, channelled by my old friend Sue.

This is probably the best message she has received so far.

It is surprisingly precise in terms of anatomy and physiology and also fully coalesces with my interpretation of the biological regulation of the human body in the General Theory of the Universal Law.

There are also elements that are even new to me, but fully fit into the bigger picture. Hence I think that this is an important contribution of Sue to our better understanding of what is currently happening with our 18 bodies in the process of their rapid transfiguration and step-wise ascension to 5D1 New Lemuria.

The greatest advantage of this message is that it explains the expansion of human awareness in the context of the activation of the pituitary and pineal gland and that of the adjacent brain organs such as the third ventricle and the thalamus from a higher vantage point of view, which you will never find in traditional medicine and bio-science textbooks. And one must be very careful in this respect, as there is so much trash written on these two glands, known also as “the third eye” in the anti-scientific New Age literature, that I would recommend you to forget everything you have read or heard so far on this topic and consider only my explanation on the LBP and the seven chakras with their adjacent organs in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and in my articles on the LBP:

1. Light Body Process in the End Times

2. The Function of Left and Right Brain in the Light Body Process

3. How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process

4. Update on The Energies of the LBP

5. New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 7

In this context I want to warn you one more time to avoid any false interpretations of the term “kundalini energy” which is completely distorted in the esoteric literature. I have tackled this issue in more depth in my discussion on kundalini in the LBP in December 2011. Essentially kundalini is another circumscription of the “prana tube” along the spine, which every incarnated human being possesses and which is the source of the vital energy for the physical body as also confirmed by the Arcturians in this message.

As it feeds all the chakras and body organs with energy, it also affects the sexual organs, including the 1st root chakra, and the 2nd sexual chakra. The latter is providing the energy for creativity for the incarnated personality. Many artists have a dominant second chakra and expressed sexuality.

That being said, one should be very careful not to mix the “rise (activation) of kundalini energies” as the motor of the LBP, while interpreting them as a kind of sexual energy coming from the lower two chakras as many esotericists erroneously do. In fact, it is exactly the other way round. First the left brain portal must be opened, and then the source energy which flows through the prana tube reaches the lower two chakras and modulates them by encompassing them in the now fully opened fourth heart chakra to build a Unified Chakra field.

As extensively discussed on this website and confirmed by all true PAT light warriors of the first and the last hour, the sexual energies and the libido are suppressed during the LBP and not enhanced, as some light workers erroneously sustain. If they feel so, then they are not in the LBP and are still dominated by their lower chakras and unprocessed instincts. I have discussed this process at length in all my articles on the LBP (see above) and would recommend you to re-read them one more time as they are now more relevant than at any time in the past.

It is also very important to stress the key fact that the opening of the pituitary and the pineal gland, as described by the Arcturians in this message, precedes the opening of the left brain portal and is at the beginning of the LBP.

This message is essentially dedicated to the second wave of ascension candidates, who have just opened their heart chakra – after our initiation of these people in October 2014 at the Radiant Rose Academy in Vancouver – and are now beginning to truly activate their pituitary and pineal gland, also defined in a more profane manner as the “opening of the third eye” as also mentioned in this message.

None of this applies to the light warriors of the first and the last hour as we have gone through this process years ago, in my case more than 15 years ago, when our left brain portal fully opened and the source energy could freely flow through our bodies and chakras. This is documented by the appearance of the buzzing sound in our left ear and soon thereafter in both ears and the perception of very intensive vibrations that encompass the body 24 hours a day and cause multiple symptoms.

Only people who have this personal energetic experience can understand really what the LBP is and what ascension energies mean. I am making this observation now, as only yesterday and today I had a very unyielding discussion with a long-term reader of my website only to find out that she has not grasped anything about ascension, LBP and ascension energies, simply because she has no personal experience with these energies and is making such a mental mess of these concepts because she has no idea about the nature of energy, which is in the core of the new theory of the Universal Law. This applies partially also to Sue, and I have discussed this problem with her in the past, however she is much closely guided by the Arcturians and is a more clear medium than most other channellers, who have either stopped channeling now or are entirely channeling dark sources.

I am discussing this topic one more time here, as Carla has received yesterday a very powerful message from St. Germain, who was very much frustrated by the total intellectual failure of the light workers community since he began to disseminate his teachings in the 30s in the USA. He came to Carla to outline a full program for Carla and myself what themes we should first address when we ascend this summer. His message is nothing new to me, as I have expressed this view since I discovered the Universal Law in 1994, but obviously Carla, who will play a vital role in the propagation of the Universal law, will have to deal in particular with all the blunders and confusion among the current light workers and many religious believers, as this is where the bulk of our enlightenment efforts will have to be invested. My duty will be to convince the smaller community of scientists in the existence of One Law of Nature and this will be actually easier than to change the mindset of the rest of humanity, once we show up as ascended masters. I will publish St. Germain’s message as soon as Carla has typed it.

Read now carefully the Arcturian message channelled by Sue which gives you some excellent information that will also help you better understand your current transfiguration and ascension to 5D1 New Lemuria. The anatomic illustrations have been added by myself:


The Arcturian Message

In between your third-dimensional reality and your multidimensional reality is a portal. More and more, you are connecting your 3D earth body with your multidimensional Lightbody. With every higher thought and loving emotion, that portal expands to encompass both, and all, versions of your current expression of self, as well as ever-increasing dimensions of your Multidimensional SELF.

There are mental enzymes within your pineal gland that are “geo-coded transmitters” that tell you where you are in space/time, and/or in the Here/Now of the higher dimensions. These transmitters receive and project all fifth dimensional and beyond thoughts through your pineal gland and into your pituitary gland, to be sent into every area of your body via your endocrine system.

However, these messages are not sent until your brain determines whether or not YOU believe that this transmission/perception is “real.” The light quotient in your brain will differentiate real versus not real. The light quotient in your brain is determined by your state of consciousness.

If you are in a higher dimensional state of consciousness, you will perceive light, auras, Angels, Galactic, miracles, peace, and hope as real. You will also perceive darkness and illusion as NOT real. If you are in a lower state of consciousness, illusions, bad news, and the myriad forms of darkness become real, and light, ascension, and transcendence are not real.

Once your belief system determines that a stimuli is real, it is received by your pineal gland, sent to your pituitary gland, and then distributes through your body via your endocrine system. On the other hand, if your belief system determines that the stimulus is not real, it will go into your mental computer’s “trash can” as “junk mail.” The determination of real or not real is determined by the “light quotient” within your brain.

When you consciously perceive and accept higher frequency perceptions, experiences, communications, etc., you create a higher light quotient in your brain because you have determined that higher frequency experiences are REAL.

Once you have allowed the higher light quotient into your brain by maintaining a higher state of consciousness, your pituitary gland of the sixth chakra and the pineal gland of the seventh chakra merge to open your Third Eye.

Click here to visit one of several areas on my blog to read about your Third Eye.

Joining your pineal and pituitary glands open the Third Eye. The pituitary gland (hypophysis) is about the size of a pea, and is located behind the center of your forehead, between your eyes. Therefore, the sixth chakra is often called the Brow Chakra.

Pituitary gland

Located at the base of the brain, the pituitary gland is protected by a bony structure called the sella turcica of the sphenoid bone.

The pituitary gland is known as the “Master Gland” because it acts as a main control center that sends messages to all the other glands from its two lobes, which are the posterior lobe and the anterior lobe.

The pituitary gland prompts the proper growth of glands and organs, and regulates sexual development. The pituitary gland is called the “seat of the mind,” with the frontal lobe regulating emotional thoughts such as poetry and music, and the anterior lobe regulating concrete thought and intellectual concepts.

On the other hand, the pineal gland is known as the “seat of illumination, intuition and cosmic consciousness.” The pineal gland is similar to intuition, whereas the pituitary gland is similar to reason.

Pineal gland

Diagram of pituitary and pineal glands in the human brain

The pineal gland is cone-shaped and is located in the middle of your brain behind, and just above, the pituitary gland. The pineal gland contains pigment similar to that found in the eyes, and is connected to the optic thalami; hence, it controls the action of light on your body.

The pineal gland is located in the posterior end of the third ventricle of the brain, and the pituitary gland is located in the roof of the third ventricle. It is the joining of the essences of these two glands in the third ventricle of your brain that opens your Third Eye.

The pineal gland acts in two ways to inhibit the action of the pituitary gland:

First, the pituitary gland is responsible for activating adolescence and the beginning of sexuality, and the pineal gland checks the pituitary gland to prevent premature sexual awakening.

Second, human thought is regarded as a result of suspended action, and the pineal gland inhibits the immediate discharging of thoughts into action. This inhibition causes you to look inward and to deeply ponder your actions and reactions. This introversion is important for self-realization, as it displaces our attention from the outer world to the inner.

When the external world disappears, your circle of consciousness contracts because your primary attention is focused on your inner self. It is this inner attention that magnetizes “spiritual light” into the pineal gland.

The third ventricle of the brain is a narrow opening lying near the base of the cerebral hemispheres, and separating the two thalamic areas. These thalamic areas are the brain’s “storehouse” of all your sensory perceptions.

When the pituitary and pineal glands are fully developed and stimulated through meditation on the sixth and seventh chakras, their vibrations fuse and activate the Third Eye. Once the Third Eye is open, you have personal access to higher knowledge. The opened Third Eye is called the “Eye of the Soul”.

The pineal gland is often dormant because your third dimensional self is usually focused on the outer, sensate world, rather than the higher spheres. Through practices such as meditation and yoga, you can remember how to allow that cosmic light to descend into your individual body through the optic thalamic nerve connection of the crown chakra.

The human brain has a fundamental resemblance to a human, androgynous embryo. The pituitary gland holds the positive, masculine charge, and the pineal holds a negative, feminine charge.

When the masculine and feminine energies meet in the brain it is known as the Mystical Marriage. This Mystical Marriage initiates the birth of your multidimensional consciousness, and your conscious passage into the fifth dimension and beyond.

The Mystical Marriage occurs when our Kundalini force awakens and rises up your spine. The Kundalini is the highest infinite energy, which is coiled up and dynamic, at the base of your human spine.

Within the Kundalini Force, contact is made between the infinite, divine creative energy and the finite, physical sexual energy. In order to gain your highest spiritual potential while incarnated in a physical form, the great mass of Kundalini energy locked in the root chakra must be released to travel up to your crown chakra.

The rising Kundalini pulls its great energy field up from Mother Earth, through the nerve channels in the core of your spine, and into the medulla oblongata, through the pons area of your brain, and then into the pituitary gland behind your eyes. Meanwhile, the pineal gland has also received this Kundalini light from the higher dimensions.

The root chakra, at the base of your spine, represents your connection to the feminine Goddess energy that is manifest in the body of planet Earth. The crown chakra, at the top of your head, represents the masculine God energy that exists as pure potential in the non-physical dimensions.

Kundalini energy radiates from the prana within the Earth from the Sun.

Kundalini is known in the Eastern world as the Goddess Shakti. When Goddess Shakti is awakened, She sweeps us up in Her tremendous passion to reunite with Her Lord Shiva in the crown chakra. This Mystical Marriage symbolizes the combining of the male and female energies within your bodies, and the awakening of your multidimensional consciousness.

In the Western world, the Kundalini is symbolized by the medical symbol of the caduceus, the rod with two snakes coiled around it in spirals. At the top are two wings, which are images of Mercury or Hermes, who are the messengers of the Gods.

The caduceus is the symbol for healing, health, and transformation. The center rod symbolizes the spinal cord. In Yoga philosophy the center cord is called the Sushumna, and it represents the grounding, neutral cord of the three parts of the rising Kundalini.

The left cord is the Ida, which represents the feminine side. It is negatively charged, ends in the left nostril, and has characteristics of coolness related to the Moon. The right side is called the Pingala, which represents the masculine side. It is positively charged, ends in the right nostril, and has characteristics of heat related to the Sun.

The Ida and the Pingala represent the masculine and feminine energies, which you all carry regardless of your gender. The Kundalini has two aspects; one aspect is often perceived as the outer, cosmic energy of spiritual life force. In China this force is known as Chi, in Japan it is known as Ki, in India it is known as Prana, and in the West it is known as the Holy Spirit.

You all have Kundalini energy running through your bodies, or you would not be able to live, for it truly is our “life force.” Kundalini is the energy that pervades and enervates the world as you experience it.

The Temple of your Third Eye is in the Sacred Triangle of the third vetricle within your brain. When your Third Eye is opened, you will no longer be limited to the illusions of the third and fourth dimensions, for you will see, feel, and experience the Higher Light of Universal Energy as it “Flows” through all life.

This experience could be quite overwhelming, and it may take some “time” before you learn how to “turn off” the Flow so that you can attend to your mundane tasks, or “turn on” the Flow for Knowledge, Renewal, and Unconditional Love.

Be patient with yourself. You have grown accustomed to the structure that illusions have provided for you. With the opening of your Third Eye, the Flow of multidimensional light will provide you with a higher dimensional structure.

As you compare these differing structures of reality, you will realize that the structure of illusion is static and unwavering. Conversely, the structure of the Higher Light of Universal Energy is dynamic and ever-changing.

With the Higher Light Flowing through your life, reality becomes a series of “Windows of Opportunity” that present themselves as choices. You may choose YES, or you may choose NO. These choices are made with your attention.

When you ignore a Window, you choose NO, and when you attend to the Window, you choose YES. Hence, once your Third Eye is opened, you must be vigilant about where you place your attention. The Window that you attend to, or ignore, will be the reality that you enter, or deny.

It is the NOW for you all to expand your conscious awareness to your highest potential of SELF. We are NOW being called into active duty to assist Gaia in Her process of transmutation. Therefore, you must first begin, continue, and/or escalate your own process.

You will find the process that best serves you within your own self. In fact, this process must begin with your self, for how can you share what you do not possess. However, you ALL posses the inner enlightenment of which we have spoken.

Even if you are sick, or tired, or lost, or even trapped in the darkness, YOU are filled with inner light. Therefore, it is the NOW to open your Third Eye so that you can see the Truth that resonates just beyond the shadow of the lies.

With your opened Third Eye, you can see the real YOU in the mirror instead of the human form that you are wearing. We remind you to look into your mirror to see your face, then, look into your eyes, then into your pupils.

As you look into your own eyes, have an honest discussion with your own self. Then, look into your pupils to imagine (fifth dimensional thought) and see the glow of your own inner light as it radiates from your eyes.

Then, just above your eyes, look into your Third Eye in the center of your forehead. Can you BELIEVE that you have opened your Third Eye? Can you release the expectations and judgments of your ego in order to perceive the calm realizations of your Multidimensional SELF.

YES, yes you can. YES you are your SELF. In fact, you are HERE NOW with your Galactic Family looking through the eyes in the mirror to remind you that,

WE ARE HERE NOW! We are inside of you. We are YOU.

We come to you to remind you to REMEMBER what you already know, which is:

“It is the NOW to be your Multidimensional SELF, not only in your meditations, but in your daily life.

Blessings to you all.”

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

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St. Germain on the Deplorable Mental State of Humanity Prior to Ascension and How It Shall Be Changed

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 25, 2015

Carla Thompson, June 25, 2015

Please consider this message as a future program outlined by St. Germain for the light warriors of the first and the last hour and current Logos Gods immediately after our ascension and appearance in front of humanity.


I was delighted to receive Saint Germain a day ago where he delivered such a firm and determined message.

I am certain the impetus for this visit came following a short text message discussion with a family member who when asked if he believed in a person’s ability to communicate with different types of excarnated energies, including those who have passed over as well as personal guides, angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, he responded with “the psychics and the channelers, have ‘gifts’ that are not given by the God of the Bible, and as a matter of fact they are specifically forbidden in the Bible.” The discussion moved to the teachings of the I AM Presence where this person felt this is “new ageism – one world religion/order I don’t buy it – I’ll gladly remain a Christian who believes that Jesus died on Calvert for the forgiveness of my sins“.

I was really surprised by these statements, but then again, why should I be? Everyone must have at least one person in their family that holds these beliefs right? I responded that he was speaking of religious dogma and that this dogma has led to the enslavement of humanity and represents one side of the new world order, and sent my blessings of love and light!

I found my self contemplating this discussion at every level and suddenly I sensed Saint Germain very strongly in my fields. He was incensed to a certain degree and here is what he had to say about all of this!


The Message

Keep the Faith! Know you are on the Right Path!

I flood your fields with the Violet Fire! I have placed a violet fire seed within your amethyst pyramid – hold it often to receive the direct download of my energy from this source you have provided! Enjoy my energy!

Dear Ones – you must know that you are the most brilliant lights upon this Earth! The most brilliant lights! You are also the most powerful light gestalts although you may not see yourselves in this way, as this fact is of little importance to you. Self-honour is the creed of the day for the great light warriors of this moment in time. The system fails the great warriors by shunning and placing them in a verbal box labelled “New Age”, with its derogatory insinuation.

What does “New Age” really mean? “New Age” is really “New Freedom”! Why, it fully represents the conscious and correct decision to reject the principles of control and limitation of one’s true power and prowess! Society demonstrates intolerance of freedom – free thought, free decision, free life!

And it is now a necessity to firmly reject all forms of control and diminution coming from government and state, economy and banking, formal church and religious institutions, where spiritual principles are believed without question. Are some principles really true, and not meant to be questioned? This is simply not the case for you are Sovereign Beings!

And what is a Sovereign Being? Well, indeed, it is one who can easily command space, time, energy, thought and appearance!

And because of these active gifts arising in you now, you have accessed the one single most important quality in Life, and this is True Freedom! (Here St. Germain refers to the current massive transformation of our 18 bodies in the course of our energetic move to 5D1 New Lemuria. Note, George)

The Violet Flame, and the Violet-Gold Flame both carry the power of alchemy – the ability to create what you desire, and what humanity desires, and then eliminate heavy unrealistic expectations that may be placed upon you by others. This is True Freedom!

This is a new age now. During the olden days when I shared information with previous contacts, information was presented in a way that no longer works given the loss of innocence arising from the experiences of modern life built into your reality over the past seven decades, since the 1930’s.

Much has been done to pull away your own power and humanity has even embraced the loss of sovereignty by the very nature of it’s relaxed spirit, silently allowing the soul to be overtaken, even hijacked by outside power and expectations.

Why is it necessary to succumb to these constructs of power? You know, they only have power because you give them power! Stop giving them your power!

The true power of the self grows from within and expands daily, with the discovery of one’s true self! The power expands! Why do you as sovereign beings wish to give it away?

Question everything with the discerning heart, and mind. Does it ‘feel’ right? Well, it may ‘feel’ right because of social conditioning. It may not necessarily be right, so then discernment must be made with the mind. Does it make sense? Do not discard the mind’s ability to analyse pre-conditions, conditions, strengths, expectations: through the strict use of reason. (And axiomatical thinking is the highest form of human reasoning. Note, George)

Does it stand to reason? Why or why not? These are the questions that one must ask oneself! It is time!

(There is no doubt that everything that St. Germain says in this message has already been accomplished by the PAT on this website and in private life. Thus this message is dedicated to all the other people who will follow in our footsteps, guided by us as the stewards of the new enlightened humanity that will emerge after the Ascension. note George)

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