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Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet? 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 9, 2015

Georgi Stankov and the Saker, December 9, 2015


Dear Saker,

I do not understand why all Westeuropean powers, such as France, GB and Germany, the latter in a cogent breach with its constitution that forbids this country to participate in any war, unless directly attacked, and defines it as a capital crime, are in such a hurry to participate in a dirty proxy war in Syria where there is nothing to win and everything to lose? This question considers the fact that the ruling cabal in these countries know exactly how bad the situation in the Middle East is.

Do they know more than we do and what is it?

My working hypothesis is:

1) The western cabal know that there will be an imminent financial and economic crash of the western banking system. They can survive this fiasco only if they have started a new war before that, so that they can use the two circumstances to dismantle present-day restricted democracy by establishing, first, martial law and then the dictatorship of the NWO. If there is only a financial crash without an external excuse (danger) and distraction for the masses, the blame will fall entirely on the ruling cabal and they will be ousted from power. All ruling governments in France, GB and Germany are now minority governments and will lose power in the next elections, and they know that, as Marine Le Pen has just showed in France.

2) France and Germany use the Syrian proxy war to emancipate from the American hegemony by waging it to the same goals as advocated by Russia – eliminating ISIL – which are contrary to that of the USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Israel is already cooperating with Russia in this direction. If Russia is successful in closing the Turkish border and cutting all the supply lines for ISIL and thus allowing the Syrian army of Assad to take control over most of the country, the terrorist “causa bella” will no longer exist and there will be no excuse for the Anglo-Saxon Empire to bomb and destroy Syria any further. If this happens, the Westeuropean continental countries will be on the winning side and this will allow them to distance from the losers USA and GB, which has de facto already left the EU. This is probably the main reason why Italy is not participating in this dirty proxy war as the Renzi government wisely anticipates this outcome.

3) There is always the big danger that the Syrian conflict can explode to a nuclear world war. Why then fueling this conflict by engaging in a war that cannot be conventionally won? Do the European cabal such as Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Co. know that there must be a new world war at any price and only want to occupy the best position for the Day after Armageddon in a catastrophic mad Max world? I am reading the discussions in Germany, France, GB and Italy and they do not make any sense to me at all, even from the bellicose western NATO alliance point of view. Instead utter insanity. And the masses are in a deep slumber and no opposition is in sight, it is even worse than in the USA and I thought it can’t get worse than that. Canada is in the same cesspool.

4) This leads to my final conclusion that the western ruling cabal have succumbed to the idea of the inevitability of WW3 which they know they could not win and are now driven by the naked fear to be let out in a postwar apocalyptic scenario of naked survival. That is why they must participate in this senseless war in the Middle East at any price, where Turkey, the heir of the former crumbled Ottoman empire, is the wild card, as its invasion in Iraq proves beyond any doubt after they shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria in retaliation for destroying the Erdogan clan’s oil business. How much crazier can it get?

My take is that any explanation of what is happening now on the world stage must consider the impending financial crash of the Western financial system which is the 500 pound gorilla in the room. You can find a large sample of actual articles on the economic and financial collapse here:


What is your take? I would highly appreciate if you can write an article on this key issue upon which the future of mankind depends in the coming days from your unique perspective. We are all seekers of the truth which is always multifaceted.

With best regards



Dear George,

Thank you for your very interesting email. Believe it or not, we often have this conversation (about the true goals of the EU and US elites) between the various Saker Blog Team Leaders. I personally do not have any answer to offer that I would be comfortable with. For me the big question is: are the leaders of Europe (or the USA) truly rational actors or do they act simply on a “where I sit is where I stand” basis – could it be that there is no more truly rational basis to their actions?

The same goes for the issue of war: some of us in the Saker community feel that the West actually *wants* a war, while others feel that this is all a pretense and that the west most definitely will not commit the folly of forcing Russia to go to war.

I am not at all sure that I understand this issue and I don’t feel that I am qualified to voice an opinion.

Let me ask you a deceptively simple question:

Who do you think is *really* in charge in the West? Where is, in your opinion, the real center of power? Who is in command?

Kind regards,

The Saker


Dear Saker,

this is the key question to a proper understanding who is in charge of this world and who is writing the script. Actually, as you do in the Saker’s community, we have also discussed this issue at length in our PAT group and have achieved a remarkable unanimity.

For many eons of time, since the fall of Atlantis, the destiny of humanity was in the hands of very dark entities from the astral plane that have severed their connection to the source long time ago, even before they came to this planet. The details are unimportant now. These non-human entities can incarnate upon wish in human bodies. Altogether we speak of the “Unholy six” which includes the Reptilian shape-shifters, the Greys, their mercenaries, the Zeta reticuli and three minor species such as the underground Deros that are also known as the “Men in Black” who are responsible for the dirty jobs such as the distribution of plagues in the past.

The Greys are the actual masterminds of all dark plans to enslave humanity and establish the NWO, but are in smaller numbers than the Reptilians who are military experts and also control the banking system through the infamous thirteen ruling families, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schroeders, etc., but first and foremost through the insidious British Royal family that ruled the British Empire and the latter ruled the waves for a very long time.

The Zeta reticuli are an insectoid species that is doomed to extinction as its DNA is degenerated and that is why they need human DNA to improve their genetic basis. The massive unexplained culling of cattle in the USA and the abduction of many humans in the 60s and 70s was part of the big genetic program of the Zeta reticuli to improve their dying species. They had signed some treaties with the US deep government after WW2 to give them some minor new 4D technologies but did not comply to their promise not to abduct humans.

Here we are talking about biological incarnations of alien races on this earth. Above them are the excarnated archons from the astral plane (4D) who control the whole scenario of enslaving humanity in the End Time from these planes. From there, they have restricted access to parallel timelines and manipulate them as good as they can to achieve the best possible outcome from their perspective, which is the worst outcome for humanity.

While the Reptilians are excellent shape-shifters and can disguise as humans to acquire leading positions in finance, politics and even entertainment, the Greys very rarely incarnate as humans but exist in biological form in underground bases. This also holds true for most Reptilians who are not shape-shifters. The Greys have also a program for human clones and they can reproduce any politicians if he does not play to their plans and kill him and exchange him with a clone. The so-called Nordic type clones which one can find in politics and finance are for the most part Grey clones. This happened for instance three times with Bill Clinton, one time, to my knowledge with Hillary Clinton, who were exchanged with clones. Hillary has in addition several doubles (check all her pictures to find out for yourself).

Berlusconi was also killed and exchanged with a clone when he was attacked by somebody who injured him in the face several years ago, while his bodyguards were sitting there idle and allowed this to happen (find the video and watch it.). After that he disappeared in a hospital and came out as a different person. Later on he was indicted as a punishment by the ruling western cabal who despise traitors. The reason – he became a friend with Putin and had big plans with oil pipelines from Russia to Italy and West Europe. And so on. I can talk for hours about these facts and many of them are discussed on our website which is a seamless chronicle of the ascension scenario in the End Time that underlines all aforementioned facts.

I know some of the major bases of the Greys and Reptilians on this planet as I have been attacked many times by them. But the most insidious attacks come from the archons from the astral plane which have the power to derail any human psyche if it is not strong enough. I know that as I have led a constant battle with them every day and night for the last 15 years and can smell them many light years away against the cosmic radiation.

And here we come to the major factor in this whole drama – the forces of light that actually determine what is happening on this earth and all parallel earths, as there are infinite parallel timelines which we constantly change and visit. But they do it in an invisible manner for the most part of the agnostic humanity which at best describes this exact coordination of human life as destiny, fate or simple coincidences. Only for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour (see below) are all these relationships and interactions visible and comprehensible.

From this you can see that your question is inherently limited as it advocates the linear anthropomorphic 3D perspective that excludes any realities beyond the very limited five human senses. This is the key hindrance for any adequate discussion between agnostics and light gestalts who have an unlimited contact to their higher selves and know from this higher vantage point of view what is happening on this earth and who is responsible for that.

Usually we are defined as “crazy” by these agnostic people, but this is a cheap survival strategy based on fear that must exclude any transcendental knowledge beyond the limited angst-reality of such agnostic people. This psychological aspect of limited human cognition is widely discussed by myself and the PAT on our website and it is the chief hindrance to spiritual evolution and eventually ascension.

Now back to the major protagonists in this final drama. On the side of the light are the Agarthans from the Inner Earth, who are 5D light beings and cannot materialize in this low vibrating 3D reality. They have underground cities of light such as Telos under Mt. Shasta etc. (There is also the Galactic Federation but we will leave them for now aside).

It is notable to mention that when my dual soul Carla transfigured her carbon-based body into crystalline light body on August 13, 2013, shortly after we met for the first time in Munich, she consciously visited Telos and met with the Agarthans. Carla is the first incarnated human being who achieved that. I backed her up in this first ascension of a human being of this kind and then transfigured a week later, although I first ascended in 2000.


There are further highly advanced human civilisations such as the Hyperboreans who extent to 7D and 8D. We are in telepathic contact with both civilisations and if you make the effort, you will find quite a few messages which we have received personally from them and I have published on my website such as this one:


The Agarthans are the heirs of Lemuria which existed before Atlantis and was also destroyed while part of these souls have ascended in the meantime. On June 4th this year we created New Lemuria which will be the new 5D earth (see link above).

This humanity is now on the verge of ascension to 4D and 5D.

The details are presented in great length and almost seamlessly on my website. We have personally participated in all these events and report them in full consciousness. None of this is known to the rest of the agnostic humanity. By “us” I mean the group of highly evolved souls, the captain of which I happened to be. They are called the “Planetary Ascension Team” (PAT). This was not planned initially that way but it had to happen as there was nobody else to do this dirty and tedious work of cleansing Gaia and humanity from dark human and archon dross. My website is the PAT website.

All the true PAT members have already ascended and are now present here only as avatars in physical bodies as they are the actual directors of the current End Time drama, which the other people cannot understand from a conventional anthropocentric point of view.

Please bear with me that I cannot explain all the facts to you in this limited email. You have to read my website which contains in the meantime almost 3000 articles on the End Time scenario in all its facets and 15 comprehensive books of more than 6000 pages. It is the biggest real time ascension archive of humanity and every single word is true, even though many events have not happened on this timeline but on parallel earths.

I am personally an incarnated Elohim and the same holds true for my dual soul Carla Thompson who channels the Elohim, our monad, which is the source of creation of this multiverse. I am also channelled by the source and this is how I discovered the Universal Law and established a complete theory of physics, bio-science and philosophy which is the greatest intellectual achievement in the history of this humanity. You can find all the books on my website for free.

In past human civilisations this knowledge was common to many people. I have had many important incarnations in Lemuria and Atlantis, which I partially remember and there are many advanced souls now who know me from these past lives and have reported similar memories to me.

Now back to ascension – this is the cosmic process that actually determines the history of mankind and the current End Times.

Ascension is a very common phenomenon that happens each time an incarnated soul population on a 3D or 4D planet reaches a certain level of spiritual growth. On the earth, planetary ascension happens every 26 000 years which is known as Kali Yoga. We have left the old Kali Yoga in 2012 and are now in the last phase before final ascension. This ascension is carried by the PAT, the captain of which I am as an Elohim. The PAT members are the conduits of the source energies which increase the frequencies of Gaia and humanity, so that they can ascend. The group, also known as the light warriors of the first and the last hour, is unique in the whole multi-verse as we have accomplished ascension of many planets time and time again and are the experts of ascension.

However never before has such a dark planet as the earth ascended from this current low-frequency density into 5D together with its population. In most cases the population is extinguished by a magnetic pole reversal first. This is a unique experiment and that is why there were many challenges and delays. Initially it was supposed that we should ascend in 2012, but this date was postponed because humanity did not awaken to the necessary threshold of ascension. As I said, it is all documented on my website. Check all the volumes below.

Now to your initial question in an expanded form: While it seems superficially that the Powers That Were (PTW and not Be, PTB) such as the invisible archons from the Orion (Greys) / Reptilian empire and their human stooges as dark entities or clones rule this world physically as politicians and banksters, the actual power lies entirely within the forces of light, which is essentially the source (the Elohim), also known as “God” in religions, through their incarnated emissaries of light – the PAT.

As I said, all the members of this group ascended last year and since then are the creator gods (Logos Gods) of this earth on the way to final transfiguration into light. However they are needed on the ground to the very last moment as bearers of the light and as creators and directors of the ascension scenario.

Carla, my dual soul, with whom I now live in Canada, and myself are Elohim of the first and the third cause and together we create whole new galaxies and worlds, such as the new Golden galaxy, to which this earth is now rapidly ascending. We created Gaia 5 (5D) two years ago and if you go to this link you can find all the details:


Everything that happens now on this earth has already happened and the dark ruling cabal cannot change anything. There are infinite outcomes on infinite parallel timelines after Carla and I single-handed (from the fulcrum of our Elohim souls) created the first seven earths in May 2013. Use the log function on my website – go there and read all the messages and information on this creation.

Since then, numerous 3D and lower 4D worlds have been created and destroyed by magnetic pole reversals and /or nuclear wars of the ruling cabal on these timelines and then, either the NWO was established, or these timelines were depopulated. I and Carla have consciously experienced at least 7 such MPR and ID splits in the last three years, which means with direct visual experiences as reported on this website, and numerous others as energetic waves as also reported by myself and many PAT members who make the same experiences as ourselves.

While lower timelines are severed, this uppermost mother planet ascends like a multiple-stage propulsion rocket to higher dimensions, while shedding off catastrophic dark energies. Now we are in the last throes when this interdimensional shift will happen on this last timeline. Before that the Orion matrix must collapse however. But make no mistake, only in November we had several huge nuclear wars on near-by timelines that were separated. They must happen, so that this mother planet is saved and continues to ascend. If there is no WW3 yet here, this has nothing to do with human responsibility as this is the most irresponsible species in the whole universe.

This uppermost mother planet consists of infinite timelines that are constantly separated and destroyed and descend to lower dimensions as we speak (I write) now. Many soul fragments make dreadful experiences on such timelines while leaving their empty human shells here, which are incarnated by new old souls as walk-ins. This topic is also widely discussed on this website based on personal experiences of the PAT.

So who is in charge of the events on this planet?

Superficially, the dark ruling cabal, the human minions of the Orion / Reptilian empire of the archons as Reptilian shape-shifters, clones or dark human incarnated souls that have vowed to serve the dark archons between incarnations. They are ruled more or less by the thirteen Reptilian families who control the financial system. The elected politicians are their stooges who can be exchanged any time if they do not follow. The masses have no say, and everything we see in politics and you discuss on your website is a camouflage for the masses and an indirect indication for us how advanced the ascension process is.

However the situation has radically changed in the last several months. In particular on October 28th all dark criminal soul fragments were ejected by the PAT from this timeline after we eliminated and severed all archons from the astral planes of this uppermost mother planet in a series of astral battles since 2012 and even earlier.


Which means, we do no have any dark energies on this uppermost mother planet any more, but only empty holographic magnetic images of them as sluggish human energies before they are eliminated in the final phase of the ascension to 4D and 5D. All dark western politicians on power are soulless human bodies now and this explains their current insanity. That is why since then Russia has been so victorious in its battle against the dark western cabal. It is because the light has won on this planet, and by the light I mean in the first place the PAT. Difficult to chew, but this is the whole and only truth.

Read here, there is also a personal comment on you in this article:


Based on this elaboration I see now the final throes of the dark western cabal as demonstrated by their lemming behaviour to insist in participating in a war they can never win and where they will lose everything. This is the final act of the ascension scenario when the dark ruling cabal will eject themselves from power, so that we can finally ascend. It may happen before Christmas or shortly thereafter – linear time does not matter as it is an illusion of the human mind. Everything happens in the Now and there is only the Now.

The key factor for the collapse of the matrix is the financial crisis and the impending collapse of the Orion monetary system that dominates all the other efforts of the desperate ruling cabal in the west to survive. They know that they have lost the battle with the light, of which Putin and Russia are simple human images, and that their demise is inevitable. Hence no matter what they do, they have already lost.

To them I have a very practical advise which we attributed to Mao as youngsters: “If you feel a cock in your asshole do not move as not to make pleasure to the enemy“. Unfortunately the dark ruling cabal has not heard of this Mao’s saying and do everything in hectic now as to please us as spectators with their final futile attempts to avoid their inevitable death like in a classical Hitchcock suspense thriller.

I hope this is sufficient as an introduction to our multidimensional approach which explains holistically what is happening on this planet before it finally ascends.

With love and light



The Journey of the Planetary Ascension Team – Books

compiled by Erik Westhovens

Every post of Georgi Stankov with the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) that are shared on stankovuniversallaw.com are documented in separate volumes (ebooks). Every ebook can be downloaded for free.

The latest volume is regularly updated with the latest posts.

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January 15, 2011
February 16, 2012
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July 30, 2012
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December 23, 2012
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May 24, 2013
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October 25, 2013
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January 8, 2015
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June 7, 2015
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Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your email. You describe a reality which is so far from the one I know that I don’t really know what to do with it. More relevantly, what you describe directly contradicts the dogmatic anthropology of the Church and the consensus patrum on the nature of the human condition. This is a major problem for me as I do most definitely believe that God has always communicated with mankind, by means of His prophets and the revelations they pass on to us, and that His message has always been unchanging and consistent.

Thus, when I see the teachings of the Orthodox Church today, they are what I call “upward compatible” not only with the 2000 year-long history of the Church, but also with all the Scriptures. In contrast, the model you describe is in direct contradiction with what the Fathers taught and, therefore, not one I can adopt.

Please forgive me my candor.

Kind regards and many thanks,

The Saker


Dear Saker,

I can find a grain of truth even in your dogmatic orthodox point of view. Who are the prophets through which God communicates with humanity? – We are these prophets in the current End Time? Do you expect that God himself will communicate with humanity?. Humanity is not ready yet as it is entirely agnostic, or rather closed to the higher realms. We are not.

And even this orthodox expectation is based on a profound illusion. If you are open to your higher self, which is the divine origin or even God, then you do not need any prophets through which God should communicate with you.

Most believers in organized religions are closed to the divine source – that is why they need organized religions to tell them what to do. And when they open to their higher selves, they usually leave the religions and seek their own spiritual pathway. Religions have significantly contributed to the dumbing down of humanity as we see it nowadays and especially Christianity works in cahoots with the dark ruling cabal to achieve this goal. Why? I will explain below.

Who do you believe Jesus was? – He is a mythological composite of the historical personality Apollonius of Tyana, about whom I and other PAT members have written a lot of articles (go to search function). And most of the PAT members, including myself, were incarnated at that time and were part of the Apollonius movement of spiritual awakening of humanity that was so powerful in the Antiquity that it had to be hijacked by the Orion forces and the Reptilian Constantine, the Little, during the Synods Time.

I have written a comprehensive philosophical work on “Neoplatonism and Christianity” that elucidates this time of religious fraud which you can find on my website written in German. I know your Orthodox beliefs as I have studied them in detail as they are the same in Bulgaria, which is the cradle of Eastern (Russian) Orthodoxy as you may know and all your liturgies are using old Bulgarian language (church Slavonic language) which I can use myself very well.

Besides, I know the academic studies of Russian scholars on early Christianity very well and most of them are very poor or there are none. I did a four years research it the theological library in Freising where 250 000 books since the 8th century are collected and where the former pope Ratzinger became a priest when there was still a seminary there. The Freising library is the oldest and one of the most renowned library north of the Alps (there are older in Italy).

I have studied the history of early Christianity from the 1st to the 6th century, and also later, at a time when Russia was heathen. It was actually pagan until much later and only became truly christianized when Bulgaria was conquered by the Turks in the 15th century and most Bulgarian theologians came to Russia (mainly Kiev) and began to truly propagate the Christian Orthodoxy. The two apostles of Slavonic Orthodox Christianity Kiril and Methodius were Bulgarians (Macedonians) from the region of Thessalonike, where my family also comes from, and propagated Christianity on behalf of the Byzantine Empire to civilize the heathen Slavonic Barbarians in the 9th century. This is elementary history of Orthodox Christianity, which at that time was not even called Orthodox as there was nothing else. Catholicism emerged only after the final schism in the 13th century and even until the 15th century there were significant attempts to bridge the gap (e.g. the Councils of Constance and Florence)

Hence I do not know where you get your information about the Christian teachings from, which were entirely developed in Egypt, Alexandria by the great gnostic and neoplatonist Origenes and later on by his disciples in Minor Asia (current Turkey) during the early Byzantine time. None or very little of this history is known in Russia or to Russian scholars and the same holds true even more so for the Anglo-Saxon world. The only relevant theological and historic studies can be found in Central Europe for historical reasons which I will not discuss now as they are very complex. Therefore I wonder really where do you get your Orthodox teachings and beliefs from and please do not tell me that you read only the Bible, which is the same for Orthodox and Catholics.

While reading this morning my response to you from yesterday evening, I realized that I have forgotten to explain a key question which I will do here for the sake of completion, although I do not expect that you will understand it or believe me:

Why do the dark archons and the “Unholy Six” from the Orion /Reptilian empire want to dumb down humanity, establish the NWO, and enslave it?

Very simple! Because these dark entities have severed their connection to their souls and thus receive very little vital energies through their higher and lower chakras that keep them alive in the 4D and as incarnates on 3D. No sentient being can exist without the life-spending force of the soul which is a spark from the source. This should be cogent even to Christian believers.

The incarnated human souls have instead still more or less an intact connection to the source and receive much more divine energies to exist and thrive as incarnated human personalities. That is why all dark entities are energetic vampires that sponge at the astral planes on the energies coming from the human souls to their incarnates in 3D. More than 90% of this vital energy is taken away by the dark archons and the rest by their human stooges on the ground with all kinds of heinous means.

All developments in the last years aim at steeling the vital and creative energies of the humans, through Hollywood trash entertainment that harnesses the emotional energies of the masses, through wars that harness their fears, through HAARP and chemtrails that destroy their brains and poison their bodies, through electronic gadgets such as iphones that distract them from their inner higher selves, etc., etc.

The objective of all dark measures and psyops of the dark ruling cabal and their astral masters, the archons, is to dumb down all humans and to lower their frequencies as to make them believe they are weak vulnerable biological species that are an easy prey to dark influences – dark magic and rituals – which have become the core of most current organized religions, including Orthodox Christianity. You as an Orthodox believer do not even perceive it. This is how the Church exerts its power over you.

The dark forces from the astral plane know that humans are very powerful creator beings, real gods, who have a direct connection to the source and can be redeemed, while they live in a rebellion against heaven. They must stay in the astral 4D planes as long as they do not consent to enter the karmic cycle and go through the same calamities, as most human souls since the Fall of Atlantis, before they can be redeemed and eventually ascend in 26,000 years from now on. That is why they hate humans so much and would love to destroy them as they also have no respect for the sanctity of life. They are trying to lower their frequencies with all possible means as to make them their permanent slaves and a source of vital energy for them.

As they knew that ascension will take place in the current End Time, which is essentially liberation of the incarnated human personalities from the energetic vampirism of dark forces through raising their frequencies and making them sovereign enlightened beings, they try to prevent our ascension with all possible means and have intensified their genocide war on humanity. Here is where we stand now. What you superficially observe at the political stage is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg as you do not consider the energetic and eschatological depth of the observed events on the ground.

Finally, let me make one important last observation. In your response to me you have completely ignored the key information I gave you.

We believe only in the new theory of the Universal Law which is pure science, pure new modern physics, bio-science, ethics, philosophy and social sciences and can be experimentally proven contrary to any religious beliefs, including yours.

You can read my scientific books to gain a glimpse into the complexity and depth of this theory, but I do not expect you to understand it. However, I have written also five books on Gnosis that amalgamate all basic theological concepts in the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.

What I wrote to you regarding the explanation as to what is happening on this planet in the End Times and who is in charge of it, has nothing or very little to do with this pure theory of the Universal Law, in which we all believe as it comes directly from the Source and is valid throughout the multiverse, while in my response to you I am talking only about the derailed history of a small planet. I am flabbergasted again and again how my discussion partners always fail to register the basic information I gave them, which only indicates the myopic exclusiveness of their weltanschauung, which in your case has been caused by false Orthodox dogmas that shut down any critical mind. Sorry, for being so blunt, but this is the bitter truth.

With best regards


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The Dialectics of Life: There Is Always Hope For Humanity 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 9, 2015

Joachim Hagopian and Georgi Stankov, December 9, 2015


After I re-published Joachim’s article “The Empire of Evil’s Roadmap to Perdition” I wrote to him and informed him about that. He responded very warmly and then I decided to ask him the same question as I posed to the Saker. Here is his very comprehensive and clear answer that is such a promising counterpoint to the Saker’s gnostic intransigence that almost made me lose hope for humanity for a short, fleeting moment, before I read Joachim’s answer, which I have the pleasure to publish below.



Hi George,

It’s a pleasure to correspond with you. Your grasp of the global situation is informed and I’d say accurate in as much as I agree with your assessment.

I’ve mentioned in my articles as of late the orchestrated perfect storm of catastrophic events designed to produce such dire earthly conditions that facilitate the Western ruling elite’s full materialization of its New World Order and of course formalized one world government. War on a global scale against the Eastern powers that may go nuclear – the Western globalists are grandiosely delusional enough to actually believe they can survive a nuclear holocaust from their luxury underground bunkers/civilization or perhaps even some designated haven in outer space.

Russia and China with Iran and likely India I believe in a conventional global war would likely defeat the West. The economic and geopolitical balance of power has already shifted in favor of the East. And as you also recognize the Western and global economy is imminent in its collapse timed with the global military conflict of world war. As a consequence of war and economy collapse already in process with the refugee migration flood, civil unrest and breakdown are sure to be a third co-occurring factor that will unleash the brutality of the totalitarian police state amidst global war to eliminate civilian opposition to one world government tyranny.

Though as humans operating from a survival instinct to want to continue living on this planet, we tend to naturally gravitate to any force we perceive to maintain a semblance of a compassionate reasonable perspective opposing the evil without completely self-destructing. And right now Putin and China as the lesser evil, is the global force that any rational and mindful human would hope will prevail. But I’m afraid my assessment of even the Eastern powers and the Eastern oligarchs behind them are no saints and likely are compelled by the same thirst for power and control as the malevolent Western forces, only perhaps to not such extreme.

As you allude to, there are moments when Western puppets Germany, France and Italy might break away from the US-UK darker cabal core, perhaps even joining the East and placing the Western criminal cabal in an even weaker position perhaps avoiding the end of the world scenario. But I’m inclined to believe that the Rothschilds-Rockefeller-UK royalty abjectly pure evil contingent in this chessboard mix would rather see the entire human species and planet die as long as they’re going down.

I read Benjamin Fulford and his spin which sounds too comic bookish where the White Dragon good guys will end up saving the day. Based on my assessment of the elitist power pyramid and as much as I want to believe the good guys joined by God will win and save us in the end, I have little faith in that happening here on earth.

To help cope with the sheer heaviness of where we’re currently at, I have always known that the far more important and “real” aspect of life and living is found in the spiritual dimension. Years ago I reconciled that I must utilize whatever power, strength and talent I have to act as a catalyst for much needed positive change. My integrity and passion for standing up and opposing the evil is far more important to me than at this point escaping the abyss humanity’s plunging towards.

Obviously I want to live but if my struggle opposing the evil forces is cut short, I’ve reconciled and accepted such a fate. So ascension and moving towards the light obviously are more than a coping strategy but I see them as instrumental in my/humanity’s personal growth and evolution.

I respect your work and your incredible intellect George and am grateful to know you.

Look forward to further dialogue.



Dear Joachim,

I am really grateful that you have responded to me in such length and has presented the core of your world view which is in full coalescence with what we also believe and practise:

“I have always known that the far more important and “real” aspect of life and living is found in the spiritual dimension. Years ago I reconciled that I must utilize whatever power, strength and talent I have to act as a catalyst for much needed positive change. My integrity and passion for standing up and opposing the evil is far more important to me than at this point escaping the abyss humanity’s plunging towards. Obviously I want to live but if my struggle opposing the evil forces is cut short, I’ve reconciled and accepted such a fate. So ascension and moving towards the light obviously are more than a coping strategy but I see them as instrumental in my/humanity’s personal growth and evolution.“

I had asked the same question to another thinker, the Saker, http://thesaker.is/ who is also critically assessing the latest political events. However, he is not open to the spiritual dimension, which is the dominant inner force in your and our lives. Hence a very interesting discussion arose from this email exchange which I have just published as it bundles up the entire failed dialogue we are now trying to lead with the rest of the agnostic humanity through our editorial work, but to no avail:


While I fully agree with your analysis of the current political situation, I am also seeing it from the multidimensional perspective. Indeed the war scenario you outline has happened many times on lower timelines which this uppermost mother planet has separated through ID splits and MPR since August 2013. This is precisely the reason why this detrimental End Time scenario with a nuclear WW3 will not happen on our timeline as we constantly raise our frequencies through shedding off dark energies and bilocate through the timelines in an upward spiral.

But this kind of pitiless analysis is mandatory for us as light warriors in order to establish clarity of mind and thus vicariously for the rest of humanity. By paving this pathway, we actually eliminate this dreadful alternative for this uppermost mother planet as this is how we now operate as Creator Gods in the Now: We choose what to experience and what not by clear discrimination. Please observe that the vast majority of humans are not capable of this precise discrimination and that is why they will most likely experience the nuclear war scenario as to learn their karmic lessons. This is how All-That-Is operates.

I will publish your contribution as an important beneficial counterpoint to the Saker’s response as this kind of discussion already outlines and anticipates the future dialogue we shall lead with the rest of humanity until we fully awaken them.

With love and light


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Navigating Higher Dimensional Grids
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 10, 2015

The Arcturians and the Team

channelled by Maria Julia Bethencourt, December 10, 2015

Dear Georgi,

I am sharing with you my latest message from the Arcturians, as we once again begin to access the increasing incoming energies. These are going to finish the collapse of manipulated 12/21/12 timelines, and it will be massive. But then in this ascension cycle every wave will peak higher than the one before it… goodness, I hope I can keep it together lol.

I am not really connected at all anymore, yet I am sleeping so much. Itching is intense as shift within goes from carbon to crystalline. At times I don’t recognize myself, feel so alien, like I have forgotten how to be human… meanwhile the downloads continue nonstop, all sacred geometry symbols it seems. I also am very limited in what I eat and drink. If it is not organic… well not good.

I myself have a new Team. The Arcturians have been joined by what I can best describe as oversouls. The Seraphim Collective and The Guardian Collective were the first ones. Now there are more. Their language is incredibly simple yet so powerful.

I feel like I’m in school, which I guess I am. Remembering The Language of Light.

Getting a very clear message that the next step of the “boots on the ground” mission is disclosure of galactic ambassadors to lead forth, when consciousness is ready to accept, disclosure of ships by Light families, as the Earth begins the path of becoming a galactic citizen.

Starseeds and ALL that are part of this mission, are beginning to connect to their new multidimensional Teams, and are experiencing self disclosure as their frequency reaches that particular consciousness level.

I feel like I have re-volunteered, yet this time it is me who chooses to remain and support.

Incredible the empowerment.

Well I hope all is well dear one. I send you and all your loved ones my love and blessings.

In Light and Love,



Dear Maria,

this is a remarkable message for two major reasons at least:

1) It addresses the variety of topics we have been discussing independently with the PAT in the last few days, which points to a significant increase in synchronicity prior to the final ID shift.

2) The announcement that new “Oversoul Team Guides” are now available to us to help us in our transition to 5D is pivotal.

To this latter announcement I must report what I experienced three night ago in the lucid state which is now more conscious than the dreamy state I am during the day. I was with Carla and we were doing some light work as usually. All of a sudden her higher self appeared in front of us in physical body. She was a beautiful woman with long blond hair which was somewhat more pale than the golden-blond hair Carla has, her complexion was of suntan and her eyes were blue. She was a little bit smaller than Carla and was of indefinite young age. She told us that she has come to us to help us make the transition to New Lemuria and the higher realms. When I asked her when it would be, she smiled enigmatically like a blond Mona Lisa and did not give me any answer. I was very excited and mesmerized by this prospect and by having Carla’s HS as a human being with us. She then helped us accomplish a number of chores in preparation for this transition. I remember also that I asked her why her complexion is so dark and she said this is part of her Sirian heritage where she had incarnated many times. I was very excited by this incredible encounter so that I immediately woke up from this experience and told Carla about it.

The interesting aspect of all that is that since then we both feel completely changed in our inner personality as if a total switch has happened. Carla feels indeed the descent of her HS in her body and I feel rather estranged, which is however nothing new as it happens regularly.

In addition to that more than a month ago I had another very lucid dream where I was bilocating and flying in the air. There were a lot of people on the ground, it was a park with parkways and high trees which I had to avoid while flying rather low and also could see the surrounding avenues leading to the park. The whole setting was very real and the park was full of people who strolled along the pathways and enjoyed the good weather. When these people saw me flying above their heads, they freaked out and began to shout in panic and to run away. I immediately got the information from my HS that this was a test to see how the people would respond when an ascended master appears in front of them. The outcome was that they are still very fearful and that they are not ready for our appearance, which saddened me a lot in the dream state as it meant another delay. I had obviously visited a lower 4D timeline.

And now your source says in the message:

“NOW is the time for ALL galactic ambassadors to begin disclosure of their galactic heritage. This is the next step in global disclosure without the experience of fear. Our Light Families do not wish to give any energy to the lower dimensions, or cause fear with disclosure.”

I find this very significant as it exactly reflects what I experienced in the dream state a month ago. We can disclose ourselves only in the higher timelines where the incarnated souls are advanced enough to encounter us without any fear which will be detrimental to their further awakening. We have seen in our discussion with the Saker how fearful these people still are and how vehemently they reject any truth that is meant to expand their awareness.

Therefore I thank you very much for this very important message which I will publish today.

By the way I confirm all the experiences with the peaking energies about which you report in your letter.

With love and light



The Message

This next step in the Journey of Remembering is about fully stepping into your multi-dimensional Self. Quantum jumping. Accessing all multidimensional tools.Unifying with your Angelic Self. There is no longer a need to look at what was left behind (3D), as you fully step into the unknown.

As you further expand into your hearts and remember, you constantly continue on the spiral of ascension into higher inner vibrational grids of Creation. Each one a finer system of discernment, the ultimate goal to further connect in Oneness with Source, while experiencing individual physicality. Each grid further assimilates integration within each soul and brings it closer to Oneness of Self. ALL are Source expressing SELF in physicality.

Everything created is from Source Energy and Frequency.

Grids are a created frequency blueprint experience of oversouls. These further separate into the lower dimensions as individual soul experiences, while simultaneously separating into ray families and gender (and much more duality) in the lower dimensional consciousness.

1D can be seen as the most separate density, that of rocks and crystals and the elements, for example. 2D can be seen as plants and animals consciousness frequency, overlaying 1D. Both are in Oneness with Source and are constantly connected to the Divine Blueprint of this Source Creation through their heart to the Soul Gaia, the oversoul of ALL that wish to experience Earth.

The divine original source thought for this earth creation is written at the highest frequency, that of unconditional source love, this is the divine Blueprint. It is this divine blueprint upon which dimensional frequency holograms are created and overlay allowing for further frequency separation as matrices within matrices.

These matrices are co-created by souls and become timelines. They begin as a collective frequency band. Imagine a funnel, beginning very broad and narrowing up to an apex. Timelines are massive and break down to further separation, down to an individual soul’s timeline.

Countries are timelines, massive frequency bandwidths with many souls of matching frequency, which further separate into, for example, states, cities, towns, neighborhoods, streets, houses, family, Self.

As each soul reaches further within and connects to their heart and clears density, they begin to access higher vibrational inner grids, with higher outside vibrational timelines accessible to match inner frequency. This is quantum jumping. Conscious movement through timelines using inner discernment to co-create and anchor accessible 5D and higher timelines.

One also begins the process of “Boots on the Ground”. The finishing of clearing Ley Lines and grids which have been manipulated and reversed, using blood sacrifices and wars to trap souls and keep them in karmic loops in specific timelines. This is work done by the wayshowers as well as at multidimensional levels.

The planet has a chakra system in place which ascends and descends, and it moves as the frequency (consciousness) of the planet changes. It keeps expanding and evolving with all races incarnated on the planet.

It is currently moving from the Tibet area and the old patriarchal religious systems to a heart balanced divine masculine/ divine feminine system in the “spine” of the Americas. This shift was geo-effective, the final collapse of the Tibetan timeline geo-effectively manifested as a massive earthquake as all trapped souls in Ley lines were released.

The World’s Kundalini moves like a snake. It ascends and descends as per the 7 Hermetic Principles which govern this Creation. (http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/kyb/kyb04.htm). As it does, it clears Ley lines and grid lines and collapses all experiences from the previous era. It is also geo-effective.

This is why wayshowers “ground” the Light. So that these divine energetic waves which are shifting the consciousness of the planet occur with ease and grace. It does not have to be catastrophic. That timeline has often been experienced by the Hyperborean race, the Lemurians race, the Atlantean race, endless other races. It does not have to continue in a loop in this Now.

Certain areas of the world are kept in war and death and disease, so that the global chakras of the area remain blocked, keeping “Hue-mans” from ascending back to their divine blueprint. This is lower consciousness thought and interference.

Such as the Middle East timelines which harness the lowest emotional energy of war and death and pain to off world multidimensional beings. They use the trapped soul energy as “food”. This is also done through controlling specific 3D bloodlines through “family ancestry” and “family ties”. These ancestral timelines are being collapsed as more souls awaken and collapse individual soul fragment timelines. Individual timelines co-create a massive timeline, an era.

These timelines are collapsing as the warring mentality is collapsing, as the consciousness of the planet rises. As higher vibrational souls no longer choose war, more and more level up to the frequency and join in bringing forth global peace. No longer giving ANY energy to lower vibrational timelines. The expansion of the World’s Heart cannot be stopped by anything or anyone. Source is constant Creation and expansion.

Many forerunners are now fully anchored into 5D and higher, co-creating timelines which expand multidimensionally and become accessible to all souls who wish to experience ascension from the 3D matrix.

Reaching and anchoring 5D has been one of the mission purposes of soul volunteers. Many will now move forward and return to their original timelines and worlds. Some will leave, yet their bodies have made the DNA shift, and walk-ins who do not wish to experience childhood will join in the next part of the mission.

Self disclosure of ALL galactic races incarnated as “Hue-mans”. A shift to a global galactic unity consciousness with ease and grace. Earth becoming a galactic citizen. The evolution of a prison planet.

NOW is the time for ALL galactic ambassadors to begin disclosure of their galactic heritage. This is the next step in global disclosure without the experience of fear. Our Light Families do not wish to give any energy to the lower dimensions, or cause fear with disclosure.

It occurs personally first, one on one with individual teams. If there is fear in the encounter, then it is not an ascension team which is contacting you. Discernment is key. Accessing the Seraphim Grid has made this timeline of galactic unity an option for all that wish to experience it.

This golden Seraphim light grid is of angelic divine frequency. Remembering of angelic Self and being multi-dimensional. Connecting to your angelic Self. Connecting to the angelic oversoul.

It is also a unity timeline. Flames and twins (dual souls) and ray families NOW create unification experience timelines as there is no longer a need for a “twin” or “flame” to stay behind in the higher dimensions to guide the other in the lower separation dimensions.

This IS the higher dimension, therefore once reached by each individual soul, Oneness with other aspects of Self occurs. Twins come together and experience Hieros gamos. Many will be walk-ins, as they do not wish for the limitation experience of 3D childhood. This experience of separation is no longer in 3D, and no longer desired by the “Divine Masculine” and “Divine Feminine” oversouls unified in the Seraphim grid.

The angelic oversoul is expressed in many dimensions and realms for it is the original divine thought of “Angelic”, and everything created from the Heart of Source is of the essence of Angelic. It separates Self into ALL RACES wishing to experience the “angelic consciousness” (frequency). For example, an angelic dragon (all races can be seen from the perspective of an oversoul), can be an experience of the angelic oversoul further separating into a dragon oversoul, as it continues separation into the lower dimensions across all desired realms. Same as a Pleiadian, Orion, Andromedan, Syrian, Lyran… endless galactic races, at different frequencies (timelines) all experiencing incarnation and multi-dimensionality in the Milky Way Galaxy (galactic timeline).

ALL that can be SEEN is part of this galactic timeline. If we are conscious of it, it exists somewhere, somehow. Simultaneously the oversoul also breaks down into duality of “light” and “dark”, as well into gender.

Oversoul guides are available for ALL in this Now. It is their heartfilled wish to pass on this message. They are the new Team Guides in this new higher vibrational grid, if called upon from within to meet in the heart, they do so in joyful service, walking the Law of One.

This higher vibrational grid can be seen as being “upside down” from the 3D. Everything works differently. If things are not manifested from the heart, they will manifest yet will fall apart, badly and quickly. Only manifestations for the highest good of all can anchor into this angelic grid.

The process is guided completely from the heart. Once created in the heart, it cannot be controlled. Manifestations can no longer be created if coming from the lower consciousness of “ego”. It has to unfold, without self interference. The OUTCOME of the manifestation MUST be released. This is what it means to WALK IN SERVICE. We choose the experience, yet we release the HOW of the experience. If we don’t get to choose, our human consciousness cannot begin to comprehend the unfolding of the divine plan. Yet by releasing all outcome, the choice is made by us. We then become vessels of the light and within the flow. One must let go of ALL which one is the MOST afraid to lose. One must jump off the cliff without seeing what’s ahead, in faith the universe will provide all creations from the heart.

The 3D matrix is a linear matrix. Therefore it can be folded through magnetic portals to allow for such things as time travel and teleportation. These portals can be felt initially, yet further in self evolution, they can eventually be seen with an opened Third Eye. From there further understanding of movement across grids is accessed when said matching frequency is accessed.

Manifestations in 3D matrix can be manipulated, interfered and created with linear repetition and mental processes. It is manipulated and controlled by electrical thoughts and currents and through alien technology, and reversal of energies through Key Ley lines. Keeping souls in a karmic loop, draining their life source, until sovereignty is remembered by each individual soul and ascension out of the 3D matrix is achieved.

The only way to access the Seraphim light grid is by releasing everything that is human and staying in the heart. ALL human programming. This is not the 3D matrix, a human hologram. Those are the immersion separation matrices to allow Source to experience BEing Human. For how can Source experience 1D, 2D, 3D… if it keeps remembering it is Source? It can’t. Total immersion is the only way.

The Seraphim light grid is accessible to the new evolved “Hue-man”. Humans who have healed and unified their spliced DNA by doing the inner work necessary to raise their frequency to align with the portal of this 5D Grid. It is accessible by frequency only, as are ALL grids, portals and vortexes.

Returning to inner divine blueprint is the only frequency alignment. The divine blueprint of the angelic “Hue-man” was interfered with by outside galactic races to assist in the descent of the race from “Hue-man”to “human”. Master geneticists. It is NOT human evolution from primates as history is told. It is DNA interference by splicing of primate DNA and angelic DNA to lower the “Hue-man” consciousness to “human”, so descent was possible. It was a choice made by the Hue-man Race (We have discussed this issue a lot in the past; note, George).

The Bipedal Divine Hue-man Blueprint was hybridized with the lower genetic species of the “primates”, to lower the DNA potential to block multidimensional dimensions. DNA from a lower consciousness species was spliced to create a 3D “human” which could be controlled and manipulated by service-to-self multidimensional entities of the 3D. Descent through genetic splicing to experience 3D earth.

Just as the human species was genetically spliced, so have infinite species, not just bipedal, not just Hue-mans, but endless ascension and descent experiences by infinite galactic races genetically modifying themselves to experience this Living Library, the Earth Creation.

The Seraphim Grid is 5D. Lower levels of consciousness cannot vibrationally access this grid. Vibrationally it is no longer accessible. This is the Dimension you have left behind, 3D, as you are reading this message in self-affirmation, the answer is “Yes, you have.” Just have to “catch up” to it. You have ascended, your outside reality will soon mirror your inside Self. Which is Love. For Love is All There Is. Inner grids always mirror outer grids.

A new Era is beginning. An Era of World Peace and Oneness. A brand new creation. Open Your hearts and say, “Yes, I am Open To Love.” Then Let it ALL Go. And watch as miracles become an everyday experience when You walk the earth as the angelic Hue-man You had forgotten You ARE. It’s time to come out from being a hermit. To explore and remember a you which you had forgotten. To walk in “your” heaven, which has always been here for you, waiting for you to remember. Where we walk with you.

We are the Arcturians and our Teams. We are You. You are Us. We are One. Call upon us any time your heart connects to us. Our love for you has no words. Feel us in your heart as we feel you in ours. We assist in remembering the Language of Light. It brings us incredible joy.

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