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sharing3 - The Elohim: Your Magnificent Energy Work - A Historical Interview with Gorbachev

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The Elohim: Your Magnificent Energy Work

by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 10, 2015

by Carla Thompson, August 10, 2015

Here is a wonderful message from the Elohim that I have written down in words, but there was so much more information that came to me as clair-cognition. So even though the written message is very clear, they were imparting a much more complex message in terms of our abilities and our successes. I discuss it here first as an expansion of the written message.

The Elohim confirm the propagation of the golden template into the Golden galaxy that George and I (see Energy Report -August 2nd), and some other PAT members (see Shirley Garmon’s vision below) confirmed as taking place on the 31st of July. They lovingly refer to us as the “All-Beings”, with our unique ability to accept, hold and expand energy into our reality and the cosmos as a creationary projection of our consciousness. We are demonstrating our unwavering commitment to Source for which they are most impressed. We are engaging our powerful imaginations to envision a world of perfection at all levels, and worlds beyond the horizon that fulfill even the wildest of dreams.

My impression from them is that there is a leap in the consistent feeling of loving kindness and it is this leap that provides the energetic foundation for an expansion of unequaled power and why our activities with the sacred flames is so important to the creation of the perfect fifth dimension and beyond. They talk about our bodies as being powerful refined antennae that can receive and transmit the in-flowing source energy at very refined, high frequency levels now, a new achievement. It is the first time they speak of the fact that only humans with a soul are a part of this entire energetic restructuring through the distribution of cosmic energy.

Finally, they want us to hold firm on our highest expectations for the perfect reality in our lives, right now! I encourage everyone to continue using the Seven Sacred Flames (read the message “The Elohim: Sacred Flames of Creation Part I and Part II) at least once a day, in a daily meditation, holding the intention for the best outcome for a particular situation and the highest good for all individuals involved. With daily use in a compassionate frame of mind and heart, success will soon be the reward.

The Elohim Message on August 7th

The Garden of Eden is charged with a spectacular golden light and a lifestream of infinite beauty and perfection flows like the gentle waterfall as all expressions move together into one united field! From here on, life blossoms outward like the lotus flower that explodes in a never ending bloom. Indeed, here we speak of the golden template, a sacred dodecahedron which graces all aspects of creative design in the perpetuity of time (see Shirley Garmon’s vision below and compare it with the dodecahedron form of the new human template which we seeded on October 12, 2014 in the new Golden Galaxy; note, George ).

We are the Elohim and we know of your desire to understand your value and the nature of your involvement in the expansion in this moment. You are the All-Beings: the Beings of the Earth that move great multitudes of energy forth, from within the inner space to the outer space, and through all quantum levels of space, as your multi-dimensional vehicles serve to anchor and stabilize the nature of form within your seen and unseen reality.

Your souls operate on a multitude of levels, as you are living in multiple dimensional expressions. Some of you are aware of another time and place where great energy flows and this new golden template moves through your current physical vessels and into these new co-ordinates. (I had a dream two nights ago where my body was flooded with waves of golden energy, flowing through my back to my front as I lay on my back in bed. It was a most gentle and loving energy. Note, Carla).

From your third dimensional perspective you may be unaware that you are guiding creation in all other dimensions. These dimensions each reflect not only the constancy of unconditional loving kindness and acceptance of all, but also many other necessary qualities that you are unfamiliar with, including the constancy of energy you sustain for example. The one founding principle common to each and every one of these expressions is that of unconditional loving kindness and acceptance of everything as being part of the All. As you focus on expanding your capacity for love, either in the giving or in the receiving of love here in this reality, you are therefore necessarily flooding All of Creation with these thoughts and with these energies. Even one quantum of love ripples itself out into and throughout Creation!

To say a large flood of energy will come on a specified date (i.e. I asked about the massive wave, known as X-wave, projected to come on “September 28th” of this year) is truth, only because waves of great import are coming every day and not because it has simply been stated as being so! Energy is everywhere, indeed, everything is constituent energy. Those of you who are able to sense the flow of energy throughout the cosmos have developed finely tuned energetic vehicles, as they were meant to be. Your human vehicles are designed to be receivers as well as transmitters of energies. As your electro-magnetic fields become refined through the conscious application of principles of physical detoxification, your bodies and your fields will naturally expand in amplitude, and therefore inclusion in the activity of the ascension.

However, even those who are unaware of the ascension aide in its realization as the increased light instantly removes areas of blocked and heavy energetic back-flow.

Every individual who has an intact body-mind-soul standard is affected by the high frequency photon light bombarding your earth at this moment and this of course excludes those who have no soul at present. As receivers, you filter these energies and re-cycle them out/ transmit them to the masses after their refinement, for their integration and revision.

The revision is a natural process, whereby those whose bodies repel these energies as too much of an energetic challenge/ overload will re-calibrate naturally to accept a homeopathic dosage of energies needed to expand the level of consciousness of the individual. The expanded consciousness then automatically and naturally allows more photon light in to the body-mind-soul system, opening him up to the possibility of moving to another newly expanded reality.

This whole process feels slow to you by your standards, however in reality it happens instantly!

In every instant, there is energetic upliftment and this can be measured, as each human vehicle can hold the light in greater and greater amounts. This is the ongoing nature of the ascension and as you hold the highest love and light for your own personal experience, you immediately move to the highest expression of your reality within your grasp. Do this daily and your reality shall reflect more grace, more peace and serenity, upon which more joy shall grow. Never give up this activity – it is the ascension!

We are by your side, lovingly encouraging you in your continuing quest to find your most brilliant reality!


August 4, 2015, Very Strong Vision

Shirley Garmon, USA

Last night, I went to bed around 11:30 p.m. Instantly, after closing my eyes, I start to see a pool of Dolphins; I follow them as this is not the first time I’ve followed or lead a pool of Dolphins. This time, they are leading me and I’m flying behind. They swim for a long while, and we seem to be out in the open sea but finally they arrive at their destination with me in tow. They arrive at wall of some rocks which look very old and ancient. They proceed thru the rocks, as there are large holes, large enough to accommodate the Dolphins, and me, as well. I follow them thru, and at first, it is kind of dark and a little, foreboding, but we are swimming thru a lot of water, similar to a tributary surrounded by rocks. Finally, they bring me to a place that looks, somewhat, like ancient Atlantis. At first, I think that I see small white houses, but no, they become clearer and they look as if they are small, white, ancient Grecian temples made of the same type of bricks and pillars that comprised ancient Greece. I see people below who are playing in the water. The Dolphins are also playing in the water. I look at the beautiful foliage and its beauty is unparalleled. I fly down to ask these people where I am. I ask this person in the water if this is Agartha. He shakes his head “no” and points toward the heavens as if Agartha is now located within the heavenly realms. After he points toward the heavens, I instantly fly up toward the heavens and seem to be among the stars.

I am steadily ascending and I suddenly stop as I see directly in front of me a Dodecahedron (see picture below). It is large as an asteroid and smoky gray, in fact, it is clear, smoky, grey glass. It moves through the heavens and I know that it is headed toward Europe. As it makes it way through the heavens, it is turning consistently over and over, and moving slowly because of its large mass (compare with the dodecahedron form of the new human template here which we seeded on October 12, 2014; note, George).

I open my eyes because “nature calls.” After I come back to bed, close my eyes, the vision resumed, only this time, I am back with the Dolphins, and the other-worldly looking people. The foliage is beautiful, lush and green, unlike nature here. The colors were amazingly vivid! Again, “nature called” and I answered. When I came back to bed, closed my eyes again, the same thing happened again. I’m back in this beautiful, Atlantis-looking place with the Dolphins and the otherworldly looking people.

POINT OF FACT: This went on all night. Nature constantly called every 30 or 40 minutes, and when I came back to bed, the vision resumed. It was as if the Creator wanted me to know, totally, absolutely, unequivocally, that this was a vision and there was no way that I could question it or doubt its validity as I’ve often done before as you are aware. Dr. Stankov, this continued until around 4:30 to 5:00 a.m. Same vision and nature steadily calling. I wonder if anyone else is having issues with “Nature” calling so frequently, as I.

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A Historical Interview with Gorbachev

by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 14, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, August 13, 2015

Gorbachev was the man who governed the collapse of the Soviet Union because at that time he believed the rogue promise of the greatest criminal and cabal-mafioso Bush Senior that NATO will not extend beyond its 1990 borders after the Fall of the Iron curtain. Now he is a disillusioned old statesman, who is blamed in his own country for destroying the Soviet Union. He has meandered a lot in the last years in his political opinions, but finally he has found his motherland and has fully embraced the current policy of Putin, whom he criticized only a few years ago.

This interview is in the first place a full vindication of Putin, as Gorbachev was misused in the past by the western MSM presstitutes to seed dissent in the Russian leadership. Now the Russians are more united against the USA than under communism during the Cold war. And this time the Russian people are able to build their opinion in absolute freedom and making use of the most democratic and open press worldwide, which has become the preferred alternative source of information for all critical intellectuals in the West.

This interview is very revealing and extremely important as Gorbachev knows the world political scene probably better than anybody else and is honest enough to express his opinions without considering the despicable western “political correctness”. The interview also profits from the fact that the journalist Sophie Shevardnadze is an old family friend of Gorbachev – she is the granddaughter of his close ally and longtime foreign minister, Eduard Shevardnadze, who was one of the fathers of the perestroika and later a former prime minister of Georgia before he was ousted from power by a CIA-sponsored colour putsch, very similar to the one in Kiev last year.

"SophieCo" Cold War, Warm Heart - YouTube

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A Necessary Clarification in the Jarring Cacophony of Financial Discusssions in the End Time

by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 12, 2015

The Minotaur’s Complex of the Financial Experts

by Georgi Stankov, August 12, 2015

Picasso as Minotaur, 1963, photo Mili Gjon

The last several days I spent more time reading the latest critical articles on the impending financial crash, which most of the experts now predict almost unanimously for the end of September. Likewise the major factors that have caused this crisis in the past are well presented by most authors. But at this point the unanimity ends and this is due to the limited 3D thinking and approach of these, otherwise very critical experts.

In a very human way, it is very tormenting for me to read all these publications as they expose painfully where the deficits in human thinking still lie, even for the most critical and awakened representatives of humanity – those for whom we have sacrificed ourselves and have decided to stay on this earth as light warriors and Logos Gods to the very last hour in order to help them make the transition to the new 4D worlds. And to be honest, sometimes I begin to doubt the wisdom of this decision as the recalcitrance of these alleged forerunners of humanity with respect to new transcendental insights is staggering and very much disheartening.

Let me explain. Most of the financial experts nowadays begin to open their eyes to the inevitability of the impending ultimate financial crash, but at the same time they get absolutely lost in the Minotaur’s labyrinth of fearful facts surrounding the biggest of all economic collapses that will very soon obliterate the entire Orion matrix. Because they cannot envision any new reality beyond the collapse of the current dysfunctional 3D economy as they are entirely agnostic and still identify with this reality. And here is the rub!

All critical financial experts are still very much entrenched in the jungle of their unprocessed fears because they have not yet overcome the beast in their psychological structure as symbolized by the mythical Minotaur, a being with a human torso and bull’s head, the perverted product of a copulation of a woman with a white bull given to her husband King Minos of Crete by the God Poseidon. Translated from Greek mythology into gnostic, physiological terms, the Reptilian cerebellum of these experts still holds their two cerebral hemispheres that are potentially capable of abstract, fear-free thinking under the firm control of the primitive survival instincts of the Beast (as an epitome of the Reptilian genetic heritage of the human species).

Just as the Freudian-tainted psychiatrists of our “modern” time regularly blame the Oedipus complex for most male perversions, there must also be an undetected Minotaur’s complex among all financial experts: The moment they discover the coming of a bear market, their heads turn into Minotaur’s bull’s heads (see Picasso in the picture above) through the unconditional, fear-driven Pavlov’s reflex (classical conditioning) that subconsciously substitutes any potential crisis with a bull market within the maze of wishful human thinking. This is how even the most critical experts lose their ability of clear, serene thinking in the current End Time. This is a huge and very urgent problem as it is in the core of the ultimate awakening of humanity before reaching the threshold of ascension.

Instead of going to the root of all evil – the true nature of money – the present-day critical financial experts wander in the periphery of this financial labyrinth and are incapable of presenting any viable solution to the rapid meltdown of the Orion monetary system, to which they still stick like helpless and hapless children. This holds true for such prominent critics of the current monetary and political order as the former Greek financial minister Yanis Varoufakis, who successfully challenged the insanity of the Troika, his good friend, the renowned US professor of economics James Kenneth Galbraith, son of the most famous Canadian-American economist of all times and author of numerous books, John Kenneth Galbraith, from whom I personally learnt a lot about real economics, and also for the less famous critical financial experts whom you can read on the Internet (read here, here and here).

None of these experts tells you how the inevitable total crash of the financial and economic system can be very easily resolved. Given the acute imminence of this event, this overt intellectual deficit of all experts, who are supposed to know better than the laymen, is very revealing and disturbing, to say the least. There is not a single financial expert worldwide that has a clue as to how to resolve the current economic and financial crisis as they now behave like paralysed rabbits in front of a cobra.

Why is that? Because they have not grasped the nature of money and how it can be very easily substituted. Let me recapitulate this issue one more time as I have written a lot on it in the past.

Money has no value at all.

It is a poor substitute for energy, initially introduced by the Orion/Reptilian PTW with the aim of enslaving humanity.

In All-That-Is, we have only energy and all energy is immediately creative. In 5D and higher dimensions one does not need money as substitute for energy as energy is all-encompassing and omnipresent and any wish or vision of a sentient entity is immediately manifested. Abundance is everywhere and is the natural state of Being.

In a restricted 3D holographic model as on this planet, where human beings are more or less completely severed from the Source and do not believe in their creative potential, all abundance must come from a deliberate manipulation of matter. Industry, and economy in the wider sense, is manipulation of matter by incarnated human beings for the sake of improving the conditions of physical life on such an unfriendly planet as the earth populated by even more hostile inhabitants and their Orion masters. The ideal state is the establishment of abundance or prosperity for all beings.

In the postwar time, free market capitalism seemed to fulfill this promise, while the central-planned communist economies poorly failed to bring any prosperity to the people. Now the neo-liberal American type of predatory capitalism, coupled with the Orion-Ponzi scheme of infinite debt and printing money out of thin air, has terminated this illusion for ever. Since the beginning of the third millennium humanity is facing an exponentially growing impoverishment of the masses at the expense of the 0.001% of the richest.

As we all know, this is on purpose and the ultimate aim of the dark ruling cabal is the establishment of the NWO. One can only enslave the masses after one has impoverished them to the point of becoming state slaves. This is the dire picture of the current human condition and any other pompous explanations are obsolete.

At present, the impoverishment of mankind is effected through money and there is not a single expert, except the readers of this website, who has grasped this insidious mechanism.

In an energetically separated civilisation as this human society is, all material wealth is created by the physical effort of the humans as very weak energetic systems, who are now supported by more powerful machines and more precise robots. But any form of production is still a very tedious mechanical manipulation of matter with the aim of creating more prosperity and better life.

Only one hundred years ago life was not much different from that in antiquity, and even earlier, as all work and transport was done by human and animal force (through carts, ploughs etc.). With the broad use of steam engines and engines of combustion and later on of electricity life of most humans rapidly improved since the beginning of the 20th century.

Economic prosperity, when properly understood and implemented, leads to democracy and strengthens the power of the individual over bigger oppressive institutions. The industrial revolution that brought mass production and increased prosperity in the Western world eliminated most dictatorial monarchies and slave societies (see for instance the outcome of WW1). This is basic history in the economic perspective. It also gave rise to new financial empires, which were first built around the national state, only to hollow it out in the last phase in which we now live.

As long as money was linked to precious metals, such as gold and silver (bimetalism), the PTW could not misuse the properties of money as an epitome of energy = space-time. That is why the dark US cabal (Nixon) decided to eliminate the gold standard in 1971 and introduced the fiat “toilet-paper” money. From this moment onward all doors for the machinations and manipulation of the nature of money were wide opened.

How was this possible?

Here is where all financial experts miserably fail. They do not understand the nature of money because they do not understand the nature of energy. For that reason the primary term of human consciousness = energy = space-time = All-That-Is simply does not exist in their vocabulary and weltanschauung. That is why I define these people consistently as “agnostic, ignorant human beings” who we have to awaken fully to the point of understanding my arguments below.

Energy manifests in any 3D holographic model as space-time. Space-time is not an external entity, but the way how our limited senses and mind perceive energy.

We create space-time with our senses and preconceived human thinking as established by the soul. That is why there is no such thing as universe with billions of galaxies and star systems, as this is only a very limited U-subset of Real Energy = All-That-Is = Source.

Limited senses create limited awareness. Limited awareness causes the separation of any sentient being from All-Energy. Even the most separated dark entities as the archons are still an inextricable part of All-Energy = the Source, as there is no existence outside Energy.

The creation of any 3D hologram is based on the automatic and artificial separation of the two constituents, space and time, of space-time as a manifestation of All-Energy within such a restricted model.

This separation takes place in the human mind and its subconscious mechanism was discovered for the first time in human history by myself in 1994. I called it “the arrest of time in human mind“. If you read my gnostic books, but also my textbooks on physics, you will find the full explanation of this, until now unknown cognitive process of primary importance for the existence of any 3D holographic illusion.

Why is this elaboration so important with respect to money? Because it explains for the first time how the PTW use money to deepen the 3D illusion of separation in all humans in order to deprive them of their pristine creative potential and enslave them within the matrix.

As space-time = money has only two constituents (dimensions) – space (extent) and absolute time, which is frequency – one can only manipulate these two dimensions. This is extremely important to know. Space is reflected by the surface of printed paper or numbers on this paper and frequency is reflected by the purchase power of money.

It does not help you to have billions on paper as was the case with the Yugoslavian dinar in the 90s that suffered extreme hyperinflation: massive amounts of money were printed; coins became redundant; inflation rates reached the equivalent of 8.51×1029% per year; the highest denomination banknote was 500 billion dinars; it was worthless two weeks after it was printed; this hyperinflation caused five revaluations between 1990 and 1994; in total there were eight distinct dinars. The same hyperinflation happened in Turkey in the 80s and in many other countries. I expect the same hyperinflation to occur with the dollar when the final crash will come this year.

And it is equally of no help to anybody to carry a basket of paper money to buy an egg on the market as this happened during the Great Depression and hyperinflation in Germany that catapulted the Nazis into power. It is very important to realize this fact.

Sums of money or the surface of printed paper is a constituent of space and has no value at all. Space is not energy – it is an illusion.

Let me highlight this issue with another example: the higher the energy of a system, the smaller its space. The highest amounts of energy are found in the smallest space, in the nucleus, in the protons and neutrons of matter and in the hypothetical quarks and gluons which could not be separated yet. When this energy is liberated, it increases its space in form of explosion and here you have the mechanism as to how thermonuclear WMD function. Hyperinflation of money is such a thermonuclear space explosion of the Orion monetary system based on worthless toilet paper banknotes. There is no exception to this law as it is the Universal Law in operation.

Back to money. If you can create billions of dollars with a click on the computer as Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the FED, boasted, then it is cogent that this kind of electronic money has the same real value in terms of energy as the Yugoslavian dinar in the 90s.

Money has only value in terms of its purchasing power of material goods. Material goods are already manipulated energy in form of matter or fuel and thus have a fixed value. Money does not! Its value is measured by the amount of goods you can buy with it. If you use to buy a pound of meat for less than 2 -3 dollars before the 2008 crisis and now you have to pay 10 to 20 bucks for a pound of meat then you have a significant decrease in the purchasing power of money.

The measurement of sinking purchasing power of money is called inflation or hyperinflation when the loss of value is very rapid. That is why the inflation statistics in the West is the most manipulated variable by the ruling elite. If you know how much less value the paper notes have you receive for the same work or more you do for this Orion system with each passing year and month, you would probably stop working and revolt. At least you should do that if you have a modicum of self-esteem and do not want to be a slave.

The energy of money is measured by its frequency. For instance, the rate of circulation of money per time in an economy is a measurement of its value. In the current crisis the rate of circulation of money in the Western economies has dropped to its lowest values since the 80s and this is a reliable measurement that it has lost its frequency and value at the global level.

Here is another measurement that money has lost all its value at present. The banksters have fraudulently created $1,5 quadrillion (1500 trillion) of CDOs worldwide which is more than 20 times the world GDP – everything that the world economy produces of any value and is being used to improve prosperity of the people. And yet you cannot buy a single loaf of bread with these $1,5 quadrillion of CDOs as they are not used to purchase anything. They are only used to augment the amount of numbers, which the banksters possess on their accounts, in their illusion that these numbers are a true reflection of wealth. I hope that you now understand the insanity behind the concept of money as a poor substitute of the nature of energy.

As the two constituents, space and absolute time/frequency, are canonically conjugated (dialectically linked), they behave in a reciprocal manner all the time. When you increase the space of money as printed paper (surface) or virtual numbers on this paper (computer clicks creating billions of dollars included), you simply decrease its energy as measured by purchasing power. If you could buy a house in the Vancouver area for about 200 000 CAD twenty years ago, you can now buy such a house for a million CAD. Twenty years ago the frequency of money was thus 5 times higher, as with the same amount of money you could buy five houses compared to today.

Sounds very simple. Is not, because nobody has grasped so far the nature of money as presented here, although it is as simple as cooking bean soup, to quote a Bulgarian saying, when you know that money is an epitome of energy and that there is nothing else in All-That-Is.

In other words, you cannot cheat nature, respectively energy, but you can cheat all humans for some time as the PTW did with humanity in the last century and particularly since they abolished the gold standard in 1971. The latest scam is that the gold price sinks these days, while the actual purchasing power of all fiat currencies has reached the bottom. The dollar has gained against all other world currencies, although it has no value at all, just as the USA does not produce anything of value anymore.

Such idiosyncrasies are typical for the fraudulent manipulation of money by increasing its space and reducing its value as frequency. And all this happens in front of humanity that sees this with eyes wide shut. Because they are so much mired in the 3D illusion of space that they do not see the forest for the trees.

What is the solution?

This Orion monetary system cannot be reformed. Money must be abolished once and for ever.

This can happen within 24 hours by substituting it with a neutral numerical system of payments (NSP) through the internet. The name of this new payment unit should be irrelevant, but I would suggest the universal unit of “Astro“. This new NSP would function in the same way as the current SI system in physics. You do not change the length of the meter all the time to cheat your clients if you sell fabrics and it would not make any sense to change the standard length of the meter each year as this will create chaos in all aspects of material production, such as house construction.

All humans will receive an NSP account on the internet, with which they will buy goods for their living. The amount of money, which each one will receive, will be easily calculated by the average prices of the essential goods for survival. This should also include housing and transport. Nobody will receive much more money than he needs. The differences in income should not be more than two times. Just as an average human organism needs an average amount of calories to consume or oxygen to breath, so shall all human beings participate equally in the distribution of material goods with the help of the new numerical system of payments.

As you must have already noticed, this system does not need any banks anymore as an intermediary and obsolete generator of virtual money through debt or fractional-reserve banking, which is one and the same scam. The total amount of money in circulation should be always in equilibrium with the amount of material goods produced as there will be no artificial creation of virtual money through speculation and greed, as is the case now. Hence there will be no inflation or hyperinflation, and also no deflation and no crisis, recessions and depressions that now line along the way of this dysfunctional Orion economy to its final crash.

The only obstacle that has to be overcome now is the gnostic blindness of the masses that are still fully trapped in this 3D-space Illusion created upon the quicksand of fiat “toilet-paper” money. This is where our educational efforts should lie in the coming days as Logos Gods.

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