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Energy Report of the PAT – December 12, 2014 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 12, 2014

In Preparation For the Portal 12.12

Dear George,

Here is another proof that the dying cabal is insane.

On the brighter side, today was another huge step, of this upper Earth, to the higher dimension. Energies are strong and calm today and they have beneficial effect on hart and throat chakras. With other words: Nice day.

With love and light,


Dear Boyd,

I read this article yesterday and even considered publishing it, but then stopped short of doing it as too much details only distract us from the main plot – ascension.

I confirm a huge shift yesterday (Dec 11), which was very unpleasant for me and Carla, but today the energies are much calmer. I will write a report today about the 12.12 portal.

With love and light

Dear George,

This is a wonderful example of true journalism. There is nothing new for us. Still valuable, life-changing information for failed new agers, only if they can trully comprehend what the author is talking about.

With love and light,

Dear Boyd,

I also read this article yesterday and also considered publishing it but then I did not do it for the same reason. But there is a surge of very interesting articles all of a sudden these days that prove the awakening of the masses and the journalists, for instance this one:

which discusses, among others, the rigged statistics of the US economy to make it appear much better than it is really. There are several pivotal numbers that one should keep in mind with respect to the US economy:

From the 330 million Americans, one third is employed, one third is unemployed and one third are not a working force (children, students and elderly). This means that the occupation rate in the USA is roughly one third, which is half of what a sound economy should be in the Orion matrix. Hence the 70 plus million poor Americans who live on stamps.

The trade deficit of this country is about 700 billion $ each year for the last 20-30 years which means that the USA lives at the expense of the rest of the world by paying toilet paper dollars for real material goods.

The GDP of the USA is not 14 or 15 trillion $, but less than 10 trillion as one third of it are bogus calculations of financial assets which have no value, they are artificial collaterals. The percentage of real industrial production in the USA is only 10% of the GDP – the rest are meaningless services in the tertiary sector.

The state budget debt of the USA has increased under Obama about 2 trillion $ each year in the last 5 years as seen by the latest congress decision to increase the debt ceiling with another 1,1 trillion as to cover the state expenses till September 2015, that is to say, for 3/4 of an year. But this sum does not include major positions in the budget as the financing of FEMA and major other state institutions.

The real total debt of the USA, including state, corporations and private households, is more than 200 trillion, I estimate it to be about 300 trillion $, which is almost 30 times the GDP of this country.

Since 2008, the USA is in a constant recession, notwithstanding the rigged statistics, which are obvious to everybody who deals with them and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 25% under official terms and is 33% in real terms. The average disposal income has steadily decreased in the last 20 years which is the best indicatir that the Americans are impoverished by their government as to enslave them.

And it goes on and on in this way. Knowing these facts, it remains a conundrum why the Americans have no revolted yet. Which proves that they in their majority are soulless zombies and do not deserve another destiny.

However, the above article is very important as it gives testimony to the awakening of some of the American people and they see their country now with the same unprejudiced eyes as I have seen it for two decades and have found little understanding in the West. But now the people start to see the reality as we do after we opened their chakra of truth last month and the “Insane cretins” in power and their stooges, the Internet trolls, realize that they are the delusional ones.

This is the fruitful ground on which a major crime of the dark cabal will happen very soon and this will trigger all other major events and our ascension. Hence it is very important to gauge the level of insanity of the dark cabal and vice versa, the level of awakening among the public as to predict when the long awaited moment of our ascension will come. This is what I do on this website by publishing selected articles on the curred political events without delving too much in 3D details, but still professional enough to show the true picture of human society in the End Time.

With love and light

Dear George,

I appreciate all your insight on the global events featuring the USA and Russia. The following links are in total synchronicity with what you have shared and here they are for your persual at your leisure.

Thanks again.

Why Russia’s Unfazed By Falling Oil Prices | Zero Hedge

The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped From America’s Grasp

Dear Erick,

thank you for your appreciation and validation of my ongoing political, economic and gnostic-transcendental analysis.

With light and light

Hello Georgi,

I think this article will encourage many Lightworkers and the PAT to continue their magnificent work.

Marcel Gravel

Dear Marcel,

this is a good one although I do not agree with some interpretations of this lady.


Hi George,

Your challenge to see ourselves as Creators led me to recall how we used to talk about being change agents in the corporate world. As you have built cities of light, we can build cities of light. We can have and do send light to the lightworkers. As you have shown the context of geopolitical events, we can mandate changes.

In experiments, if the result becomes obvious or if the results start veering outside the framework of the study, the study can be stopped or changed. We can now ascertain actions that need to be taken regarding this experiment in duality. I am mandating changes in governance, in corporate behaviors, I send light to my area of the world and light to assist all fellow lightworkers.

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

this is precisely what I intend – active intervention in the events and change them for the better. Actually we do all this at the level of our HS, but sometimes forget it as human beings.


Dear George,

Speaking about the case of MH17, this topic disappeared from the radar but now it is coming back.

I knew personally a few of the victims, although I had not seen them in a long time. I remember very well shortly after this accident, how the media and politicians reacted. First they all said Russia was behind it although in a strange doublespeak which can be translated to “Russia is behind it, but we have not yet started the investigation”. At the same time planting the accusation in people’s minds, but also pretending to wait for the results of a neutral investigation.

Then there were constant messages about bodies being moved and they blamed the separatists for this and said no investigation team could be sent because it was too dangerous, or that the separatists did not allow it. In the end it turned out the bodies were treated well and sent back, and that they suddenly did decide to send a team.

This team then went to the site but did almost no investigation, at the same time there was a lot of “we are not supposed to investigate who did this, just how it happened”.

At this point the narrative changed completely into emotional distraction. The topic of the investigation was barely discussed anymore, instead it was all about constantly reminding people how terrible this disaster was, and how bad it must be for those who lost family, speeches with the prime minister lulling the people into an emotional paralysis, so that nobody was thinking about the investigation anymore. Then everyone simply stopped talking about it.

All this obvious manipulation did awaken quite some people, at least a bit, but of course many still kept their eyes closed.

Now I heard that the local highway will be closed for some time, because they are bringing the entire wreckage of the plane to a military airport. It is only at a few kilometers distance from here! Perhaps with the right creationary potential, combined with the participation of Malaysia in the investigation, they might even be forced to have an objective investigation and release the truth (but this is most probably too optimistic), or at least some of the people involved in the investigation will release the truth independently.

I can confirm all the MPR’s and travels to lower timelines. This afternoon especially was very depressing, but things are more calm now. Last night I was in bilocation in the city of Brussels and I saw just how dark this city is, as the capital of the EU. Everything there was extremely gray just as I remember it, and some entities came and tried to steal from me. But I just disappeared to another reality, to their disappointment.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

thank you very much for this excellent comment on MH17 investigation and the MPR.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

i just wanted to say that the only moments i feel im truly living for something are when i read your blog and i can see the progress of my brothers and sisters for us to get to see a new world..

This one is soo asleep that i truly feel like im in the movie: groundhog day.. its all the days the same.. no real change.. and always the same bad news.. the same people doing reckless things.. this has to stop.. if not for all.. then for us that deserve a better and more loving place..

I see ourselves living in a place full of light with something like crystal bodies and that georgi.. is my dream.. i know i belong there.. where there is no pain, only scientific work and joy for the good of all that is.

Thank you again for your daily reports, they make me feel im a bit closer to home :’).

With love, Ariel.

Dear Ariel,

I fully agree with you and share your longing for a better world and the end of this one.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I’ve been meaning to write since Lofer but we’ve been in a whirlwind to find a short term rental. I also had a very positive experience and found good people, location, everything needed, as well as a price reduction. Not as dramatic as Kari’s story but still good. We are moving in on 12/12 !!

This morning I woke up with an extreme nerve pain in my left shoulder blade and all down my left arm and in the forearm. I wonder if this is related to the latest wave? I can hardly turn my head to the left. I feel absolutely pressed down today physically, despite the fantastic weather. another peculiarity I noticed recently is that i’ve been walking a lot, long distances on the coastline and needing to eat less and I’ve noticed I’ve not lost a pound or a kilo. not at all. I wonder if this is to do with the heaviness of the crystalline bodies as we’ve discussed on the website many times. i have gained almost 10 kilos this year but am wearing the same size and do not look much bigger.

After 8-9 days of rain and total blanketing in clouds and fog (sounds comparable to your Vancouver weather), the last two days and now forward the next 3 are extremely sunny, pleasant, and about 10 degrees and feels like 15 or 16 in the sun. It is truly beautiful. (we are back in Croatia on the coast). Interestingly Rijeka and it’s surroundings have once been compared to Vancouver — it does rather appear like Vancouver in miniature both in appearance and in weather, which is quite moody and rainy.

I have to tell you that I was just online on a currency website trying to convert euros to croatian kunas to determine how much we have to pay in the rental deposit today and lo and behold look what appeared on the advertisement on this website: look at the content of this AD!!! (see below, I’ve pasted it in) Obviously investing in “nuclear” is becoming very popular suddenly and we all know what that means.

I am a religious watcher of RT just like you and this morning’s CrossTalk was all about regime change in Russia and how that’s what they want. One of the regular guests, Sleboda, mentioned about how international analyst and professor Steven Cohen actually came out against the current US policies on Russia last spring and was literally called a “villain” by the NY Times. Journalism and all standards of professionalism have fallen to their lowest levels. But as you said, it’s better not to pay too much attention this world but only to watch the events carefully to understand what’s happening, but not to invest too much emotional energy.

I have to stop typing now as my left forearm is really aching. I wanted for these weeks to update you but some of my synchronicities are already past and it seems true we are PAT experiencing in cohesion these days. Fascinating about John’s time at the Valley Forge Military academy and that book the “Other Wes Moore” and his experience with him. Interestingly I picked up that book in the bookstore last summer thinking it might be interesting for my struggling nephew. Of course I read it first and very quickly realized it’s totally useless because this guy is obviously a tool of the PTB and a big one , considering his publicity seeking after the book. He praised the military and his time in Afganistan as one of camaraderie and totally whitewashed all the kiling and pillaging and raping they’ve all done.

lastly i wanted to mention that they broadcast much of Putin’s interview on german TV a few weeks ago in Croatian. I couldn’t understand all the subtitles (not fluent, quite yet) but I understood through Putin’s body language and his demeanor that he literally looked almost angelic. He had this air of decisiveness, sincerity and most of all integrity that I’ve never seen in any politician. He looked like the complete package of wholeness, truly. Leo afterwards observed how he speaks more intelligently than any politician, or the majority of people in general.

Your coaching in the higher realms is obviously working!

Anyway, I won’t bore you with more of this. Just wanted to send you this not-so-accidental advertisement that appeared to me this morning. We know what’s coming. and thank god. thank you so much for all of your wonderful work in keeping us all afloat all these YEARS! and in your case you must feel it is decades and even eons!

so much love to Carla and you,


p.s. Another peculiarity I noticed recently is that i’ve been walking a lot and needing to eat less and I’ve noticed I’ve not lost a pound or a kilo. not at all. I wonder if this is to do with the heaviness of the crystalline bodies as we’ve discussed on the website many times. i have gained almost 10 kilos this year but am wearing the same size and do not look any bigger.

p.s. This thing about Steven Cohen is old news, I guess that Sleboda on RT was just using it as an example how degraded the “narrative” is about Putin. He even said the criminal Kissinger is coming out against the media narrative on Russia ! things are getting more bizarre by the minute.

Dear Sarah,

thank you very much for writing me and informing me about your recent activities in Croatia. I am happy to hear that you have found a new domicile that is affordable and a nice place to live.

With regard to your healthy issues I can confirm that ascension test runs go hand in hand with problems of the shoulders, popping up or being painful. Both Carla and I have shoulder pain since several days and Carla experienced three days ago another transfiguration when at the same time I dreamed that we did ascension test runs. Hence your shoulder problems are associated with nightly ascension exercises.

About the weather here I have just written an article where I discuss it. At this moment we have another storm with heavy rain and it feels as a very low timeline again. We are following a sine curve of a real descent-ascension roller coaster these final days.

You have gained weight because you are now accommodating much more energies and need this extra weight. I also gained weight in the past when the waves were extreme but at present I cope much better with the waves as they are not as toxic as in the past and I could even lose some weight. But you gaining some weight is a good sign that you are processing a lot of higher frequency energies now.

I read the articles you send me and I know Prof. Cohen from CrossTalk very well. He is a brilliant scholar and this case highlights the total decay of American journalism and culture. I now consider publishing these articles although they are from March this year. Although we must have a detached view of what is happening now, we should still be careful observers as this is the main reason why we are still here – to give testimony of the greatest transformation of Gaia and humanity at the End Times and to participate in it with insightful analysis and comments. This is what I essentially do on this website.

Wish you all the best around the Christmas holidays and let us see what will come next. It is getting very exciting by the hour.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thanks for the brilliant little diddy you made on the CS Monitor article. They’ve really disappointed me over the years. Used to be a relatively good paper, fairly balanced. Not so anymore, along with all the rest.

Also very grateful for your articles on Germany. It’s hard to get good sources of information and I really appreciated these two articles which highlight the situation very well, and I especially enjoyed the 5 minute Youtube speech of that German politician who demolished Angela Merkel. Obviously there are many dissenting voices in Germany. The Anglo-American media just don’t want you to hear them.

Look who thinks they are going to be the next American lapdog— surprise, suprise— Croatia. how disappointing.

Of course this terminal for LPG gas will never happen (as Leo says) and it is and would be so expensive. There is already a LPG pipeline that does go towards Hungary and goes right through the outer edge of the village where we are renovating the house . Leo’s mother got only a pittance many years ago for land she was forced to give up when the pipeline came through the village. Almost no one was properly compensated.

Leo reads Counterpunch every day and also Mike Whitney. Things are really heating up now.

Germany’s idiocy was for months really disappointing to both of us but the divine plan has an interesting way of making that irrelevant. I mean that soon it will be exposed. It really is amazing how these old alliances and world wars seem to just keep replaying themselves over and over and over, the Anglo-American vs. the German Russian and now the German against both, and Russian against both and America against everyone all together! It’s as if humanity has not learned one iota of wisdom in thousands of years.

Did I miss something— did you publish already the source of the article about where Francois Hollande got this info. about the false flag attack that he informed Putin about recently? I am sorry to ask again but I couldn’t find a link to the actual source that you indicated published this about the false flag planned attack by the PTB that he discovered.

Anyway, much love and goodnight,

Dear Sarah,

you are very attentive. I did not publish on purpose my source with respect to Hollande’s warning of a major attack against Russia for political and strategic reasons. But compliment for your attention.

Otherwise I agree with all your comments and observations – you are excellently informed and there is not much I can add to this.

The LPG gas market is very tight as the capacities are low and hence the prices very high. Besides before the ships come to Croatia, they will come to Greece of Southern Italy or to Hollande and so on. It does not make any sense to build such an expensive port at this former Gulag island Krk. But as the German say “the power of the facts” (die Macht des Faktischen) will have its final say and this Croatian project will be wrapped up as many other senseless projects. In this case the MPR will resolve all issues with one fell swoop.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Thanks for explaining the absence of that source and it is as I expected. I understand.

Since you mentioned Krk as the former “Gulag” island I was curious what you meant, because maybe you were referring rather to Goli Otok (naked island) which was in fact THE political prisoner Gulag island—

Imagine the absurdity of former Stalinist and USSR sympathizers as prisoners on that island together with nationalists form every Yugoslav republic. No wonder the guards allowed them to fight and kill each other. Typical divide and conquer.

Yes, despite the obvious tragedy of the Ukraine situation and the insanity of the German gov’t in not standing up to the US and its’ minions, I must say I’ve rather enjoyed putting together the obvious pieces of the puzzle by discussing with Leo and reading old accounts of what happened in 1914, and also 1939. There are so many similarities as to what is going on now, especially when one considers the players involved, who are indeed the same. We greatly enjoyed watching this old BBC production on DVD called “The Fall of Eagles” which was about the lead up to World War I, and traces the demise of the respective empires of Europe, The Hohenzollen in Germany, Hapsburgs of Austro-Hungary, British royalty (who are indeed related to the Hohenzollern which you mentioned on your website some months ago), and of course Czar Nicholas who was also a cousin of Wilhem of Germany.

If you are one day too knocked down to write or read too much, you could watch this series. I think BBC was much more informed back then. Of course it is slanted towards a “British” view but if you see through that, there are interesting parallel points that mirror what happens now, minus the royal houses.

For your amusement, here’s a clip of the “first Balkan crisis of 1908”. You can find the rest on youtube as well.

Since you published the interesting news about the awakening of the Dutch people, I thought you might like to know about this recent young Croatian candidate for president, Ivan Sincic. He has formed an organization called “Zivi Zid”, which roughly translates as “Human Blockade” and he is forming human blockades to prevent forced evictions. His campaign and his organization has prevented lots of evictions and they want to establish housing as a basic human right. He most certainly not win but as we’ve said, his existence and his efforts will not go unnoticed in the greater plan and I do believe he is a light being who is creating a future blueprint for a future 4D humanity. We are going to donate to his campaign. The election will happen between Dec. 26-28.

meanwhile, despite this positive development, on what must be a lower timeline , I noticed there’s a huge meeting of all the major chemical companies and their criminal cronies from Dow, Dupont etc, at a local hotel here. The conference is called AgroChem. There are representatives from the “bread basket “ of Croatia: Slavonia which used to feed half of Yugoslavia with its rich soil which is part of the ancient Pannonian plain that stretches through Hungary, Styria (in Austria) and Vojvodina (in Serbia) and beyond. So now the criminal GMO and pesticide sellers are here and sadly but not surprisingly it appears that the Croatian fertile lands and its farmers are swallowing it whole sale. I noticed that most of these representatives seem very rough, soulless and are interested mostly in piling their plates high with food and getting drunk on cheap wine in the lobby of the hotel.

Also, the link is not open yet but I’m sure you’ll watch today on RT Oksana Boyko’s show called World’s Apart because today’s guest is Tim Guldimann of Germany, a former special envoy to Ukraine and everything he says totally confirms what you’ve printed already about Germany’s totally blindness to this issue.

so much for the news from this small corner of southern Europe.

with love and light,

Dear Sarah,

thank you very much for the plethora of information you have given me, much of which is new to me and I have to study it. I am sorry I did indeed made a mistake with Goli Otok being the Yugoslavian gulag, Krk is much bigger.

And will watch this interview with Oksana Boyko, although I find her somewhat circumstantial and too academic without going to the core issues. But she is too young and lacks the real political experience.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

my thoughts exactly on Oksana Boyko. She is not a good journalist yet. She gets too emotional and overly excited in her interviews and too eager to make a point and hence loses her audience. I think this interview maybe is not so interesting, but I only mentioned it due to the interviewee being German and the subject was about Ukraine. But I think it’s repetitive and what we already know.

I think you need not bother too much to watch it, on second thought.

Love, Sarah

Hi George,

Thank you very much for the latest information.

Last week, prior to reading Carla’s encounter with very tall light beings I dreamed about tall people: In the beginning I was driving with a small number of people in kind of a militairy MPV, like a tank on rubber wheels. Driving quite fast on the middle of a gently rather straight road with some changing fluent elevations. The weight of the vehicle was noticeable. Looking outside the road I was wondering how we would be shaken if we were driving on the grassy patches instead of on asphalt (rough parallel timelines?).

We arrived at what was looking like a circular waystation where people could change transportation. In the middle I was introduced to tall people with lengths of say 2.40m. That was the focus. Although quite not near as lengthy as the entities in Carla’s encounter nevertheless quite daunting if all around me (I’m 1.87).

I suppose it takes quite a time and mentality to get used to tall entities around us.

Dennis Dingemanse

Dear Dennis,

thank you for sharing your encounter with tall Agarthans. I actually made a mistake and wrote inches instead of feet but corrected it later on. They are indeed about 2,50 -3 m high. Let us hope that they shall show up soon as I am fed up with this reality.



I just read your latest post. I feel very calm and this all feels unsurprising because we have expected it. I just did a long meditation surrounding us in light and joining our energy fields ( the PAT) as well as with the Argarthans. I requested our swift ascension to the higher realms and the new earth prior to any nuclear damage. I feel very at peace since last night. A new calm has come to settle upon me. Ever since I received the new house, my faith is renewed that we are being assisted with every detail and it is extremely comforting. All PAT members should set their intentions today upon our ascension because we are close to the 12:12 portal.

Until we meet in the higher realms, all my love,

Dear Kari,

your “tree story” has triggered a massive cleansing action yesterday (December 8th). This was an alchemical reaction of great power. Carla also did her invocation to heal all injustice coming from the national state and its institutions and also from its representatives. Other people also participated. Then this night we did another major cleansing operation and I feel very tired this morning.

We are now on a very low timeline and have an unusual storm here with a lot of rain – it feels like the final deluge. The forecast is that it will rain the whole week. It is very dark and sinister today. I know when I am on a lower timeline as my leg with the operation begins to swell and feels worse than normally. It improves immediately when I ascend to a higher timeline.

Just to give you a feedback what your story has unleashed by releasing a lot of pain caused by state and other peoples’ injustice that the PAT has suffered in this incarnation.

With love and light

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Another Valid View in a Multidimensional World

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 11, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, December 11, 2014

Only two days I informed you in my article

“One Step Away From WW3… and the Appearance of the Agarthans”

on the surprising emergency meeting between the French president Hollande and Putin at the Moscow airport. The topic of this secretive meeting was the planned massive attack, most probably with a dirty atomic bomb , on Russia by the criminal Obama regime in order to unleash a new WW3 and install the NWO.

While this spectacular event was completely neglected by the Western MSM, some vigilant Easteuropean observers recognized its paramount importance in debunking the Western narrative that Putin is politically isolated. This wishful thinking of the Western ruling cabal is the most typical symptom of their rapidly increasing insanity, while being flooded by the most powerful, high frequency energies from the source. The latter derail completely their psyche and mind and they are no longer able to perceive this reality and even more so the multidimensional realities we now explore as Logos Gods still in a physical vessel. As an example I would like to quote a “pearl of the day” which I received yesterday from an anonymous Internet troll paid by the dark CIA services to harass me:

“We are “incurable cretins” but we are not delusional…”

Below I am publishing an article from Filip Kovacevic on the Hollande-Putin meeting at the Moscow airport, where he discusses the repercussions of this stunning event from a conventional point of view, but with a lot of understanding of the current convoluted political situation in Europe and worldwide on the eve of a new WW3, which will only happen on lower timelines we incessantly create in the Now.


The Putin-Hollande meeting: Why was Putin in such a good mood?

Filip Kovacevic, December 9, 2014

Putin and Hollande greet each other at their meeting at Moscow airport.

After his surprise meeting with the French president François Hollande at a Moscow airport, Putin held an unscripted press conference which lasted a little less than six minutes.1 From the way he smiled when he took the first question, it was clear that, from his point of view, the meeting went extremely well. And it is not difficult to understand why.

Having created a rift among the NATO allies by negotiating a major gas deal with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Putin believes that he is now able to drive the point home to the warmongering policy-makers in Washington, London and Brussels that major disagreements on policy toward Russia also exist within the European Union. In other words, he sees Hollande’s visit as a major crack in the edifice of the EU’s punitive actions against Russia.

It is worth pointing out that rumblings of discontent about the sanctions were present in the EU almost from the day one. Not long after the sanctions were imposed as a reaction to the supposed Russian involvement in the shooting down of MH-17, for which, to this day, there is not a shred of credible evidence, the Slovak prime minister Robert Fico warned that the sanctions against Russia might “threaten” the expected positive growth of EU economies.2

The day after Fico’s contrarian announcement, the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban was even more explicit. He said that the European Union “shot itself in the foot” by imposing sanctions on Russia3. Considering that Russia is Hungary’s largest trading partner outside the EU, it is easy to understand his concern. However, Orban did not stop there. He also promised “to look for partners to change the EU sanctions policy”.

And he soon found them in neighboring Czech Republic.

In late September, the Czech president Milos Zeman also called for the immediate lifting of sanctions against Russia.4 He claimed that they caused “a reverse effect than their authors hoped to achieve” and that, instead, the path of dialogue and cooperation with Russia must be pursued.

Take a moment and have look at a map of Europe. When you put together Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and now possibly France (add to that Austria & Italy, who are also not too enthusiastic about the sanctions), you get a curious “pro-Russia” geopolitical encirclement of the anti-Russia encirclers (Romania, Poland & the Baltic states). What does that look like if not a huge layer of the EU onion that Putin has already peeled?

However, it is a no-brainer that opposition to the hegemonic warmongers comes at a tremendous cost. Both Orban and Zeman have since come under the intense political pressure from US political figures and their EU cronies. For instance, several days ago the Republican Senator John McCain, who is about to become the chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services Commitee, called Orban “a neo-fascist”.5 And Zeman was pelted with eggs and tomatoes at the event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Czech anti-communist Velvet Revolution last month.6 So far these attacks have been symbolic, but who knows what kinds of warnings have been communicated to Orban and Zeman far from the public eye? Not pleasant, I am sure.

And yet, now that Hollande, the president of a key EU constituent state, has broken the so far still ramshackle iron curtain busily put together by the crew of perpetual war-mongers, it will be easier for all the others to chime in and vindicate the early opponents of sanctions.The bottom line is that Russia will not be isolated. It will not suffer the fate of Milosevic’s Serbia (runaway inflation and political disintegration) projected for it by the aggressive neo-conservative Russophobes.

This political message is also very important to Putin for domestic reasons. And it is perhaps that aspect that made him appear so cheerful after his meeting with Hollande. It was only a few days ago in his address to the Federal Assembly that he stressed that Russia pursued the only possible course regarding the political turbulence in Ukraine. That Russia’s vital national interests demanded that it incorporate Crimea and Sevastopol and that the international community would eventually come to recognize those actions as legitimate. In other words, the terrible price that the ordinary Russians are paying at this time in terms of falling living standards will only be temporary and that it is, therefore, a price worth paying.

While the majority of the Russian citizens may agree with Putin, the warmongers still have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. And “many miles to go before they (finally) sleep”.

Notes :


About the author:

Filip Kovacevic, PhD, is a geopolitical author, university professor and the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro. He can be contacted via this email address:

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The Experts Agree: US / NATO Preparations For WW3 Are in Full Swing 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 10, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, December 10, 2014

I am publishing below this excellent article written by the US journalist Eric Zuesse, who is also an expert on the Ukrainian crisis, because it confirms independently, in each and every aspect, what I have written and published so far on how far advanced the preparations of the dark Western cabal already are to unleash a devastating WW3 against Russia. This article also highlights the total silence of the Western MSM on this obvious fact that is about to destroy the Orion matrix and trigger our ascension, and how gullible and completely blind the masses are with respect to the impending global catastrophe.

Please do not conclude from this that I advocate a new world war and indulge in this idea, quite on the contrary! It is my divine duty as Elohim, Creator God, and Logos of Gaia to avert with all possible means such an outcome. As ascended master I know however that this can only be achieved at the level of my higher self. But as part of this matrix, it is my obligation as a close and competent observer of the world events to discern any political activity that leads to a new world war and to expose it immediately on this website. This alone is sufficient to preclude the occurrence of such a destructive event on this uppermost mother planet. But make no mistake – such cataclysmic events are now happening every moment in the Now on lower 4D timelines as I have reported today.

I would like you to watch very carefully the “weather bomb” that hit yesterday Northern England on this BBC report

in order to get a faint idea of what is happening on lower timelines when the deluge of the MPR hits this fragile British island and completely destroys it. This is what happened in the last 48 hours at the Pacific Coast in North America as we saw it from the vantage point of view of a higher timeline on the beach at Boundary Bay here in the Vancouver area. And I have seen already a dozen times how this city was destroyed by a MPR on a lower timeline, so that this experience is nothing new to me. New is the power of destruction and transformation, which I saw physically on the beach yesterday that reinforced my perception of the scope of the MPR and its devastating deluge.

Or do you believe that both Europa and the Pacific coast in North America were hit coincidentally by a “weather bomb” yesterday as this amateur BBC report describes the weak version of a MPR on this uppermost mother planet? 3D blindness of the MSM can no longer be a red thread for us to follow in our interpretation of such significant natural events. They only give us a clue as to what is now happening at a higher dimensional level and also on lower timelines and we must make our own conclusions as Logos Gods and creators of these events in the multidimensionality of All-That-Is.

We are now transferring all negative dark patterns of aggression and destruction from the human collective onto such lower timelines, where they are resolved by virtue of a natural catastrophe before the dark cabal have any chance to start a new nuclear war. These are the experiences that many incarnated souls need now for their awakening, even though most of them has to go through another painful and very prolonged incarnation cycle, before they have a chance to participate in another ascension attempt in about 26 000 earthly years from now on on their lower 4D timelines.

This End Time brings the ideal Christmas presents for each and every incarnated entity to progress on the Jacob’s ladder according to his current individual soul evolution. There should be a general consensus on this issue after I have published so many articles and channeled messages on this topic on this website.

This uppermost timeline is now approaching with giants steps the same destiny as all adjacent lower timelines and I want you to be very vigilant and sensitive to the collective moods and political developments that can trigger such a disastrous event. We have now reached the threshold of ascension, where a resolution through confrontation between the forces of darkness and that of the light can take place at any moment in the Now. Enjoy now the comprehensive and well documented article of Eric Zuesse on the coming WW3.


Why Are U.S. “News” Media Ignoring Important News? Western Media is Hiding War Preparations Directed against Russia

by Eric Zuesse, December 10, 2014

On December 5th, it was “U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is this Democracy?”

On December 6th, it was “Ukraine Receives New Weapons.”

On December 7th, it was “NATO Prepositions Weapons In Poland for Attack on Russia.”

Are the public supposed to be surprised when the war between NATO and Russia starts? Because it is already a hot war, and it has already begun in Ukraine; it’s being waged between the invading Ukrainian Government, proxying for Obama after his successful coup to take over that Government, and the defending breakaway region of the former Ukraine, proxying for Putin (because the Obama-installed leaders of Ukraine are dedicated to destroying Russia).

NATO is preparing to invade Russia, but our ‘news’-media are hiding these preparations. And the earlier phases of these preparations have already spurred counter-preparations by Russia (which, unlike the precipitating-events on ‘our’ side, do receive press-coverage in the West, because, taken out of context in that way, these reports present Russia as if it were the aggressor, which it’s not; the U.S. is, but the media controlled by America’s aristocracy — and their servantscensor that fact out of their ‘news’).

Is the ‘news’-media collectively hiding the biggest news-story of our time: the perhaps now uncontrollable buildup to World War III, with Ukraine serving as the bait, the pretext, and an eager staging-area for an attack against next-door Russia?

All of those news-reports (on December 5th, 6th, and 7th) were submitted to virtually all ‘news’-media in the U.S. and Britain, but were published by only a half-dozen very small ones, and hidden by all of the rest (including by the major ‘news’-media and almost all of the alternative-news sites).

When are America’s ‘news’-media going to start reporting, instead of covering-up, the biggest news-story of our time: the likeliest buildup toward a nuclear war since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis?

Or is the biggest news-story of our time actually that cover-up itself: the control of virtually all of our ‘news’-media by the same aristocracy — the same interconnected group of billionaires and their servants (including their ‘news’ executives)? And, if that’s the case, then how will the public even possibly come to know about the biggest news-story of our time?

After all, when it’s the case that the “U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is this Democracy?” the question that’s being asked there is a very serious one, indeed.

Perhaps the only way to spread the news now is via word-of-mouth and social media, as well as via reddit and other news-following sites. But the ‘news’-media themselves are not reporting it. So, the news-following sites likewise report little if any of it.

Of course, the aristocracy themselves already know about it. If nothing else, the editors they’ve hired, who are censoring it out at their ‘news’-media, can tell them about it, because they receive those reports (such as from the present independent reporter), even though the general public don’t receive these reports.

Practically the only way that the general public can find out about it is by clicking onto the links in this and the few other news-reports that get published about it, and checking and verifying the sources, all of which are online, so that you can determine for yourself whether these sources are reliable ones.

Newspapers, magazines, books, TV, and radio, don’t provide any similar means of easily checking out and verifying the reliability of their cited sources (no links are available in those old-style media); so, deceiving the public is much easier done in those media, than it is online.

But, of course, the traditional offline ‘news’ media denigrate the online ones as if only gossipy “blogs” were online; they do this in order to discourage the public from being able to verify (via the links, at sites online like this) for themselves, what is actually happening.

A build-up to World War III is happening. You’ll see it verified in those links.

And that’s big news, even though it’s already months old (specifically since at least 24 July 2014, as I noted on December 7th).

It’s not alarmism; it’s fact. It is an alarming fact, that’s not being published. All that’s generally being published in the West is the counter-preparations by Russia. But that’s not even half of the real story. And, taken out of context like that, it’s a dangerously prejudiced less-than-half. America’s aggressive genocide against the residents in the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President whom Obama overthrew is being entirely ignored. Obama is trying to bait Putin into a pretext to invade ‘Ukraine’ (the separatist area, to defend the people there). But America’s press report as if Obama is instead simply defending Ukraine against Putin’s ‘aggression.’ To ‘report’ that way is to lie. It’s to lie about what might be the biggest news of our time. And there’s lots else they don’t report, so as to enable this to happen. Anyone who pays a cent to traditional ‘news’ media, and to any of the many ’alternative news’ sites that also are participating in this cover-up and massive deception of the public, is rewarding it.

On December 8th, Jonathan Cook at Dissident Voice headlined “Monbiot: A Compromised Critic of Power,” and he closed: “Most telling is that [George] Monbiot [of Britain’s Guardian] does not even suggest that this area of corporate power [reporters’ subservience to the line of command up to their aristocratic masters] needs fixing, let alone propose ways it might be done. That, ultimately, is because he is an employee of a corporation, one that sets implicit limits on what he can write about in relation to an area that is his stated expertise. For this reason, Monbiot is fatally compromised as a critic of the corporations. Not because most of what he writes is not excellent, but because he has to omit from his concerns a central problem he claims to be addressing.”

A democracy cannot function like that. Only an aristocracy can, otherwise called an “oligarchy,” “plutocracy,” “kleptocracy,” or “fascism.”

Anyone who says that ‘the Western democracies’ could never instigate World War III are assuming something that has now become false: that the phrase “the Western democracies” refers to something that still exists and that includes the United States. None of that assumption is true any longer.

Our country has changed in a fundamental way.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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The Insane Logic of the NWO Protagonists is the Fuel For Our Ascension 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 10, 2014

Only Two Options for Russia: Lick NATO’s Boots or Become North Korea

Russia is a friendless loser, and its plan for “self-reliance” is just a sneaky way of saying “we want to become North Korea,” according to The Christian Science Monitor

Have you been visited recently by strange and impossible visions of Russian diplomats shaking hands with foreigners? Or maybe you recall reading somewhere about the so-called “Eurasian Economic Union” or “BRICS”? Have you hallucinated TV segments about historic gas deals with China, or pipelines to Turkey? If so, seek medical help immediately: Your brain has been infected with FSB malware that is currently proton-beaming outlandish holograms into your head. (If you are an American, make sure your dependable healthcare provider covers “FSB brain attacks” before calling an ambulance. Otherwise the hospital bill will be staggering.)

We know about this secret FSB fake news hologram program thanks in part to the diligence of The Christian Science Monitor editorial board:

Feeling rather alone in the world these days, like a schoolyard bully who suddenly finds himself friendless, Russia is now singing a song of economic self-reliance. Yes. Russia is a friendless, singing bully. And the songs it sings are full of loneliness. Everyone remembers that famous Ray Charles song, “The Self-Reliance Blues.” So sad. But heartfelt.

But self-reliance isn’t just about being a friendless loser. It’s also a common symptom of “being North Korea.” Confused? Don’t be:

If [Russia] now returns to a form of autarchy (economic self-reliance), it risks becoming more like North Korea – proud and stable, yes, but weaker, fearful, and perhaps dangerous.

Russia has only two options:
Give up any hopes of not being completely dependent on the West
Become North Korea

The choice is yours, Putler.

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Another Hit of Vlad Putin Against the Anglo-American Axis of Evil 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 10, 2014

How Russia Outmaneuvered the West Financially in Ukraine

The West is left with a stark choice: either pay Ukraine’s debts to Russia or see Ukraine collapse

John Dizard (Financial Times), December 8, 2014

How Ukrainian bonds have performed

The only point we would add to this otherwise shrewd article showing how cleverly the Russians have secured their financial interests in Ukraine is that the Russians did this not just because they are clever and have some very good lawyers (they are and they do) but because long and bitter experience taught them something the West is only now learning – one cannot trust the Ukrainians an inch.

Whatever your opinion of the morality of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, or whether the Putin government’s larger strategy will have more gains than losses for the Russian state, there is no doubt the Russians have tactically outmanoeuvred the US and Europe in the financial markets. I am told the Pentagon is already studying Russia’s financial market moves in Ukraine to see how similar tactics might be used in future military crises.

The new Ukrainian government ministers, being chosen and sworn in since the new parliament first met on Thursday, have to deal with a collapsing currency, a corrupt energy pricing scheme that has helped bankrupt the state, and large imminent hard-currency payments to enterprises owned by the very state violating its borders with tanks and “volunteer” troops.

This is all pretty visible. Yet interestingly, the prices in an actively traded market in Ukraine’s internationally held foreign currency bonds do not reflect these realities. An issue due in September 2015 was priced at around 85 cents last week, for a yield of 28 per cent; another bond due in July 2017 could be bought for 80 cents, for a yield to maturity of 19 per cent.

All of these bonds are “foreign law” issues, which means the terms cannot be altered unilaterally by the Ukrainian government using its own parliament and legal system. Until the end of next year, their interest and principal payments are, effectively, shielded by English law, Scandinavian arbitration boards and the Russian and Russian-backed forces at, and over, Ukraine’s borders.

Russian institutions have been quick learners in understanding the uses of international law bonds. The terms under which it sold gas to previous Ukrainian governments reek of corruption, but also good technical lawyering, the effectiveness of which was only slowly understood by people who should have known better, such as the US administration.

Take, for example, what the Americans now call “the booby-trap bond”, a $3bn bond issued by Ukraine to Russian holders a year ago, which is due in December 2015. It is not only enforceable under English law, but was registered on an Irish exchange. It has cross default clauses that are triggered if Ukraine misses a payment to any other entity controlled or majority owned by Russia. That includes a $1.6bn payment to Gazprom due at the end of this month. Oh, and Russia can call a default (which triggers a further default on the rest of Ukraine’s roughly $16bn bonded foreign debt) if the country’s debt to GDP ratio rises above 60 per cent – due, perhaps, to extortive Russian gas prices and a Russian-backed invasion and insurgency.

Thanks to a deep devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia, as well as the greater impoverishment of the population, Ukraine’s current goods and services account is probably close to balancing. However, its debt service burden is beyond the capacity of its foreign exchange reserves and forex earning capacity over the visible future.

So the western countries can either grit their teeth and put up much of the money needed to pay off Ukraine’s maturing debts to Russia, whatever the fairness of the contracts behind them, or watch the economy collapse completely. If such a disaster happens, the US, Europe, the IMF and the other multilaterals will have to compete with Russia to offer humanitarian aid packages, which could be even more expensive.

For the next year, official western and multilateral agency funds will support payments on Ukrainian obligations such as that $500m, 6.875 per cent bond. At 85 it is arguably underpriced, since it comes due before the maturity of the Russian “booby trap bond” in December. However, by the time we get to 2017 or 2019, there could be a crushing burden of official and multilateral debt outstanding, which will claim seniority over privately held foreign bonds. At that point, a drastic outright “haircut” or “reprofiling” of maturities into eternity looks a good bet.

The only way for Ukraine to rebuild enough economic strength and earned foreign exchange to avoid the consequent legal and economic mess is to voluntarily impose effective anti-corruption measures and market-based pricing for energy and other goods that end the oligarch model of development. In turn, these reforms would need to evoke not just reductions in wasteful and corrupt use on the demand side, but new production on the supply side.

To anyone who has past experience with Ukrainian officials, this would appear to require intervention from, say, an archangel with a flaming sword. In this miserable winter, though, there may be enough popular sentiment against past practices to get the job started.

From the bondholders’ point of view, that is probably the only path to their being paid on schedule after the end of next year.

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