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sharing3 - Tsunami of Luminous Light - Sananda – Current Disgusting Human Condition- “You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line”

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Sananda – “You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line”
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 17, 2015

Channelled Information on the Possible ID Shift and Our Ascension End of September, Early October

by Georgi Stankov, September 17, 2015

I will publish below some excerpts from a recent message given by a channeller and his sources which I did not like very much in the past and I am still rather critical about it as it is not always a clear, high-vibrating source. But my decision to make you aware of this channeling is founded entirely in the fact that this time this source presents a very realistic scenario as to how the ascension will happen and will be perceived by the masses that will not ascend themselves, while only some of the most advanced human beings, precisely the second wave ascension candidates, whom we initiated in the ascension process end of October 2014, will experience a huge inner expansion of awareness that will transform them and the society for ever.

This shift in expanded awareness has already commenced in all second wave ascension candidates as I have informed you in the last two days (read here and here).

Only today Brad sent me the following exalting information:

“I did want to excitedly let you know that I had such incredible response from people around me today who are definitely second wave. I had a discussion with my father that was exactly the same in theory to what you posted with the Michael Snyder article. He kept talking of the “miracles” of his progress as I continually reminded him that it’s the system and he also finally accepted your information on beta-blockers even though I’ve been reading the same stuff to him for four years. Suddenly, it was acceptable and made sense.

Also, my brother responded very positively to everything I said today on a small trip, and he’s been reading our articles I’ve sent him.

You know how intense some of my concepts are and suddenly my brother said how clear it sounded and how articulate things were. I have gotten better at my craft, but again, suddenly it was acceptable and made sense.”

While this collective expansion of human consciousness will transform humanity on this uppermost mother planet overnight, we, the ascended masters in human gestalt, the Logos Gods of Gaia and fierce light warriors of the first and last hour, will make the final phase transition from carbon-based body into crystalline light body and will ascend. After all, we have been retrieving all our chakras and denser human manifestations in a most accelerated manner since

we created New Lemuria on June 4th and as confirmed by the Hyperboreans to us.

Most of us will return thereafter as ascended masters in crystalline light body to this reality that will be rapidly shifting its frequencies and social template towards the new pristine blueprint of the 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy under our guidance as the Guardians and teachers of the New Age.

This will be also the time when the new theory of the Universal Law will be introduced worldwide.

We are now preparing the mental and psychological foundation for this cosmic breakthrough.

This has been a leitmotif in all my publications for the last year and a half, since the PAT was advanced to become the New Logos Gods of Gaia and we decided to postpone our ascension in May 2014 one more time as to stay and help humanity and Gaia to the very last moment.

This moment has now arrived.

Our true mission is about to begin very soon.

The message below presents exactly this scenario by even using our vocabulary, which is another remarkable synchronicity. The group that is addressed by this message are second wave ascension candidates and that is why the excarnated sources are cautious not to elicit too much hope in these people that they would all ascend end of September.

But the sources clearly confirm that when this energetic peak and stargate opening around the last blood moon will happen, there will be definitely some highly advanced human beings who will undergo a final transfiguration from a carbon-based body into a crystalline light body and will appear again on this uppermost mother planet as ascended masters to guide and educate the masses, so that they can also make this shift some time later.

It is this remarkable unanimity of key passages in this message with our preferred ascension scenario that convinced me to publish it.

You can go to the original article and read the whole message, just to get an impression as to how far advanced this second wave ascension candidates are and what it will take for them to finally ascend. A lot more awakening according to my assessment, but they are on the right track and this is the only thing that matters. This is all the result of our successful mission as Planetary Ascension Team that is now coming to a glorious end.


“Sananda”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 13, 2015 over Blog Talk Radio with Hollow Earth Network)


When we first came here, there was a great deal of darkness. The light was barely shining through. But with all the travails you have gone through, lifetime after lifetime and after lifetime you will come to the point now where it will be all worth it!

You will wonder what it will be like at the end when you finish this job.

And here you are now at the finish. I have said many times that you are in a race, what you would call a marathon. You have been running this race a long time and now you are coming to the finish line.

You will cross and behind some are struggling; some have fallen and cannot get back up.

Some are crawling now just to get to the line.

Of course, there are those who race across.

The difference here is that once you cross the finish line (in your normal marathon) you are done, you don’t go back to help your brothers and your sisters. You, my friends, will be doing that. You will be crossing the line and you will be going back to assist.

Many of you will decide to do that.

Not all, but many.

Because why?

Because you came here to be of service.

That is the reason you came here. You will go back to serve others. You will only be thinking of service.

So, I tell you now. You have come full circle. You are at the point where you will be making the Shift. Everyone will be making the Shift at one point or another. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is coming? Yes. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is here? Yes. We have been telling you about how to prepare for this.

And “Wave X” and the “Tsunami of Love” is all one.

It is all coming together; it is reaching the crescendo as was given earlier.

And you now are at that point where you are going to be called upon to be the mentors, to be teachers, to be the ones who will be there to assist those who come after you. You will be the ones who go back to assist your brothers, your sisters because they are floundering, they are having a difficult time. Many are still asleep but their alarm clocks are starting to go off just as yours did at a certain point. Now is the time that many of their clocks are going off.

They will come to an understanding that this is not the way it was supposed to be. This is not what we came here for. And now they will begin to ask questions. Just as you asked questions, they will begin to ask questions.

Who will be there to answer their questions?

You will be!

Not so much us.

Yes, we are here mentoring and guiding through these types of communications. You are the ones you have been waiting for. You are the ones who will bring this whole process together. It is you who will be giving the answers to the questions.

We are not saying to bombard them.

We are not saying go door to door or anything of this nature.

We do not want you to provide a mission. This is a journey. You are on this journey. You are near completing this part of the journey. It is not the end. It is never going to be the end. This is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. However you wish to look at it.

But the time is now. Look at this month, this September.

Look at September 28th and at this photon energy coming in that is supposed to be at its highest level ever.

And yes, that is true. It is going to be. Can we say that all of you are going to Ascend in that moment and go off in your Rainbow Bodies and cross the Rainbow Bridge to get back to your higher selves?


We say that is not necessarily going to happen. It may happen for a few but there is still much of those who are still awakening, too much work that is still ahead.

And yes, those of you who have been sitting back and thinking that you are going to be relieved or delivered or thinking that the Rapture is going to come or any of these things, no, that is not the way it is working.

It is working with you.

You have to be the ones to make this happen.

So, on the day that this goes through, those of you who are listening to this call and are resonating with these words, you will feel the energy the most (This is already the case with the PAT for many years. Note, George). But there will be many across the planet that will also be feeling this energy as well. There will be those holding arms and looking for a battle but will turn to one another and say, “Why. Why are we doing this? There is no reason to continue on like this!

Why would I want to harm my brother and my sister?”

And they will begin to realize, not the unification that you have, but they will begin to realize a connection that everyone is a brother, everyone is a sister.

I can tell you now that time is coming.

That moment is nearly here.

When you feel these energies move through you, yes, on the 28th , may be a few days before, may be a few days after, maybe a week later, we are not going to say exactly because everybody will resonate to these energies differently. So, you, yourselves, we can tell you to prepare. Prepare for yourself. Do you need to prepare for safety for each other as far as stockpiling weapons and these types of things?


Certainly not. That is the old paradigm and that will not work in the New Age that is coming upon you. That will not work in the new vibrations that are here now and will be exceeding the vibrations you are feeling now by a tremendous amount.

So we tell you again now, be ready. Those times are here. You are ready to cross the finish line.

There is no turning back at this point. Why would anyone want to turn back? We know you don’t. We know that you came here to finish this race, to finish this journey. You are all working together with us and we are working together with you. And together, my brothers, my sisters and my friends we are going to make this happen. It is a joint effort, a unified effort. We will come together in oneness.

Archangel Michael has been speaking of peace.

We will come together in peace. The entire planet will come together in peace.

It is destined. It cannot be stopped.

There are those of the Cabal, the Dark Forces who are still working at it.

They are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their life that they have created.

They realize now that they are at their end.

They are fully realizing that they cannot hold on much longer. Yet they still proceed. They still continue to be arrogant and think that they can overcome heaven. How could anyone possible do that?

So, that is not going to happen. There is not going to be any nuclear war (Because they are happening all the time on lower timelines as the most destructive one on September 13th as reported by myself and confirmed by the Elohim. This uppermost mother planet is protected by our presence as Logos Gods; we raise her light quotient so much that it does not allow for the outburst of such a devastating nuclear war. Note, George). There is not going to be any major pandemic across the planet.

There is not going to be any culling of the populations that many of the sources have been saying. That is not going to happen. We have not worked as hard with all of you for many decades, many hundreds of years; many thousands of years to let it all go away in a puff of smoke.

That will never happen.

So, I tell you now, all of you listening to this call heed my words, this is it!

This is the end or the beginning. You decide. It is coming to the crescendo, a culmination and it will be very, very shortly.

That is my message, as Sananda. I will be with you many times in the future. There will be times when we will be joining hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, sitting across the table from one another, breaking bread and yes, even wine. The celebration has been prepared and it is waiting for you to sit at the tables!

All of my peace and love be with you.

Question: Sananda mentioned crossing the finish line and then also talked about coming back to help others. Can you please verify that?

“OWS (one who serves)”: Yes. As you are coming to the finish line you will feel somewhat completed, that the journey has come to an end. But lo and behold you are going to have memories return and you will be reminded what this is all about and how it is to be of service. So, when that kicks in you will find yourself turning back around to help those who are straggling a little bit…

Now that does not mean that on September 28th all of this is going to change. We hope you understand this. It may take a little longer than that but it is the crescendo, as Sananda has said. It is the coming of this Wave. It is the energy that is going to move through you. It will create a shift, a shift in consciousness across the entire planet. A shift of love that is coming and all will feel this shift of love in one point or another or in one degree or another. You are all going to experience this. Does this answer your question? (This description alludes to our concept of sudden ascension of Gaia and humanity as “PAT Supernova” We introduced this concept some three years ago. Note, George)

Question: Will we have all the information we need before we ascend or after? Will we have light chambers to help us heal our bodies?

Yes. We are turning this over to “Ashira.”

“Ashira”: Greetings today. We are glad you have joined us. Everything that you will need to know will be yours in the Shift of Consciousness. Your mentors will arrive to share with you what you need to know. You will have them there as you begin to make decisions about what you want to have in your life during your R&R. You will have the opportunity to become the people you have always wanted to be in health, in service and to be able to assist people in ways you cannot really fathom now but that will become evident to you as you continue to move through this “Shift”. Does that make sense to you, Lori?…

And all things that have kept you enslaved on this planet, say the money aspect, this is being changed as well. As you move away from the programming that money is needed to survive, you will see that the energy of money is in gifting. As this “Shift” moves you along, you will see how money is changed with the advent of the new dimension. The “New Earth” that you are building. Does that answer your questions?

Question: To disconnect from the grips of the past, I am now disconnecting?

What do we do when we are covered over with fallibility?

This is art of the 3D experience you are still in. Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. The old 3D experiences sometimes overwhelm a person. And you in your good self-will say, “That is a bad thought. That is a bad action.” That is judgment and we invite you to no longer have judgments about these types of things.

As you move forward on the path your energy levels will attract much less of these type of experiences. You will have less and less of these thoughts or actions in your own being. So catching yourself is a good way to move forward. Catch yourself, forgive yourself, and utilize any of the affirmations you stated earlier.

This is how you continue to move. You allow yourself to be a 3D human in your experience and you strive moment to moment every day to continue to raise your frequency. Be clear on what is true and what is not true for the divinity of your being. Does that answer your question?…

Question: Are we leaving the body or are we anchoring to the Divine in our bodies?

“OWS”: Yes. We can answer this question. You are going to take the body with you. In the past, when those of us who went through it, those of us considered “Ascended Masters” although we do not like that term, we are not much more “Masters” than you are. We have mastered our body. We have mastered the control of our emotions and this type of thing that you are all moving toward.

But you, yourselves, have already been there before. You have all been Master’s before…

So, it is not that you are going to leave the body in the old way when you go through the death process and you ascend in the old way. That is not going to happen. What would happen on the planet if they all knew that they were going to ascend but they had to die to do it? Who would like that? That would not be a very fun thing, would it?

So, it was decided in many different council meetings and much discussion, that this is the process we would go through. This is why we are assisting you in helping to allow the process to happen. You are not going to leave the Earth. You are not going to go up on some planet somewhere. You are not going off to “Never Never Land” or anything of this nature.

You are going to ascend with your physical body but it is not the physical body as you know it now. It will be changed. There is a transition that is happening with the body. Even as we speak now it is happening. Some more than others but you are moving from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline-based structure. All of this is happening and cannot be stopped. (This is a reference of the LBP which this group has not mastered yet as they are second wave ascension candidates and have just entered the light body process but without having a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of it. We are discussing the transfiguration of the carbon-based body to crystalline light body since the opening of this website with these very same words. Note, George.)

So, it is an entire shift of consciousness on the planet. After you have crossed the finish line, as “Sananda” said, you will be in a higher vibrational state. In that state there are no diseases, no ills, no dying. None of these things can happen there. So, be of good cheer people. It is coming and you are going to have a grand time! (This explanation refers to life in the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy where the overall vibrations will be much higher and most of the current diseases will simply no longer exist. Note, George)

Question: I witnessed a flash this morning. Another person experienced energy around her midsection and then heard,”Re-Set”. Can you tell us some more about this experience?

“Ashira”:Yes. I will start here. As many people are experiencing the dropping of the veil more people are experiencing the energy impacts upon the planet and are visual to those who are attuned. You are attuned, awakened and open to experiencing the opening of the veil. Look at your environment and see with eyes that are not your 3D vision. See what the view holds. (It is remarkable that this group of second wave ascension candidates are discussing the same issues as we have done with respect to their awakening in the last few days. Note, George)

And the word that your friend heard is what is coming on now with each person’s body. In the chakra structure there is reformation, there is healing, there is re-set, an expansion going on and this is what you were experiencing this morning. Does that make sense?…

Question: Do you believe that NESARA will come in before the “Wave”?

“OWS”: What we can say here is that NESARA will be a GESARA, a global treatment for the financial markets. As this shift comes through there will be a change in consciousness. This shift will move many who were not in tune with this. They will now say, it is time. This is not only for GESARA, it is for galactic disclosure too. All of this is coming to an end. Disclosure and all of the truths.

(This statement confirms my idea of abolishing money after an interim solution by introducing a neutral numerical, digital system of payments in the transition period to the new 4D worlds, before money can be eliminated for ever after its nature as a mirror-image of energy has been fully understood by the masses in the course of introducing the new theory of the Universal Law. Here we have another remarkable unanimity of this source with my initial ascension scenario since the 90s as an Elohim and Creator God. This is the most convincing proof that we are the creators of this ascension scenario from the very beginning and these excarnated sources can only refer to what we have already decided and have laid the foundation for. Note, George)

Was it not said a long time ago, the truth shall set you free? This is that moment in time that you have been preparing for. For all the truth to come out. The truth to be revealed. Even the truth about Atlantis and Lemuria, all will come back to the knowing of mankind. This is all going to be a part of this. (This statement alludes to New Lemuria which we created on June 4th and towards which this uppermost mother planet is heading to. Atlantis will not be part of the new template of Gaia 5 but its history of destruction will become a common knowledge to the people as to avert this outcome in the future. Note, George)

Yes, this is all part of that entire process. When you have moved along the process you will find yourselves in various situations. You will find yourselves in bringing healing to your physical bodies, healing to your mental bodies, all of these things are going to be. Some of you will find yourselves in crystal chambers. Some will find themselves on ships. You will have mentors at various levels. All of this will be assisting you to go through this process.

You will not be alone. Just as we said that you were not going to fly off, think about how you teach a child to walk, you help them on their way. You will learn how to fly from someone who knows how to do it. OK?…

Question: A couple of months before 9-11 I went up into a higher consciousness. Is that what we will experience for the “Shift”?

“OWS”: Everybody will experience the change differently. It is not like there is going to be a unitary experience across the planet. You will experience it at whatever level you are at in the moment. And in those moments, it is a “Wave” that continues to come on and on and on. Think of a Tsunami, it comes on shore and then continues to flow until it covers everything in its path.

That is what the “Wave” shall do. It is a consciousness energy that is going to sweep across the planet. It will affect many different people in many different ways. Depending on how you are in your heart at the moment will determine how you will be affected by this. It will exacerbate anything you have been feeling. If it is fear, it will exacerbate the fear. All of the sources have been saying to not let fear overcome you. Control your thoughts as much as possible. To let go of all the various attachments that are holding you back. This is what you need to do to prepare for all of this.

As this comes, keep yourself in a peaceful, calm state as much as possible. This will assist greatly.

Question: People I have been close to seem to be going away. Is that part of what is happening?

“Ashira”: This has been happening to many people in their lives. It may be in the need to change homes. It may be in the need to change job. It may be in the need to change the people that surround them. And what is interesting is that you have working on yourself and raising your vibration and you have dropped people on your pathway without really even remembering them being there. This has been a way that you have been moved along your pathway. Those things that no longer serve you, are removed from you. They are dropped from you.

Think of this in a global way. Think of the Lightworkers who have been called together and as they have come together, other parts of their lives are dropped away. This is a good sign. You are doing the work you came to do. Do not worry. You are accumulating other friends, other support systems as you move forward. Does that make sense dear one?…

Question: What can we say about the 28th of September to our children?

“OWS”: You will find what it is you are looking for. Those on the call are looking for some good times, freedom and things of this nature, from the old programming. You can look at the September 28th like your September 21, 2012, when you were getting ready to fly off into heaven and all of that. Thinking that you would go to bed that night and wake up in the New World. Don’t think the 28th is it. It is not necessarily going to be it but it is going to be something! (Again, this comment addresses this group of second wave ascension candidates who will not ascend on that date. Note, George).

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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On the Current Disgusting Human Condition and How to Transcend it Through Music

by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 16, 2015

by Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, September 16, 2015

Dear George,

I see we are being held hostage by a Fed meeting on Thursday or some nuke missiles.

It’s pretty obvious I may never get to see the death of paper gold as the best reason to launch nuke missiles in 3-D land is because you have no gold.

I hope people realize how incredibly insane and ridiculous this moment is in relation to what is true.

The Fed only wants to raise interest rates to be able to succeed in making people believe it’s not their fault.

Dark energy always want to make you sick and then have you come to it for help.

Until something gives, here’s what I can add.

I saw this article and thought it would be a nice addition to help continually expand awareness in relation to all of the current discussions as well as the incredible introduction provided so generously by you and Paul Armitage of the PAT symphony. Most of my articles and work are done after driving around town listening to music to assist the purest channel of self and energy possible. The problem I ran into was I realized most musicians had no idea how to infuse “what is” into their music and were always trying to replicate the past to generate success.

I’m currently writing this after a half an hour with John McLaughlin and Shakti. Very few musicians can create a trance state for me like Zakir Hussain on tablas.

This article and the dates discussed are an amazing rider to my article on The Death Of Paper Gold and are a big part of my research that I didn’t include into that piece. I cannot verify a lot of this as it isn’t my specialty, but I know the general concept is absolutely true and I have made more than enough references to this in my work on the insidious energetic operation behind the financial system. This will put some energy into some new places:

Paul Armitage’s work is incredible and I truly enjoyed fully listening a few times already. The message I received from it after riding the waves was “completion” and “beginning of the beginning.”

I have shared my financial and real estate adventures a bit, but I have also played over 500 shows for different bands on drums. One of my brothers has had his work published in Rolling Stone and my other brother has played in a band at one time with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce of Cream fame amongst hundreds of others. Ginger Baker told my brother he sounded like Hendrix in ’68, which if you know how awry Ginger is, that’s quite a compliment. I don’t think people realize how important music is as one of the first lines of defense against the encroachment of dark energy.

The rock stars of today are people that can see it all. The world just doesn’t know it yet. Musicians should currently be adding all of the discussions and concepts on your site to their body of work to infuse their music. The quote of the year was your comment the other day to the person writing in. “You probably should read my books.” That’s the understatement of the century.

Please. For the Love of God and all the little left that may be sacred. Read the books first. Whoever finds this site in the second awakening. Read the books. Read the books. Read the books.

There is one modern album I am aware of that combines almost all phases of what is taking place almost perfectly. A lot of people are aware of Maynard James Keenan and his work with Tool (which is by far one of the best bands to use to channel Source and connect to Gaia as that is their intent for you), but his work on the album “What Is” by Puscifer is one of the most amazing pieces of work available. He has made a lot of fans angry by producing this band because he has abandoned his past vehicles of expression, but this project is what is demanded to be written for the state of the planet. He is an energetic master. He added a female voice to complement his as that is what is demanded to balance. He uses acoustic and electronic percussion and keyboards as that is what is demanded to balance new with the old wisdom. All of the lyrics are infused with every subject that can possibly discussed even down to the monetary system. Most people don’t realize his publicly successful song with the band Tool called “46 and 2″ was about DNA and is infused with geometrical, mathematical, and scientific concepts throughout. All of their music is, but now his intent is to help balance you and it’s incredible when you understand it. He is one of the ultimate fiduciaries alive. If you aren’t a big fan of New Age style, pineal toning, and crystal bowls and just like some drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards, his work is as good as it gets.

One thing I would also like to add that people may not know is about one of the greatest works of music of the last 100 years, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” On it you have eight of the most magical songs ever written together and then they included the odd-time signature song called “Money” right in the middle. For some reason it just doesn’t belong. And then you really get it. Roger Waters was trying to tell you that “Money” doesn’t belong without getting shot. No wonder it sold a few gazillion copies. Oh where have the Jedi gone? People should now truly be finding out why Pink Floyd wrote Welcome to the Machine.

With Love and Light,

Brad Barber

PS: Dear George,

I forgot to add into my message that Maynard James Keenan served in the U.S. military in the late 70’s. He only saw later, after the invasion of Kuwait, that he was already being trained for desert warfare in 1979. That’s just a couple of years early and is what pushed his awakening at a much earlier point than so many. Just makes his music better and better. I highly recommend everyone, especially PAT, listen to the last song off of the “What Is” album called Tumbleweed. It’s a candle lit for them by a light warrior of the highest degree.


Dear Brad,

you overwhelmed me I must admit. I have not heard of any of these musicians and I must first fill in the gap in my knowledge and listen to their music before I can comment.

I am sorry for my ignorance. But an excellent chance to learn something new.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Definitely not trying to overwhelm anyone. Since I don’t know if you will publish what I write I sometimes am writing to you, and the PAT, and the world and most of the musicians I mention are widely known in Western Culture.

The synchronicity that just took place to confirm what I wrote to you yesterday was absolutely magical. The tune I said everyone should at least listen to was “Tumbleweed” by Puscifer from their live show called What Is. I looked down while driving in my truck and put the song on this morning just to listen again myself. When I looked up, I was stopped at a light and the car in front of me had the license plate PAT8898 or in numerology terms, PAT 33. PAT and the master number itself. Some have different meanings but I’ve always related it to Christed Consciousness. I wish I could even make this story up.

I usually don’t post musician’s work in links, but I’m sure Maynard wouldn’t mind with how much credit I’m giving him as one of the greatest fiduciaries alive. He keeps his work in the light as he is willing to change at all times. Here are a few of the mellow songs from What Is, but Tumbleweed is definitely sung to the PAT.

“Home. You’re so far away. Know you’re not alone” – Tumbleweed

“Time and gravity followed you here” – Oceans

“Changes come. Keep your dignity. Take the high road.” – Momma Sed

“It’s just a broken heart. This pain will pass away.”

And here’s one other tune from Thirteenth Step by Perfect Circle of which Maynard is the singer.

“Catch me. Heal me. Lift me back up to the sun.”

His work with Tool is beyond incredible but definitely is in the heavy rock and roll category.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

in the meantime I listened to the following albums with the musicians you recommended me:

Puscifer, with Maynard James Keenan

Tool, Lateralis

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

I knew the last album but had forgotten it more or less. This kind of rock, some call it now “psychedelic rock” but I prefer to speak of “transcendental rock”, was very popular when I was still listening regularly to all kind of pop music and I liked it very much at that time.

There is no doubt that the musicians you have discussed and recommended are genuinely trying to overcome this limited reality and establish new musical pathways to spiritual transcendence. You must know it better than anybody else as obviously your family is genetically predisposed to it as professional musicians. You told me that you have studied music and played in a band when you were young, but I had no idea that you have made so many concerts.

The “Cream” rock group is a legend as its members are and I remember it very well. Here their latest reunion concert live:

If your brothers have played with Cream and other similar bands, they are top musicians by all standards. Is any music from them published on the Internet?

Pink Floyd are still a milestone in modern 20th century music and the few to have overcome the “Wall” in human minds mired by current Orion education and have looked beyond it.

I am just listening “A Perfect Circle – The Thirteenth Step” and it as good as the best hard transcendental rock of the 20th century that has been composed so far. Insofar I share your opinion on Maynard James Keenan who is indeed incredible. I did not know him before you wrote to me.

All in all, you have pushed me into another musical adventure and at the end I have learnt a lot, for which I thank you very much.

With love and light


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The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency

by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 14, 2015

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, posted on 5 September 2015



Georgi Stankov

This message is remarkable and disturbing at the same time. Remarkable, as it confirms all the energetic peaks and portals we have opened this summer and have personally experienced their energies also described in this message. And it is disturbing as, at the same time, it is a rehashing of the 2012 scenario, which we all created as the PAT in that auspicious year and believe to have this experience behind us.

I personally received and read this message yesterday evening and assume that the channeller Celia Fenn has not read our website and has not been influenced by its information. Insofar we have a credible validation of our past energetic experiences. But it is my expressed understanding that we have now left the consensual reality of the 3D matrix and from now on each ascending individual will experience a different destiny and reality, so that no fixed dates can be given. This caveat is necessary also with respect to the fact that this channeller has no idea of multidimensionality and what is happening on lower timelines, so that his approach is entirely time linear and very rigid.

But, as I said in my last ascension report, after weighing the “pro and contra” for publishing this message, I decided that it is worth presenting it to you because it is a good validation of our collective experiences and because it describes correctly the new energies in terms of colours, which very well coalesces with what we now constantly see with our third eye.

But I warn you not to take all the announced future dates and portals too explicitly as the ascension scenario is a highly dynamic process, as the most devastating nuclear war this last night shows and that astrological dates, which are a favourite topic of this channeller, play only a very subordinate role in the ascension scenario. In fact, the whole astrological calendar has lost its relevance after the end of 2012 as Gaia is since then on a steep ascension pathway and has left her former place in the universe and is now rapidly merging with the new Golden Galaxy. None of this is the topic of this message and hence its inherent limitations.

We asked the Elohim this morning to validate this message and the response was:

“All these mediums channel what they know and have personally experienced. If they have experienced 2012 in this way, they project the same experience onto the future as this is how this reality is perpetuated by humans. However, you do not need to be influenced by such messages as you need not experience these dates the way they are described in this message. There are numerous exit point for you now and the events are unpredictable.”



Beloved Family of Light, so you have entered now into the month of September, and you are riding the wave of Luminous Light that was received by your earth at the 8/8/8, or the Lion’s Gate. You have felt the intensity of this new wave of Light Codes as they have assisted you to shift your own personal frequency and to adjust to the Higher Frequencies represented by these Luminous Colors and Tones. In September, you will be given further opportunities to embody and embrace these new frequencies and allow your Soul to dance to these new tones and sounds.

The purpose of this Tsunami of Luminous Light is to support you as you finally arrive at your destination of full Multi-Dimensional or Nine Dimensional embodiment on Planet Earth. The Earth has fully shifted into her 9th Dimensional Matrix, and so those who are ready are riding with the Tsunami of Light into 9th Dimensional Consciousness.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is why there is so much chaos and confusion on your Earth right now. This Tsunami of Light is functioning as a Tsunami always does, washing away all that is not stable and secure and creating space for new creation.

So, at this time, the Earth is anchored in the Fifth Dimension, but many are still working with a Third-Dimensional Consciousness. Then, there are many who have begun to raise consciousness and have lifted into fourth sixth and even seventh levels and higher. And so, each person is receiving the Light Codes and frequencies according to where they have arrived in their personal journey of evolution. If they are still in lower consciousness, then this time will seem chaotic and fearful.

Beloved Ones, know that the Third Dimensional Consciousness is rooted in duality and fear, and so sees every event as something to fear and as evidence of the “end” and “collapse”. The Apocalyptic Atlantean consciousness is strongest in the Collective at this level, and so there is much fear that is being put out and experienced by those who are still in this frequency of fear.

However, as Family of Light, you will know that you have reached the Fifth Dimension on Inter-connection and you will know too that the Earth passed through the “End Time” Stargate in 2012 and is now firmly on a Timeline and Journey into a New and Miraculous future.

Those of you who have embraced and embodied the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of Consciousness will be feeling intense surges of Creativity and the desire to express yourself and your Soul in every way possible. You will feel a very joyous coming together of the Body and Soul in the sacred marriage of Spirit and Matter within yourself as your “Twin Flame Union” is anchored within your Heart and Soul and Spirit. It is a time of great Celebration in the Angelic realms and we are here beside you to share in your Joy and Celebrations.

So, in this month of September, your first intense date will be the 9th of September, when you will cross through the 9/9/8 Stargate. At this point, the Energy Wave of the 8/8/8 will be intensified and lifted to a Higher Frequency or Tone to match the incoming energies. This is a time when those of you who have embraced your Master Light and Codes will feel a very strong impulse in your body and soul. You may experience this as electrical pulsations of energy in your body, and you may feel very tired as your physical vehicle acclimates to this new frequency. We would suggest that at the 9/9 you allow yourself a very gentle and very “inward” meditation so that you can connect with your own inner power and your inner mastery of the Light Codes.

Then, a few days later, you will experience the New Moon in Virgo and also a partial Solar Eclipse., and so this will be an opportunity for you to connect with the Earth, with the New Earth in her new frequencies of Light and to decide what you would like to manifest in this new cycle of time that is unfolding on the Earth. It is a time to look to what physical changes you might wish to make in your life, and also to look to what changes you might make in your life to better nurture yourself and take better care of your health and wellness on the Earth. As the frequencies rise in your Light Body and your Physical Body, you may find that you will need to live in a “lighter” way, and that includes your lifestyle and your diet. Let your Heart and Soul be your Guide at this time. The Solar Eclipse will also anchor in the New Solar Frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess and the Magdalene will be felt very strongly at this time. Allow her to be a part of your Being and embrace the Inner Goddess that you are!

On the 23rd of September you will enter into the Equinox energies, and here you will have an opportunity to balance out these powerful energies that have been coming in since July and August. The Equinox represents that time when the day and night are of equal length, and when the Earth prepares to changes seasons on its Journey around the Sun. In the North the movement is into Fall and Winter, and in the South it is into Spring and Summer. These powerful Earth energies of change are also powerful forces in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, as well as in your own Light Bodies. This is a good time for Ceremony and Meditation, and to remember that you come here also to honor the Earth and to be the “voice” of the Collective Energy of the Earth as you celebrate the passage of the Equinox.

Then, on the 28th, the energies will reach a Climax as you celebrate the Full Moon in Aries/Libra and the Total Lunar Eclipse which will also be a Blood Moon and the last of a series of four intense Blood Moons that have been the bearers of the waves of intense change. A Fire Moon is always a powerful Full Moon, and so Moon in Aries as a Blood Moon is the Full Moon of the Phoenix! It is the moment when the New is born from the ashes of the Old, and the power of the new arises in your Hearts, Soul and Spirits. At this time, you can expect to feel a powerful surge of “new” energies and a connection with new opportunities and new directions in your life, and in the life of the collective. What was perhaps hidden will now be revealed and made clear!

It will be an opportunity for Humanity, as individuals and as a Collective, to stand up and move forward as Beings of Light and Love and Compassion. There will be opportunities to choose between Love or Fear, and to decide what kind of Frequency and reality you will choose to create on your timelines for 2015 and 2016.

Beloved Ones, this is a time of Celebration and Joy! Do not allow the waves of the Tsunami to sweep you away into confusion and chaos, but remain firmly grounded within your own Heart and Soul, connecting to Heaven and Earth and being a Conduit or Transmitter for the Divine Light and the new frequencies of Luminosity that are lighting the way into a New Reality!

The Return of the Divine Masculine Frequencies of Luminosity

As the Diamond light codes have integrated with the Earth in 2015, and now as these new frequencies of Luminous Light are being grounded into the Earth matrix, there is another exciting energy and event that is occurring. You have all welcomed the Divine Feminine and the return of the Goddess frequencies, and now it is time to welcome back the Luminous Frequencies of the Divine Masculine.

Your friends and colleagues from Sirius are standing by to assist you as you once again embody and integrate the Higher Frequencies of the Divine Masculine. In the Sirian stories, the Divine Masculine energy was incarnated in Shu, who was depicted as a Feather on the Wind, or as a Bird Man. Many of the powerful Sirian teachers in making themselves known to you took on the form of the “Bird Man”, such as Thoth, Horus the Elder and Ra.

The Bird represented the ability of this energy to flow with the winds of Divine Creative Intelligence and to flow energy into manifestation. It also represents the ability to travel on many dimensions and to fly through the Cosmos on the wings of light. As you become multi-dimensional you will need to embrace this energy so that you can feel confident in your ability to travel the Cosmos on your wings of light as Human Angels.

The Divine Masculine energy was also embodies by Yeshua, by Buddha, by Shiva and by others who took on the power of the Visionary Dreamer and were able to see the Bigger Picture in the life and journey of Humanity. They used their “wings of light” to transcend the lower dimensions and the hold of death, and were able to ascend into Light on their Angelic Wings of Diamond Light.

As you reconnect with the Divine Masculine at these higher levels, you will feel the balance returning between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This will intensify in October at the 10/10/8 on the 10th of October, and then will culminate at the 11/11/8 on the 11th of November. At this time there will be a “Sacred Marriage” as these two energies combine to lift the Consciousness of Humanity and the Planet to new level of awareness and love. This will be a powerful moment for the Planet and will prepare you for the final stages of the “Wave” of 2015, the 12/12/8 on the 12th of December and the Solstice on the 21st when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun and celebrates the powerful floods of light that are received from the Great Cosmic Heart and transmitted via the Great Central Sun to the Earth and into your Hearts.

Beloved Ones, at this time we ask that you work with your Light Body and Energy Field, and that you make a daily practice of working with the Sacred Diamond Heart Activation that we have given to you. As you combine the Diamond Lights of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, you will feel that Inner Balance of Divine Light in your own Heart, Soul and Being.

Mastering the 4th Dimension and initiating Time Spirals

Beloved Family of Light, we have spoken to you before about the importance of allowing yourself to master the Fourth Dimensions of Time. Many of you have noticed how time seems to keep accelerating and going ever faster. That is because you are connected into the Collective Consciousness which is mostly still operating on 3rd Dimensional Time Calendars. As the Flow of Divine Light accelerates, it seems as though everything is moving faster, which of course it is.

The only way to work with this perceived acceleration is to life your consciousness and create the time that you need. Time is an illusion, a manufactured entity that has little reality. In the Third Dimension it was manufactured according to economic need and your lives were dominated by a working schedule. Now, in the higher dimensions, you are free to create according to your own time frames and needs and desires. This is the time to initiate your own timelines or time spirals, and to flow creative energy into the Dreams and Desires that you wish to unfold and manifest in the world.

You are the Master of Light, and you are now coming into final true alignment with your Soul and Higher Self. Allow yourself to Feel the dreams and visions that are arising in your Soul from the Higher Levels and express these in the world as your own Dreams, Visions and Creations.

In this way, Beloved Ones, you will determine the way in which the Diamond Light and the Frequencies of Luminosity are grounded into manifestation in your life and your creation of Reality!

Now is the time for you to decide what adventures of the Soul you wish to create, and not to allow the fears and anxieties of the lower levels of the Collective Consciousness to hinder you. Why give your creative energy and power to the creation of an apocalyptic nightmare, when there is so much more to be experienced on the path of growth and self-determination. Why not rather create a pathway filled with Light, Joy, Love and Adventure, because this is what you can do as you unfold your timelines like a Celestial Flower unfolding its petals to the Cosmic Sun!

We wish you much Joy and Light in your adventure of Consciousness as you continue to ride the Waves of Luminosity into a New Reality in this month of September.

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