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sharing_The German “Luegenpresse” (Liars’ Press) by Georgi Stankov _Killing the Messengers of Revelations by Georgi Stankov

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The German “Luegenpresse” (Liars’ Press)


By Georgi Stankov, February 13, 2015

Last week when I reported on the Munich security conference, I presented irrevocable proofs that the German people are beginning to revolt against the elite and outright reject the lies of their MSM, which are even more blatant than that of the AAAofA (Anglo-American Axis of Assholes). It has become so bad in Germany that I am not able to read a single article from the German press, although I tried it many times in the last weeks. I always get mad when I get confronted with so many insidious lies and deceptions. But obviously the reaction of the German people is very similar to mine.
Each year in Germany the most popular word is selected officially as the “word of the year”. In 2015 the word was “Luegenpresse” (Press of Lies or Liars’ Press) as this word best describes the German MSM, press and television, which is dominated by the state TV.
The lies of the German MSM have triggered a tsunami of alternative websites that reveal the “Lies of the Press”, die Luegenpresse, and with great pleasure mock at them. At the beginning, the MSM blamed Putin and Russia for financing this wave of critical revelations. It can’t get more idiotic than this. Then the editor of the Economist wanted to ostracize RT as the flagship of this popular mass movement in favour of the truth, as I reported yesterday. This caused a huge backlash on the Economist.
The German mass media are now in a state of total siege. More than 80% of all comments on their blogs are negative and critical, and expose the lies of the press and the MSM. The German presstitutes do not know where to hide now and are beginning to decompensate. This is the optimal prerequisite for the final demise of the ruling German cabal, whose position is currently very insecure. Once the German elite, which are petty stooges of Washington, begin to topple down, then the German population, which is deeply anti-american, will take a new stance and this economically most powerful country of Western Europe will build a strong axis with Russia that will change the political landscape of Europe overnight.
The other Easteuropean countries are ready for this. The Bulgarian opposition party “Attacka” has started with a referendum for Bulgaria to leave the NATO. Its leader has just visited Crimea and has acknowledged the decision of the Russian people there to join their motherland. This is already a great affront to the dark cabal in Brussels, London, Berlin and Paris by a small country.
In other Easteuropean countries the opposition against NATO is also fomenting and the alleged unity of the members of this aggressive military block has reached trough levels, shortly before its disintegration. The USA is now losing its second leg in its strategy to install the NWO – Europe – and this cripple of a former world power will stumble upon its disastrous foreign policy very soon.
The following article discusses the German “Luegenpresse’ and the response of the people to it:
Rampant Lying in German Media Exceeds Anything in UK or US Press
The German media is a godsend for media watchdog sites like RI. They are so comically ridiculous, putting out tons of priceless material every day.
Our only problem is that we don’t have the manpower to cover it all. Luckily, we’ve come across an excellent German blog called The Propaganda Show, that slices and dices the morons that are the mainstream German media with great skill and relish.
We keep telling you, this is hugely important. The propagandistic weirdness of the German media has been completely laid bare with their reporting on Ukraine, and Germans are furious. It has spawned a whole cottage industry of German blogs who write about it. The term “The Liars Media” has been named word of the year in Germany (Lugenpresse). The phenomenon is endlessly discussed in the media, talk shows, etc.
Interesting that this is going totally unreported in the Anglo media. Want to know one reason Merkel is buzzing around trying to put together a peace agreement, or at least pretending to? Because Germans are on the verge of a popular revolt against the baloney being fed to them by their establishment.
Call for volunteers: If there is anyone out there who can help us translate and or edit these articles from German, we have a ton of them, and they are excellent. Please contact us at
This article originally appeared at The Propaganda Show. It was translated for Russia Insider by Anita Zalaldinova

It is part of the regular disinformation and propaganda practice in the state liars-media ARD and ZDF (the two main German TV stations) as well as in transatlantic corporate media, that the viewpoints of those the West has declared to be their enemies are omitted, or just held up as ideologically wrong.
Words are mangled out of the context, concealed and changed to the opposite until it adds up to what the agitators of the media want to convey on behalf of their bosses as an image: The ‘enemy’ is evil and guilty! We’re the good guys.
Such a cheap, and—with a bit of effort—transparent propaganda, is at the moment seen in almost every post, concerned with the conflict in Ukraine, in the liars-media ARD and ZDF.
Merkel and Hollande—without their approval no financial or political support to the Poroshenko’s war in eastern Ukraine would be possible—are represented as doves of peace and conciliators.
The right of citizens of eastern Ukraine to self-determination is negated. These ‘rebels’ must be killed and expelled because they did not support the coup, staged by the West, against their legitimately elected president. Russia is represented as a culprit that delivers weapons to the East Ukrainians – evidence is not tendered, still it is considered necessary to deem it trustworthy.
This open and flawless war propaganda has of course nothing to do with the principles of objective and balanced reporting laid down in the broadcasters’ mission statements.
ARD and ZDF are tools of war and not of enlightenment and information. So-called journalists, who participate in this war propaganda, are willing accomplices, and only very few of them are victims of disinformation.
These offenders—such as Katrin Eigendorf, Udo Lielischkies, Birgit Virnich, Golineh Atai clearly have access to accurate information but distort it intentionally and on political grounds. They are the source of this seditious propaganda.
That includes as well those performing the leading roles, columnists, chief editors, directors, etc., who are guilty of incitement and disinformation. They are usually involved in transatlantic networks that dictate the tone of propaganda.
But below these two levels, there is an army of third-class journalists which can be partly considered as victims because they are too stupid and politically uninformed to look through the propaganda apparat, which they are part of.
An example of this group: a simple-minded local editor, whose political interest is limited to the marksmen’s festival in Posemuckel (a small town), rages against Ukrainian separatists because they allegedly defiled the victims of MH-17.
A classic example of this venality is Eva Corell from Bavarian Radio. She reports from the security conference in Munich and distributes Western propaganda, even though she is in possession of the source information. Just as Katrin Eigendorf deliberately falsifies the messages, Correll does too with her hostile Russian aggression. You can hear this every morning on WDR news:
‘Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande want to ensure that peace is being implemented. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan opened the last day of the Munich Security Conference. He warned that the role of the United Nations is at risk as a central pillar and guarantor of international security, because the Security Council is blocked by the current confrontation between Russia and the West. This was also demonstrated by the speech of the Russian foreign minister in Munich yesterday. Fiercely attacking the United States and the Europeans, he stoked fears of a new Cold War’.
WDR Propaganda: Munich Security Conference 2015
The degree of impudence with which Corell is lying, concealing the information and distorting the speech of Annan to propagate is just incredible—but we are going to prove it here very accurately.
In fact, Annan never said a single word about Ukraine or referred to Russia. His speech revolved exclusively around the conflict in the Middle East. He spoke about Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine, and what he said was a massive criticism of Western policy.
Kofi Annan outlined three causes of the conflicts in the Middle East:
1. The demarcation after the 1st World War by France and Great Britain.
2. Even much more important – today for the states in the Middle East – he considers the invasion and devastation of Iraq by the US and its allies 2003 – he issued warnings about that at that time, and his words have been proved to be right.
3. The key quote about the Security Council:
Kofi Annan:
A third factor that has helped to perpetuate the chaos is the inability of the Security Council to agree on a coherent strategy for Syria since 2011. Reluctant oversite is indeed an apt description. The Council’s inability to craft and implement a common strategy to end the fighting is seriously undermining Israel as the central pillar of the international security architecture. Naturally the members of the Security Council are not sorely responsible for this state of affairs.
What Corell propagates for hours in the news is bold lies and distortion. She conceals Annan’s criticism of the actual causes of war and terror in the Middle East and warps a statement by Kofi Annan which has never been made, namely, that the Security Council would be blocked as a result of confrontation between Russia and Western countries.
The fact that the liar Corell again labels Russia as an alleged offender of ‘Russian confrontation’ probably surprises no one. But again: that’s a cheeky lie!
Nothing like that was said by Annan. As evidence we add here a link the full speech (260MB), which is available together with the speech of Mogherini and the introduction speech by Ischinger, both given at the Security Conference. There is also an audio recording of Kofi Annan 15-minute speech backed up separately, so there is no need to download 260MB.
The fact that the liar Corell propagandistically distorted Sergey Lavrov’s speech, and it did not retain a single word of what had been actually said, will not surprise the reader from now on.
A liar like Corell knows that the majority of German citizens have neither time nor interest to inform themselves about what Lavrov said in reality. They trust naively that the public broadcaster will provide correct information.
So when Corell claims shamelessly that Lavrov would have stoked fears of the Cold War, this is utter nonsense. Lavrov also recalled the crimes and the double standards of the West. The NATO propaganda magazine Spiegel called it a ‘Round-Up’, but of course, it has nothing that could refute Lavrov’s representation. The man says simply nothing but the truth.
You can watch Lavrov’s full speech here:
Shameless lying, concealing uncomfortable but important truth, and total distortion of reality.
That is what is presented to German citizens by ARD and ZDF. The transatlantic print media is in lockstep. They don’t give readers perspectives from the Russian side, but instead spread lies and distortions of what Lavrov and Putin actually say.
Here are some more examples, from Springer publications (Germany’s largest publisher) Springer WORLD liars.

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Desperate Obama Is Killing the Messengers of Revelations

by Georgi Stankov, February 13, 2015

The criminal Obama and Orion Co. have resorted to the last futile means – to kill physically the messengers of the coming revelations after they can no longer withhold the truth. 

This final desperate crime will only accelerate their demise.

 There is no doubt that the dark cabal are in their mortal throes and that this process has dramatically accelerated after we opened the February 11th portal this month.

I promised you the coming of these events which I am anticipating for a long time. 

Although we know that linear time is an illusion, it is obvious now that the energetic dynamics of the End Time scenario has peaked in power and intensity and this automatically leads to shortening of linear time t

According to the Universal Law, conventional time is reciprocal to the power and the intensity of the energy

E = 1/ t 

In other words, the more crimes the dark ruling commit, as an increase in intensity of negatively discharged energy, the quicker the ascension scenario will unfold due to the shorteing of the linear time of resolution. This is basic physical knowledge that you should deeply comprehend as to understand the current dynamics of the Ascension scenario.

Please observe that Obama not only want to ban all critical websites like this one – they actually tried to shut them down as this happened three days ago with this website.

What you have achieved during this time is nothing short of a miracle. You made your invocations with the seven sacred flames to offset this blockage. But what you may not have realized is that you won the final crucial battle with the dark criminal cabal to stop the stream of revelations. 

We all needed this event – the shutdown of this website – to be made aware of this battle and to enter it in full consciousness and win a decisive victory with our immense power as Logos Gods. This is what we are now getting from the Elohim.

I have always performed this kind of alchemical reactions with global impact that is triggered each time by a minor negative event. Now this event touched upon all the readers of this website and by making your invocations you actually won the battle for the alternative press worldwide and opened wide the floodgates for the coming sweeping revelations.

This website plays a pivotal role insofar as it unites the most powerful group of Logos Gods on this planet and the new galaxy, and we can easily offset any dark op of the ruling cabal only with our thoughts and decisions. This happened also on the eve of the major portal February 11th when this website was shutdown and we were directly attacked by the dark cabal, and had to respond in a most decisive manner.

Now all obstacles have been removed for a swift invasion of the light on this uppermost mother planet and the subsequent imminent demise of the dark ruling cabal. Thus the website of the PAT is the flagship of this invincible armada of light from the Source and you should know this fact and embody it in your thoughts, visions and invocations in the coming days. The more we are successful, the quicker the dark ruling cabal will be exposed and will be ousted from power and the quicker we shall ascend. 

There is still a lot to do.

The following article below proves that Obama and his criminal regime have killed three famous critical US journalists in the last few days and also killed the reputation of the fourth one, Brian Williams. These men were friends and wanted to start a new channel of revelations based on information coming from Russia. 

This trend has been widely reported in the last days and I have only refrained from mentioning it so far, as I expected some further spectacular developments that will confirm it. 

Now the murder of three American investigative journalists by the Obama regime shows how advanced the cyber war has become and how fluently it has evolved to a civil war in the USA.

Russia an Putin know this and it is only a matter of  days when they will use these revelations to counter any attempt of the US cabal to escalate the war in Ukraine against Russian citizens.

 Russia has now all options in her hand to defeat the Empire of Evil – the most effective one is through revelations – with the truth.

The second less effective, but still very powerful means is to start an all-out war against Ukraine and defeat this failed country within 48 hours as reported by myself. All options are on the table as Obama uses to say, having none. In both cases the winner of this Russian roulette is already Putin, as this photo from the Minsk summit reveals better than thousand words. While Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko look like as if they are attending their own funeral, Putin and his host Lukashenko seem to highly enjoy their victory:

(cheer up guys, we will win!!)


Top US Newsman Brian Williams “Destroyed”, Three Others Killed Over Obama 9/11 Fears

An astounding new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states that top US newsman Brian Williams of NBC News has been “effectively destroyed” and three of his colleagues killed this past week over Obama regime fears they were ready to release evidence provided to them by Russia proving that the 11 September 2001 attacks upon America were an “inside job” done by their own government.

Brian Williams , this report explains, was the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News (the most watched television news programme in the US) when after a week of savage attacks relating to common false memories experienced by all human beings was expelled from his post and still faces the likelihood of his being fired outright.

Important to note about Williams, this report says, are that the “stolen valor” false memories he was accused of pale in comparison to those long told by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of her being under sniper fire in Bosnia when 

video footage shows the true facts of this not being so.

Even more grimly to note, this report continues, is that not only has Williams and his reputation been “destroyed”, this past week three of his most important colleagues, former NBC international reporter Ned Colt , top CBS News correspondent Bob Simon [photo 3rdleft], and top New York Times reporter David Carr [photo bottom left], were also killed.

Bob Simon, 73, this report states quoting US propaganda mainstream media sources, was killed Wednesday in New York City in a car crash, and on Thursday Ned Colt, 58, was said to have perished by a massive stroke followed within hours by David Carr, 58, collapsing and dyingin his New York Times newsroom office.

Important to note about the deaths of these award winning journalists, and the “reputation destruction” of Williams, SVR experts in this report note, was that the four of them had formed an independent video news company last month and filed the necessary security documents that would allow them access to the Kremlin’s most secret archive of evidence relating to the 11 September 2001 attacks.
In relation to these 9/11 archives held by the Kremlin, this report says, President Putin had previously alerted he was going to release them, and as we can, in part, read: [For English translation click HERE]
“American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this is only the  “calm before the storm.”
Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard as he  is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services to the September 11 attacks.
Published material can prove malice government towards the people of the US and the successful manipulation of public opinion. Attack planned US government, but spent her proxy.  So that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression of international terrorism.
The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served as US oil interests in the Middle East and their state corporations.”

Spearheading the independent video news company seeking to uncover the truth of 9/11 with Williams, this report continues, was David Carr who in his capacity at the New York Times was a champion of Edward Snowden and after having watched the documentary CITIZENFOUR for the second time tried to go to sleep…but couldn’t…so he turned the lights back on due to his fears of what his nation has turned into.

Carr had, likewise, this report explains, became “seriously disillusioned” with the New York Times this past year over its reporting of the Ukraine war…and not just its failing to tell the truth, but its actually 

whiting out the Nazi emblems on the helmets of soldiers loyal to the regime battling the rebels.

Working with both Williams and Carr on this 9/11 video project, the SVR says, was Ned Colt, who after leaving NBC News remained a lifelong friend of Williams and honed his humanitarian skills while 

working at the International Rescue Committee, and Bob Simon who remained “extremely regretful” of the US medias manipulation of the public in the run-up to war in Iraq.

After the destruction of Williams, and the killings of Carr, Colt and Simon, this report grimly notes, the Obama regime has sent a “clear message” to the Americas elite media class daring anyone else to expose their darkest secrets.

Even worse, SVR experts in this report state, with the media elites in the US now cowering in fear, the Obama regime has now turned its sights upon the alternative news media and is 

threatening to outlaw all websites that disagree with them

and has also shockingly backed a legislative proposal from The National Fraternal Order of Police to classify any criticism by the American people against the police as a “hate crime.

With President Putin having yesterday ordered the largest nuclear weapons exercises in history, and three more combat ships joining Russia’s fleet in the Mediterranean

one can only wonder who will be left to tell the American people about the true causes of World War III after the deaths and destruction of these journalists?

Then again, there still remains little evidence that these people even care anymore.

NY Times David Carr’s Interview With Edward Snowden Hours Before His Death – Is This Video The Reason Why David Carr Died?


By Stefan Stanford aka Live Free Or Die – All News Pipeline  

David Carr on CITIZENFOUR shortly before his death: “There’s something about that film that makes it a little hard to sleep”

As a former cocaine addict who ‘wiggled away from the demon‘, New York Times columnist David Carr was known to ‘shake things up a bit’. Unbridled by fears that might hold other reporters back, Carr hit hard and had the ability to ‘strike the right chord’. David Carr is no longer with us, having died last night, shortly after interviewing Edward Snowden.

The theory is already out there (as shared in 2nd video below); was New York Times’ columnist David Carr ‘taken out’ soon after theinterview, seen in full below, with Edward Snowden about the movie CITIZENFOUR, detailing the National Security Agency’s worldwide electronic surveillance program? Carr hosts Snowden, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras in this 57+ minute video that ‘conspiracy theorists’ believe may hold the answer to why columnist Carr was taken from us, similar to Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart, and possibly the latest ‘hit’ upon the 1st Amendment here in America.

At the 2 minute 30 second mark, Carr tells Greenwald and Poitras that, after watching the documentary CITIZENFOUR for the 2nd time, he tried to go to sleep…but couldn’t…so he turned the lights back on. We’re told that after seeing CITIZENFOUR, we’ll never look at our phones, emails, credit cards, web browsers or online profile’s the same ever again.  

After watching this, we have to warn you, you may soon want to run off to the mountains and leave everything else from this evil world behind.


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