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Chi’taia: The Grand Purge

Posted on Dec 12, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Chloe Hudson, Gaia/Mother Earth
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Mother Earth
Courtesy of Permaculture Power

Channeled by Chloe Hudson

December 12, 2014 


Medium’s note: Chi’taia is the 5th/6th dimensional Gaia. Earth Mother is embodying her higher self. As are we.

Dearest my beautiful children of mortar and stone. I am your mother Chi’taia. And you are of my body, my breath and my tears. Today I begin a vast purge of epic proportions. And as I purge so too will all of you. I am cleansing my vessel of pain, anguish, blood shed, hate, vengeance and sorrow. I have come to my ultimate retro-gradient existential velocity transmutation. As this medium emits these codices to your DNA matrix I begin my journey backwards. My reversal starts now. I am capped out in absorbing your illusionary manifestations through my pure empathy body. So, this signals The Grand Purge. You will all cleanse your pain bodies with me now. Listen to my words dear ones. You are born of my womb. All that I feel you feel. This shall manifest as grand discomfort and confusion for most of you all. We are draining out and scrubbing down the inside vessel. It will leave us raw and naked. Many of you will feel tremendous waves of fear and unexplainable loss. We are all connected through our pain bodies and together we will surrender it all to Source Code-Prime Creator now. If you allow the process to flow through you as a siphon to water then your clearing will clean you out swiftly and thoroughly and the next stage of Bliss Activation shall commence. For those whom will inevitably resist and personalize, therefore amplifying all that they “feel” and experience, will become immersed in the illusion of deep anguish and a sense of “losing it”. This can easily manifest as a state of senile franticness. So, the wisdom here is to be the babbling brook. Realize that, as a collective, we are all tapped out with the apathy playbook. We have collectively flown our white flag. And I am to lead us into our next advance by “walking” backward through all that has spilled upon and within my body. This movement is extremely potent, crucial and efficiently swift. All will be “right as rain” relatively quickly. As we surrender to the glory of this release we move into our bliss with exuberance and pure satisfaction. To release one’s pain body is to accept Creator’s Divine Will as one’s truth. And this is an acknowledgement of Self Love of grand proportions. Thank you all for playing. Let’s start a new game now. In this game every body wins.
Ishta lei. Ishta na. I love all that we are.

Your devoted and ever present Mother Chi’taia/Gaia

Shalom for now.

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The Portal 12.12 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 12, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, December 12, 2014

The extremely powerful portal 12.12 this month began actually on December 8th. This applies for all light warriors of the first and the last hour, who are the current Logos Gods of this uppermost mother planet and the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. I am aware that this does not apply to all other light workers and most of the messages that have appeared so far on the Internet on this portal, and are not of dark origin, consider this fact and do not give any valuable information at all.

On December 8th, we did a massive cleansing of all state and governmental institutions worldwide and flooded them with gold-white Christed light. We healed all injustice created by such institutions, the purpose of which is to enslave humanity in the name of the national state. This fact has been reflected by some PAT members in their correspondence to me in the last few days.

It has been a recurrent motif in all my articles on this issue that the national state is the chief instrument of the dark cabal to enslave humanity and establish the NWO in the End Time. And ultimately to substitute the national state with a world state (world government) of total human enslavement. Unfortunately almost all critical experts, journalists and writers have not reached this level of awakening as to discern the insidious character of the national state and to create a new utopia for humanity without this deficient institution. Instead thet remain stuck in the national polemics that is a dead end in itself. The human spirit has yet to learn to fly.

As with all such cleansing actions, the purification of all governmental institutions was triggered by a concrete case and had to do with the passport and immigration authorities of the USA. But this was only the catalyst for a huge alchemical reaction that encompassed all the rogue state institutions worldwide and all injustice that has occurred through the national state. Let me just mention in this context that this year more than 4000 refugees from Africa have died (drowned) in the Mediterranean sea trying to reach Europa and escape the incredible poverty which the constant civil and other wars, instigated by the US and Western cabal in this continent, unleash, including Ebola.

Their death could have been averted if the EU has adopted more humane laws of immigration and has helped the poor African countries on their southern border instead of bombing them as in Libya. We observe the same situation at the US-Mexican border and in many other parts of the world. Let me just pinpoint the fact that only a century ago the people did not know what a passport or identity card was.

Then on December 9th, we had another major cleansing operation that flooded and healed all sexual abuses and crimes committed so far in the family, in the society, and in the numerous wars worldwide. The scope of these sexual crimes exceeds anything even the greatest cynic among us can possibly imagine. Especially the sexual abuses of innocent children in the family by parents is exorbitant and still very much a taboo for even the greatest liberals. Human species is indeed a very savage animal – probably the most aggressive and abusive species in the biological chain.

The new energy quality of this cleansing is that it is entirely focused on the energetic structure of the incarnated human personalities, as the archons and all the other dark forces from the astral plane were completely severed by us from the crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet and no longer need further cleansing. We won our last epic battle with the dark archons more than a month ago and this crucial event has been widely reported by the PAT on this website.

Now the pain and the suffering of the incarnated human souls throughout numerous previous incarnations are surging high and have to be released, also with great pain on our part, as Carla and I have to experience these days. Unfortunately this intensity will stay so until the very end.

On December 11th, the actual massive shift to higher dimensions took place. As I am the nexus to the Source, I experienced this shift as particularly acute. The cc-wave yesterday started in the night and lasted the whole day with a second peak in the late evening. It was inhuman yesterday and the wave burnt my skin so badly that my face is now again red and getting slowly dark as if I have had a sunburn in the tropics. Today we have intermittent ascension and short-lived cleansing waves of a fleeting character, which are still very exhausting and debilitating.

According to my perception, this situation will remain unchanged at this high energetic level and, after we have reached a plateau this weekend, another ascension shift will take place next week in preparation for the final major portal this year on 12.21. What will happen after that is anybody’s guess.

The current portal 12.12 accomplished the insemination of the adamantine particles of Creation from the Source at the DNA and quantum level, which we first introduced with the opening of the 11.11 portal last month. From what we gather so far, our ability for immediate creation has increased exponentially and we should make a vast use of this potential in every aspect that is deemed of importance by yourself. And you must have faith in your judgments and transform this reality according to your intimate desires and personal light visions.

Although we are now surrounded by legions of angles, the 6D fleet and many ascended masters, Carla is too weak and has too much pain in her body from this cleansing to receive any message. As long as we are in the thickest of the cleansing battle, there will be no clear verbal message, but essentially we all know what is currently happening. We have now begun to see its ramifications at the political and societal level without the proverbial lipstick for the swines in power.

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On the Cabal’s Loss of Realistic Perception

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 13, 2014

by Raji Chawla and Georgi Stankov, December 13, 2014
Dear Sir George,

A warm hello to you and ma’am and felt a bit sad to know she is too weak. She and you are always in my thoughts and I wish earnestly speedy recovery to Carla ma’am.

About our recent post sir, I cannot but agree 100% that the western MSM is not only in dire straits but also deeply jealous of Putin’s highly successful visit to India, publish sample this post from the top US Washington Post dated Dec 10th Dec”

“Putin arrived in India on Wednesday for a short summit, and the increasingly ostracized leader is meeting with Modi on the latter’s turf for the first time since Modi swept into power in May with a significant voter mandate for economic revitalization.

As Putin seeks ways to shore up his sagging economy and support with Cold War-era friend India, the wildly popular Modi— who just won Time magazine’s reader poll for “Person of the Year” — will be operating from a position of strength, analysts say, as both Moscow and the United States are looking to revitalize relations and foster economic ties with India”.

Do note the word “ostracised”, used for Putin (I knew) and I looked up at the exact dictionary meaning, which describes Putin’s position as in their eyes “to exclude by general consent from society, privileges etc.”. LOL. That’s exactly the reaction that the dark ones should be given. Glee! Just imagine sir, a few months ago even Narendra Modi was just the same a dog/pariah in America’s eyes and now Modi had to be invited to USA by Obama and his passport and visa given promptly to facilitate his visit to USA on Modi becoming the PM of India. Now Obama will be visiting India on the 25 & 26th of Jan for our Republic day celebrations.

However, please note that the US administration is deeply worried about this growing warmer ties between Russia and India, note the following article in our influential daily Times of India titled “US frown on Indo-Russian deals, Crimea PM’s visit. Flap could cast Shadow over Obama’s R-Day visit.”

Already green with envy and angry with Putin’s smooth diplomacy, the cabal was boiling over the fact that Putin’s entourage had Sergey Aksyonov, the PM of Crimea, who was involved in talks with Indian businessmen privately. This apparently evoked sharp reactions from Washington! LOL.

Times are changing Obama and co. that fact has to be digested soon by those dorks….

Now sir, some thoughts from my end as I was wrestling this night with my course material, which included John Piaget’s theory on cognitive child development especially the topic on schemas as blocks of intelligence. It came to my mind suddenly how psychologists have developed such perverted ways on children from the time of WW1 who have been abused and used by the Illuminati to serve their own ends and this poor child Hannah Montana who runs around is the perfect example of it. I may be wrong but her father was her handler and apparently would have been abused by him too. Such were the train of my thoughts and not surprisingly you also raised the topic.

This has happened several times earlier, I also happen to pick up the same sentiments, thoughts and I read the next day something similar is in your post.


Raji, Mumbai


Dear Raji,

thank you very much for your in-depth comments on Putin’s visit to India and his excellent relationship with your Indian PM Modi, who was also treated as Pariah by the Empire of Evil and denied a passport visa several years ago.

The comments of Washington Post on Putin being ostracised is a typical example of the profound loss of perception of the new reality by the dark Western cabal and their presstitutes in the MSM, which makes them appear laughable. In the meantime less and less people take them seriously and they now get mad, witnessing how their influence among the masses is dwindling by the hour. Their hatred and contempt for themselves and for all other people is now fully exposed and the people begin to see that “the emperor is naked”.

From this point of weakness, it is a short way to the cabal’s demise. Demonstrated weakness is the death penalty for the ruling cabal and they know this very well. But they cannot change the course of their suicidal strategy to bring humanity on the brink of a new devastating world war as this is their only chance to survive, as they believe in their profound madness. Hence they must experience their instant karma that will show to then that they are absolutely wrong.

I am glad that you mention Piaget and his cognitive development theory on the behaviour and psycho-mental growth of children. Together with Freud’s psychoanalysis, these pseudo-theories have contributed more to the confusion of the human mind – at the collective and scientific level – than any other theory in the field of psychology, probably with the exception of the American theories of behaviorism. They all point to the external environment as the determining factor of human evolution and completely disregard the all-encompassing role of the soul that predetermines the archetypal soul structure of the incarnated personality and guides it on its way to spiritual evolution.

Hence it is not at all surprising that we live in an epoch of complete agnosticism and denial of the higher selves and realms. This is the tragedy of humanity in the current End Times and explains why so few people will ascend in the coming days. Had the New Age been intellectually in the position to attack these fundamentally wrong concepts of Piaget, Freud and the American behaviourists, we would have had a completely different society now and the New Age would have been a powerful stream of transformation of the Orion society.

In all this, there is a profound disconnect between the official acceptance of such weird scientific ideas and the behavior of the ruling cabal and their stooges in the MSM, including the troll scum on the Internet. If human cognition and behaviour evolve through recognizing the discrepancies between preconceived ideas (without explaining where these ideas come from) and the existing reality, as these theories suggest, then it is unexplainable why the ruling cabal and their presstitutes are void of any sound cognition and are unable to register the simplest facts on the ground. For instance that Putin is the most revered politician on earth nowadays and that Russia is supported by the overwhelming majority of humanity in its just opposition to the hegemonic, reckless foreign policy of the USA and to act accordingly. And that the only people that have “ostracised” themselves from the civil society are the AAA – the American and Anglo-saxon Assholes.

But when you are a “personality asshole”, everything around you is dark and the only thing you see is shit. The dark cabal and their stooges feel now that they are shit, their lives are shit and subsequently that their world is shit. And it will be so when they descend to lower timelines and experience hell on earth for many incarnations to come. This is the energetic dialectics of transformation in the current End Times.

And last but not least – humans are the most savage species on this planet and the sexual crimes and abuses committed by parents and adults on children are beyond human imagination and just as abhorrent as that of the dark ruling cabal. Were it otherwise, they would not have stayed for so long in power. We know that the dark cabal sacrifice children in satanic rituals to feed on their blood and the fear such crimes create. There are numerous reports of witnesses of such dark rituals on the Internet. This is how they have kept their power for so long. The Church and the perverted Catholic clergy are the spearhead in these crimes on children and humanity and these had one single purpose – to augment the level of darkness on this planet. This is the opposite of what the PAT does – to spread the light in all corners of this world. Hence we are their mortal foes and hence their ongoing attacks on us, which are now rapidly fading away as the frequencies rise.

I hope that this disquisition sheds some more light on these key issues in the current epoch of sweeping revelations.

With love and light


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Putin’s Isolation – Never Heard of It?

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 13, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, December 12, 2014

While the Western cabal and their presstitutes from the MSM are spinning their narrative of Putin, the “Pariah“, and Russia being isolated, they are actually only feeding their insanity to one last crescendo when the ultimate reality check will come – their ousting from power and subsequent deportation on lower timelines or physical death in the deluge of the MPR.

At the same time the light gestalt Putin is signing one economic mega-agreement after the other and has 3/4 of the world population behind him. When we add the silent majority in the West that are also in favour of Putin, it is obvious who is really isolated the AAA – the American-Anglo-saxon-Assholes. The Western cabal now very much resemble mad inmates in an asylum who believe to be the only sane persons in this world because of their inability to make a reality check.

This delusion is part of the End Time scenario when the reality is changing so rapidly that the flood of change sweeps away any person who stubbornly sticks to his past, outdated views of the world. The key to this stipulating madness and “Realitaetsverlust” (lost sense of reality) of the dark cabal lies in the fact that they are unable to grasp the simple truth of All-That-Is – there is only creation and each sentient beings creates its own reality and destiny with his thoughts and ideas.

Never has this truth been so valid as in these days and one only needs to read the idiotic, insane comments of the Internet trolls to me to make this conclusion. These cretins do not even realize that they make me a great favour as they furnish free-hand the best proofs that this world is coming to an end.

In other words, everything the dark cabal is doing now, no matter how insidious and outrageous, is being used against them. This reminds me of a joke we used to say as children with respect to the famous Mao Zedong Quotations in the 50s when I lived under communism and this man was very highly revered: “If you sit on the toilet and feel how a dick prick is penetrating your asshole, do not move as not to make it more pleasurable for the enemy.”

This is exactly the advise the dark cabal currently vehemently reject – the more they undertake to unleash a new WW3 (read here), the sooner will they experience their total fiasco. While in the past the US cabal could present every defeat as victory as the ingenious commentator Dmitri Orlov lucidly describes in his latest interview:

Defeat Is Victory”

now the energetic support for such lies no longer exists after we severed the Orion electromagnetic grid from the crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet. That is to say, now instant karma is the valid law of All-That-Is on this timeline, where the divine prick is already deep in the cabal’s asshole and any movement they make is punished in a very painful manner. Sorry for this outspoken comment, but extreme situations demand extreme presentations.


20 deals in 24 hours: Russia-India relations given $100 billion-worth boost
Published time: December 12, 2014 12:07

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi smile during the inauguration of World Diamond Conference in New Delhi December 11, 2014. (Reuters/Ahmad)

The economic burden of Western sanctions has pushed Russia to the east in search of business opportunities. Judging by the outcome of President Putin’s visit to India – 20 high-profile deals struck – Moscow’s ‘pivot to Asia’ is getting a warm welcome.

Russian President Vladimir Putin achieved this during his visit to India spanning 23 hours and 15 minutes and at a summit meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that lasted barely a few hours.

By the time the two leaders finished their business in New Delhi’s Hyderabad House, 20 pacts were signed in the presence of Putin and Modi on 11 December and the two sides ended with US$100 billion commercial contracts.

Rich pickings by both sides included deals worth $40 billion in nuclear energy, $50 billion in crude oil and gas and $10 billion in a host of other sectors, including defense, fertilizers, space, and diamonds.

All these deals are long-term in nature. For example, India and Russia agreed that Russia would be constructing 12 new nuclear reactors for India and India would soon be identifying a second site to host these plants, apart from Kudankulam in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Each of the new nuclear reactors will cost $3 billion apiece, triple the amount India spent on the two Kudankulam plant units which each cost just a billion dollars. The sharp hike in the costs is because of tough nuclear liability laws that the Indian parliament enacted four years ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) speaks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at The World Diamond Conference at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on December 11, 2014. (AFP Photo)

No foreign power has invested even a single dollar since the new Indian nuclear liability laws came into force. However with Russia wading into the vast Indian nuclear market despite its liability laws means that nations like the US, the UK, France and Canada will be in line.

Indians will have to thank the Russians for that. But then Russia too has got the advantage of being the early mover in this regard.

The $40 billion expenditure for construction of 12 new nuclear plants in India will be spaced out over two decades.

Even then this is big money, and more so for Russia at this point of time when Russia is hemmed in by the West and isolated because of sanctions enforced by the West against Russia. An Asian country like Japan, the world’s third biggest economy, too has joined the West in implementing sanctions on Russia. The Western sanctions left little room for Russia and practically forced it to divert its direction of trade and business to Asia which offers far bigger and untapped markets.

Putin’s just-ended India trip constitutes a major foreign policy success for the Russian President as he has successfully teamed up with China and India, Asia’s number one and third economies respectively. Earlier this year, Putin had signed a whopping $400 billion 30-year contract with China for Russian energy exports to China.

The stellar role played by Russia in the making of modern India post-independence was rightly emphasized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his media statement while pointing out that when President Putin and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee launched the annual Summit process in 2000, and when Vajpayee went to the second summit in Moscow in November 2001, he was there to sign the sister-state agreement between Gujarat and Astrakhan.

AFP Photo/Deshakalyan Chowdhury

Sample the following remarks from Modi: “The steadfast support of the people of Russia for India has been there even at difficult moments in our history. It has been a pillar of strength for India’s development, security and international relations. India, too, has always stood with Russia through its own challenges. The character of global politics and international relations is changing. However, the importance of this relationship and its unique place in India’s foreign policy will not change. In many ways, its significance to both countries will grow further in the future.”

The two sides have also decided to revive their good old defense partnership, albeit in a new avatar. Not too long ago Russia used to command an over 80 per cent share of India’s defense arsenal. Today it has fallen to just about 60 per cent. The US has already taken over as India’s number one defense supplier, nudging Russia to the second position.

The new Indo-Russian initiative involves Russia producing state-of-the-art multi-role helicopters in Indian factories to cut down on costs and time overruns. This deal, for which the two principals gave their approval on Thursday, will be worth $3 billion once formally signed.

This will be the first major defense project under Prime Minister Modi’s pet scheme ‘Make-in-India’. What sweetens the deal further for India is that India will be at liberty to export these helicopters to third countries. The Indian Prime Minister assured that his government will follow up on the helicopter project quickly.

AFP Photo/Chandan Khanna

Modi put Russia’s significance in Indian defense in perspective as follows: “Russia has been India’s foremost defense partner through the decades. My first visit outside Delhi as Prime Minister was to our new aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya. It sails our seas as a great symbol of our defense cooperation. Even as India’s options have increased today, Russia will remain our most important defense partner. We have conducted joint exercises across all three wings of the Armed Forces in the last six months. President Putin and I discussed a broad range of new defense projects. We also discussed how to align our defense relations to India’s own priorities, including ‘Make in India’.”

In conclusion, one can say that Putin’s visit to India would rank at the very top in the list of incoming Prime Ministerial and Presidential visits to India in the year 2014.

Most importantly, the just-concluded 15th India-Russia annual summit has laid out a specific decadal roadmap for bringing about a complete transformation in the Indo-Russian bilateral ties and taking them to a much higher trajectory than ever before.

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