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Sharing - Bermuda Triangle: Increase in Interdimensional Interceptions of Past Timelines in the End Time of Ascension.:::.The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Poet

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Increase in Interdimensional Interceptions of Past Timelines in the End Time of Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 2, 2015

Bermuda Triangle: Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing

by Barbara Johnson, world news daily


The Cuban Coast Guard announced this morning, that they had intercepted an unmanned ship heading for the island, which is presumed to be the SS Cotopaxi, a tramp steamer which vanished in December 1925 and has since been connected to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Cuban authorities spotted the ship for the first time on May 16, near a restricted military zone, west of Havana. They made many unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the crew, and finally mobilized three patrol boats to intercept it.

When they reached it, they were surprised to find that the ship was actually a nearly 100-year old steamer identified as the Cotopaxi, a name famously associated with the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. There was no one on board and the ship seemed to have been abandoned for decades, suggesting that this could actually be the tramp freighter that disappeared in 1925.

An exhaustive search of the ship led to the discovery of the captain’s logbook. It was, indeed, associated with the Clinchfield Navigation Company, the owners of the SS Cotopaxi, but hasn’t brought any clue concerning what happened to the ship over the last 90 years.

On 29 November 1925, the SS Cotopaxi departed Charleston, South Carolina, and headed towards Havana, Cuba.

The ship had a crew of 32 men, under the command of Captain W. J. Meyer, and was carrying a cargo of 2340 tons of coal. It was reported missing two days later, and was unheard of for almost 90 years.

The Vice President of Council of Ministers, General Abelardo Colomé, announced that the Cuban authorities were going to conduct a thorough investigation to elucidate the mystery of the ship’s disappearance and reappearance.

“It is very important for us to understand what happened” says General Colomé. “Such incidents could be really bad for our economy, so want to make sure that this kind of disappearance doesn’t happen again. The time has come to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, once and for all.”

Popular culture has attributed many of the disappearances to paranormal and supernatural phenomena, or to the activity of extraterrestrial beings. One explanation, even pins the blame on leftover technology from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.

Despite the popularity of all these strange theories, most scientists don’t even recognize the existence of the Bermuda Triangle, and blame human mistakes and natural phenomena for the disappearances.

The mysterious reappearance of the SS Cotopaxi has, however, already generated a lot of interest in the scientific community and could push some experts to change their mind on the subject.

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Energy Report of the PAT – June 3, 2015

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 3, 2015

Bilocation in the Dream and Conscious State

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your latest updates on the ongoing possibilities and events in the background, although most of the multidimensional aspects are mind-boggling to me now, it is always good to have the feedback. I wanted to share with you a dream I had yesterday after I went back to bed in the early morning hours. I was standing here in my flat in the small room at the back of the flat, and suddenly you appeared there. Your physical appearance was that of an elderly man with white beard and hair, slightly shorter than me (1.80 m). We shook hands and from your energy and friendly behaviour I immediately knew it was you, felt like the joy of long lost partners finally meeting again.

Parts of the dream were rather bizarre from a human viewpoint, as you sat down on the bed, you performed a strange stomach breading exercises to relieve your present LBP/energy download related tension, during which your eyes were moving around in their socket. This slightly grotesque scene scared me somewhat, but then Carla appeared and told me this was part of your routine as you go through the day. She had such an innocent and child-like joyful-feminine energy which immediately lifted the atmosphere.

After this I told you about a worry I had with respect to my bone deformity that I truly have on both of my shinbones right under the patellas, often with a piercing pain every day. You acted in the most practical and decided manner, like a person who immediately knows what to do upon recognizing the nature of the problem. You took out an electronic scanner device and put it on my shinbone. Then you told me there is some archonic implant placed in my body in that area, which has been inserted to all belonging to the younger indigo LW generation in order to monitor their movements from any distance. You told me to lie on the bed, and gave me some sweet dried fruit which was imbued with some anestethic, and then approached me with a scalpel (!) saying you are about to remove the device. (This is bizarre in itself, especially as I perfectly remember you have a rightfully negative opinion about surgical intrusion with such devices). Anyhow, I refused to undergo the procedure, and that you did not force it.

The background of this dream may partly be, that the previous days I was reading the detailed material from energy considering alien implants and parasites that have served the domineering agenda of the Orion empire on this planet for millennia from the background, so probably the fear that the material triggered, was partially took to the dreamstate for alchemical transmutation. The rest of the dream was much more elevated, the scene changed to a different house, which was full of people of different biological and soul age. Your appearance changed to that of a middle-aged tall man, you were showing me around the house meeting people, who looked upon us in a healthy natural reverence, as if we are on a greater degree of soul evolution, however there was no pattern of worship/false hierarchy in the atmosphere, everyone knew his/her place and acted in a sovereign manner, with no standoffish arrogant behaviour from our part. We were a bit like “first among equals” beyond any false light hierarchy, where the wayshower expects no guru style worship, as he doesn’t need it. All in all, it felt like the idealistic world for undisturbed soul evolution, the way we imagine it for the higher 4D, lower 5D aspects of Gaia, playful, creative learning with no attachments as everyone learns self-empowerment via the inner soul/ I AM presence. As I understand, this differentiation of true leadership vs. guru-padavan interdependence is sill an issue being resolved on higher levels, as it has caused great confusion on the human ego mind level.

So much more about the energies and experiences, but I feel it is time to stop at this point.

Greetings and love to both of you from the Carpathian Basin.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltan,

this is a remarkable dream, actually two dreams in a series and there is nothing more to add. I am indeed somewhat smaller than you and Carla is very joyful indeed and laughs a lot. Hence your description is correct.

In fact only yesterday I bilocated in the kitchen, where Carla was, from my office and she saw me talking and gesticulating. Then I came in the kitchen about 15 seconds later and Carla was very much surprised as she thought I was already there. It seems that I am very intensively bilocating now and as this is done through the 3rd chakra, I very often have pains in the stomach and the liver (gallbladder) That is why I have developed a special breathing technique – deep breathing – where I locate the air in the third chakra and this mitigates the pain very quickly. Hence your description is spot on.

Otherwise your second dream on the life in the higher realms very well describes the situation that is awaiting us and which we already explore in the dream state.

I myself had two pivotal dreams this night that were extremely realistic. The first one was: I visited the former Bavarian president Franz Joseph Strauss in his office. He was the embodiment of the power-possessed corrupt politician of the classical Orion-Reptilian type and died in 1987 shortly before he was about to be indicted for massive corruption associated with Aerospace where he was in addition a CEO. Instead his son who was also embroiled in the same corruption scandal that involved Bombardier here in Canada was indicted and sent for two years in prison. This as the background to understand the symbolic of my dream. I came to Strauss in his office and he was sitting behind his big, old-fashioned desk and was writing notes on some files. When he saw me he told me: “I know it is time for me to go and you have come to substitute me.” “This is indeed the case. It’s time.” I responded and laughed friendly at him knowing that the time has arrived when the dark ruling cabal will be ousted from power by us, the new Logos Gods, and they will do it without resistance.

The second dream came immediately after this one and was a variation on the same theme. I was the grand-son of a Mafia boss in Southern Italy. My grandfather was a Mafioso of the cruel peasant type and he took me with him to visit the villagers and collect the Mafia tax from them. I was his beloved grandson and he patted me on the head and taught me how to be cruel and resolute with all these peasants as they try to hide their money from him. He visited a very poor woman and she could not pay the whole sum he demanded from her. I felt great sorrow for her and started thinking how can I change my cruel despotic grandfather in the most effective way. If I would tell him how brutal and debased he is, he would get mad at me and I would not achieve anything. Then I decided to flood him with the energy of love and to melt his hardened heart. Then I woke up.

Both dreams symbolize the change of guard – the elimination of the corrupt criminal ruling cabal and the likewise cruel corrupt Orion/Reptilian Mafia that protects and installs these politicians in power, sponges on the people and infests the society. These are the two most severe ulcers or cancers in present-day society and when they are eliminated, we will have already a more enlightened humanity in the higher 4D and lower 5D. Hence I consider these dreams as message to me that the time to oust this scum of society from power has commenced.

With love and light

Personal Ascension Test Run


I have been an active reader of your site for over two years, and first of all I would like to thank you, Carla, all the PAT for their service.

You all feel like my family now, and I am so grateful to have gained so much more of a deeper and multidimensional understanding of my purpose and mission now, due to all of the articles and messages.

Following right along with the theme of the current articles, I was awakened this morning just enough to be consciously told that; “We are the council of light and we are here to do an accession test run!” It seemed like I was immediately returned to sleep, and then sometime later I was awakened again and told that the “Test run was a success, and I passed with an A+!”

Wow, we must be getting closer, but I am filled with mixed emotions.

I am personally feeling exuberant and pleased that my time in this illusion will soon be over, but I am also feeling the deep grief of humanity that seems to be lingering since the ID split during the full moon. Infinite Love & Gratitude to that deep grief!

That’s all for now!

I am looking forward to the Braco gazing livestream coming up Friday. What time are you planning to join in? I will set my alarm to join you!

Eric Tripp
Anchoring the Heart of Illinois, USA

Dear Eric,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time and for sharing with the PAT your unique experience with the ascension test run. Did you also experience an increase in the body vibration during the test run as this is specifically what I experience during each ascension test run?

Anyway, we are all now coming closer and closer to our final upliftment and there are so many signs that herald the final ascension.

If we have time, normally we watch Braco in the morning since 09.00 am local time on each hour, actually the gazing is around 9.30 and so on.

With love and light

Ascension of Agartha

Dear Georgi

After your publication about ascension of Agartha to 6D I felt great sorrow. I felt as if my family left me in the lurch and not due to their ascension but of void which prevailed after their leave. Again we are alone on the ground and again everything depends only on us. I think that it is good to lose any hope for help from outside. It’s very determines to focus attention on right things but sadness remains. I feel that we will create (or rather we created) very fresh and independent civilization of light having a base in the past of Lemuria but which is a completely new quality in universe (in all creation). Something like old Lemurian civilization (after The Reclamation of Lemuria) exist parallel to our new civilization of GAIA 5 in Golden Galaxy and we evolved with them to new kind of beings that choose absolutely new form of existence and manifestation. Maybe I am wrong but I feel that our paths diverge and therefore I am sad. It is possible that we will visit again but no longer coexist in the same place.

Please tell me dear Georgi what do you think about that?

With Love and Light

Dear Tomasz,

being sad is quite normal and Carla was very sad when she learned that the Agarthans have moved to 6D. However, the good news is that they are not gone from here but have only changed their energetic configuration. This night (June 3rd) Carla had a meditation and the Agarthans came immediately to her. They told her that they are now liquid light, very much the same information as they gave to Heidi, but that they are still linked to us and help us to accomplish this ascension from this higher dimension. I see it very positively.

If you ask for the Agarthans to visit you in a meditation they may indeed come to you. I myself am not so much linked to the Agarthans.

With love and light

Dear Georgi

Thank you for your answer.

I think that my sorrow is related to the longing for my family home from the light. Perhaps, because of this longing I mistakenly binds himself only to Lemuria and the truth about our (my) origin is beyond all our (my) expectation. Yet somehow we came before Lemuria. Sometimes I have vision of himself that I’m in the form of pure light maintaining humanoid-shaped. As I wrote to you in one of the previous contact I chose 6D so maybe my home is far beyond Lemuria and maybe soon I will back my real home. Finally project the Earth came to an end.

With Love and Light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

thank you so much for all that You do for us! As I read the news about Telos, Mount Shasta etc, I felt a kind of joy and loss at the same time and remembered the Telos book from Aurelia Louise J which explained why the song “Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir mes frères, ce n’est qu’un aurevoir, oui nous nous reverrons mes frères, ce n’est qu’un aurevoir” had been song, as the ocean was swallowing the continent. I cried a lot reading that, 15 years ago, or so. I remembered being in the waters and singing…. And now, the separation is of another kind, it is an opening kind of.

Lots of love,

Dear Sophie,

thank you for your comments on the ascension of Agartha to 6D which precedes our ascension with Gaia to upper 4D and 5D and us to the source.

With love and light

Merkel – The genetic Satan’s Daughter (Satans Braten) of Hitler

Just wanted to share with you a few snippets from an email I had written to some friends. I’m still around, though I’ve not written in a while. Catching up, not current but behind in reading your website. I’m here, though, always….

The tunnels and sites under mountains and pyramids and Sphinxes, Egypt, Rumania, Tibet, the Gobi, Mayan and Aztec temples — the high strangeness of Romania’s Bucegi, the way-beyond-high alien technology which documents our true solar, galactic, earth, and humanity’s history, which show that90% of all our ‘history’ is false and lies … site compounds that date back 10s and 100s of thousands of years, containing a technology millions and millions of years in advance of ours today, proportionally all created by giants at least 20 feet tall …

” Angela Merkel’s being Adolf Hitler’s daughter and carrying the Rothschild bloodline, conceived by artificial insemination, frozen and brought forward after Hitler’s death, birthed by Gretl, the rabid neoNazi younger sister of Eva Braun (Hitler’s lover/wife), all proven by DNA and blood groups … Putin’s stopping Merkel and Kerry in their tracks, and bad ol’ Kerry having the wonder of a broken leg’s indicating a broken piece of the overall agenda, and the fiasco-fail of proxy /puppet Hitler’s /Merkel’s carrying out the intended possession of all Europe as the first leg of the vaunted one-world-order now broken…

The sad, tangled story of the convicted /imprisoned child-porno-addicted state trooper who tried to suicide himself, the child-molester married son of that “19 Kids And Counting” guy, the son’s getting away with molestation because of the state trooper’s conflict of (as I see it) self-guilt, civic responsibility, and moral sensibilities, but notwithstanding the state trooper’s shirked duty, the soiled son outed by Oprah anyway … the profound psycheal suffering of the state trooper … while all the Criminal Elite Pedophile Satanic ritual child abuse /sacrifice continues to go on in syndicated rings worldwide and perpetrated also by the Jesuit Black /White Pope himself back in his Argentina days, who makes good theater of it all by a show of clamping down on his global ecclesiastics in hooray for christianity, churchianity, and catholix … while the Rothschild Rockefeller rings rituals continue unabated, the Jimmy Saviles of the world, these vile disgusting scags all free to pursue their evils by stolen power and wealth. “Suffer the little children unto Me.”….

I don’t think about all these kinds of things much. I’d go crazy if I did. Instead, I just let it all soak in. The, ultimately, absurdity of all these impressions find their own way through the corridors of my neural noodling. And then one comes todispassioned Knowing . . . and returns back up into the HD, or higher timelines to continue the internal work of cleanup and uplift . . . … .. .

Much love to you, Georgi,
And to Carla, the PAT, and Workers and Warriors

Thank you for You
Good energy
dianna cm from sf-, California

Dear Dianna,

can you give me some more information resp. links to this issue:

“Angela Merkel’s being Adolf Hitler’s daughter and carrying the Rothschild bloodline, conceived by artificial insemination,…”

Thank you very much.

With love and light

Hello, dear Georgi,

Digging through a lot of material, I hope these help. They contain lots of related links inside. Also, I have a lot of data files which deal with blood, not the clinical aspects but from the existential perspective. I keep a lot of seeming reiterations which might seem redundant, but they reinforce and support each piece pro and con, or they reveal gaps and contradictions, so I save them anyway.

Good energy
Love mucho
dianna cm from sf-



Dear Dianna,

thank you very much for your effort. It will take me some time to go through all the links but this is good stuff.

Caro Georgi,

Ti scrivo solo per dirti che qualche notte fa in sogno ho visto delle grandi navi da guerra francesi nel Mare cinese meridionale.
Per quanto mi riguarda posso annunciare con grande gioia che finalmente la pace e la luce hanno preso pieno possesso di tutte le parti della mia natura inferiore!

Con fraterno affetto e gioia vera,
Dear Georgi,

I write just to tell you that a few nights ago in a dream I saw the great French warships in the South China Sea. For myself I can announce with great joy that finally peace and light have taken full possession of all parts of my lower nature!

With fraternal affection and true joy,

Dear Alessandro,

this time in English – thank you very much for this dream. I had the information last year that France will be culpable for the beginning of a new war and this dream may indicate this prophecy.

I am happy to hear that you are making great strides in your spiritual process.

With love and light

Hoax versus Multidimensional Truth

Yes. Here we go! Wonder if the coal on the freighter will end up warming a Cuban kitchen anytime soon. Next, maybe a multi-dimensional vehicle will land during Prime Time, unload a missing fighter plane and crew absent since WWII and then we really be set.

That what it feels like anyway, just those types of over-the-top events poised on the immediate horizon.

Still ice-packing the Zeal Point Chakra and hoping for the best. Excruciating!

Malechite, Texas

Dear Malechite,

this article was a hoax, but so are all the phenomena we observe in this reality – they are Orion-Reptilian hoax. At the same time we live in the End Time where any imagination, defined as a hoax by limited human mind, may manifest as a reality anytime and this is the only truth that one should keep in mind.

With love and light

Video: The German Seer Sam on Ascension and the Elimination of Linear Time (Unfortunately only for German speakers)

Lieber Georg,

vielleicht findest Du Zeit um Sam zuzuhören. Er spricht jeden Monat mit der Mutter Erde und diesmal sagte Mutter auch über: Umpolung, Zeit-Veränderung, Schlaffen und Energie, Strom und die Schwierigkeiten damit, HS, Aufstieg der Erde, Neue Zeit ohne Zeit, Anpassung der Zeitgefüge, Heilung und Umstellung aus das Neue, keine Gebundenheit an Materielle Dinge, Gedächtnis-Verlust, Schnellere Zeit bis zum verschwinden, Veränderung des Raums, Keine Vierjahres-Zeiten mehr, Frequenzen auf der Erde, Festigkeit der Materialien, Symphonie der Schöpfung, Gefühlsschwankungen usw.


Es ist 100 % saubere Quelle. Ich hatte das Vergnügen vor Monaten mit Sam zu reden und muss ich sagen dass selten solche Menschen getroffen werden. Ich denke es betrifft die Menschheit 4D die die Umpolung überlebt. Zerstörung und Neuaufbau.

In Liebe Sherina

Liebe Sherina,

sehr beeindruckend. Was ist das für eine Sprache? Woher kommt Sam? Ist er der polnische Seher, von dem du mir schon mal was gesagt hast?

In Liebe

Nein Lieber Georg,

Sam ist ein Deutscher und spricht eine Sprache die Mutter Erde spricht. Zu Hälfte Hawaiinisch und zu Hälfte Indianisch. Bis jetzt sprechen die Sprache in Deutschland zwei Menschen: Sam und eine Frau, die von der Mutter Erde dazu ausgesucht wurde – ich habe die Sendung gehört und konnte mich davon überzeugen. Die Frau verstand die Sprache jedoch noch nicht. Nur Sam hat Ihr gesagt, was Mutter meinte und von Ihr erwartet.

Sam hat die Sprache ohne zu verstehen bekommen und auf telepathische Weise hat gelernt, die Sprache zu verstehen.

Hat schon sehr oft Raumschiffe besucht und mit Wesen gesprochen, die nicht mal Körper besitzen, auch mit Jesus. Welten besucht und sogar mit Gott hat er gesprochen als wir telefoniert haben. Ein faszinierender Mann. Seine kranke Lunge haben die Akturianer geheilt. Ich war damals Zeugin, wie sein Gesundheitszustand sich verbessert hat. Er konnte damals kaum atmen. Egal wann Du anrufst, ist Sam immer gute Laune und das habe ich mitbekommen als ich angerufen habe. Sam hat damals das Bein gebrochen und lachte darüber. Seine Mission ist immer wichtiger als gebrochene Beine. Auch als der Hund in der Sendung ein Erstickungsanfall bekommen hat, eilte Sam zu Hilfe und als Mutter zu Sam gesagt hat, das der Hund okay ist, hat sofort mit Sendung weiter gemacht.

In Liebe

Liebe Sherina,

ich danke dir vielmals für diese zusätzliche Information. Es ist faszinierend in der Tat.

In Liebe

New Symptoms of the LBP

Lieber Georgi,

gestern hat mein Hausarzt eine Venenentzündung in meinem rechten Bein, Wadeninnenseite oberhalb des Knöchels festgestellt. Ich hatte schon mit dieser Diagnose gerechnet, nachdem die Stelle einen Tag vorher gerötet, warm und erhärtet war. Ich wurde in der Praxis mit Heparinsalbe und einem Kompressionswickel versorgt und bekam eine Überweisung zum Gefäßspezialisten. Den Termin habe ich morgen. Ich habe schon mit dem Pulser und den Flammen gearbeitet, aber es ist noch keine wesentliche Besserung eingetreten, das macht mir ein wenig Sorge.

Was meinst du, hängt das mit dem Aufstiegsprozess zusammen? Mit beiden Beinen auf der Erde stehen, ist mir nie schwer gefallen. Doch nun wanke ich, wenn ich das Haus verlasse, bin immer leicht schwindlig und nehme alles so distanziert war. Nicht geerdet eben. An den Berichten des PAT sehe ich, dass es anderen auch so ergeht in diesen Tagen. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du kurz Zeit findest, mir deine Meinung zu schreiben. Bestimmt fühle ich mich dann etwas sicherer.

Herzlichen Dank im Voraus
und liebe Grüße von Helga

Liebe Helga,

ich glaube, dass diese Venenentzündung zum Teil mit dem LKP zusammenhängt. Warum? Weil ich neulich gesehen habe, dass ich auch ausgeprägte Venen an den unteren Beinen bekommen habe und ich habe so was bisher nie gehabt. Auch bei Carla sind die Venen viel ausgeprägter diese Tage als zuvor.

Auf der anderen Seite, wenn sie entzündet sind, muss man natürlich medizinisch vorgehen. Ich würde dir vorschlagen, die Heparinsalbe zu benutzen und vor allem leichte Massagen mit deinen Händen jeden Tag zu machen, wobei du mit den sieben heiligen Flammen arbeiten sollst und deine Beine damit durchflutest. Insbesondere hilfreich ist die grüne und die violette Flamme, am besten alle sieben. Dann natürlich die Beine hochlagern und eventuell Stutzstrümpfe tragen. Aber lehne jede Operation ab.

Liebe Grüße

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The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Poet

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 4, 2015

Brad Barber, June 4, 2015

Dear Georgi,

I wanted to present to you some poems of mine from Volume II of Ponzi Poetry that I wrote in 2011. I was a clean slate before this time and didn’t believe in anything but trying to be a decent person and help where I could, but yet I didn’t want to be like a lot of the “good” people I knew because I always felt something was wrong with them. I drank too much and have done way too many drugs in the past. I believed that higher power existed but never would have said a word to anyone because I wouldn’t know what to say. I had been fighting years of pain from what the neurologists would call a pituitary tumor. They removed it once with a hypophysectomy procedure and it just grew back years later. Obviously, you would have something more intelligent to say about a hyperactive pituitary than they did. I haven’t been back since but the pains have been severe. Looking back, I think I had been experiencing aspects of LBP since I was quite young.

This was written just after the pain almost killed me in a parking lot and I cried for hours as I had no answer. I completely short circuited. I had also just come full face to face with what I knew was an epic fraud of humanity but I couldn’t explain it. I knew that it wanted us all dead. The combination of everything was overwhelming and I welcomed the end with open arms. I had many psychic experiences at the time and was aided by several undefinable seen and unseen beings. I was touched by an invisible being that said, “Don’t be afraid, we’re here.”, and experienced a touch with love as creation as the chakras all must have aligned as there is no other feeling than the soul orgasm that took place. I knew then how powerful we are and how it was all an illusion. I gave permission for my own death and I allowed some sort of walk-in experience. I didn’t even know what the term higher self meant at the time and I surely never would have said God in any sentence except to curse something poor happening.

After I wrote this, I found you and knew every word you had written was true as it vibrated so purely. I also knew because of what you wrote about the pituitary. The walk-in I experienced obviously helped accelerate the process and made reading your material so refreshing.

I will probably write some new poems for fun but they would have a heavy Stankov feel to them now because it’s who I am and it’s the Law. These are interesting to read because I was just plain channeling words as I experienced such intense emotions from this time and had really very little esoteric or “new age” influence. Volume I is at my brother’s and he has said it’s one of his favorite books and it proudly sits next to the Tao of Pooh. I’ll forward some of those poems when I get a chance.

Hopefully, some of these poems may help someone to process the emotions that I did at the time. The only structure of them is what they are.


The system that feeds me

is the same one that bleeds me

Sell the ego

Inflate the self

Make sure the parasite

has the most possible

surface area


Hoover out the life

through artificial dreams

Brave, brave man you aren’t

behind your desk

and piles of paper

Digital nonsense

to baffle the masses

Steer the herd

with colored lights

and computer screens


the passengers on board

the cruise ship

with no destination

lose faith

as the endless buffet

runs out of food

Please tell the people

Tell them the truth

The cruise ship

with no destination

has not been equipped

with a single

life boat


The dam is springing a leak

A city built below

sea level

seems destined to flood

Defying nature works

until it doesn’t

Deny it

Repress it

Ignore it

Suppress it

The might forest

aged for thousands of years

Burns to the ground

in minutes

That’s when life can truly begin

I pray that you

may be so lucky


Follow the reward

The path is so simple

As finance goes

crime sure pays

As politics go

deceit sure pays

We attract the leaders

we deserve

What does that say for me

as the lunatics

are leasing



and charging

outrageous rents

for us

to be put in the asylum


Taking back

the means of production

is such a momentous task

But now we’re ready

The rebellion’s at hand

The first hole is dug

but the shovel’s now dull

The first tree’s been fallen

but the axe has now a dent

The first screw’s been turned

but the driver’s now broken

I don’t think our forefathers

shopped at Home Depot


Brilliant insight

from the fall of an apple

The path of mankind


from just one bite

With only an apple

the doctor

is kept at bay

At a grand stage of conception

all life is seen

as an apple

The dollar

tells me

to cut the tree down

of such an amazing fruit

As on the lawns of commerce

it makes too big a mess


The revolution had hope

as long

as there

were open spaces

Now there are none

If I breathe

the air

I think

this body needs

then hope is lost

for every belief of escape

that involves

self importance

is already sold at a store

Breathe in the life

of one another

you’ll happen to see

open space

is eternal


Millions murdered

Centuries of devastation

All the while

the Holy Grail


Inside of You


More can be learned

while one is asleep

Giving credit for thought

is a trap

Do yourself a favor

Put your best self to work

and take about

a twenty minute nap


There were no trumpets

No angels that could

be seen

Should a parade have been expected?

Judgement Day is here

There is such grand fanfare

and universal applause

as the lives of the past


The dead have truly risen

Impossible to see


as thoughts are all channeled

to a future

that may never take place

and cannot heal a past

that hides in the closet


Face the fear

Love will appear


As the feminine power

is healed

A grand balance

shall be restored

What an epic time

to be alive and witness

a man no longer rewarded

for being

a douchebag


It’s all there within

Each element and its vibration

Today the copper tingles

and the zinc feels a bit brave

Manganese is pleased

but the iron is afraid

Quantum consciousness


All of mankind

Sure makes it tough

to be original

as some guy in Namibia

writes this same poem


Unbelievable knowledge

so simple to uncover

How does one know

where to look?

A quest through subjects


not taught

could be a great place

to start








Will somebody please

get it over with


what they all

need to know

There’s alien life

all over this planet

it simply comes and goes

What happens to your thoughts

as you find out

one alien is probably you?


The eyes

The ears

The tastes

They lie

The heart’s

the one

that knows

If I smoke another pack

or consume more

nutritionless garbage


I can kill the thing

so I don’t have to listen



Here we all are

The Earth

A planet of free will

yet every possible decision

is planned out

and assisted

Some have been here

hundreds of times

Then come the newbies

It’s just their first try

Hopefully you don’t believe that


This place may just be

too amazing


Do the Devil and Hell exist

Because they do?


Because you want them to?


Because you need them to?

Before you answer

Remember that

Judge Judy and Jerry Springer

are on TV

all day


The pictures

that carry the energy

of suffering

from the Great Depression

only look worse

than those from today


they are in

black and white


There’s no way

It can’t be possible

I am not an infinite being

of pure energy

that vibrates eternally

with the


of the Creator

I can’t be

I know because

I won $508

on the craps table



How many presents

do you really want to receive

for any consumerist holiday?

Every sunrise

Every single cloud

Every intrusive insect

Every word spoken to you

from loved one, friend and foe

Every slow driver

in the fast lane

Every perfect action

by every perfect thing

is all a gift to you

You greedy bastard


(My personal favorite)

I hope you had fun

Keeping up with

the Joneses

All the way

to bankruptcy court


What a horrific tragedy

Another twenty beautiful

children shot

So innocent and pure

Shouldn’t life be

their divine right

to be lived

to a satisfactory completion?

I did hear

120 factory workers died

in Bangladesh

Fortunately their lives lost

are not so tragic

’cause they made my shirt


It doesn’t take too long

Not much time does

it take to see

How much blood

is dripping


your paycheck


Industrial revolution

Robber barons

Roaring twenties

printed cash

True patriotism

second world war

prosperity and jobs

information suppression

liberation of all peoples

to expand the tax base

the fight for equality

used to pay everyone less

Forty years of false wealth

stored in the paper price of a house

So much being given

as its value is taken away

It is the time of prophecy

the game should

come to an end

None of it happened

Now it’s time to pretend

There is nothing to take

Remove Glass-Steagal

pump the internet

but companies make nothing

fortunes of paper

lost in an instance

the same paper printed

to prevent Y2K

First crash

Time for the ultimate plan

Keep the printer rolling

Let’s hide all the lies

Losing control

Must take away liberties

We own the world

so let’s train desperate people

Eighty virgins in heaven

for two buildings on fire

Threaten with further recession

fictional cash’s favorite season

The games before didn’t bring such pain

Your theft now hits at home

perfect time to remove

the last harbor

of decency

left for the common man

Time to naked short

Thanks George for making it legal

Second crash

Wow what a script

Pretend the system needs help

make us think we need it

We think the pain must go away

Please make it



Give the labor of man to your buddies

Print more

Steal more

Believe the people need you

You believe it, don’t you?

The people need us

to steal from them

That’s the way it works

100 years of deceit

It didn’t end as you hoped

This time spent thieving

from the people


Has given privilege and power

but not one single bit

of peace and happiness

Thank you for your service

Final crash

will soon follow


With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

amazing – why did not you come earlier with these poetic pearls. Of course I will publish them tomorrow but first of all I must read your poems several times as to let them sip into my mind. But I am impressed how you have chosen poetry to express your inner world. It has always been my conviction that poetry is the highest vibrating form of verbal expression of the higher realms and the creationary potential of the soul and therefore it is not at all surprising that you have chosen this literary form.

When did your current soul came as walk-in in your body? So that I can better assess the whole process of your individual evolution with respect to the whole ascension process.

I will comment tomorrow one more time.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart now for sharing this treasure trove with me and the PAT and as they say, “better late than never”.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Your response is as impressive as always and I am honored to even have read it. My mother is a very accomplished writer, but a very young soul, and she only recommends poetry lessons when I let her read my work. Like there must be a hazing to be accepted by the fraud first. The old brotherhood of the fraud military and familial karmic BS. I told her to take a hike because there ain’t no form in Ponzi poetry. There would be no poetry worthy of existence if acceptance came first. That is my opinion of course.

I have no ability to truly describe what happened to me in 2011, but pure panic temporarily set in from years of personal pain as well as the understanding of the true nature of the fraud setting in after intimately watching the financial system fold in on itself in 2010 and 2011 again after the revival attempt. All logic left the dock at that time and has been pure BS ever since. Then intervention and acceptance came immediately of the grand process to calm my fears and stop the path of hoarding and survival and accept eternal and infinite life as energy in early 2011. Then inspiration set in. Then I was guided with multiple miracles to remove myself from all areas of business and belief in which I was involved. The phones called and answered themselves. Then I was guided to release everything I was attached to and to release myself from everyone around me. I cried violently for two straight days giving my children to the process as I thought I was about to die. I knew at that time that all was in other hands and my idea of control was nothing. I laid down and died one night and allowed some walk-in process to occur around March or April of 2011. I honestly thought and took my last breath for the second time in three months after the occurrence of the pituitary short-circuit two months earlier.

After all this, I read every single metaphysical book possible and found my way to you where I knew I was home. I awoke each day with knowledge that was unattainable in any way linearly for months. I walked into work one day and told my dad that I worked for God and I wept tears of unbelievable understanding every time a Dr. Martin Luther King speech crossed my desk. I hadn’t said the word God in any way productive in my whole life.

I was told that God wanted me to expect a miracle by a random woman who drove by me on the streets of Denver right after I experienced the soul orgasm. I was told to expect a miracle when the systems finally let go. It’s been two years stuck in the void. None more can be given to prevent what must be done. If I have to unleash more poetry, I will, but I will not be held responsible for its content.

I can no longer contain the love I have for this whole thing. It’s just sometimes not the love people are used to.

I’m late with the poetry because for some reason I was guided to be. Nothing logical about it. You two are rock stars.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

this is probably one of the most impressive, honest and compassionate personal report I have ever read and I have read many on this website and they were all as honest as yours to the point of unbearable pain.

The invariable characteristics of the light warrior is his profound loneliness and insatiable longing for home, where our souls come from. That is why the incarnated soul of the light warrior is bleeding all the time and the only blood transfusion that is available on this earth is poetry and music that bridge this hell with the eternal paradise we decided to leave in free will. If it were not for our indomitable knowledge that we are invincible light warriors, the decision to come here is the most moronic one.

Poetry is the safety net of the incarnated soul and when I entered my life crisis with 21 in 1972 with full force, that is to say, when my alter ego died and my soul fully descended into my physical body – during a prolong catharsis that was worst than death as you so beautifully describe – the only thing that saved me was writing poetry, where my bleeding heart could infuse its sorrow and mitigate it a bit. This all holds true for you to an even greater extent.

The “Ponzi Poetry” is, by all measure, great lyrics, better than any thoughtful philosophic or economic disquisitions on the malaise of this End Time because it connects topics and elements of life that seem at first glance to have nothing in common.

Poetry is therefore transcendental – like loose dreams created by the unlimited freedom of our imagination – because verses are carried forward by an invisible cognitive power that transforms the original narrow meaning of the words into myriad possible connotations – a constant changing kaleidoscope of life, where horror, human brutality, hatred and contempt for life exist side by side with bliss, sacrifice for others, love beyond human expression and the inexplicable joy of eternal life that melts this material prison and expands it infinitely.

I would love to read more of your poetry – this prosaic, stripped of any lyrics, gruesome world needs now poetry more than ever. Its revival can ultimately only occurs through arts in cahoots with true science, which can be true poetry when it is axiomatically derived from the primary term of our infinite consciousness. Poetry is the dual soul of Axiomatics.

Dear Brad, today is a great day for the arts, a day to celebrate the invincible light warriors of the first and the last hour.

With love and light


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The Scientific Fraud and the Answer of the General Theory of Biological Regulation of the Universal Law

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 1, 2015

Georgi Stankov, June 1, 2015

Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine are the two most prestigious medical journals in the world. I was subscribed to both journals in the 90s when I ran my private institute for clinical research DIAS (Institute for Drug Investigation, Auditing and Statistics) in Munich and discovered the Universal Law.

It is therefore most revealing that their chief editors have both publicly written that corruption is undermining science (and not only FIFA). The editor in chief of Lancet, Richard Horton, wrote last month as follows:

“Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. As one participant put it, “poor methods get results”. The Academy of Medical Sciences, Medical Research Council, and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council have now put their reputational weight behind an investigation into these questionable research practices. The apparent endemicity [i.e. pervasiveness within the scientific culture] of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of “significance” pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale. We reject important confirmations. Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent, endpoints that foster reductive metrics, such as high-impact publication. National assessment procedures, such as the Research Excellence Framework, incentivise bad practices. And individual scientists, including their most senior leaders, do little to alter a research culture that occasionally veers close to misconduct.


Can bad scientific practices be fixed? Part of the problem is that no-one is incentivised to be right. Instead, scientists are incentivised to be productive and innovative. Would a Hippocratic Oath for science help? Certainly don’t add more layers of research red tape. Instead of changing incentives, perhaps one could remove incentives altogether…”

And this is what I wrote in Volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation in 1998 on the ubiquitous scientific fraud in bio-science and medicine in the “Conclusions” (page 349). Please observe that I wrote this almost two decades ago and since then not only nothing has improved, but everything has gotten much worse. With the exception of this remarkable frankness of the two editors of these peer medical journals, which already indicates the dawn of the new era of truth and full transparency in science, from where it will spread throughout the whole society. And the truth is that we have already won and the victory of new Theory of the Universal Law is a done deal:


The last two chapters have confirmed the dreadful truth that pharmaceutical and clinical research – two of the most ethical disciplines of experimental research – have infringed upon the Law and evolved in the wrong direction. As a consequence many cell-inhibiting drugs that increase mortality and morbidity in humans have been developed and registered.

High-quality clinical trials, conducted in the last several years according to appropriate statistical standards, have documented in an irrevocable manner that medical doctors, pharmacologists, and the like have contributed to a collective scientific holocaust under peaceful conditions that exceeds by far – in terms of the number of victims – recent historical holocausts, such as the extermination of Jewish and Slavonic people by the Germans during the Second World War, or by Stalinists during the Russian civil war and thereafter (Such trials were stopped since 2000, also with the help of these two journals, as to hide the dreadful truth how dangerous most registered drugs are to humans. Note George). This scientific holocaust in the name of medical ethics has been accomplished (un)consciously, on the basis of wrong paradigms, and is by no means comparable to the historical German or Stalinist sin. The result is, however, the same (At that time I was unaware of the Orion/ Reptilian plan to decimate humanity at the End Time. Note, George).

Every specialist in this field who has been educated to believe in these scientific paradigms and has ardently followed them in his job has contributed to this ubiquitous and unique crime in the history of modern civilisation. This accusation includes the author himself before he discovered the Law. There is no other option but to admit this stark and shocking fact.

This scientific holocaust is going on in front of our very eyes – statistically, every second somewhere on this planet a patient is prematurely killed by a treatment with a cell-inhibiting drug or regimen. The rate of iatrogenic killing is growing parallel to the consumption of cell-inhibiting drugs. Based on current prescription statistics, we can estimate that approximately 8 out of 10 patients are treated with cell-inhibiting drugs and are likely to die earlier than without this treatment. As almost every individual becomes seriously ill during his life, especially in advanced age, practically everybody is subjected to a cell-inhibiting treatment and faces the risk of dying earlier than physiologically predetermined.

Like nuclear contamination, all people are equal in the face of this medical peril, independently of their origin, social status, welfare, age, or sex. Therefore, urgent and radical political decisions are called for to curb this self-inflicted evil on mankind, before the present-day diminishing belief in humanity and ethics (see the bombing and exodus in Kosovo) is completely lost and new, more dreadful calamities than those of the 20th century are engendered.

The only way to atone for this collective sin and establish a novel and universally valid ethics is to begin asking questions about the causes of this global scientific agnosticism in medical and biological research. I will leave the answers to the reader and instead present the results of a unique trial entitled “Conflict of interest in the debate over calcium-channel antagonists”, which was recently published (N Engl J Med, 1998, 338: 101-6.). As far as I am informed, this is the first trial of its kind. I shall leave the authors to speak for themselves:

“Physicians’ financial relationships with the pharmaceutical industry are controversial because such relationships may pose a conflict of interest. It is unknown to what extent industry support of medical education and research influences the opinions and behaviour of clinicians and researchers. The recent debate over the safety of calcium-channel antagonists provided an opportunity to examine the effects of financial conflicts of interest. We searched the English-language medical literature published from March 1995 through September 1996 for articles examining the controversy about the safety of calcium-channel antagonists. Articles were reviewed and classified as being supportive, neutral, or critical with respect to the use of calcium-channel antagonists. The authors of the articles were asked about their financial relationships with both manufacturers of calcium-channel antagonists and manufacturers of competing products (i.e., beta-blockers, angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors, diuretics, and nitrates). We examined the authors’ published positions on the safety of calcium-channel antagonists according to their financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies.

Authors who supported the use of calcium-channel antagonists were significantly more likely than neutral or critical authors to have financial relationships with manufacturers of calcium-channel antagonists (96%, vs. 60%, and 37% respectively; po<o0.001). Supportive authors were also more likely than neutral or critical authors to have financial relationships with any pharmaceutical manufacturer, irrespectively of the product (100%, vs. 67% and 43%, respectively; po<o0.001). Our results demonstrate a strong association between authors’ published positions on the safety of calcium-channel antagonists and their financial relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers. The medical profession needs to develop a more effective policy on conflict of interest. We support the complete disclosure of relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers for clinicians and researchers who write articles examining pharmaceutical products. (read also note below)”

In my opinion, it is a basic mistake to discriminate between “seducers” and “seduced”. This trend results from misguided religious education. Everybody can be at once a seducer and seduced (U-sets). The only panacea for the present pathological state of ethics in scientific research is not to look for who is the seducer and who is the seduced, as is usually done in jurisdiction, because in the present-day “paradise of scientific ignorance” sin does not make any sense. Instead of wasting time in searching for the culpable, we should resort to the quick and full mental acceptance and strict implementation of the new Unified Theory of Natural Science based on the Universal Law. But this Tantalus act may appear to be an insurmountable challenge to many a scientist, as my experience tells me. ______________________________

Note: The outstanding characteristics of this remarkable trial is that it cogently demonstrates that human ethical behaviour can be mathematically quantified in an objective manner. This proves the basic conclusion of the new theory that space-time, including society, abides by the Law and can be mathematized. This is the basis of a Unified Theory of Natural Sciences as founded in the present tetralogy (see also vol. IV on philosophy and ethics). This theory will pave the way to a new, better world based on universally valid ethical principles – those of the Law.

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