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An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families » Stankov's Universal Law Press

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An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families
by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 27, 2016

Adamu, June 27, 2016


A very good presentation of the dark mentality of the bloodline families of the ruling elite as we know them from numerous astral battles and as we observe them on the ground. A basic knowledge for any true light warrior. – George

Greetings my friends

I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad.

Today I will be addressing the living members of the ancient bloodline families. Those ones who are sometimes called by other names such as, the Illuminati, The Powers That Be, The Ruling Elite, The Cabal and a few other, less charitable, terms that I shan’t mention.

To be clear: I am not now addressing the rich and powerful who regularly appear in the press. Political leaders, religious leaders and the heads of multinational corporations are not the ones who truly run planetary affairs. These are people who come and go with time. And, when required, they always bow to the far greater power wielded by the ones I now speak of.

But, be that as it may. The bloodline family members know who they are. And it is they whom I address today. Though I do suspect that this open letter will be of great interest to many others besides. It is intended, especially, that Starseeds and Lightbringers take note of this communiqué.

So here it begins… an open letter to the members of the ancient bloodline families:

My dear friends

I must begin by saying that you are seen, known, understood and loved. Just as you are, right here and right now, you are loved. Perhaps it will surprise you to hear me say this? There is so much judgement of you wherever one goes, is there not? You are labelled as “dark” and “evil” and all your actions are automatically assumed to be “vile” and “despicable” by those who know almost nothing of you or the long and winding tale of how things came to be as they are and you came to be who you are.

So allow me to begin by assuring you that I am not here to damn you or even decry you. I am here to offer you a perspective and a choice. But to do so from a place of loving understanding.

Before I might get to this, allow me to say that I know that your only real “sin” is to be born as you were into the family you were. Between the intense expectations that were placed upon you right from birth, the very specialised training you were subjected to and the derision that was heaped upon those of your line who did not “make the grade”, you were programmed right from the very beginning to be what you have become: a wielder of power over others.

There are ancillary issues too. Such as the fact of your familial bloodlines. A pure ancestry that can be traced back through the ages, via all manner of illustrious forebears, right the way to the high-priests that served the ancient gods themselves back when gods still roamed the earth.

Perhaps you, yourself, now think on the stories of those ancient times of gods, heroes, magic and monsters as myth or superstition. Perhaps you understand it to be the literal truth and know that those ancient gods were actually visitors from other planets in the galaxy bearing highly advanced technologies. Or perhaps you even take the more religious view of matters and hold those deities to be as supernatural as your distant forebears did.

It doesn’t really matter how you interpret these things. What matters is the incontrovertible evidence of the powerful ancient truths that were given to your forebears and that have been passed down through the generations, which have allowed you to rule over the rest of humanity. Not all of humanity, mind. There have always been groups, peoples and nations that have been beyond your grasp. But you have been told that it is your birthright, your responsibility and your privilege to rule over the whole planet and all upon it. And you have believed that. And it has certainly seemed to be true. The ancient teachings that have been placed in your hands have served you and those like you very well indeed. As has your cunning. Those amongst you who rise to the top are nothing if not brilliantly canny. You have used the advantages placed in your hands very, very astutely. Firstly for your own benefit, it is true. Then for the benefit of your family and to ensure the continued ascendency of your familial line. Then in service of your family’s contractual agreements with other bloodline families. And finally in consideration of the custodial role you have played over the rest of humanity.

As matters stand, humanity today is largely blithely unaware of the role you have played or indeed of your existence. And this is the way you like it. No mob can arrive at the castle gates bearing pitchforks if they don’t even know that you exist! So you play your games of power and control from the deep shadows. You cunningly obfuscate your activities. And you slowly expand your reach into every sphere of power and control over all of humanity. And when the “sheep” stray, you use guile and skill to reclaim the power of direction over them. Perhaps a little war here or there. Or even a very big one. Perhaps a revolution. Perhaps a crash in the stock market. Perhaps even an outbreak of disease. Or a terrorist attack. Or a tsunami of immigrants to give the populace something to fear. Or, of course, there are always the ever popular bread and circuses. You have certainly made sure that your control of the entertainment industry is ironclad. And there are all manner of complex social nets that you use to make the populace docile and dependant on their government… and therefore upon you. And all such activities are each just a part of your play book that you use to maintain and increase the control you wield over humanity.

You have learned, of course, to offer the sheep the pretence of control over their own destiny. But you know that the REAL power lies always in your hands. Since no matter how they vote, how they revolt, how they machinate, you and your ilk always get what you want in the end.

You have managed a number of glorious victories over the years. Perhaps your crowning achievement is to own the planetary money supply. A nifty trick, I must say. And right now you so, so almost own it all. And he who owns the money of the world, owns the world. Is it not so?

And you have also crafted it so that all the elected officials that the human flock believe to have the power, must dance when you pull upon their strings. They have become as puppets to your will. Almost all of them. And those that will not willing dance for you, are removed. Or they are shown a film reel of a brave and proud president. A man of integrity and principal who dared to stand up to you. And how, in full view of his adoring public, he was assassinated. All this, just before he could begin to undo your power over the money supply.

In the end, all political leaders do your bidding or they are simply swept away. And the illusion that you grant the sheep that they can control their destiny through democracy is just that. An illusion. Another nifty trick.

And the intelligence agencies! What a truly brilliant move. To elevate spy craft to statecraft. To have the real power behind the politicians vest in the intelligence agencies. To remove political oversight from those agencies. And then to control them directly yourselves. Why, you can almost step right out of the shadows and still remain invisible now!

The only wrinkle in all of this, as far as I can ascertain, is the internet. Somehow, unexpectedly, a silly little electronic gimmick of mere academic interest has suddenly blossomed overnight into something quite powerful and problematic, has it not?

It is due to this very technology that the sheep are suddenly behaving in quite an un-sheep-like fashion. Suddenly they are aware of you. Talking about you. Certainly they are seeing and remarking upon the curtain that you have drawn around yourselves… if not actually peeking behind the curtain!

How irritating this must be! You are on the very cusp of total triumph and now, at the very last moment, there is this awareness dawning. Your actual names are beginning to be spoken in public forums! People are beginning to see your hands move on the reins of power!

Yes, assuredly, it is still just a fringe that is aware of you and speaks of you. And yes, you have managed to continue to paint this fringe as lunatics and crack-pots. And, no, this does not threaten your plans and activities.


But you have noticed. You have found the internet to be the greatest threat to your power and security because, though fragmented and confused, the truth about you certainly is “out there”. It can be discerned by any who would care to look and weigh the evidence. And suddenly there are sheep that are elevating themselves from the flock. Transmuting themselves into something you have never seen before. Certainly not in such numbers as there now are. And certainly not diffused, as they are, across the whole planet.

Previously you could isolate communities of dissidents. Like the Cathari. Remember them? They knew the truth. Or at least they held a version of the truth that was antithetical to your aims. And their teachings were attractive to others. Their message was finding traction. So you used your most powerful pawn at the time, the church, to kill them all. It was a genocide of the most brutal type. Wiping out not only a population but the very idea that brought them together in unity. Burning all of their books so that all that is remembered of them now is what was told by their enemies. And today it is barely even remembered that one of the crusades, perhaps the most brutal and bloody of all the crusades, was not even fought in the “holy lands” against enemy soldiers, but in France against good Christian folk. Farmers and peasants. Put to the sword and burned to death in their churches. All because you could isolate them, round them up and murder them all.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t applaud. Successful tactics don’t always win my approval.

And there have been many, many, many such victories that you, the ancient families, have scored over the rest of humanity. They continue today. You wrestle for power and total control over the Middle East. Which is why things are as they are in that region. Whatever else one thinks about the Islamic religion, is true that they are fundamentally opposed to usury. Which means Muslims will not accept the banking system that you are using to gain worldwide dominance. And so Islam has become a powerful block to your plans. And so you enact your plans. You work to impoverish, torment and radicalise the Moslem world. You set them up to be the enemy of the western world. The great terrorists. You control their teachers and ensure that the message is promulgated that the west is the Great Satan… and you teach the west that all Muslims are abysmal hate-ridden murders. And so the wheels are set in motion. And right now a wave of chaos sweeps through Europe and, to one extent or another, the rest of the globe. And this is all a part of your plan. You wish to grind down and pulverize all of those that stand against your plans. And Muslims are very far from the only ones.

And another of your neat tricks is to set one enemy against another.

America was founded upon a principal which was, actually nothing other than open rebellion against your power. America the free. Free from what? From your yoke of control, of course! America’s founding principals were and are directly contrary to your interests. The American constitution is a truly beautiful document. A document that promises liberty and freedom for all. But you have whittled and chaffed and manoeuvred until you have gained control of the American government to such an extent that the most powerful military and technological force in the world is yours to wield. But as much as your control extends to the American government… the American people are another story altogether. Strong individualists who continue to believe in their own rights and liberties, they stand against you at every turn without even knowing it is you who they resist. So you wage a war of attrition upon them. You seek to ensure that their food and water is toxified to weaken them. You use a barrage of techniques of every sort to manipulate them and control them. To weaken them and cow them. And, in a master-stroke of pure genius, you now pit America against Islam. Another truly nifty trick. How very… clever of you.

I see it. I see it all.

And, though I must admit I don’t like it, I do understand it.

When I look behind your collective activities, choices and decisions of the types outlined above, I actually see beings for whom I have a great deal of compassion and love. I know, as a clear and sure fact, that it is so that you are actually no different than I. The difference is the journey you have walked. Since all is truly One, you are the part of that one great eternal spirit that has walked your path, just as I am another part of that same great being that has walked my path. My path leads to where I am, unified within the heart of the Pleiadian Monad; your path leads you to be incarnated as a human being bearing the mantle and the burden of being a member of one of the ancient families upon the Earth. And those amongst humanity who are aware of you and judge you most harshly do so purely out of a lack of self-knowledge. Place them in your situation and they too would do as you have done. Or worse.

And I know too that “what you do to another, you do to yourself also”. So I don’t envy you the results of your choices!

But your story is not over. You are not done with your journey. In due course you too will arise spiritually and begin to return to oneness with your own spiritual entity. Because there is nowhere else for you to go, really. And this is beginning to happen for some of your family members. Perhaps you have noticed those members who don’t seem to be quite so committed to the old cause. Those who seem to be getting “soft”. Those who seem to be talking crazy talk about abdicating their power. About telling the sheep the truth. Indeed, those who actually have been finding ways to communicate these truths to humanity using that very despised technology, the internet.

Is it strange that those amongst you who are proposing this new course of openness and transparency… this course of abdication of power… are also those amongst you who are most interested in matters metaphysical and spiritual?

I propose this is not in the least bit strange. It takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to discern that a new age is now already dawning. That the time of your watching over humanity is at an end. Indeed, that it is ending without the return of your master, your dark god-king. And that there is no longer any real hope that he ever will return. You are on your own. Your secret prophecies have come to naught.

And it takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to see that there is a changing of the guard happening. That there is a new spiritual order beginning. That those who govern this reality from the very highest levels, from the angelic realms down, are busy changing hands. That is what the new dawning age is all about. And that is why you stand at a fork in the road. It is why you must now choose.

But before I tell you, at last, about the choice you face, I will tell you one final thing: something you most certainly will have noticed. Because it takes no special awareness or training in either spirituality or metaphysics to see that your “magic” is beginning to fail you. Irrespective of what you believe the real source of your power to be, you will have noticed that it is waning fast. It becomes more and more difficult by the day for you to wield your power. Plug a little leak here and the dam wall springs a gushing fissure over there. The game that seemed elegant and nearly effortless for generations past is causing you, and those like you, to raise a real sweat. It is a constant struggle to maintain control. You are feeling the stress of this night and day. And it feels as if you are losing your grip. Just as you near victory, so things become ever more impossibly challenging. The magic becomes unstable.

You certainly will have noticed this.

Just look at the process of taking ownership of the world money supply. It was almost effortless to enact the stroke of genius that floated money free from the gold-standard. And since then it has been a minor effort to bring the nations of the world, one by one, into this fiat banking system. Which is really money by decree. YOUR decree. Money is now mere numbers that mean whatever you say they mean. But the magic trick is not complete until every nation is a part of it. And so you have used the leverage you had to expand your control until almost every last nation has fallen under your sway. The very last few hold-outs exist. You have them isolated and on the ropes. They are almost ready to be taken and controlled. But… right here at the very last… you find yourselves losing grip here there and everywhere. You find your attention being constantly diverted by all manner of seemingly trivial, but irritating, diversions. And in concert, your energy and attention is so diverted that you can never quite act to gain total power. And this global money supply beast that belongs to you seems to have a malevolent life of its own in that the larger it becomes, the more difficult it is to control.

My friends. What you must understand is that planet Earth does not exist in a vacuum. We have kept it quarantined so that humanity, as a whole, can decide its own fate. But it has been in a state of physical quarantine. We have kept other galactic civilisations from interfering physically. But there has been no spiritual quarantine! And so a small but powerful contingent of Starseeds and Lightbringers have been born amongst the planet’s populace. And they have utterly altered the consciousness upon the planet. They have, by the simple fact of their presence upon the Earth, brought a new awareness to the Earth. And they come in now with higher and higher levels of consciousness. They accelerate and amplify these changes upon the planet. You can neither stop, nor slow, nor alter the course of these changes. Humanity will awaken. Humanity will come to self-awareness. Humanity will make a choice, collectively, about its own nature. This is divinely ordained. It is the dawning of the new age. And it is very soon to happen. The window of opportunity reached its midpoint in 2012. It is beginning to close. And before it does, humanity will have decided.

You, my dear friends, are the watchers over the old order. To you fell the task of shepherding humanity through the long dark age of forgetting. Humanity needed a guiding hand that would work constantly to make order out of the chaos as they slowly let go of the old gods… as they slowly healed themselves of the traumas of being playthings to the darker of the old gods and abject supplicants to the more kindly of the old gods.

You have played a crucial role. You have provided order and structure. You have provided leadership and direction. You have done all of this without actually being anything other than the same human beings of the same Earth as those over whom you ruled.

Yes, it is true, that you have your familial bloodlines. But, in truth, that is nothing more than a very exclusive club to which you belong. You are, genetically, no more special than the rest of humanity… which some of you like to call “mongrel” humans. You are not in any meaningful way biologically superior to them. A pure-bread dog might have many excellent and desirable attributes… but a mutt is more robust and less prone to specific health issues. And so it is for you and the rest of humanity.

And you are certainly not spiritually superior either.

What you do have is ancient knowledge, specialised training and a vast network of control.

And now you also have a choice. On the one hand you can choose to fight the divinely ordained order. You can resist the changing of the ages. And you can be ground under in pain and self-destruction as you fight the absolute inevitable. Or you can embrace the change and, in so doing, be a part of something beautiful, new and glorious.

Indeed, such are the times right now that you could, if you so choose, step right out of the shadows and into the Light. You could emerge as a bright beacon of the Light. You could move from semi-reviled obscurity into loved and revered glory. You could! It is up to you.

Or you could remain attached to that which is passing away. You could fight tooth and nail to the bitter end and know only bitter defeat. You could find yourself in a physical, emotional and spiritual dead-end with your life over and nowhere to reincarnate to that would accept both you and your choices. You could find yourself in the depths of the void, wracked in spiritual torment.

It is all up to you.

I offer you this choice now, not because I need you to decide any particular way. Neither I, nor my Starseed family, nor the greater humanity of which I am so fond will be overly affected by your choice. The difference between your choosing this way or that will, in the greater scheme of things, be small. All of humanity will weather the storm that comes and will come to the awakening moment and will make their choice, irrespective of what you do or don’t do. That is utterly foreordained. The new age will begin, irrespective of your choices and actions. What you choose matters little enough for them. But it matters greatly for you.

I point you towards this choice out of compassion for you. I do so only because, were I in your shoes, I would wish to be alerted to this choice at this crucial juncture.

So, in practical terms, what are the choices I am advocating and what might the outcome of those choices be for you?

My dear friends, I am suggesting to you that you begin by learning to listen to your hearts. I don’t mean your physical heart or your emotional heart. I mean your spiritual heart. This is where you connect with the same great oneness to which we all belong. If you listen to your spiritual heart you will find that there is guidance and wisdom there. Your heart can lead you in making the best possible choices that serve the greatest good of the all.

If you are not able to hear your heart you can choose to find someone who can teach you how. Zingdad is one of many upon the Earth right now teaching exactly this skill. Or you can do the right things that will lead you on the right path that will result in your spiritual heart opening. In specific, in your circumstance, you can ask yourself:

What can I do right now that will open the doors for the rest of humanity to greater awareness and understanding of their situation?

What can I do right now to create fewer secrets and more transparency?

What can I do right now to give humanity greater choice and self-empowerment?

What can I do right now to foster greater peace, harmony, compassion and understanding?

What can I do right now to smooth the transition to the new dawning age?

How can I increase the quotient of love in the world?

How can I decrease the quotient of suffering in the world?

These are the kinds of questions that you should be answering for yourself if you wish to participate in the changes that are afoot. Engaging yourself with this process will cause you to find your energetic heart. It will allow you to know the sweet taste of being loved for who you are, as much as for what you do. You will feel the hand of divine guidance in your heart.

And as you do this, so you will also find yourself beginning to be able to forgive yourself for all that you have done in the past. You will find, eventually, that you are able to forgive your whole line of forebears for all that they have done through the ages. And you will be surprised by the capacity others will have to forgive you and your line. Comprehension and compassion will dawn. And, for so long as you are motivated by love, the hand of divine protection will be over you as this process unfolds. Engage with this process, heart and soul, and there need be no negative repercussion at all. You can pay the price of the burden of your choices in love, rather than in suffering and pain. But you must choose to do so!

And if you do, you will find yourself transitioning to the New Earth with the rest of humanity that has also chosen this. If you wish it, your skills at administration and management might be put to magnificent purpose. You might find yourself in great demand in a position of revered leadership. Or, indeed, you might choose for that quiet, peaceful, gentle life in that beautiful corner of the world that you have always secretly hankered after but never believed you could settle down to.

It is all up to you.

The point, really, is that you will find yourself blessed with an abundance of very attractive options if you should choose to be guided by love. And this contrasts sharply with the option-less, self-destructive dead-end that lies at the end of the road if you should continue to choose from a place of closed-hearted fear.

And this is what I needed to share with you at this point. I know that all of you who are ready for this message will receive it, as we have ways to ensure this. And I also wanted to share this letter to you in the most open fashion possible since part of the healing that is being made available to humanity will come from their understanding that you are not as “other” as they would have thought. Until they can see themselves in your position, you will struggle to break down the boundaries. And in this letter, by the way I address you, they can see that you are not some kind of demonic enemy. That you are humans as they are. That you are lost and hurt as they are. That you have made the same kinds of choices out of your fear and pain as they have. That you can come to heal yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself as they might. And that greater good flowers for you when you do so, just as it does for them.

And finally, I wish humanity to see that you actually did as was required of you. You held the helm in the vacuum left when the old gods departed. You did so for the whole age of forgetting. And that, ultimately, was what you contracted for.

With love and compassion I leave you now to your choices.

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad.

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The Dark Cabal are Losing the Two Theatres of Political War in the UK and the USA » Stankov's Universal Law Press

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The Dark Cabal are Losing the Two Theatres of Political War in the UK and the USA
by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 24, 2016

Georgi Stankov, June 24, 2016


It has become obvious that the dark ruling cabal in the West are losing the two major political battles with the masses that were supposed to be enslaved under the NWO. This is happening currently in their two key theatres of war against humanity which are the two darkest citadels of power on this world – in the former Empire of Evil, GB and in the current Empire of Evil, the United States of Accounting Gimmicks, Psyops, Lies and Staged Events such as the Apollo program. The US of Hollywood Illusion.

The British cabal has already lost their war with the British population with all the dreadful consequences for them that will follow the Brexit, such as the Double Brexit of Scotland and Northern Ireland from GB and the descent of this country into utter poverty and economic collapse.

The same situation we observe in the bigger present-day Empire of Evil where the Trump movement has mutated into a popular revolt against the ruling establishment in Washington and their rigged political system which the Trump campaign has exposed for the first time for everybody to see.

This article is devoted to these two battlefields where the light has already won decisive victories that will grow and expand in the coming days when the light and we, the new Logos Gods, will have won the final victory. This is very close now.

While I deliberately kept a low profile on the Brexit story as not to overwhelm you too much with 3D political chatter, I pointed out occasionally the catalytic role of Donald Trump in exposing the evil nature of the American elite to whom he once belonged. I am pretty sure that they allowed him to participate initially in the presidential race as they did not figure out that he would have such a tremendous success and would offset all their plans and dark agenda for the End Times. When they realized the menace that came from him, it was too late for them to eliminate him and everything what has happened since then is the result of this lack of judgment of the ruling cabal who is incapable of realising when they have reached the zenith of their power and have begun to lose grip of the masses and their former stooges. It should be cogent to you that this all is our achievement as huge beacons of source light that now transform this reality beyond recognition.

The following correspondence and discussion with Henry and Colleen highlight our role as Logos Gods in the current earthly drama. Colleen is in contact with the election team of Donald Trump for some time and has sent him all relevant articles on our website that deal with his presidential campaign. We have no proof whether his advisers read our website but they should be wise to do so. Since then Colleen is receiving regularly round letters from Trump’s team signed electronically by himself. I think that these letters give us a better perspective of Trump’s strategy than all the MSM comments and reports that are full of deliberate obfuscations, distortions and outright lies. These emails show you how we actively engage in the key political events on this earth and shape them according to our preferred ascension scenario. We do this from the sovereign level of our HS and the surgical interventions in casual earthly dramas as recently my email to the vulture trader Carl Icahn are a symbolic declaration to the Universe what should happen on this planet according to our estimation before it ascends into the light.


Dear Georgi,

Just got up this morning (Friday) at 7am. Your forecast is indeed a masterpiece!

The official announcement, made at 7.40am, stated the final figures as: 17,410,742 votes to leave versus 16,141,241 votes to remain. The ratio of votes is 52% to 48%.

The PAT Captain does it again! Bravo!!

I have to say that I was doubting the UK population would achieve this, based on my reading of the campaign in the run up to the vote.

Now let’s watch and enjoy the fallout.

Love and Light,

Henry, UK


Dear Henry,

It was not my initial intention to follow the counting of the Brexit referendum live and make my personal forecasts when I read the first numbers shortly after the voting was closed. Then my HS urged me to do the forecast live every hour. I was a little bit confused at the beginning as I had not dealt in depth with the Brexit chances as I was fed up with the discussion. Then I was very negatively surprised when I read that Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP admitted at this very moment on TV that the remain camp had the lead. This showed me how the very champion of Brexit lost his courage in this crucial moment. I decided to make my own calculations as to find out what is actually happening with the British electorate.

My conviction was that the British people would use this referendum as a vote of no confidence against the ruling elite and in particular against the Tories and their austerity policy that has turned them into veritable paupers and have destroyed the country. One must bear in mind that this referendum is the first truly democratic vote in this country where the rigged election system allows for one quarter of the votes to win 3/4 of the seats in the parliament. It is remarkable and typical that the two empires of evil – the former British empire and the current Empire of Evil – have the most rigged undemocratic election systems in the western world, and nonetheless portray themselves as champions of democracy and feel entitled to teach all other nations what democracy should be. Such despicable arrogance. With this first truly democratic vote, the British people have practically ousted the dark elite from power as it was never truly about remain or exit the EU, but about the democratic deficits of this artificial structure which the national elites used as an alibi to promote their own dark agenda and oppress their own people while impoverishing them with austerity policies on behalf of the few very rich in order to install the NWO at the appropriate time.

This has now been averted in the UK and the same situation we also observe in the USA with Donald Trump which I shall discuss separately.

I knew all that and that is why I did not pay any attention to the latest rigged polls of the British cabal and their minions in the MSM when they all of a sudden declared that after the murder of the woman MP the voters have returned into the remain campaign. How could they believe that the impoverished people in the UK can be so easily manipulated. This lack of any judgment is what will break the cabal’s neck these days and it has already started. It is however notable that this murder occurred immediately after the Bilderbergers ended their annual meeting in Dresden where the two major topics were widely discussed:

– How to prevent Brexit as to keep the former empire of darkness in the EU as an agent provocateur of the current Empire of Evil, the USA, and continue undermining the EU thus preventing continental Europe from establishing a friendly relationship with Russia, and

– How to prevent Trump from winning the elections against Killary. To this I will say more separately.

Now the dark cabal in the west have lost their major battle in GB and everything points out that they are about to lose their second major battle in the second main theatre of political war – in the USA. None of this was planned by the elite for the End Time as they were very confident to be able to install the NWO with ease and this is now their worst nightmare scenario. They know that they have lost their control over the masses and that the visible erosion of their power has encouraged the masses to demand more concessions and sacrifices from the cabal – in order words to embolden them to get rid of their shackles. As the cabal have never done any concessions in the past and do not know what it is to be humble and cooperative, they must resort to some insane crimes very soon in the hope to turn around the sinking Titanic of the NWO.

When I read that Nigel Farage had thrown the towel in the ring, I was very strongly urged by my HS to begin with this live forecast on the website as to create the most favourable outcome. It is not that I influenced the outcome in any other way than preventing the cabal from rigging it from the fulcrum of my HS as a guarantor of humanity as the voters had already made their choice before I started. But at the end the ongoing calculations of the referendum results and the editing of the article which I expanded every hour with a new forecast fully depleted me. Obviously I did some very important light work during the referendum and it was not a surprise that yesterday in the morning the Elohim came again to me and told me how important my being in this reality is even when I do not need to do anything. I was at that time I little bit depressed as I saw no meaningful role for me and the PAT to play for this humanity which is totally lost in the crumbling Orion maze and that we can only fulfill our true mission after the shift has arrived. So quickly does the situation change these final days.

Now some words to my mathematical approach that helped me predict very precisely the outcome. It is essentially based on the proper application of the Universal Law for any particular problem or set of conditions to be assessed. The basic idea is that all systems and levels function only according to the Universal Law no matter how small or big and complex they may appear. The only skill one has to develop is how to aggregate some systems and levels to a new entity that relates to the outcome you have to find out. One should learn not to mix the systems and levels and that is precisely what all experts now do with respect to the economy and the financial system and for so many trees cannot see the forest. One only has to scroll down all the articles in ZeroHedge, the best and most competent source of information, as to see how even this website has lost its perspective in the jungle of facts they feel obliged to present to their readers.

This is all part of the profound compartmentalization of the human mind and even the most astute and critical experts worldwide are subjected to this mental deficiency. They are incapable to depart from the whole as to explain the parts which is a mantra in the new Theory of the Universal Law. And I must admit that some of my readers have also never bothered to develop this skill of human perception and resolve most of their questions by themselves as I can judge from the questions they send me. This is not bad but I would rather prefer that each one of you becomes a sovereign thinker and analyst and is capable of making sound judgments and not as Nigel Farage from UKIP who in his inability to properly assess the political situation lost his confidence in the British electorate in the most decisive moment and was about to betray his dearest project – the Brexit. Which tells us how incompetent even these critical and in opposition to the ruling elite politicians are and why humanity will not need them in the new worlds as they do not have the high ethical and moral standards to be stewards of the new transgalactic society. In other words they do not have the soul potential to be true leaders.

Concretely, when I checked the first results on the BBC website shortly after the poll stations of the Brexit referendum were closed, I realised that we had to do with a completely different situation in the four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Obviously Scotland and Northern Ireland as historically defeated countries and occupied colonies of the British empire, not much different than say India in the past, would vote in their majority for the EU as it builds an important counterweight to the centripetal forces of the City of London where all the Reptilians and the Queen hold the threads in their hands and determine in a ruthless manner the destiny of the British people.

This was well known for Scotland as it was widely discussed during their independence referendum in 2014 when also Northern Ireland seriously considered a similar referendum to leave the former British empire – the Commonwealth. The rigged referendum on Scotland which was a knife-edge decision prevented the Irish people to more vehemently follow their independence at that time. Now I knew that both countries will vote in a unanimous manner as to show that they do not follow the former empire and prefer to stay in the EU as the only guarantor of their minimal political independence. This is common sense.

Therefore I was not at all surprised to find out that more than 60% of the Scottish people voted for remain in the EU and that at the beginning a similar percentage also voted for remain in Northern Ireland. After I calculated the possible outcome in these two countries, I reckoned with 800,000 to one million votes in favour of the remain camp from Scotland and Northern Ireland. In this case it was obvious that the final decision will be made in England and Wales.

In the first forecast at 18.00 pm local time, which was 02.00 am GMT, one hour and a half after the voting stations were closed, I had access to very little data mainly from Scotland and Northern Ireland. That is why I had to make my prediction based on the electorial behaviour in these two countries as they were the first to publish preliminary results. There were only a few results from England and none from Wales at that time.

After I had the pivotal number of 0.8 to 1 million more votes in favour of remain in the EU in the two British colonies I had to find out if the main country England would vote in favour of Brexit with a sufficient majority as to offset the votes in favour of the EU in Northern Ireland and Scottland. Based on the first initial results from England I could estimate that if the trend continues the votes for Brexit would exceed with roughly 2 million those for remain.

Based on these calculations I predicted that the Brexit camp will win with 52% when I also considered the turnout in these countries. At that time the remain camp was leading with more than 51% and the first headlines of BBC on the Internet was that they were winning. Later they took off this headline and substituted it at the end with my forecast. This was a great personal success for me.

This event tells us how important it is to participate in the immediate creation of global events of historical proportions in the End Time. It is not that we can change these events to our personal desires as this is not how the universe functions. Rather we must very carefully and systematically analyse the present situation, discover the major relationships and causalities and then assess them in a stringent, logical manner according to the principles of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. With a little exercise this can be learnt very quickly. Then one feels as if he has put away the old Trabant car (an Eastgerman car with a very weak motor and highly unstable) and substituted it with Porsche. Figuratively speaking.

I apologize for expanding too much on this issue but as you must have figured it out already, I will use our correspondence to present my point in an article as the unique tradition of this website obliges me.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your very comprehensive reply, which I realise, as you state, is also an opportunity to put the discussion in front of your readers. In the end I stayed up until about 4.15 am UK time, even though it left me with just three hours sleep. Initially I had the feeling, when I saw that you were tracking the results, that I could maybe send you updates by e-mail to assist in some way. However, I noticed that there seemed to be a bit of a time lag between the results, which were appearing on the live BBC television broadcast and the results, which you were using for data from the internet, so I figured if I started sending you information, which didn’t exactly correspond with what you were seeing it might just create confusion rather than help. Nevertheless, I am still amazed that your method of calculating the ratio of votes was spot on from such an early stage in the process. If I remember correctly, when I noticed your first post at 18.00 pm Pacific Time, I think no more than 30 results from the total of 382 had been declared. In the morning, once the result was beyond doubt, it was hilarious watching the BBC trying to save face with their skewed news announcements. Their main headline report was stating, “London votes for Remain by 60% to 40%!”

A couple of points, which could be of interest, the first of which I saw on David Icke’s website (don’t think we have discussed this already). Do you remember what happened in Sweden in 2003 – Anna Lindh pro EU Swedish foreign minister was stabbed and killed just days before Sweden was set to vote on adopting the Euro. After she died, they cancelled campaigning “out of respect”. Sound familiar? The same fate exactly, which on 16th June 2016 befell pro-EU British Parliament member Jo Cox at a point in the campaign when polls showed Brexit in the lead.


I also listened, before the vote, to a very informative interview with Paul Craig Roberts about the relationship between the EU and the USA/CIA. He shares information, which most referendum voters would have been clueless about but also gives some very revealing insights about what might be attempted, in the event of a Brexit result, which we now have.


It’s an hour long but worth a listen.

With Love and Light,



Just thought I would let you see this!! just received it!

Colleen, Canada


Lying Crooked Hillary

Donald J. Trump <Donald.J.Trump@donaldjtrump.com>

3:16 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

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They simply refuse to call her on her lies. They’d rather spend their time and energy attacking me. It’s great for their ratings and their bottom line.

We know we cannot count on the media to spread the very important message that Hillary Clinton is a liar and can’t be trusted.

And that’s why we’ve decided to take that message directly to the American people.

We’ve unveiled a brand new website,LyingCrookedHillary.com, and we’re rolling out a series of videos – one on each of her biggest, phoniest fibs and fabrications.

We released the first video earlier today and EVERYONEis talking about it. I wanted to ensure you had a chance to view it. Watch it here:

This first video covers her well-documented lying about Benghazi.

But, you just wait. We have 9 additional videos that will cover everything from her illegal email server to her laughable claim of being “dead broke” upon leaving the White House.

I want to make sure you don’t miss any of the future videos because – trust me – you don’t want to miss them. They will expose Hillary as a liar in a way the mainstream media never would.

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Thank you again for standing with me at this historic turning point for our nation.

Together, we will Make America Great Again.

Best Wishes,

Donald J. Trump
Candidate for President of the United States


Dear Colleen,

I listened yesterday to his speech on Killary and then read the comments in the alternative and MSM. The establishment is definitely on the defense and clueless as to how to contain Trump who has based his attacks on Killary with a broad attack on the rigged political system in favour of special interests. This is more than just exposing Killary and I hope that Trump will preserve this broader approach. There is no way that Killary will be successful with her lies under the current energies of total transparency and truth.


I expect though efforts on the part of the GOP to reject Trump as their candidate which they formally can do as they write the rules of the party. But this will be tantamount to harakiri and Trump will still continue in the race as an independent candidate, which may even bring him more votes from the Sanders corner which will have no reservation to vote for Trump as an independent candidate. The problem of the GOP is that they have no substitute for Trump, but there may be an arrangement behind closed doors to eliminate Trump and Killary as candidates at the same time, e.g. by opening a criminal case against her for her email scandal, and even find something against Trump, and substitute them with new candidates thus completely neglecting the votes of the people in the preliminary election race. Whether this will lead to a revolution remains to be seen, but it depends essentially what will happen with the financial system and the economy in the meantime.

Trump has a great advantage against Killary with respect to the economy as recent polls show and this is almost a guarantee that he will win. I do not see how Killary will survive her many previous scandals and skeletons in the closet which Trump will make sure to dig out as he has already commenced. But in order to be successful he must not confine himself to character slandering but expose the entire rigged system of politics and finance for which Killary is the perfect representative. At the end Trump’s campaign will help promote the truth on a global scale and it is irrelevant if he will be elected or not as Obama will be the last president when the global blackout of the electric grids and all electronic networks will take place.

These are just my thoughts.

With love and light



And wonderful thoughts they are…. totally agree with everything you say! thanks very much …… you really are amazing!
with love & light
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Sunday, June 19, 2016

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by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 18, 2016

Georgi Stankov, June 18, 2016 (first published in July 12, 2011)


Important Article Reminder

Dominique Lagae

Dear George,

I think your readers could benefit from http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2011/07/the-end-of-economic-enslavement-of-mankind-free-photon-energy-is-available-for-everybody-now/, as this is more than ever actual, especially the third part where you address the failure of science to acknowledge that photons have mass.
 There has been a discussion in the group about how the whole transition would exactly manifest which has led to this article, dating from July 12, 2011, which shows that no information on your website ever becomes outdated or obsolete:

“The importance of free photon energy for humanity can be easily perceived when one considers two basic facts that will determine the destiny of all humans on this planet.

The Ascension of planet A (our uppermost 4D Plane) in December 2012 will be accomplished by the huge photon wave that is coming from the central sun of the Galaxy and will ultimately transform the current carbon-based bodies of the ascending human entities into crystalline-based, light bodies (see “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..).

This is one of the infinite functions and applications of photon energy.

At the same time, this photon tsunami, coming from the central sun of Alcyone, will unleash a huge devastation on the remaining earth (all split off 4D timelines and eventually our uppermost plane) and will render all engines of power, such as electric grid, power stations, and electronic devices, engines of combustion, such as car engines, inutile.

The new quality of photon energy that will flood earth will no longer be compatible with the current rather primitive human technology, about which most blinded young souls are so proud nowadays.

At the same time, most of the new technologies that await the ascended humanity in the lower 5th dimension (the 4D New Worlds that reside in the lower 5th Dimension) will be based on free photon energy. …”

Love and Light,


Dear Dominique, 

thank you so much for reminding me of this pivotal article that I also forgot in the heat of my editorial work. You are absolutely right – I will publish this article with your comment as a foreword as it is important for our readers to have the confidence that everything we have said or published in the past is actual and more valid now than ever and that it is worth going back and re-reading the many articles on numerous aspects of the ascension process as to get the full picture. The new “log function” enables an easy access and search of selected articles.

Excellent reminder!

With love and light




The deprivation of humanity from free, accessible photon energy is in the core of its enslavement. The history of mankind would have been radically different, if the availability of free photon energy, as first discovered by Tesla more than a century ago, has not been hidden from humanity.

It began with Rockefeller, who stole Tesla’s patents on free photon energy, only to be used at a later date by the dark American ones to develop HAARP and other lethal weapons with the help of the Greys and other aliens from the Orion/Reptilian Empire – the Controllers of earth and humanity for eons of time.

In the following 100 years, numerous patents have been registered that have explored the use of free photon energy, some of them being quite promising. But none of them have had any chance of realization, as the patent offices in all major powers, such as the USA and EU, are under the total control of the Elite, in particular, the Rockefeller Faction in the USA and the Rothschild faction in Europe.

For instance, during the Cold War all US-patents were bought by the Rockefeller family from the US-patent office for several cents per piece and were given to the Soviets with the only objective to undermine the prosperity of the American people.
 At the same time, the realisation of these patents was suppressed in their own country. There are many detailed reports on this insidious practice of this dark family with the aim of impoverishing the American people and establishing the NWO.

The Powers That Be have effectively hindered the development and implementation of any promising new technology based on the free use of photon energy.

The reader may ask himself: Why? 
Because the broad implementation and use of free photon energy would have jeopardized the total control of the Orion Empire on earth and humanity for ever.

It is a well-known fact that the super secret services of the big powers have developed numerous technologies and applications based on photon energy in their clandestine laboratories and production sites underground, but have kept them secret to the rest of mankind.
 Many facts will be revealed very soon that will open the eyes of the sleeping humanity as to how profoundly they have been lulled and dumbed down by the dark ones.

Can you imagine what life on earth would have been, if Tesla had been supported to develop this universal source of energy instead of killing him by the American dark ones?
 Mankind would have achieved abundance long time ago, and the current Ascension would not have been such a traumatic birthing process, but a joyful excursion to new sparkling dimensions.

The poverty in the Third World would not exist today. The pollution of Gaia that is about to eliminate not only human life, but every organic life on it, would not have reached such dramatic proportions, and we need not discuss climate changes and the warming of earth atmosphere. The Sahara desert would have been a flourishing Garden of Eden, as its huge underground water resources could have been easily used to irrigate this desert land.

Most of the wars that have been fought to obtain control over the restricted resources of fossil energy would not have taken place, and humanity would have enjoyed a true democracy, as there would not have been any monopolistic oil companies that determine the practical way of living of all human beings and derail at their discretion the fragile balance of earth’s environment. The last great catastrophe in the Golf of Mexico is paradigmatic as to how the oil companies intrude in the lives of millions of people and eradicate their modest means of living, as was the case with the fishing and tourist industry along the polluted coast of the Golf of Mexico.

The current two wars of the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq would have been meaningless, and even the current bombing of Libya would have made no sense. In short: Most of the calamities and destruction, which humanity has experienced in the last most bellicose century in its history, would not have taken place. The Golden Age, which Alfred Webre and his friends proclaimed on Mount Adams (exopolitics.com) would have become a reality long time ago.

From this introduction, it becomes cogent that the deprivation of mankind from free access to photon energy has been in the core of its economic, political, and physical enslavement.

While the practical implications of this insidious act of the Powers That Be against humanity are obvious to everybody, the means with which they have achieved their objective to lull humanity that there is no such thing as free photon energy has not been understood at all by most scientists and the rest of mankind. They have virtually no idea as to what free photon energy is all about. Therefore, the main objective of this article will be to give humanity for the first time a theoretical glimpse into the nature of free photon energy, and how easily it can be used in everyday life.


The importance of free photon energy for humanity can be easily perceived when one considers two basic facts that will determine the destiny of all humans on this planet.

The Ascension of planet A in December 2012 will be accomplished by the huge photon wave that is coming from the central sun of the Galaxy and will ultimately transform the current carbon-based bodies of the ascending human entities in crystalline-based, light bodies (see “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..).

This is one of the infinite functions and applications of photon energy.

At the same time, this photon tsunami, coming from the central sun of Alcyone, will unleash a huge devastation on the remaining earth (planet B) and will render all engines of power, such as electric grid, power stations, and electronic devices, engines of combustion, such as car engines, inutile.

The new quality of photon energy that will flood earth will no longer be compatible with the current rather primitive human technology, about which most blinded young souls are so proud nowadays.

At the same time, most of the new technologies that await the ascended humanity in the lower 5th dimension will be based on free photon energy.

Later on, the role of this kind of energy will diminish, as the ascended human beings will evolve to a higher energetic level and will slowly begin to create directly with “soul energies”. After a certain period of time, they will no longer need external technologies as they have been used in past earth civilisations, such as Lemuria and Atlantis, and have contributed to their destruction. This timeline of human evolution will be now avoided.

As linear time is a hallucinatory construction of the human senses in the 3d-reality, linear time will actually not exist in the 5th dimension, but the memory of it will still be present in human consciousness. Therefore, it is allowed to say from the current point of view that it will take several centuries earth time before the ascended humanity will begin to create from the fulcrum of the soul and will not need free photon energy anymore. But this kind of energy will determine to a large extent the first experiences of all ascended entities in the 5th dimension. Therefore, it is mandatory that we discuss it in detail now.


The greatest fallacy of modern empiric science is its inability to understand the Nature of free photon energy. This understanding has been precluded by a number of wrong scientific concepts, which I will elucidate for the sake of clarity in this article.

The first major blunder that modern physics has committed is to assume that photons have no mass. This wrong idea, being, in fact, a greater blunder than the notorious Ptolemaic geocentric system of the Church, has emerged approximately at the same time as Tesla discovered free photon energy. Therefore, I personally believe that this idiosyncrasy is not coincidental, as nothing is in this world.

Physics took the road to perdition after Michelson and Morley performed their famous experiment in order to confirm the existence of ether, which was the term, scientists used at that time to describe free photon energy.

I will not discuss this experiment, as I have done it in depth in my two books on physics (Volume I in German and Volume II (full version) in English). Here, I will say that much: After this experiment physicists decided to eliminate the notion of free photon energy and substitute it with the idiotic concept of “action at a distance that is performed in vacuum”.

According to their current established interpretation, gravitation is such a force that is exerted as an action at a distance in vacuum”. According to this same flawed concept, electromagnetic forces are also actions at a distance occurring in vacuum. Both forces are propagated with the speed of light c.

These two entirely wrong ideas have prohibited the penetration of the idea of free photon energy in the thinking of generations of scientists. They have been dumbed down by this “infallible dogma” to such an extent that nowadays it is virtually impossible to discuss the issue of free photon energy with any established scientist in an open, civilized and educated manner. Most scientists behave like Christian or Muslim fanatics when they are confronted with the opinion that their idea of God maybe a poor anthropocentric surrogate and a false projection of their preconceived three-dimensional beliefs and prejudices. The situation is not much different to that in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance when scientists like Giordano Bruno were burned at the stake because they were convinced that the earth is rotating around the sun and not the other way round.


Now let me summarize the current facts, as they are presented in any textbook on physics, just to expose the imbecility of present-day scientists with respect to the nature of free photon energy.

According to modern physics as presented in the standard model, there are only four fundamental forces in the physical world – weak, strong (nuclear), electromagnetic and gravitational forces. Unfortunately, only three of these forces can be now united in mathematical models.

However, Nature is a Unity. One need not be a scientist to see this evident fact.

Physics is unable to integrate gravitation with the first three forces. Purely for this reason the standard model, considered to be the finest achievement of modern physics, has obviously totally failed. One need not be a physicist to comprehend this evident fact.

Now let us look upon this fallacy of modern physics with a simple common logic. Both gravitation and electromagnetism are propagated with the speed of light. In this case, they must have much in common, as the speed of light is in virtually all formulae and laws that describe these two phenomena.

It is, for instance, in the famous Einstein’s equation E = mc2. This equation assesses the equivalence of matter, defined as “mass”, and energy, which is actually photon energy. This is the official interpretation of this equation, which you can find in any textbook on physics.

Well, if gravitation is the force of matter, and electromagnetism – the force of photons, and both are propagated with the speed of light, how comes that photons should have no mass as physics preaches currently. This is a real conundrum. It is actually a manifestation of cretinism on the part of physicists.

Now, I do not want to indulge too much in theoretical disquisitions and will make instead my first most important statement on the nature of free photons energy that is not known to all scientists so far:

“Photons also have a mass”

Thus, photons are not different from matter. In fact, matter can be descried as condensed photon energy or light. One can easily calculate the mass of any object from the mass of photons. I have done these calculations in my two books on physics (volume I and volume II (full version)). So much about my scientific proofs.

My primary objective in this article is to show to the average reader, who may not be competent in science, that free photon energy exists, regardless of what present-day physics says about this issue, and that this free photon energy has a mass and can interact with matter.

When the reader has comprehended this simple fact, he can easily envisage how this free photon energy can be used in everyday life.

Imagine free photon energy as movable matter with mass with the speed of light c. Now, imagine that you have developed the adequate technology to transform this free photon energy in matter and vice verse – matter in free photon energy. You can now move mountains – this is what we call “teleportation”.

Incredible, you may object. Not at all! It is much more common in the universe than you believe. It has been used many times on this planet. How do you think, have the pyramids in Egypt been built? By teleportation – by moving matter as free photon energy and transforming it again in matter according to the law of conservation of energy.

What do you think is this law all about? It is about free photon energy. Have you ever heard that this law has been invalid in any single energy interaction. No! Otherwise, it will not be defined as the first law of thermodynamics and been considered the most universal law of all.

Have you ever heard of the second law of thermodynamics? Maybe, if you are a scientist. Indeed, there is such a law, and it is called the law of entropy. You might have heard of this term “entropy”, but I doubt if you have ever met a person who could explain it to you. Because nobody does.

Entropy is absolutely the greatest imbecility, scientists have invented in their weird minds. You do not need to know what entropy is, as it does not exist, otherwise you will not exist as an incarnated entity and as an immortal multi-dimensional being.

But why is Stankov dealing with the theory of physics at this place, you may want to know. Does he intend to abolish all our fundamental scientific ideas? Exactly that is my intention. In fact, I have realized this intention more than 15 years ago when I discovered the Universal Law of Nature and integrated all known partial laws, such as Newton’s laws on gravitation or Maxwell’s laws on electromagnetism from the Universal Law. Precisely, I have proved that these laws are not distinct natural laws, but mathematical applications of the Universal Law for different forces, which we observe in everyday life.

But why is the flawed concept of entropy so important for our discussion? Because it obscures our minds to understand the nature of free photon energy.

In its popular version, “entropy” is defined as “thermodynamic death of the universe”. I say popular, as its mathematical presentation assesses a completely different aspect of physical matter.

The confusion in this area is so huge that when entropy was first introduced as a concept in physics, many professors recommended their students to write their doctor thesis on entropy because nobody understood it and they could be sure that they would not fail, no matter how much trash they have written in their doctor thesis. The seduction of the scientist’s mind has a long and abysmal history.

Now, let me explain why the concept of entropy hinders our understanding of free photon energy and should be eliminated once and for all from science.

According to this concept, every thermal gradient that is built in matter is abolished by reaching an equilibrium. If you have a rod and you heat it at the one end to 100 degrees Celsius and the other end has a room temperature of, say, 20 degrees, then the heat flows from the hot end to the cold one until an equilibrium temperature is reached. It is very simple, isn’t it?

No need for deep physical knowledge. Every housewife knows it. Now it becomes slightly more difficult. How does matter, the rod in our particular case, achieve this temperature equilibrium? By emitting photons in the air.

Aha, now you begin to get it. Photons are matter, only in a different form. When they are trapped in matter, they behave like matter. We have, for instance, electromagnetism in matter – that is how all wires transport electric energy, and all electric devices work.

But we have also electromagnetism as free photon energy in space. But as space does not exist – this should be in the meantime basic esoteric knowledge to all light workers – it is a hallucinatory idea of our senses, which perceive energy as space-time, we do not have any vacuum in space, but only energy:

Vacuum does not exist, but only free photon energy.

It is as simple as that: All-That-Is is Energy. This is the first statement of my Physical Theory of the Universal Law. I would like to recommend the reader to commemorate this basic statement, in case he intends to understand the Nature of All-That-Is, and of free photon energy in particular.


Let us summarize our discussion so far. We have matter and we have free photon energy, which are one and the same, but only differ with respect to our perception. We can see, smell, feel, and physically manipulate matter, but we cannot see or physically manipulate photons. Not yet. I do not say that this is impossible.

As you see, matter and free photons differ only with respect to our senses, but physically they are one and the same.

Matter emits/radiates photons when it is hotter than the surroundings, as is the case with all hot objects, such as bulbs, and absorbs free photons, as is the case when it absorbs photon energy from the sun.

The emitted photons can be described as heat and we can decide to dedicate a whole discipline to this phenomenon and call it “thermodynamics” or we may decide to name it radiation and invent “quantum mechanics“. That is how science is created.

Physics is all about free photon energy. Only the protagonists of this science have not got it yet. But why, you may wish to know.

Very simply, they have remained stuck in their limited senses and have not been able to develop a broader view of the physical world.

If you reject the knowledge that there is free photon energy that surrounds matter, but believe instead that matter is surrounded by vacuum, when you observe how a thermal gradient is eliminated in matter by radiating heat in form of photons, you must inevitably assume that this thermal gradient is dispersed in the universe. Hence the flawed idea of “thermal death” of the universe, which is underpinning the second thermodynamic law of entropy.

If you, however, know, as my readers do in the meantime, that photons are matter in a different form and that they also have a mass, then it is very easy to understand that just as photons can build a thermal gradient in matter, they can likewise build a similar gradient in free photon space-time that surrounds matter. This follows succinctly from the law of conservation of energy, which is the only law of thermodynamics, after we have abolished the second law of entropy.

You think, this is nothing special. I am sorry – you are wrong. This is the reason why photon energy can be used as a free source in everyday life. This is the scientific theory of free photon energy based on the Universal Law.

The photon gradient, which the emitted photons build when they leave matter, is equal in magnitude to the material thermal gradient, which they abolish while being radiated. This is the law of conservation of energy in operation. It is an application of the Universal Law. There is only one law of thermodynamics, as we have already abolished the second law of entropy above.

Now you might say that this photon gradient, Stankov is talking about, is a pure imagination. Why have scientists not registered it so far, if it really exists?

Let me be clear on this issue. First, thermal photon gradients are not mine or anybody’s imagination, but a reality, otherwise radiation and heat exchange will infringe upon the law of conservation of energy. However, nobody has yet proved that this law is invalid for any energy interaction. Therefore, forget it.

Thermal photon gradients are as real as material gradients. And they can be measured. Scientists simply have not looked at Nature from this perspective, otherwise they would have found the existence of thermal gradients in photon space-time long time ago.

As I know my chelas, I am sure that the most sceptical of you would still argue: Can Stankov irrevocably prove that there are thermal photon gradients in space that can be used as free sources of energy?

My answer is: “Definitely”. I have discovered a new law of nature, which is another application of the Universal Law and have called it:

“Stankov’s Law of Photon Thermodynamics”.

You can find the mathematical derivation of this law in volume II (concise version) “The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology”, Chapter 3.7, page 123 and in the full version of volume II on this website.

This law consists of known natural constants that can be experimentally measured and verified. By doing so, you automatically verify the validity of Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics. The theoretical foundation of this law is, therefore, beyond any doubt.

Next comes the practical side. But that is not my terrain. I am a theoretician and a medical doctor. I am not a practical engineer. They are the ones, who have now the duty to use the theoretical framework that I have given them in order to design new sources of free photon energy.

But if you think in the conventional way, you will come nowhere. First of all, you do not need to design new material devices that will render you free photon energy in the remaining time prior to Ascension of earth and humanity, which is less than 18 months.

Secondly, it is not the plan of the higher realms of cosmic providence for this planet that free photon energy should be developed in the old way by tedious experimental work, as this has been done in the past in a state of total amnesia of the researchers.

It will be sufficient that human beings accept the existence of free photon energy and reject all wrong ideas in present-day physics and science that negate free photon energy and you will get it from the Galactic Federation as free, perfect technology after they have established first contact with humanity.

But before they do that, humanity must revise most of its scientific concepts and substitute them with the new Theory of the Universal Law. After they have accomplished this Tantalus act of intellectual evolution, they will be mentally prepared to meet the Forces of Light and profit from their technological gifts, which they have prepared for humanity after their first encounter.

In this respect, my friend Alfred is absolutely right when he announced in his website


that the Golden Age of abundance and prosperity has already commenced. It is actually there, just as free photon energy has always been around us and has only awaited for human beings to open their minds and hearts for it and to embrace it.

It is as simple as that! Do it!
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The Electric Nature of Slavery and Racism and Their Elimination Through Divine Magnetism » Stankov's Universal Law Press

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The Electric Nature of Slavery and Racism and Their Elimination Through Divine Magnetism
by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 17, 2016

Charlotte Smith, June 17, 2016


Yours, David’s, Rumi’s and Joel’s posts

Dearest Georgi,

Yours, David’s, Rumi’s and Joel’s posts have been so uplifting. I’m so grateful to all of you.

David’s article about the form of slavery known as serfdom was a critical piece. Once humans understand that “race” is merely an alchemical reaction of magnetic origin created by the incarnating spirit for purposes of assimilation into its environment as it pertains to that spirit’s mission, it will be easier for the population to understand the complexities of Divine magnetism. I continue to advocate for an in-depth discussion on slavery and racism that clearly delineates the difference between the two so that we can begin to unravel the hidden thought patterns first within those who feel they harbor no racism and then within the general population. All so-called “races” have been victims of slavery. These discussions must first disarm the emotions driven by hidden guilt within those who have been beneficiaries of racism and the hidden as well as overt emotions of anger in those who have been victims of racism. Once this happens, the conversation can focus on the science that exposes the fraud of race in physical, astral and causal terminology and the “race card” will become ineffective as a programming/ reaction tool.

This will go a long way in helping to understand the magnetic nature of the approaching transformative events.

Some time ago I mentioned to you that the Cabal appears to have been counting on the completion of the current cycle which would have granted them some 400 or more years to continue their slavery of this planet but we did not elaborate on my statement. Now that Rumi has brought us into remembrance of the approaching “firewall” I think it’s time for further elaboration.

In “The Holy Science” by Swami Sri Yukteswar, it is stated that the “known” cycles correspond with the development of human intellect and the electric world comprised of 5 types of electricities that originate from divine magnetism. The development of mental virtue is gradual and divided into four stages within a period of 12,000 years. In the first stage “human intellect cannot comprehend anything beyond the gross material of this ever-changing creation, the external world.” In the second stage, the human intellect can “comprehend the fine matters or electricities and their attributes which are the creating principles of the external world….. In the third stage, human intellect becomes able to comprehend the Divine magnetism, the source of all electrical forces on which the creation depends for its existence…. In the fourth stage, mental virtue completes its full development the human intellect can comprehend all, even God the Spirit beyond this visible world. “[1]

Because human mutation has continued to accelerate we are now well into the understanding of Divine Magnetism as a result of your work as well as the work of a few others. This understanding represents a “leap” for mankind beyond the second stage, where Swami Sri Yukteswar has placed humans at this time, well into the third stage. This “leap” qualifies the inhabitants of this planet to receive the necessary Divine intervention that takes us to the fourth stage where the remaining general human population comprehends God the Spirit beyond this visible world. This intervention is necessary because of the vice grip the dark has held over this creation for millennia that if not removed, would prevent humans from experiencing the fourth stage of development. “Whenever this earthly school has fulfilled its temporary purpose in God’s scheme according to cyclic timing or whenever all the inhabitants have been fully educated in manifesting complete divinity then, through a cosmic deluge, Spirit will not only release human beings but also the karma-tortured active atoms of the earth.”[2] The separation of the ascending population to its own timeline fulfills this requirement because all inhabitants on the new timeline will have completed the current stage of development.

The “firewall” is the cosmic deluge.

The Cabal has monitored human evolution closely as evidenced by the Business Insider article that so accurately shows how our evolution has accelerated over the past 100 years. But they have not been able to keep up with the rapid acceleration of our development, hence their desperate and futile acts of radiating the entire planet.

This is easily observed by a careful analysis of the current situation and especially the Ancient Alien series. On one episode we hear “humans originated” from Orion and all of archeology supports this. On another episode we hear “humans originated” from the Pleiades and on and on. This is not because they want to eventually present a multiverse of originating points it is because of the behind the scenes struggle to control future evolution/reincarnation and where it will take place. They have clearly been caught off guard in their understanding of the oncoming magnetic Cosmic reset.

Yes the collapse of the financial system may ultimately be triggered by this magnetic reset but there is a large section of the global population that does not interact with the banking system due to abject poverty. Although 60 minutes did a story on a new money system being used in rural Africa using cell phones without the involvement of banking institutions, there are still many areas of the globe that are not involved in any financial system. But the entire globe will be affected by the Cosmic Divine magnetic reset.

As I mentioned in our last correspondence, I can feel my new 13 chakra system coming online and I am not the only one. Others have spoken to me about their ability to sense these changes. The new chakras are necessary for handling this expected surge of Divine magnetism and the Divine “fire rite of meditation” [3]practice is the best way to develop one’s ability to merge with this “firewall” as we reverse the internal polarity in our brains and then learn to neutralize the magnetic currents between and through all new chakras. Although for those as advanced as yourself, you are already able to do this at will the other waves of ascension candidates need to develop this ability. Failure to master this practice could expose one to potential “energetic overload” at the moment of this surge. These new chakras also require a new understanding of the atomic and subatomic astral and magnetic connections of the old “1000 petal Lotus.” So I expect you will be very busy in the future.

Thank you again for all of yours and the PATs wonderful work.

Peace and Light,


[1] Swami Sri Yukteswar, “The Holy Science”, pgs. 10-11.

[2] Paramahansa Yogananda, “God Talks With Arjuna – The Bhagavad Gita”,Pg. 447

[3] Paramahansa Yogananda, “God Talks With Arjuna – The Bhagavad Gita”,Pg. 476-477

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